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Eno Singlenest Hammock Review Facts

We all enjoy the feeling of simply being outdoors and taking in the fresh air, but there is little to compare to the sensation of sleeping or resting peacefully in a hammock while doing so. You can enjoy a good book, the sounds of nature and the feeling of a cool breeze while the sun warms you. It is an ideal feeling even for those of us who prefer the shade because it is open and relaxing.

It also is a great way to relax the ever-energized minds of kids with autism or social anxiety. They get to be alone in their own way and work out their frustrations in a healthy manner by enjoying the comfort of the hugging sensation without having to deal with a physical touch which can make the anxiety or tension worse. With both of these aspects in mind, we dive in to see what sets this hammock apart from the others we have written about and researched to allow you to make the best decision for your needs.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for kids


Comfortable in warmer conditions


Great for smaller settings


Smaller in size

Doesn’t come with set-up equipment


As with most of Eno’s hammocks, you will need to buy additional accessories to really put this product to use. It only comes by itself with no suspension straps included, which means you will need to purchase them separately. The advice given by other consumers is good when it comes to what to buy, which is to pair the hammock with straps provided by the same company.

While you can pair any company product with another, it often provides better and easier setup if you hold to the same place for both parts. Eno also offers freestanding equipment to hand their hammocks from so you don’t have to turn to hope the area you are in has the perfect space for it between trees or even the poles of your front porch. Of course, if you are camping, you may just want to stick to finding those trees.

They also offer carrying bags, though, like most, this one comes with its own attached to the nest itself. It all depends on your feelings on whether to stick just to what you are given. Or look for something you feel is more appropriate for your needs. They even provide the tarps to make this your ‘tent on the go’ if that’s what you want it to become.


Made of 70D high-grade tenacity nylon taffeta, this is bound to be durable in materials alone. Of course, like the other products in the same line with this company, this is also triple stitched at the seams which means it is going to stand up to things others of its type might not. We could leave you with these simple statements, but, of course, we want to leave all of our readers feeling as highly informed as they can be in product purchase.

So, what is 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, and what makes it so important to mention? The most basic way to describe what this particular material is would be to give you a product that it is most often used for: parachutes. This means you can rely on it to hold up under many conditions and not fall apart.

The carabiners, the hooks for the suspension equipment, are made of aluminum wire gate, which we will explain here as well. It is a type of hook which is built to withstand heavy abuse and last while remaining lightweight and easy to use. This is a key point for this company- quality without depending on heavy materials to do so.

Capacity and Length

While we listed its size as being a con, we admit this is not entirely an accurate assumption. As with most things, it all depends upon what you are intending to use it for, as well as personal size. For instance, if this is being purchased for a child, it may be perfectly fine, if not exactly what it is needed to be in a hammock.

If you are a smaller person, or it is a child who is going to use the hammock, having it be large enough to fit a tall and heavy adult or two may be overdoing things. That being said, the design is suited for those under five feet tall, as it is only 9’ long including the narrow areas where it attaches, but it can hold up to 400 pounds easily which makes it ideal for kids and smaller adults. When purchasing an item like this, it is extremely important to take into consideration the specs and use you need it for.

With those of us who desire a hammock, but have very little room to set one up, this is the perfect answer. You get a high-quality product that is best suited for smaller frameworks to use. While you could use it for camping, it is simply ideal for cramped area use, which is not a commonly considered issue by other companies and their products.


This is the space where the reason we listed its smaller size comes most of the way into the magnifying glass. While this is ideal for children and smaller adults, it can get very uncomfortable if you need room to stretch and are closer to five or six feet tall or taller. It can easily hold your weight, but its full length includes areas where the camping or sleeping hammock won’t actually be supporting you lengthwise.

It is also not made to trap heat in the end but can quickly get too hot if you are in it during the height of a summer day. What this is best on its own for are cool but not cold days. When it does start to get chillier out, if you want to stay warm, it is suggested that you take a sleeping bag or some quilts to stay warm. It remains as comfortable size-wise no matter what the weather, but it is definitely not intended for extremes, but then most hammocks aren’t.


