Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

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Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review Facts

Do you want three good reasons to buy the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak? Number one, it is affordable, making it ideal for a newcomer or person on a budget who wants a low-cost product. Number two, it is perfect for parents who wish to introduce children to kayaking.

The vessel is very safe and super stable. Number three, Big guys are thankful for the spacious kayak that has a weight capacity between 350 and 400 pounds. Some reviewers have described the aesthetics as looking like a banana.

The bright yellow color makes spotting it effortless, which is a significant security aspect. Durability and stability are two vital points. The Explorer K2 performs well. It is built with 30-gauge SUPER TOUGH™ vinyl.

The nylon shell is over 1200 denier with internal tubes. The paddles included with the kayak are not of the best quality. They are not terrible but are not of the best quality. Its performance is not great on choppy waters. Most budget-friendly kayaks are not.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to spot
  • Ideal for two people
  • Super stable
  • 350-400 pound capacity
  • Cheap paddles
  • Does not perform well on choppy waters


The package includes the kayak, a high-output air pump, two skegs, a storage duffle bag, a repair patch, and two 86-inch aluminum oars with comfortable padded handles. The oars are a grey and yellow color combination that improves visibility, an important safety aspect.


It is wise not to expect miracles of an entry-level kayak. The Explorer K2 exceeds many expectations. The 1200 denier nylon shell is covered with admirably resilient 30-gauge vinyl. The vinyl properties include durability, withstands corrosion and rust, and is moisture and abrasion resistant.

It was not made to handle waves and harsh rapids but is extra durable. The body features two air compartments. One acts as the backup air chamber if the other gets punctured. The reinforced bottom aids in preventing punctures.

It also hosts the other air chamber that provides emergency situation buoyancy. Durability is a common issue in inflatable kayaks. Most are poorly made and endure punctures if taken care of improperly. Intex Explorer K2 is an exception. Rugged vinyl construction offers excellent durability.

The material is both strong and lightweight. As a result, this low weight kayak is easy to carry. The seats are attached with Velcro to the kayak floor. Intex Explorer K2 manufacturers know very well about the safety concern of water sports activities. The kayak is made durable with the use of high-quality materials that ensure user safety.


There are conflicting reports as to the capacity of the kayak. The maximum weight capacity of the two-person kayak differs from source to source. Some say it has a capacity of 350 pounds, while others say the capacity is 400 pounds. As a safety recommendation err on the side of caution and do not exceed 350 pounds.


The deep hull prevents taking on water except for the worse water conditions. The need to bail is eliminated.


Comfort is an aspect that makes this kayak stand out. It is spacious. The adjustable backrests on the inflatable seats are quite comfortable. The comfortable inflatable seats are adjusted by relocating fastening strips made of Velcro to the desired location.

A spacious seating area allows decent freedom of movement. Big and tall guys are comfortable because of the space provided and the weight limit that it tolerates. A remarkable aspect of the kayak that beats many others in the price range is the spaciousness.

It is hard to believe it is inflatable. The space provided has to do with comfort. The less space available, the more uncomfortable the user will be. More storage on board is allowed for gear, food, water, etc. The seats are designed for comfort. There is enough space for the legs of two people.

Two average-sized adults have plenty of room in the kayak. They will feel comfortable during the entire excursion. Tall individuals may find the legroom a little limited and feel a bit cramped. At only 30 pounds, the kayak is very lightweight, which makes it easy to store and transport.


A sleek, streamlined exterior is made to cut through placid lakes and relatively rough rivers smoothly. It is colored strikingly in bright yellow with black accents that include graphics used to finish off the sporty look. The streamlined design makes it easy to paddle.

For that reason, it is highly recommended for beginning and intermediate paddlers. The two-person kayak has comfortable inflatable seats that are adjustable to different positions. Inflating takes about 15 minutes. Using a manual pump, deflating takes only about two minutes. In either state, the kayak is easy to carry. Grab handles and grab lines at the opposite ends make carrying easy when the kayak is inflated.

It can be folded when deflated. The folded kayak will fit easily in the trunk of a vehicle. The overall length and width are 11.5 feet and 2 feet, 6 inches. Limited storage is available if there are two passengers because of the insufficient short bow.

After use, the kayak can easily be deflated, carried, and stored until the next use. The kayak has a manufacturing or design problem. The skegs have been reported to come loose and get lost. Skegs control steering. A new owner needs to find a means of securing the skeg and preventing future problems.

Two adults can sit and paddle easily. It quickly inflates and deflates due to the Boston valves on each side. Among the most significant advantages of Intex Explorer K2 Kayak uses is the easy process to assemble. Assembly is easy for both the experienced kayaker or a total newbie. Ten to 15 minutes is all that is required for preparation.


The kayak meets the ABYC standards used by the National Marine Manufacturers Association for certification. There is a limited 90-day warranty. The 30-gauge vinyl guarantees the kayak will stay with the user for ages to come as long as it is not exposed to areas that cause damage to inflatables. An easy to use patch kit works well to get kayakers back on the water safely if it becomes punctured during use.

