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Garmin Forerunner 630 Review Facts

Technology has advanced to such a great degree that every aspect of your workout can me monitored down to the calorie burn and heart rate. This is advantageous to the participant because it can show them their progress simply through a small device connected to their wrist. Currently, there are numerous smart watches and trackers available on the market. They start out as basic as a step counter whereby the unit connects to a part of the participant's body and only counts steps they take throughout the course of their workout. Others are far more advanced whereby they monitor heart rate, steps, speed, calorie burn, and overall performance, connecting via Bluetooth (typically) to a cellular device of some sort and relaying the information there in order to provide a more detailed description of the workout to the participant. There are also numerous providers of this type of technology now as well. The big four being Apple, Fitbit, Bellabeat, and Garmin. A tracker can help those looking for performance related goals and those looking for a general overview of their workout for knowledge purposes.

This article focuses on the Garmin Forerunner 630. Garmin is a well-known brand commonly associated with their GPS related services. Their primary output of technology is their vehicle-related GPS equipment, however, are becoming more and more of a household name in fitness based equipment. We have done numerous reviews on tracking related equipment and wanted to know a little more about the Forerunner due to its popularity. We looked at what consumers liked and disliked about it. We also looked at its basic and advanced features in order to determine if it is priced in line with the rest of the market. We also looked at its durability and general functionality. This is our comprehensive review of the Garmin Forerunner 630. We hope that this article serves you in your next activity monitor purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The connection between the device and the user's smartphone is seamless and doesn't lose connection over time which is positive 
  • The syncing of information between the device and the connected smartphone is instantaneous and continuous which is also positive 
  • The monitoring according to reviewers seems to be accurate which reviewers appreciated 
  • The Garmin Forerunner 630 is durable even in rougher environments which reviewers liked 
  • The Garmin Forerunner 630 does not allow the wearer to control their music directly from the device which was frustrating to some reviewers
  • There seem to be some glitches when it comes to changing action between the device and the connected smartphone which caused some frustration for reviewers
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  • Using this thing has really improved and changed my running style. I had to really read the user manual but that i what it is for. You are able to lock it so you don't accidentally smash buttons when doing workouts. It is amazing how the thing can read my physicality after a run. I am really impressed with this thing all together.
  • This thing has been so great. Over 10 months of use and I have drastically improved in my running. I honestly though all the dynamic reading was a gimmick but I am sold. Knowing more about your style and correcting has really helped in all angles of my running and I am so happy that I bought this thing.
  • I like that it isn't as bulky as other smart watches I have tried. It has a very easy connecting method and they isn't too much. I do tend to hit the buttons when I am working out, which has been super annoying. The GPS is awesome and really reads and connects easy. I only have to charge it a couple times a week.
  • The size is really nice and all the perks it offers is great. Super easy to use. It isn't too loud but the light is lacking a bit. Great watch.
  • I had a time getting this thing going but after a couple weeks of research and what not, it has been great. The GPS is really great and that is why i bought it. It syncs to everything and works like a smartwatch with notifications and all and is fantastic on the running improvements. It looks good and isn't huge on the wrist like some. I would recommend it.
  • This is a good watch and a great GPS and has notifications. The only problem with the tracking is you have to have the HR monitor attached or it isn't going to give you any personal stats.
  • This is a really light and functional watch. It works really well. The only thing I would like to see is the light being a bit brighter.
  • The touch screen is real sensitive and if tapped will stop or save the run without knowledge. It links very easy and I was able to use it with my Strava account. It connects easy to everything else too and works really well. Great GPS tracking.
  • The HR strap takes a bit of breaking in and getting used to. However, the watch is so good. It works and does everything that it says it does. I have had no issues with the buttons, connecting or menus. I am super happy with this thing.
  • This has an auto upload option that I really like. The touch screen works really well but is just a bit sensitive. I do recommend it. I use it for my shorter runs to do some checking on my speed and style. So far so good.
  • This thing has so much in it I am still learning about it. It is great. It isn't as bright as I think it should be. The GPS is super duper fast, Garmin got the satellite on lock. Still learning all of the features, but has been great so far. I am really loving the Virtual Racer, I can race myself! So cool. It really helps you gauge yourself and improve.
