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Brooks Revel Review Facts

The Brooks Revel is Brooks' running shoe that has a little bit of everything. It is designed as a road running shoe that is also stylish enough for everyday wear. It has some extra support designed into it that makes it a good shoe for those with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. On top of being a runner, a support shoe, and a stylish every day shoe, the Revel has been created with cost in mind. It is actually one of Brooks' cheapest shoes. The Revel mostly succeeds. If you're looking for a shoe that will be at home in most day-to-day situations, then this one is for you. On the other hand, there are minor flaws in all of these areas as well that may make you want to look into something a little more specialized.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Longlasting support


Not as good for long distance running

Better Brooks shoes don't cost much more

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  • I am comfortable saying that these sneakers might just be the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. If I had to choose a downside to them I would say the traction could be better and that they do run small.
  • These shoes are well cushioned and are the only shoes that can help with my plantar fasciitis outburst. These are my second pair. I love how supportive they are and I love how they look.
  • For my husband, these are the perfect shoes because they have a narrow back with a toe box that is wider. He says that they're very comfortable and I know that he wears them all the time.
  • It's going to be very hard to convince me to switch brands since these shoes fit as expected I'm on my second pair.
  • Brooks Revel are great for running and walking and at a great price. Love the fit and the colors
  • Brooks shoes are for me because I need extra wide shoes for my problem feet. They fit well and have good give and great support.
  • This is another great shoe by this brand and for this price they are a steal. Very comfortable for cross-training and for running.
  • It takes about four or five wears before the snug fit turns into the most comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Brooks has always done the job for me. I've been wearing these shoes for a couple of years. I also love how they look.
  • I got these and another pair in a different color because these are excellent shoes for running.
  • A few years ago I discovered Brooks and although I'm not a runner these are very comfortable shoes. I think these fit better than many of the other shoes from larger brands.
  • Awesome fit, comfort and look. This is my first time buying them from Amazon for my husband and he loves them.
  • My boyfriend said these are the most comfortable pair of shoes and that they are true to size.
  • Everytime I run it hurts because I have bad meniscus. But not with these shoes. These are very comfortable and great for running. I recommend them.
  • My dad loves his shoes, he said that they fit perfectly. He also loves that he can wear them casually because of all the great color options.
  • In every way these are an outstanding shoe, comfort, stability, style and fit.
  • In my opinion, Brooks is the best for athletic shoes. No need to break them in and they last forever.
  • For years I have only bought Brooks. And these Revels are no different. They will not disappoint. I am very pleased with my purchase..
  • I got another pair so that I won't ever have to go without these. Excellent product.
  • My Brooks Revel are very comfortable and they fit perfectly. These are just great shoes. Long-lasting and I never have any problems with them.
  • A few buyers complained about the quality of the shoe stating that the shoe ripped easily. And that the top has holes in it after only a few wears.
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The outsole of the Brooks revel is made of high propulsion rubber, or HPR. This is a kind of rubber that emphasizes durability and is often found in running shoes. It has been designed to be abrasion-resistant so it can keep its ability to impress visually. The bottom of the outsole has a segmented crash pad at the heel. This is to abssorb some of the impact of running on hard surfaces, while also guiding the foot into proper running form. The rest of the outsole has a mild tread that is focused on keeping you going forward.


The Brooks Revel's midsole is made up of Brooks' signature DNA foam. DNA is known for its ability to dynamically adapt to each individual foot strike. This version of the DNA material is Brooks' more modern Biomogo DNA. Unique to the Revel is the use of Biomogo DNA in the sockliner. This helps the surface of the inside of the shoe to mold to the contours of the foot. The Revel's midsole also sports a Plush Transition Zone, which is a raised portion in the midfoot of the shoe that helps better guide the foot into a smoother motion.


Something different about the Brooks Revel is that it implements an engineered knit upper, more akin to some street shoes. It maintains its structure by having an internal bootie construction as well. It sports a centralized lace up closure that gives you a customizable fit that depends on how tightly you lace up your shoes. The Revel also has a Stretch Saddle, which is a set of overlays that stretch to accomodate any size foot. It has a padded tongue that puts some pressure on the top of the foot for less in-shoe movement. The collar is also padded to fit the heel and to stop the abrasions that can be caused by excessive rubbing. The Revel's lining is made of a comfortable fabric.


The Brooks Revel comes in at a reasonable 9 ounces in a women's and 10 ounces in a men's size 9. This is a bit heavier than other running shoes. The reason for this is that the Revel has a few features more commonly found in support shoes than in running shoes. Support shoe, in their focus on stability, often use more layers of material than running shoes. The Revel isn't markedly heavier than most running shoes. They are about an ounce heavier on average. Some customers noted that this shoe fits a little small, and that maybe you should order these shoes one size smaller than usual. However, this might be a combination of the lacing system and the toe box so don't be surprised if this shoe fits true to size.


The Revel does a good job keeping itself breathable and cool, especially when the multiple layers of material are noted. Even though the upper has layers of knit material, as well as the interior bootie, this shoe will remain cool and comfy after a long day of wear. The padded collar and DNA sockliner manage any of the common hot spots that runners experience. The flat-knit material that makes up the upper was chosen for its modern style, but it is also a porous material that allows a lot of air in.


Many people noted that the Brooks Revel is one of the more comfortable shoes they had worn. The two major reasons for this are the dynamic cushioning of the DNA gel midsole, and the stretchy fit of the upper. The DNA midsole responds to each individual movement of the runner's foot. It doesn't mold in the traditional way that most midsoles do. It instead works on a moment to moment basis that stays comfortable in any situation. The upper adds to the comfort by providing a custom fit. You can choose how snug the fit of the shoe is with the powerful lacing system. While the laces hold down the top of the foot, the stretchy overlays stick snugly to the sides of your foot without ever feeling cramped.


