Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Review Facts

Now that it’s summertime, barbecue season has opened and you’re probably on the hunt for a brand new grill. What’s better than a grill that is relatively inexpensive and that is large enough for you to be able to cook food for a lot of people? If you’re on the hunt for a great grill, then you need to look no further than the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill. With all the great reviews and the great price that this grill has, we can almost guarantee that it will be a wonderful choice for your next family cookout.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The grill is easy to use and to set up

  • The grill has many great features for a grill that is so inexpensive

  • You get up to 604 square inches of cooking space with this grill and four burners

  • You could easily cook enough food for around 100 people using this grill


  • Some people said that the grill wasn’t too easy to clean and that the surface isn’t as non-stick as the company claims


The design of this grill is very sleek and professional. A lot of people appreciated the fact that the flat top grill looks similar to the way that a grill in a more professional setting, such the kitchen in a restaurant, does, which makes it a much more covetable item to have. It’s definitely not small, however, so if you were looking for something that would be small enough to fit on a small patio or in a small backyard, then this is probably not the ideal grill for you. Plus, someone who doesn’t know what a professional, restaurant-style grill is supposed to look like might not appreciate the way that your brand new grill looks. Obviously, how you want your grill to look ultimately depends on your personal preferences. The grill hood is silver and the rest of the grill is black, so it’s a color that would match your outdoor furniture and style. The grill is huge- it’s 62.5 in x 37 in x 22 in, and it weighs 147 pounds. It might take up quite a bit of space, but the fact of the matter is, you are getting a nice-looking grill for a great price.


One of the areas where a lot of people were very pleased with this grill was when it came to the assembly and to changing between the grill and the griddle. Where these are usually very difficult processes when it comes to other grills, the Camp Chef version made it simple. So, on top of all the other great features of this grill, you’re going to be getting one that is simple to figure out and that won’t make every barbecue a hassle. Many people said that the entire set up process will take only about 20 minutes, so you’re going to have your meal ready in no time.

Since the grill and the griddle are both made out of cast iron, you probably have guessed that your food is going to cook evenly and thoroughly too. And all you have to do in order to switch from one to the other is flip and bolt, so you’re going to be able to switch between both of them in no time. The performance of both the grill and the griddle is great, and no matter what type of food you choose to make on either side- whether that be steak, ribs, hamburgers, eggs, and more- you’re almost guaranteed to have something that will cook quickly and evenly, and that will taste almost as delicious as if you were going to be eating from a professional restaurant grill. Many people said that they enjoyed cooking with this grill and that the controls were easy to figure out and to use. If you’re planning a barbecue or if you just want to have a nice family dinner, you’re going to find that this grill will become one of your favorite pieces to cook on. A bonus is that you’ll be able to see the thermometer easily, and even though it’s not a digital thermometer, a lot of people said that it is accurate, so if you need a thermometer to determine how thoroughly cooked your food is or you need it for any other purpose, you’ll be getting a great deal here. And, the grill is a lot safer to use than others, since you don’t need a match to light the ignition.

The only place where some people had problems in terms of performance was when it came to cleaning the grill. Even though the company claims that the grill’s surface is non-stick, some people found that that wasn’t completely the case. You might find that your food will stick a little bit to your grill’s surface and that you’ll have to do a bit more cleaning with this grill than you might have to do with another one. However, there is a grease tray that is removable, so any grease that comes off your food will go right into the tray, which you could remove and clean very easily.


Another area where a lot of people were pleased with this grill was when it came to its durability. Not too much has been said about the durability of the grill itself, but people did say that the grill’s wheels were made out of good quality materials, and they are able to support the weight of the grill efficiently. And, the grill and the griddle are both made out of cast iron, which is one of the best materials for a grill to be made out of. Besides that, the company does offer a warranty on the grill, so if anything happens that you aren’t pleased with, you could very easily return the grill and get your money back.

Ease of Use

People were happy with how easy the grill was to use and to set up. Overall, a lot of people claimed that they only needed approximately 20 minutes in order to set up the grill entirely and get it ready for cooking. The controls are all easy to figure out, and since the ignition does not need a match to be lit, it is very safe to use as well. All the food that you will cook using this grill will taste great and will be cooked easily. And where, with most grills, switching between the griddle and the grill is difficult and takes a lot of time, that most certainly is not the case with the Camp Chef grill. The only place that people had some difficulty was when it came to cleaning, but this was minimal.