  • This one replaced my 610 an it is such an upgrade. Way more user friendly and charging it is less of a hassle. The upload and download is a breeze and the GPS is much quicker. It has so much data though, I am not sure how to handle it all. I am really happy with it.
  • The battery seems to be lasting a while and I use it a lot. I run marathons and train 5 days a week or more. It gives you warnings if you go outside of pace. The only part it could use some help in is the back light. It just isn't bright enough.
  • I had the 410 prior to this and I am hoping this doesn't die out like that one. It has so much in it I am enjoying learning all it has to offer. The light needs to be brighter. Works real simple with the heart rate monitor.
  • This watch has helped my training so much. The GPS is super accurate and links fast. I am able to keep up with my text and emails without looking at my phone every 5 minutes. It is great with water too, submerged it on accident for a minute and no issues.
  • Do not purchase this without the HR monitor or you will be missing out on a lot it has to offer. It is definitely for serious runners. It is n joke. It has some serious data and keeps you in check while also allowing some smart watch features for convenience while you are training. It keeps you connected to your life and your body. Super awesome tool and I highly recommend.
  • It looks good and works great. I have used the Forerunner since the 100 an I have never been disappointed and each one has definitely gotten better and easier to use. I love the smart watch features now too. Super awesome for runners.
  • Better than I expected. It needs a brighter backlight but it is very readable. Everything syncs super quick and is easy to use if you READ THE MANUAL. It has a lot to offer that it doesn't show you on the actual watch. I am happy with this for sure and I highly recommend it for runners. Get the bundle though or you’ll be missing out.
  • The battery last weeks! So impressive, now the watch, well, it is so good. It offers so much data and add the HR monitor and WOW! Too much to gather. You cannot respond to notifications on the watch but you do get them so you know what is going on. The GPS is lightning fast, instant. Get it, you will be happy!
  • There is no competition for this watch, it is the best. This is for serious runners and offers so much data. I have never had a more efficient GPS running watch. It actually helps and reminds and works with your accountability and style. This is for anyone who wants to be a better runner for sure.
  • I have had many of the Garmin watches and this one is no good. It cannot handle cold weather for starters. I also am not able to get any help because I didn't buy the watch from Garmin. I am so aggravated. Horrible customer service.
  • This thing froe up, lost all my data sn the battery died in mid run after a charge and ruined all my data. The side buttons didn't work properly and the information wasn't coming in properly. Too bad, I heard such great things but apparently it wasn't what I got.
  • The watch has horrible back light to start. This thing is way too expensive and it just seems like it was made cheap. I am just not impressed. I am returning it.
  • I spent way too much money for this thing. If the temp is below 20 degrees it doesn't work. They will not take the watch back because they say they are fixing the issue. NO! It as $400 freaking dollars. I am so disappointed.
  • The HR sucks and is so uncomfortable and the watch feels so cheap. Without the band you cannot get any info, so the watch is actually useless.
  • Took it out for a run and the touch screen froze and now will not work. I have only had it for 9 months. That is $40 a month for a piece of garbage. Totally upset.
  • If you do not have the HR monitor do NOT buy this. It does nothing without it. I mean, it is just a watch. The backlight is so dim, it makes it hard t read in the daytime. It is t pricey for these issues I feel.
  • One month in and the touch screen is being glitchy and they settings menu will not work. It stops in the middle of my runs randomly and I lose all data. It also has had some issues with the Bluetooth. I am bummed because it was so expensive.
  • After 10 days, it locked up and now it is just a paper weight. For the 10 days it worked, I liked it.
  • Not user friendly at all. I am constantly having to reboot it, so annoying. I run a lot and need something that does what it is supposed to without extra hassle. For the price, this thing should be running for me. I do not recommend anyone buy it.
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This watch offers a lot of different activities to the participant including Connect IQ which offers downloadable watch faces, data, widgets, and apps. It also offers the find my iPhone features which allow the user to find their iPhone via GPS services if it ends up lost. The Garmin Forerunner 630 also offers a step counter for daily use in order to monitor the participant's steps more accurately and it also offers GPS speed and distance in order to offer a more accurate reading of the participants runs and bike rides. This watch also offers stopwatch features in order to monitor times and an accelerometer for rock climbing. LiveTrack monitors everyday activities in order to offer more lifestyle activities and keep the participant more in tune with their body.


