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Intex Challenger K2 Kayak Review Facts

Did you know that recent studies have suggested that 2 hours out in nature can considerably improve a person's quality of life as well as help with symptoms commonly associated with anxiety and depression? Being outdoors has so many health benefits as well. This includes access to cleaner air, relaxing imagery and positive sensory reactions. Being outdoors also allows us to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and also take some time away from electronics and social media for a while.

Popular activities available to participators are things like kayaking, mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing. Not only do these activities offer a relaxing change of pace but also cardiovascular benefits. Unfortunately when you are living in a city, it's not always easy to access equipment to do these sports. It becomes especially complicated when buying or renting equipment for numerous outdoor activities. Renting can also be expensive. This is why there is more and more demand for inflatable options. Inflatable options allow individuals to use and store equipment without stuffing full storage spaces and garages.

This article is an in-depth product review on the Intex Challenger K2 Kayak. Intex is a popular brand in inflatable outdoor and indoor products like mattresses and boats. We looked at the materials used to build this kayak. We also looked at how well the product was built and what others thought of it as well. We looked at consumer reviews to get a better idea of how reliable this inflatable kayak is. This is our review of the Intext Challenger K2 Kayak. We hope that this review helps you with your next inflatable kayak purchase. Happy trails!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Made with high-quality, heavy material 
  • Moves quicker than reviewers expected 
  • Quite affordable in price 
  • Deflatable and easy to store
  • Quite a few durability concerns 
  • Overall design concerns


The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak comes with a couple of useful accessories including the boat itself which is completely inflatable including the chairs and base of the boat. It also comes with two aluminum oars which come apart and easily connects together as well as to the boat. They connect securely to the boat in order to avoid losing one of the oars in the water. The oars are also floatable just in case the connection fails and one oar is lost on the water.

The kayak also comes with a double hand pump which inflates the device in around 15 minutes- pretty quick considering. The pump is easy to pump and stores nicely in the carrying bag, also included with this device. It should be noted that the carrying case is very thinly made and can rip quite easily. It's important to store the boat, when not in use, in an area that is free from sharp objects just in case. The bag offers a zipper closure for convenience. Also included with this kayak is a backrest, removable skeg for directional assistance and a grab line on both the front and back of the kayak just in case it starts drifting away. Finally, it comes with a cargo net.


This kayak is made with a 30-gauge PVC vinyl material which is a very strong but heavy material that inflates well. The oars of this device are made of a lightweight aluminum material making them both strong but also buoyant just in case an oar is lost in transit. The materials and durability seem to be the biggest debate discussed online in regards to this kayak. Reviewers had both positive and negative things to say about it. Firstly, those who bought this kayak were happy with the impressive, heavy material used for this kayak despite the kayak being inflatable. Those who bought this product were happy that despite this being so easily storable that this kayak was still made of such high-quality material.

There is more discussed below about this topic but there seem to be some serious concerns about the construction of this boat. Though there doesn't seem to be many issues with the actual PVC vinyl used, the stitching has proven to be quite weak causing some usage concerns for many reviewers. The carrying bag, as well and as mentioned above, is also a point of concern for many reviewers- a lot of them noting that the bag falls apart relatively easily due to the cheap material used to construct it. This is a minor issue though as the carrying bag is only used for storing and transporting purposes.


This boat can hold around 400 pounds of weight. This includes the gear brought on the kayaking trip. The dimensions of the boat are 138 inches in length by 30 inches in width by 15 inches in height which is a considerable size considering this kayak is of the inflatable variety. When all packed up the device weighs about 37 pounds which doesn't seem like much until you have to actually haul the thing long distances. It's best if the boat can be transported via a vehicle directly to the inflation site. The actual weight limit is a little tight when considering the boat is intended for two people. One reviewer noted that if this boat is at capacity it doesn't move very quickly. When at about half it actually does move pretty quick. This should also be noted before purchasing.


This device is fully waterproof due to the product being a boat. All areas of the boat outside of smaller features like the oars are inflatable and made of 30-gauge PVC vinyl. So, though the device is completely waterproof because the seams are a little weak the waterproofing can certainly be argued. Those who bought this device found that it was important to use the little triangle float that it comes with in order to help with the buoyancy of this kayak.


This kayak is decently sized and can hold up to two full-grown adults as long as they are within the weight limit combined. The boat also comes with fully-backed chairs that are also inflatable. Reviewers did note that the back of the front chair seriously lacks back support and some found it easier to just take the seat out entirely and just sit on the floor. Another issue that reviewers brought up is the pure width of this boat which almost made it uncomfortable to row as a result. This, of course, gets harder when not using the provided seats. The back seat of the boat, though, reviewers did find to be a little more supportive which is positive. Overall, this boat is decently sized and does offer some back support but maybe not enough for everyone.


