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Deuter Kid Comfort II Review Facts

Traveling with kids can be stressful. Not only are children less patience than adults but they also require more attention when traveling. Being a parent significantly changes how trips are done. This includes considering things like car seats when booking car rentals and specification on plane rides. Luckily manufacturers have experienced similar situations and have therefore created different types of equipment to help with long car trips, flying and hiking so that parents don't have to miss out on the things they used to love involving travel.

This article is a single product review on the Deuter Kid Comfort II. This product is a fusion between a car seat and a backpack. It is used for hiking and traveling with kids. It offers some storage capabilities and also a comfortable seat for little ones. We looked at what consumers who bought this seat backpack combo in order to see what those who bought this product thought of it. We also looked at the overall construction of it, it's durability, it's quality and its price point in order to determine if it's worth the cost associated with it. This is our review of the Deuter Kid Comfort II, we hope that this review helps you with your next traveling purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

- Impressive buckle system for protection

- Comfortable for both parent and child

- Versatile and lightweight

- Nice design


- Some reviewers wished for more storage space

- Some difficulty strapping children in as well


The Deuter Kid Comfort II in itself is an interesting product. It is both a child carrier and a seat when stopped. It offers a comfortable car seat-like child carrier with the ability to strap the child onto your back when traveling. It also offers storage space to carry items for the child and the parent when hiking. The device is lightweight and versatile which reviewers raved about.

It can be used for hiking or just travel in general (no more annoying strollers when attempting to get through busy airports). There are several straps around the bag to make carrying easier including child strap-in buckles to comfortably secure the child in the seat as well as a sternum strap to secure the load on the parents back.

This product also offers 7 plus exterior pockets plus the main compartment where the child sits. it has comfortable grab handles for the child, a removable chin pad and height-adjustable footrests for the child's comfort. Reviewers liked the removable head pillow for the child as this helped significantly for when the child falls asleep. The Deuter Kid Comfort II also offers external mesh pockets for easy access to items without having the physically take the pack off, which is a nice feature.


This product is made with a polyester ripstop nylon material. This is typically found on mountain equipment as well as camping equipment due to its durability. It is, of course, very important that the materials used for a product like this are strong as the assets within the device are incredibly precious. The frame of this device is internal and is made of aluminum. The device was tested with rigorous JPMA (which stands for juvenile products manufacturers association) and according to their website, exceeds ASTM, federal and state standards for safety, quality and performance.

Those who bought this product were quite happy with its durability. They felt that their child was safe and secure within the backpack and they liked the quality of the materials used. This doubles for the strap quality of this backpack/carrier.


This device offers different comfort features for both the child and the parent. It offers an adjustable harness to fit the parents individual heigh requirement. It also offers a hip belt for the parent in order to help with the weight distribution of the child and the additional contents of the bag. The seat of the device is adjustable to accommodate the height of the child as well and offers adjustable footrests for the child too. This helps with different heights as well as accommodates growing children. The sides of the carrier offer comfortable grip handles for the child and a chin pad for bumps along the way. The headrest of this device is also adjustable for a more comfortable experience for the child.

The one note that reviewers made about this device is as the child gets bigger, the headrest is directly behind the parents head which means that the child's head is directly behind the parents. As the child gets bigger and as their head gets bigger, the parent started to notice that they would bump their head against their children's. This results in the parent having to slightly tilt their head forward in order to comfortably carry their child. This, of course, causes some discomfort for the adult over the course of their trip. Outside of this issue, reviewers really liked this product especially when the children are younger. They appreciate the straps, the security and the weight distribution offered by this bag which is great.


This product is made of high-quality material that is typically used in camping and fishing. It offers rip-stop advancements in order to protect both the child and the parent. It was also tested extensively by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association in order to ensure that it exceeds the ASTM, as well as federal and state standards for the child's protection.

Those who bought this pack were really impressed with its durability. They noted that even after years of use the pack looks brand new and all the additional fixtures like zippers stayed intact and functioning. This helps the design and style of the bag as well, keeping the bag looking aesthetically pleasing over extended periods of time which is really positive.