Basic features include a touchscreen with GPS capabilities in order to monitor the distance, as well as offer, find my iPhone features. It also offers connect features which connects directly to the Garmin Connect in order to offer more comprehensive information via a larger screen (your phone or tablet screen). It also offers downloadable data field and watch faces for more customization. It also offers customizable alerts in order to keep the participant focused.


This watch also offers more advanced features such as running dynamics which include ground contact time balance, stride length and vertical ratio. It also offers measurements based on V0S levels and stress monitoring.


The Garmin Forerunner 630 connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Those who used this product found that it connected easily and stayed connected well which is positive. It also seems that the information sync between the device and the smartphone it is connected to is seamless. The continual upload of information between the device and the app (on the smartphone) is also seamless and very helpful to participants looking for real-time information.


All Garmin fitness trackers connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and are recorded and stored in the Garmin Connect app. This app offers numerous different features in order to offer the most information possible to the user including stress management which is interesting. The Garmin connect app is commonly praised by reviewers for its seamless design and its easy syncing abilities. It also includes features like sweat in details which is an in-depth analysis of the participant's workout including distance moved, elevation and the weather at the time. The See Your Progress feature offers reports based on a specific time period in order to show the participant their progress over that time. This also includes cadence reports. Train for Success allows the participant to set specific goals as well as offers a calendar in order to keep the participant on track with their goals. The Train for Success feature also offers coach-like guides in order to show the participant where they need to start in order to reach their set goal. This helps keep the participant motivated and also doesn't set an unrealistic expectation to set the participant up for failure. The app also offers community support and connection in order to offer more motivation to stay strong and to push forward which reviewers found handy.


The Garmin Forerunner 630 has a more sporty appearance. It is definitely better suited for sports apparel than it is fashion. It is, however, attractive for a sports-related product. It also offers different bands in order to suit individual styles which reviewers liked.


This watch offers numerous durability features including a chemically strengthened glass faceplate which offers both strength and impact reduction to the watch face. The faceplate of this watch is a touchscreen and therefore requires smooth transitioning across the glass in order to work properly. This can be further protected by purchasing a faceplate protective sticker. This is recommended to those using this product during more vigorous activities. Reviewers used this watch during numerous obstacle courses including tough mudder which is a fitness testing course designed with mud, water, and barbed wire. Even through all these elements, the watch stood up and still worked well after (no damage to the face or the functionality of the watch). The watch itself is also waterproof which is positive. This watch can be worn during swims as long as kept at 5 ATM (which is fairly low in comparison to alternatives on the market). Overall, those who wore this watch loved it and were happy with its durability, not fearing that the watch would break down even when in more aggressive situations which is positive.


As mentioned above, the face of this device is made with a chemically strengthened glass which means that it is strong and durable. The face of this device a touch screen meaning that adjustments are made directly though the screen instead of standard buttons on the side. This means that the face does need to be kept care of in order to keep the product working at its highest capacity. The resolution of the screen of this device is 215 by 180 pixels and is offered in high-resolution color. One issue that some found with the face of this product is that when it gets wet the screen doesn't work very well which is common with these types of devices which usually require dry, warm fingers in order to work. Those who used this watch for water-related purposes (paddling or swimming) were fairly disappointed with this issue. They noted that if they had known this they wouldn't have bought it which should be seriously noted before buying this product. Overall though there were very few complaints about the screen of this product which is positive.


The band of this device is made of a silicone material which is positive. Silicone is not only comfortable but also waterproof which means it will not break down due to water hitting it. It is also considered very comfortable because of how soft silicone is. In reviewing comparable products, silicone is usually found on the higher quality watches (the lower quality products usually offered some sort of plastic material instead). Silicone is superior when it comes to sweat and comfort which is positive. The band of this device can also be replaced in case of damage or to suit an individuals style which is also a positive feature.


Those who used this product had mixed reviews when it came to ease of use. One common positive comment about this device is that it connects seamlessly and stays connected well. They also note that the sync of information between the device and the smart device is continuous and timely which is positive. One thing that some reviewers found that when switching between activities the connection errors out a bit which is frustrating for those who are participating in more vigorous activities (this can stall the workout and be jarring). Some reviewers found that they had to fully end the workout, exit the app and start over again just to get the app to start monitoring again which was frustrating to the reviewer for obvious reasons. Some reviewers also found that this device is better suited for more advanced participants due to its monitoring of more advanced body functions like V02 Max and lactate thresholds. Otherwise, though, reviewers were satisfied with the devices ease of use as well as the functionality and layout of the app which is positive.


The Garmin Forerunner 630 offers up to 4 weeks of continuous wear however reviewers did argue this timing. Some reviewers weren't super impressed by the battery life of this watch, though this was not a common complaint it was noted a couple times. This is to be expected with this type of technology, though, because it is doing so much monitoring all the time.


This watch comes with the watch itself including a silicone wristband, charging cord, clip and manual. With the bundle, the watch comes with the watch, the band, the charging cord, a clip, the chest band heart rate monitor and the manual. Additional accessories can also be purchased like the faceplate protective cover and customizable wristbands to suit individual styles.


This watch is on the more expensive side which makes sense considering the functionality of the watch. It monitors everything from beginner to advanced areas. There were very few complaints about the price of this device as a result.


-Chemically strengthened glass touchscreen
-GPS locational and tracking services
-Heart rate monitor connection (requires the additional purchase of a heart rate monitoring band)
-Replaceable and adjustable silicone band
-Features like stress score, performance, and V02 tracking
-Connect features including access to the Garmin Connect app
-Downloadable features like watch faces and widgets


Overall, this is a pretty good product. There are very few complaints outside of some glitching issues that can be fixed with bug fixes that are commonly offered with more popular devices. The device and band are comfortable and attractive in design. The device is also great for beginners and more advanced athletes. It monitors performance and also offers more recreational services like step counting and stress levels. This watch is a little higher in price but with the Garmin name behind the product, so there should be peace of mind when purchasing this product. It is definitely a product that should be considered when looking at your next fitness companion.