This kayak surprised us a bit. Without knowing, at first glance, this boat doesn't actually look like it is inflated. It took a moment to register that the body is slightly rounder than classic kayaks. The body of this kayak is quite narrow and sleek in design. It is also green in color with some blue and grey highlights. The front of the boat offers a little net for storage and the battles are also nicely designed- offered in silver and black. Up close when looking at the materials used, despite the issue with the actual seems holding, the material looks really sturdy and high quality as well.

The seats blow up to look similar to speed boat chairs and are nicely curved which is more likely for comfort but also makes the boat look real and ergonomically designed. The look of this boat is quite impressive and is probably the highlight of this boat. Unfortunately, some reviewers posted pictures online of the boat after only a couple uses and there seems to be some rubbed off paint. In addition to this, if it ends up covered in patches due to broken seams this may seriously affect the aesthetic of the boat as well.


As mentioned earlier, there does seem to be some durability concerns associated with this inflatable kayak in areas one could imagine being an issue with this type of floatable device- the seams. Several reviewers found that after a couple uses that the device presented some leaks throughout the seams. This is in more than one area. Multiple reviewers found that right from the get-go this device would start leaking air. One reviewer noted that despite all the positive reviews on this device, he urges potential buyers to either reconsider another device or at the very least inflate and deflate this device a minimum of 5 times to see if the device is reliable. This is to ensure that if something is wrong with the device that it can be returned.

Another issue that reviewers found is returning the thing. It is a very heavy product. Reviewers said they didn't mind buying it from>popular buying sites like Amazon or bringing it home from the store but shipping it back would be such a nightmare that they would rather just deal with the loss of the money they spent on it. Now, that being said, some reviewers did not have issues or after patching the device they found it worked just fine but we thought it was important to mention this as it is a pretty big issue considering a hold would ultimately make this device unusable.


This product is a kayak and is therefore meant as a boat for those who like kayaking. It can hold 2 people meaning that it can be enjoyed by more than one person at a time. The boat comes with a little removable skeg, which helps with balance. According to reviewers, this will keep the kayak moving straight. Despite being on the heavier side to carry, the boat when compared to other kayaks is pretty light. This means that getting in and out of the boat can be a little wobbly and light currents can really rock the kayak. This is why the skeg is so important when using this kayak. In addition to this, the boat itself can only hold up to 400 pounds. This includes the gear that you are bringing into the boat. That weight can really add up fast.

This means that this boat won't work well for two adults over 200 pounds. Some reviewers had issues with the seats of this boat. The seats are obviously blown up as well and as a result, there is very little back support to the front seat (for some reason the back seat has decent support). A nice feature of this kayak is that the seats are velcroed into the boat meaning that the front and back chair can be changed directionally and allows those using the boat to face each other if they prefer. This kayak is probably better served as a fun, easy boat maybe even for kids. It probably won't satisfy anyone really who actively kayaks.


There was very little noted about the actual weather resistance of this boat. The manufacturer's website does note that this device is "rugged enough for rapids". That said, there didn't seem to be any issues with anything but the actual seems of this device.


The price is both a highlight and a lowlight of this device. Considering the cost and the idea of the kayak- this is a full, 2-person kayak that can be completely deflated to fit in a garage or even an apartment storage unit. Considering this, the price is fantastic. This purchase would totally be easy to stomach assuming that was the end of it. Unfortunately due to the durability issues of this device and how often one might actually use the device the price is really hard to justify.

The boat comes with a 30-day warranty and so if the boat is bought and not used for the first month and then used only find out it doesn't stay inflated it would be understandably frustrating. The performance of the device is decent and the convenience is even better. The issue is that a decent sized chunk of people noted that they "wasted" their money on this kayak. As mentioned earlier, one even said sending it back would be pointless considering its weight and how big of a hassle it would be. They would rather eat the lost money sadly.


- Completely inflatable 2-person kayak
- Easy storage with carrying bag and collapsable paddles
- Made with 30-gauge PVC vinyl
- Offers a 400-pound carrying capacity
- Includes floatable and strong aluminum oars
- Quick and easy inflate and deflate with a double hand pump
- Also includes cargo net for the front of kayak for protection of gear
- Grab line included on front and back for easier entry and exit


It's really hard to recommend this product. There seem to be so many issues with the actual construction of the boat. It also includes a short warranty considering how frequently one might use this kayak. Those who loved this kayak were huge fans of how easy it is to set up the boat, how great it is that the boat is so easy to store and the look of the boat which is deceiving. Though this is the case there were several issues with the actual functionality of the boat and its ability to stay afloat as a result of its weak seams. Our advice is to try it out but to inflate it and deflate it a couple of times before the end of its 30-day warranty period. We hope you found this article useful.