This particular single hammock does not seem to have been treated for waterproofing and basically holds the same proofing as a parachute. That being said, it is the fast drying and easy to clean aspects that take priority to owners of this one. Those who own it suggest that if you want to have good weatherproofing, buying the rain fly and mosquito net accessories are more than a little worth looking into.

The rainfly goes over your nest and allows you to sleep comfortably and protected in the light rain while in your hammock. The lack of treatment is not necessarily a downfall, but it would have been a good idea- and other products sold by this company do offer such, just not this one from what we could find.


There are different styles of hammocks and each type offers its own uses as well as comforts. When you want something for camping, or netted styles don’t feel comfortable, a good solid hammock like this is a great alternate version to the rope or coded types. This is a full parachute cloth hammock which is durable and very stylish in design.
Going beyond the design, this type also offers the ability to get a more personalized appearance as well. It can be difficult to tell which belongs to whom when everyone’s hammock looks identical, but this one has multiple choices for color and pattern. With twenty-two variations to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits you better than the rest.

Rather than just sticking to one main solid and a different color trim as your only options, this company is also known for giving their hammocks a tri-color look, and this is one of the products that they do this with. We could list all of them here for you, but that would take several paragraphs just to get through all of them. Instead, we will list for you what colors are available in total.

This model offers black, grey, blues, yellow, red, orange, green, purple and even pink in different combinations. Currently, however, there are three combinations of the twenty-two that aren’t available as this article was written. These three are grey with blue trim, blue with green/teal trim, and light blue with dark blue trim.


The strength of the material used in anything you plan to sit, lay or stand on is incredibly important, especially if the item is intended to hold weight for a long period of time without giving way. With the type of material used and the way this particular company designs their products, you can count on that trait to be accurately portrayed. This model can hold up to 400 pounds of weight for a good nights sleep.

The triple stitching and the durability of the fabric itself, being the nature of something meant to carry a lot of weight in varying conditions, guarantee that if you take care of it properly it will last you a long time. Those who have purchased it already have stated outright that, due to how easy it is to use and care for, they feel it will last years before needing to be replaced. Unless purposely cut or directly misused it doesn’t tear easily and it has already served several people more than one season of enjoyment.


This model offers mild protection overall without the addition of the rain fly and mosquito netting the company offers for accessories with any of their products. It isn’t exactly waterproof, but it cleans and dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry overmuch if it gets wet so long as you take care of it. This model is intended for mild weather and to allow for a good rest off of the ground, which sleeping bags might not offer.

If you feel safer up in the trees rather than in a tent, this could be ideal once you buy the rest of the accessories and keep you out of reach of most creepy crawlies and harder objects on or in the ground. It also makes for a great way to rest easy on your porch. It will protect you from the milder cool weather, but you may want to have a blanket to curl with the inside of it once the temperature starts to fall.

Weather Resistance

This particular product is intended for use during warmer and drier weather, and in truth, it does show when you look at its designed resistance. It doesn’t truly have waterproofing, and it doesn’t hold heat as it was made with fabric that is entirely breathable. Because of this, the best option to find water or weather resistance with it is to look for the accessories which grant protection.

Buying both the rainfly as well as the mosquito net gives your time of rest higher quality enjoyment, and once it does get colder a simple quilt and pillow can grant you the extra warmth you seek. Otherwise, be looking to use this model for warmer and gentler weather.


At only about $30USD this is one of the best quality products of its kind that you can get. Eno is well known for having the best products of its type. They put a lot of time and care into designing each and making them appeal to all types of people.

If you want to make sure you are ready for a nice and comfortable outdoor rest, this is likely to be one of your best options at a very affordable range for your wallet. Each one comes with a two-year manufacturing warranty against any damage that comes by defect, and that can be a wonderful thing when you want to know your hammock will be there for the long term.

Key Features

-Parachute material
-Easy to clean
-Triple stitched
-Holds up to 400lbs

Bottom Line

If you are looking for something to enjoy on your own, or for your kids during the warm weather, this is definitely worth it. If you need something with ‘leg room’, however, you may want to go with another of their products since this was made for a smaller or curled body rather than a taller and outstretched one.