The Health Benefits of Glutamine Supplementation

An in-depth review of the health benefits of glutamine. The Health Benefits of Glutamine Supplementation

Most people have heard of glutamine and some of the wonderful things people claim it can do for the body. If you are like most people, you have probably reserved judgment on such amazing claims, wondering if there is any way they can be true. Don’t feel lonely. With tricks to losing weight and getting healthier on the rise, most people are a bit concerned about jumping into the latest fads or trends. But is glutamine supplementation one of these trends? For years, bodybuilders have used this form of supplementation to help them burn fat and build muscle. Now, it is becoming a popular way for people to lose weight. But is it beneficial? Does it really work?

Learning what glutamine is and what the health benefits of glutamine supplementation are can help you decide whether this form of weight loss is just a trend or something that can help those struggling to maintain their weight. In this blog, we will learn a bit about this amino acid, what it does for the body, and whether it’s a healthy weight loss option. Hopefully, after reading the information gathered here, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on whether using glutamine supplementation is right for you.


What is Glutamine?

To start the journey of discovering the health benefits of glutamine supplementation, you must first learn what glutamine is. Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in dietary protein and is one of the abundant amino acids found in a person’s bloodstream. It is also considered a conditionally essential amino acid in regard to its need by the body being essential when disease or muscle trauma is present.

Glutamine is found in both plants and animals and is widely used in the fitness field. Being found in high amounts in both whey protein and casein, glutamine can easily be made into supplement form to aid in muscle building and weight loss. Although glutamine is found naturally in the food we eat, most people don’t get enough of this amino acid naturally. This is where supplementation comes into play in hopes of boosting immune systems, especially in critically ill individuals, and even aiding in losing unwanted pounds.


There are two types of glutamine that occur. L-glutamine is considered the free form and is best ingested with other foods to be absorbed into the body correctly. The other type of L-glutamine is Trans-Alanyl Glutamine or TAG. This form of glutamine is an amino acid that has the ability to attach to other amino acids in the body which allows those who choose this form of the supplement the advantage of taking it on an empty stomach.

The Benefits

Now that we have discussed a bit about what glutamine is, the time has come to talk about the benefits of using it in supplemental form. In all honesty, there are quite a few of them. Here, we will discuss each one in depth in hopes of explaining each one thoroughly.

Improvement of the Digestive System

Using glutamine supplementation can do quite a bit for a person’s digestive system. Being a crucial amino acid that the body needs, glutamine aids in repairing and rebuilding the intestines since it’s a nutrient the organ vitally needs. The lining of the digestive tract, known as the mucosa, is aided by glutamine. This means glutamine can help the digestive system stay healthy and fight off severe issues some people suffer from. A few of the conditions, glutamine can help with are:

  • Leaky gut: This ailment results from the mucosa in the digestive tract not being healthy thus allowing bacteria and harmful organisms to leak into the body from the digestive tract.
  • IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an ailment many find themselves suffering from. This condition can leave people struggling with what foods they can eat due to the upset it can cause their stomachs and bowel.
  • Crohn’s Disease: Crohn’s is a disease that causes inflammation to the bowel. Much like IBS, people who struggle from this issue struggle with what they can easily digest and may suffer from quite a bit of pain and upset stomach.

These are just a few of the issues, glutamine supplementation can aid the body in fighting to help the digestive tract stay healthy. Many studies have been conducted that lead researchers and health officials to believe the addition of glutamine can help reduce the inflammation of the bowel and help those who are suffering from severe digestive issues such as those listed above.

Liver Health and Body Detoxification

The liver is essential in keeping our bodies healthy. The liver is also what processes the nutrients absorbed into the intestine to aid our bodies in functioning better. Unfortunately, the liver can suffer from issues that will keep it from functioning properly. One of these issues can be caused by the consumption of meat. A body that digests large amounts of meat can also experience large amounts of ammonia in the system. This ammonia can affect the function of several organs including the liver, brain, and kidneys. Glutamine supplementation can help keep this from happening. Glutamine in the right amounts is key to stimulating the body’s own detoxification process and keeping the amount of ammonia at safe levels. Glutamine also helps the liver by promoting its metabolism and maintaining its Ph balance. Seeing all the benefits glutamine provides the liver, it is easy to see why those hoping to detox and maintain a healthy liver would add in this type of supplementation.


Immunity and Recovery

When talking about glutamine supplementation and a body’s ability to build immunity and recover from strenuous activities or strain, the ones most affected by these types of benefits are athletes and the more active of the population. Keep in mind though, this type of supplementation can benefit those who aren’t into athletics, muscle building, and toning the body as well.