The grill has sturdy wheels on the bottom, and it is made out of high-quality materials overall. The wheels are sturdy enough to support the weight of the grill and to allow you to maneuver your grill back and forth without any issues. So, if you want to push your grill on its wheels around your yard or to a more suitable spot, then the wheels are excellent for doing so. Again, the wheels aren’t going to fail on you at all. However, the grill is very large, so we don’t assume that you were looking into this grill as a possibility for something that you’d take with you on a camping trip or someplace else where a portable grill would be a much better choice.

Cooking Area

The Camp Chef grill has two sides- the grill side and the griddle side. One of the biggest selling features of this grill is how big it is and how much cooking space you will get with this grill. If you plan on having a massive cookout with all your friends and family, this grill will serve you well and will be able to make enough food for everyone- and then some. You will get more cooking space with the griddle side, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a lot of cooking space on the grill side. You will have 501 square inches of cooking space when you use the grilling side, and you will get 604 square inches of cooking space when you use the griddle side. Considering the fact that the grill is $350, this is an excellent amount for a decent price. It’s a relatively cheap grill compared to other large grills, but that doesn’t mean that this grill lacks in quality whatsoever. The grill also has four burners, and you will be able to use 48,000 BTU’s per hour. That can’t be beaten by something much cheaper.


The official retail price of the Flat Top Grill is $400, but you will easily be able to purchase it for $350 on Amazon- plus get free shipping. A lot of people were very pleased with this price. It is difficult to find a small portable grill for a similar price, let alone a grill of this one’s size. You get more than enough space to cook all the food you need, so this grill is great if you’re planning a cookout or a barbecue. And, the grill is made out of highly durable materials, so you know that you’re getting something out of the deal that will be lasting you a long time. Overall, this is one of the most inexpensive family grills that is available on the market, so if you’re someone who’s on a budget but is looking for something high-quality anyways, this is the perfect option for you to consider for your next grill.

Key Features

-The grill has both a grill and a griddle, making it much more versatile for all your needs
-You get a lot of space with this grill, so you will be able to use it for a variety of occasions
-The grill is very inexpensive compared to many grills of its size and type
-It is easy to assemble this grill when you first purchase it
-People were pleased with the fact that the grill heats up evenly and it will thus cook your food evenly
-The grill is made out of high-quality materials, and even the grill’s wheels are highly durable
-You could easily cook a wide variety of food using this grill

Bottom Line

If you’re someone who is looking for a high-quality yet inexpensive grill, then look no further than the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill. No matter what website you choose to look on, you will find that this grill is one of the highest rated grills out there, too. For $350, this grill is hard to beat, especially if you are on the market for a good family grill. The only place where some people had problems was when it came to cleaning the grill, but when we look at everything else that the grill has to offer, we don’t think that the cleaning aspect is one that you should consider to be a dealbreaker.

The grill has options for both a grill and a griddle, and you get over 500 square inches of cooking space on each side, so you will easily be able to make as much food as you want. You could easily make enough food to feed 100 people, so get ready for your next big cookout with this grill. Another nice feature of it is that you will be able to cook virtually anything you want, including pancakes, bacon, shish kabobs, steak, and more. You don’t just have to limit the grill to cooking your Fourth of July hot dogs and hamburgers; it could easily become a great staple for your weekends with family. Besides all of that, the grill was made to last a long time and was made out of some of the highest quality materials. You’ll get a one year warranty when you purchase the grill, so should there be anything that you aren’t quite a fan of, you’ll definitely be able to get your money back. A lot of people were pleased with the grill’s performance, claiming that the grill was easy to set up, easy to assemble, it had a non-stick surface, and they were able to cook all their food evenly through.

Basically, most people had nothing but good things to say about this Camp Chef grill, and considering the fact that it is a lot more inexpensive than many other family grills on the market, it is definitely a great option to consider if you’re on the market for a new grill. We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like something that is both high-quality and inexpensive at the same time.