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Fitbit Zip Review Facts

Though technology has advanced not everyone wants to spend a ton on this type of technology. When steps and activity monitoring is all you need, you shouldn't be spending a fortune on the device. There are so many products on the market today that track all aspects of daily life as minute as breathing. While there are others on the market that just track steps or locational services. It is important when looking for a tracking device to consider what exactly you are looking to accomplish when buying them. You can end up sending a lot of money on features that you just don't use and end up unhappy with your purchase. Tracking steps is a form of motivation for many people. This encourages users to potentially park further from the grocery store or take the stairs. A lot of devices will also allow the user to compete with others in order to provide even further encouragement. Steps also help people calculate calories burned throughout the day as well. A lot of newer technology will offer app services as well where you can download the companies app to your smartphone or tablet and it will sync wither wired or wireless in order to show you from your device where you went, how many steps you did and potentially your calorie burn for particular sports and workouts. Overall, sometimes bells and whistles aren't as appealing as basic functionality in trackers. This helps us stay on budget while getting fit.

This article focuses on the Fitbit Zip. This is one of the more rudimentary products offered from Fitbit as it offers very basic functionality. We looked at what consumers who bought the Fitbit Zip thought of it in order to put together a comprehensive review for those looking for a step counter or calorie counter. We also looked at how it was made and what materials were used in order to construct it in order to determine its durability as well as its longevity. This is our review of the Fitbit Zip. We hope that this article serves you in your next step counter purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is quite inexpensive 
  • It seems to have a fairly decent longevity 
  • It is simple to use
  • It is also easy to connect
  • There seem to be some syncing issues 
  • There are also a fair amount of complaints about the units battery life 
  • The device is pretty bare bones 
  • Some reviewers were unimpressed by its large size (when compared to other devices)


The point of this device is pretty basic and therefore the activities are limited to step, estimated calorie burn and tracking services (providing routes in which the participant traveled). This product is ideal for tracking daily activities like steps. The Fitbit Zip is handy because it is quite small in design so it's easy to hide away or clip onto a backpack (or belt). It is ideal for those who are using it more as a step counter in daily life and as a motivator for those who aren't quite ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle yet but want to start. It also is great to monitor progress as the app does allow stored workouts and runs from previous days. It is also listed as waterproof which is ideal for outdoor running, however, later on, it does seem that this might be slightly discretion. Overall though, this product is ideal for very basic daily monitoring or running.


The majority of features that this product offers are quite basic. It offers a pedometer which counts steps whether walking or running (the rigorousness of the activity is irrelevant). It also has an estimated calorie counter, however, this is more based on the individual's body weight and activity level and less on actual heart rate (as this product does not offer a heart rate monitor). It also offers GPS and locational services so it can monitor where the runner when and how fast they did this. This is ideal for those looking to monitor progress. This product offers basic features that do seem to work, though, there are some sync issues (detailed below).


This product doesn't really offer any advanced features. The biggest benefit to this product is its reliability and its inexpensive cost. The inexpensive cost is due to the lack of advanced features, unfortunately. One potential advanced features are its wireless syncing abilities. This does not tend to be included in fitness trackers within this price range. The device can store activities for weeks without having to physically attach the device to your phone or tablet.


As mentioned above, this product does sync wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. Those who used this device did find that it syncs relatively easily in the beginning, however, seems to stop working for hours at a time. They found that looking back at the day there are large gaps when it didn't sync and therefore that data is lost. This, of course, is a major issue for those who want to monitor long-term distances and steps. There were a couple reviewers that found if you close the app right after you check the status that it actually does work quite well. Others also found that if you are connected to more than one device that this problem happens. They found when you disconnect from all devices but one then it works fine. This is a problem due to how simple this device is. It should not be difficult for the device to sync with such minor data. Overall, the connectivity was a bone of contention with many reviewers and, of course, affected our overall rating. Note as well, that the problem-solving process, in order to fix this, is quite lengthy as well and just doesn't seem to work sadly.


This device connects to a Fitbit app offered by most app stores. The app connects to all Fitbit products in order to help those buying new Fitbit products to not lose data from previous models (though most of the data only stays loaded for a couple weeks before being deleted). The app allows users to monitor activities like daily, sleep and targets. It is quite seamless and easy to use when the device syncs properly. It offers calorie count which can connect to other health apps in order to help those looking to gain, lose or maintain their weight. It also offers features like mobile run and exercise calendar in order to keep the consumer motivated and on track. It also offers motivation and connection to a community of Fitbit users. This allows the user to compete and earn badges for their accomplishments.