Glutamine and Training

Amino acids, which is what glutamine is, are important parts of muscle building. This is why many who take part in muscle building, body toning, and strenuous exercise rely on glutamine supplementation. Not only does it help with gaining muscle, but glutamine also aids in repairing the damage strenuous workout place on the body. Yes, it’s true, working out and maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial to one’s health, but it can also play a role in lowering the immune system over time. Marathon runners have noted how they seem to become ill after a long run. This is due to the natural glutamine the body burns during these activities. Adding a glutamine supplement will help fight against this feeling of the body being run down while also helping the muscles of the body repair themselves after heavy work-outs and strenuous activity.

Glutamine and Immunity

Athletes aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a boost in their immune system. Research shows that keeping the body’s level of glutamine intact can help fight many of the digestive issues a person can suffer from. It is also considered a great supplement to help the body heal faster after an injury. Many people who rely on glutamine supplementation as part of their daily routine believe any increase in their health or boost to their immune system is thanks to this supplement and several studies back up their beliefs.

Weight Maintenance

 When someone mentions supplementation and weight, losing unwanted pounds is usually the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to glutamine supplementation that isn’t the only thing it promotes. Below, we will discuss how glutamine supplementation benefits weight maintenance, including losing weight or stopping unwanted weight loss.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is where glutamine supplementation is so popular. Yes, athletes and those in need of building muscle love this supplement, but those in need of shedding unwanted weight also rely heavily on glutamine and the weight loss effects it promotes. Taking glutamine supplements helps raise HGH levels, some say by nearly 400 percent. This increase aids the body’s resting metabolic rate. It also improves what is known as the after-burn effect associated with exercising. Increased metabolism and the after-burn effect are both essential to burning fat and reducing weight for those in need of shedding unwanted pounds.


Maintaining Weight

Often, when suffering from digestive issues, people find themselves unable to maintain a healthy weight. This is especially true with leaky gut. As we discussed above, glutamine supplementation is one of the most effective ways to fight leaky gut and other digestive issues. It is also quite beneficial in fighting severe weight loss or wasting, that is associated not only with these types of issues but other diseases as well. By improving the body’s ability to absorb the proper nutrients needed, glutamine supplementation can be used by those suffering from the inability to maintain a healthy weight and in some cases help them gain the pounds their bodies need to be healthier.


Another factor to keep in mind when discussing glutamine supplementation and weight is diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common ailments people find themselves dealing with and often it can be associated with a person’s weight as well as their body’s ability to produce insulin. Glutamine aids in building muscle and burning fat by regulating blood glucose levels and suppressing insulin. For those suffering from diabetes, glutamine supplementation can help them with their fight to regulate their blood glucose levels while also aiding in dropping the pounds they need to shed to help get their diabetes under control.

Brain Health

 You may not be aware of it, but as you age, so does your brain. Proper levels of glutamine and the use of glutamine supplements can help stall this process. Like with the rest of the body, glutamine is key to brain health. To help stall the brain aging process and fight against certain brain issues such as Reye’s Syndrome, ensuring you are keeping the proper amount of glutamine in your system is crucial. For those who feel they are not maintaining proper levels, supplementation should be considered.

Are Glutamine Supplements Safe?

Now that you’ve learned some of the health benefits of glutamine supplementation, you’re most likely asking yourself if these supplements are safe. The short answer to this is yes. Most doctors and researchers feel there are little to no side effects to adding a glutamine supplement to your routine. Glutamine is found naturally in the foods we eat so before deciding you need to add this supplement to your diet, speak with your health care professional. They can easily go over your diet with you and help you decide whether you are eating foods that are high in glutamine or if you may be lacking the recommended amount of this important amino acid.

Which One to Choose?

As with anything that promotes a healthier lifestyle, when you begin researching glutamine supplementation, you’ll find the market is packed with options for you to choose from. In most cases, it is recommended to choose glutamine supplements that are plant-based and carried by the more reputable of these companies. Like with most things we take into our bodies, it’s important to avoid artificial ingredients and questionable ingredients.

There you have it! We’ve discussed a bit about what glutamine is and the health benefits of adding glutamine supplementation to your life. With the important role, glutamine plays in maintaining a healthy body, having lower levels in your system needs to be rectified quickly. If you feel you aren’t eating the right foods, suffer from a lack of proper nutrients, of finding yourself dealing with some of the ailment’s glutamine can aid in treating, considering the addition of glutamine supplementation may be exactly what your body needs. If you feel the time has come to do this, do proper research on the product you are considering before spending your money or ingesting the product into your body. Checking customer reviews and testimonials are a great tool to use in these situations. Once you’ve found the best supplements for you, feel free to enjoy the healthier lifestyle you will experience.


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