It makes no sense to bother with an unstable kayak. The Intex Explorer K2 will not have users falling off and going for a swim. Safety is an Intex Explorer K2 Kayak prominent feature. It is difficult to capsize the vessel without intent.

It is not likely that the kayak will flip. If the vessel flips, the lightweight kayak can be put in an upright position by a single individual with little effort. Reliability is a must when fishing trips are far from civilization. The 30-gauge vinyl can stand up to hooks, rocks, and children jumping in and out.

The kayak is TUV, and U.S. Coast Guard I.D. approved. The inflatable I-beam floor gives more stability. There is little chance of falling while seated. The brilliant yellow color provides the kayak with a sporty look. Its high visibility is easy to detect. The color is helpful in an emergency. It can be easily spotted on the water.

The hull is quite deep and prevents water from entering the vessel. Grab lines at both ends of the kayak offer more convenience. Inflatable I-beam floors significantly consolidate the kayak’s stability and enable a maximum weight level from 350 to 400 pounds.

Primary Use

This product is excellent for tranquil rivers and lakes. It is not designed for rough conditions and choppy water. It performs flawlessly in the ocean, rivers, and lakes on calm days. Experienced kayak enthusiasts can handle the vessel in rougher conditions.

It is essential that the weight capacity is not exceeded and users know how to use it. The kayak is well-balanced. Chances of falling off are limited when used as suggested in normal or calm water conditions. Over-inflation must be avoided because it is more vulnerable to damage when it is.

During sunny days, the kayak should not be used for a lengthy time. A repair patch comes in the package. The Intex Explorer K2 is an excellent choice for any of the following situations. People who are short on budget but are looking for a quality kayak can use it on a tranquil river or lake.

Partners or couples looking for a two-person vessel have the ideal boat for kayaking. The vessel is ideally suited for two people within the weight limitation. Beginners can start on a kayak at a low cost. Big guys who are looking for an affordable, spacious, comfortable, and quality kayak will be pleased. For recreational purposes, this is a budget-friendly. People who are new to kayak fishing want a kayak that maximizes safety, reliability, and functionality at a price that is manageable and reasonable.

Functionality is a top consideration in choosing a fishing vessel. The high-quality material of the kayak allows use in streams and rapids. It can be taken on a fishing trip if appropriately used. Beginners and semi-pros benefit from the kayak. Courtesy of the inflatable Boston valves, inflation takes only a few minutes.

Weather Resistance

The bright yellow color makes locating the kayak is severe weather conditions easy. The streamlined build makes paddling through moderately calm waters leisurely. Navigational stability is enhanced by two removable skegs that easily attach to the kayak bottom. The removable skegs improve tracking in choppy water.

Unlike most lightweight options, the Intex Explorer K2 tracks well. It stays on its intended course without going off course. The skegs provide efficient tracking and keep it in a straight line. A downside of the skegs is they tend to become detached and get lost in the water. It is a necessity to have some way of securing them to the boat.


Not only is this the ultimate and bestselling kayak on the market, but it is also sold at a relatively low cost. The Intex Explorer K2 sells for under $95, making it an absolute bargain.

It is an excellent option for novice paddlers for more than one reason. The Explorer K2 is quite affordable when compared to high-end models. It is within reach of a kayaking enthusiast on a tight budget. The Explorer K2 offers only value and quality for every cent spent on it.

This pocket-friendly product has some striking features. The safety benefits and durability make it an excellent value, especially for those beginning their involvement in the sport. It has thousands of people that love the brilliant performance and low price. The price of kayaks has come down because of the increasing popularity of their easy portability. They are crazily adopted.

The Intex Explorer K2 is a top-notch option that manages to offer excellent value at a low price. Intex K2 is a recreational kayak for beginners to have fun on rivers and lakes. It has a sturdy design and lots of features at a decent price tag. Those who love tandem kayaking can do so without breaking the bank. It may not have made any best inflatable kayak lists, but for a decent price, it offers excellent value.

Key Features

* 86-inch aluminum oars
* Adjustable inflatable seat has a backrest
* Boston valves for inflating and deflating quickly
* High-output air pump
* Removable skeg provides directional stability
* Repair kit included
* Two separate air chambers provide rigidity for inflatable I-beam floor

Bottom Line

For those watching their budget, the Intex Explorer K2 is a fantastic option. It is a brilliant product. For the price, there are few cons and many advantages which make it a no-brainer. It is an affordable inflatable two-person kayak.

Reviewers rated this on a ten-point scale as follows - Design 9.0, Value 9.5, Quality 9.0, Tracking 9.5, and Stability 8.5. The Intex Explorer K2 is an excellent choice for a newbie or someone who loves to paddle in the water. It is not suitable for rapids, except for the very skilled kayaker. It is best suited for paddling on lakes and mild rivers. A decent price and lots of features make it very lucrative for many people.