This product is typically clipped or stored in a pocket. It isn't really worn so this category is a little irrelevant. That said, there were some reviewers that preferred to wear this type of device closer to the body like in their bra. This was a little awkward with this particular model because it is a little thicker than earlier versions and alternative products. They found that this made it look and feel buky which was annoying to some reviewers.


This is a cute little piece of technology that clips or stashes away in a pocket or backpack. The device does look modern and unique, however, we probably wouldn't refer to it as stylish. It can definitely be referred to as low profile due to its small and narrow nature. It offers a fairly large LCD screen despite its actual size which reviewers liked. It also comes in numerous color choices like blue and pink for those looking for a more customized design. Overall, you probably aren't going to be making a fashion statement with this product, however, it is low profile and customization which is positive.


The device itself is encased in a silicone material which helps protect it from aesthetic damage, as well as offers some shock absorption. Those who used this product did find that it lasted a fairly long time outside of essentially sudden death due to washing machine. It has some water-resistant qualities but is definitely not waterproof. This is a hard one to remember too because this device is so small it might be hard to remember to take it out of running pants or jackets. Overall, the durability does seem to be there, however, it does need to be kept away from high levels of heat and water or it will stop working.


The face of this device is pretty much all screen. The screen is pretty decently sized, offering a 1.3 by 1.4-inch face. This allows the user to read the device relatively well, though, it is still a fairly small device so it might be harder for those with vision issues or aging eyes. It doesn't have a ton of features so the screen isn't as important for functionality. The screen is also, conveniently, a touch screen for better ease of use. Those who bought the device were happy with its durability and did not find it scratched very easily which is positive. It should also be noted that this screen is not colored, it is in fact, black and white.


Another benefit of this product is how easy it is to use. Though there are definitely some syncing issues, the device itself is quite basic and therefore not super complicated to use. It also is an easy process to connect the device to your phone or tablet. As mentioned in earlier sections, this device might work better if only connected to one device. Otherwise, this device does seem to struggle a bit with syncing which could potentially decrease its ease of use.


The battery of this device is just a basic coin cell battery. There have been very mixed reviews in regards to the battery life of this device. The website states that one battery should last 4-6 months. Some did find that it lasted a couple months (nowhere near 6 months but at least 3) but others said that they had to replace it every 3 weeks (even after getting a replacement device). This is another area that was covered in the reviewers help and tricks advice which is to (again) keep the device connected to only one device at a time. Also, completely closing the app after use also seems to help with the Zip's battery life. The issue is that this device does take one of the cheapest batteries available and, therefore, you are kind of getting what you pay for. If replacing batteries is an issue then finding another device with a longer battery life might be a smart idea.


The highlight of this device is its price. The Fitbit Zip is quite inexpensive in price. It is a very basic device with a fairly short battery life. It also does require ongoing purchases of batteries. With this type of product, you truly are getting what you pay for.


The Fitbit Zip comes with the device itself, the silicone casing, one battery, and an instruction manual.


-Tracks steps, distances traveled and calories burned
-Syncs with phones and tablets via a wireless connection, continuously
-Easy to set up and use
-Wear it anywhere on your body with the easy to use clip feature
-Small enough to fit in your pocket
-Free app allows you to track long term
-Water resistance (protection against rain and sweat)
-Helps keep the consumer focused and motivated


This device really is bare bones. It truly offers the most basic features which are a step counter, calorie burn and distance traveled. This is not an advanced product though does offer wireless connectivity which is positive. The device is little and convenient. It can be pretty much clipped to any part of your body and is not awkward to carry around unless in potentially smaller spaces (as mentioned earlier with housing the device in a bra). The device is reliable in regards to its initial connection but syncing does seem to be an issue when connected to too many devices. It's quite inexpensive and it does have the Fitbit name behind it so there's nothing to worry about in regards to returns and exchanges. If looking for something fairly bare bones that are only being used for the most basic tracking, this device is your guy. If looking for something a little more advanced Fitbit certainly has better products on the market for that and more searching may be required.