Right out of the gate, this product offers a 16-liter weight capacity/room capacity. It has about 980 cubic inches in space and weighs in at about 7 pounds and 3 ounces. The carrier can handle up to a 15 to 21-inch torso and the waist strap can handle between 24 and 54 inches. The dimensions of the product are 28 inches by 17 inches by 13 inches. It is also unisex. The carrier offers strong materials in order to handle children of numerous sizes and weights and has been tested by the JPMA for safety and quality. On top of all this, it can handle different items as well for both the child and the parent. It offers external mesh pockets, 2 front pockets, and a back pocket.

Those who bought this product really appreciated the additional storage of this device, though they did mention that others on the market (including the Deuter Kid Comfort III) offers more storage room. That said, this product is super light and versatile and therefore the lack of storage compared to others was minor. As mentioned earlier, this device starts to become a little inconvenient space-wise when it comes to older children. Outside of this issue, though, reviewers appreciated the capacity of this carrier which is positive.


It might be quite obvious by the subject matter of the article what the use is of this carrier. It is a travel companion for safe and secure transportation of a small child. The device straps on your back and allows the child to sit within the device, strapped and secured in. The sternum strap allows for weight distribution and security of the parent. There are several adjustable features associated with this product that accommodates growing children as well as making this device usable for longer.

Though this is the case it should be noted that the security system is great for little ones that aren't able to get up and move around within the backpack. For older children (between 2.5-4 years of age) this device may not be secure enough. This because the shoulder straps are easily removable and the headrest can double grip for children. This allows them to pull their body up. The footrests only further the ability for the child to stand. This diminishes the safety features of this device. Outside of these issues, this bag is secure and easy to use which reviewers really appreciated.


This carrier is a nice little carrier. It does seem to be constructed with high-quality materials and is nice and compact. Because this device is so durable the appearance of it also stays aesthetically pleasing longer which is appreciated by reviewers. The narrowness of the carrier does not impact the child or offer any real space restriction for the child or the parent either which is nice. The carrier is also offered in numerous color options to suit individual preferences. The carrier is also modern looking which is a nice touch. Overall, the carrier is nice, sleek and compact. It is aesthetically pleasing which is a plus.


This device offers different support and stability features in order to essentially keep the hiker upright and the child secure and comfortable,which is positive. it offers an adjustable harness for the child in order to support the child's body and keep younger children in their seats. The hip belt and the side-entry strap in buckle are both adjustable in order to accommodate individual sizes as well which is handy. The harness is engineered for a comfortable ride for the child within the device.


As mentioned earlier in this article, this product offers several different pockets and organizational components including two front pockets, two mesh side pockets, and one large back pocket. It, of course, offers the primary component which contains the seat and harness for the child as well. The back pocket is quite large and can hold larger items like baby powder, bottles, and accessories. While the front pockets can hold items that require folding like clothes and toys. The side pockets hold less but are better for items that require more accessibility like phones and keys.

Though some found that the capacity for storage is a bit limited when comparing this device to alternatives on the market, they were happy with the number of pockets associated with this bag. Reviewers felt that this bag did well with offering different pockets designated for different things and didn't feel like the system failed them which is positive. They also appreciated the side mesh pockets for easy access to needed items in a pinch which is also great.


- Adjustable harness for different height requirements
- Side-entry buckle system for securing child on the go
- Comfortable handle grips for the child to use for leverage
- Removable chin strap for the safety of the child
- Height adjustable footrests for growing children
- Loads of pockets for additional storage
- Attractive design for a nicer aesthetic
- Safety tested by the JPMA that exceeds ASTM requirements


Overall this product is pretty neat. It offers numerous functions for the parent and child making it incredibly versatile. The body of the product is quite impressive, offering high-quality materials and strong aluminum frame to keep kids protected and to prolong the lifetime of this carrier. The strapping system is great for both the parent and child, offering straps to keep kids safe and secure while helping the parent secure the load and have some weight distribution. The carrier is also handy for other activities including traveling through airports and doubling as a seat when camping.

Those who bought this device were happy with its appearance and also appreciated its convenience. The primary concern about this product is that children seem to grow out of it faster than others and there is less storage space when considering others on the market. The benefit of the lack of space means less of a load which pleased reviewers. Overall, there were quite a few positive ratings and far less negative ones. It does appear that this product is a smart buy and we definitely recommend trying it out for your next outdoor adventure!