Brooks is predominantly a running shoe company, but the Revel is their attempt at having a running shoe with a modern style. The knit upper is more often found among fashionable street shoes. The Revel is a good blend between the flashy colors of running shoes and the sleek design of street shoes. The knit upper matches the spotted laces and the final product is very eye-catching. The Brooks Revel covers the gamut of styles. You can get it in a stark White/Anthracite/Black, a simply colored Toreador/Tawny Port/Black, or a more bright looking Methyl Blue/Lime Popsicle/Black. A good example of the girl-specific style is the Plum/Pink/Black. This is a good mix of the typical bright colors associated with runners, and the darkened colors of a sneaker.


The Brooks Revel has an acceptable level of durability. It won't last much longer than the average runner, but you probably won't be disappointed with what you get out of the shoe in terms of longevity. The HPR rubber is abrasion resistant and won't get easily scuffed. The knit upper does a good job of not getting torn up. This average durability is an important thing to consider if you are planning on getting this shoe for something more serious like marathon running. Many users have noted that this shoe doesn't do a very good job when put through the ringer. It is more of a casual runner. If you plan on using this shoe for longer runs then maybe consider something a little more specialized if you want to get quality longevity out of it.


The Brooks Revel does a good job keeping your foot protected while out on the road. The crash pad at the heel of the outsole absorbs much of the impact of your foot strikes. The sole itself is a bit thicker than in other running shoes. It stops you from feeling the impact of the road in the upper parts of the leg. Some people have reported an issue when the Revel is taken on longer trips. The Revel's heel is higher and more supported than in other runners. Sometimes this will cause some irritation in the heel as it gets stretched and rubbed in an unfamiliar position.


A couple pieces of design in the Brooks Revel promote a good level of responsiveness in this shoe. The crash pad at the heel softens the impacts of your landings, but it also raises the foot a bit. When your foot lands it will more smoothly roll forward. This helps propel you forward. The other thing pushing your foot forward is the Plush Zone in the midsole. By raising the inside of the midfoot, the Plush Zone guides the outside of your sole into a straighter stride. This system is well designed, but there have been complaints. The Revel doesn't do a very good job at higher speeds. When sprinting, for example, the guidance system is a bit too bulky to keep up with the runners own speed. The Revel appears to have a top speed, which is a bit of an issue for some runners.


The support in the Revel does a very good job for a running shoe. This is a good shoe if you have foot problems, but not problems so large you shop exclusively within the support shoe market. The neutral arches are a good fit for people who are flatfooted. The extra support and comfort built into the heel do a good job for people with plantar fasciitiis. Another important benefit of the Revel is that the accommodating fit of the upper makes it easy to put any kind of orthotic into it that you would like. The Revel will keep your feet feeling supported through any kind of long work day.


The Brooks Revel is designated as a road running shoe. It would also be good on the treadmill or at the gym. The tread is not quite aggressive enough for trails or situations with lots of loose dirt and gravel. There are a few limitations to this shoe that also make it not very good for long distance running. Because of that, the Revel has found most of its success as a walking shoe. It's a favorite among people who work jobs where they have to spend a lot of time on their feet. It has the long lasting support needed by people in careers like nursing.


The Brooks Revel is good value, but not great value. It is a little bit on the cheaper side of the market, but not by enough to make it stand out. It is not quite a performance running shoe, but it also doesn't cost as much as one. It is the same when treated like a support shoe. It doesn't cost as much as a support shoe, but it also doesn't quite have the support of the more expensive shoes. If you look at the Brooks line of shoes it is cheaper than many of their other shoes. The issue is that it isn't cheaper by a large enough margin to justify some of this shoe's failings. The Revel is just within the realm of affordability, and importantly, it has a wide variety of uses.


The Brooks Revel has completely adequate traction. In a road running shoe, you want just enough traction to not slip around on the pavement. The Revel will keep you firmly on the road while focusing on keeping you going forward. The tread is not very aggressive. The bottom of the outsole has a lot of blank space without tread, but that shouldn't worry you too much. The tread that is there does a good enough job.


The Brooks Revel is moderately flexible. It has a thicker sole than some runners. This is because of the features of a support shoe that it has. The shaped midsole and the crash pad may reduce the flexibility of this shoe a little bit, but it remedies this somewhat in a few ways. The crash pad is segmented so that there is still some flex at the heel. There are also some flexible ridges in the forefoot between the rubber tread for some extra flex. DNA foam is also quite flexible. If you're buying this shoe for its supportive properties, then this shoe could be considered an extra flexible support shoe. However, support shoes are not as flexible as many runners so the Revel is actually a slightly less flexible running shoe than other running shoes, especially within the Brooks line.


The Revel is a good, stable shoe that you won't have any doubts about wearing. The outsole and midsole are a good firm base for your foot, but what make this shoe special is the well-fitted upper. The padded tongue does a good job of putting some pressure on the top of the foot. The stretch saddle is a very snug, but comfortable fit that customizes itself to your foot. And then there's the integrated lacing system. For best results, make sure you lace these shoes up very tightly.


The Revel has 29 millimeter heel stack with a 12 millimeter offset to the forefoot. It is firmly in the realm of heel striking shoes. With the growing trend of midfoot striking shoes there have been some complaints from some runners that the heel is a bit to high. If you have moved towards the midfoot striking shoes it may be better to look elsewhere.

Key Features

-Segmented crash pad in the heel absorbs impacts against the ground.
-Stretch Saddle will make sure your foot fits snug.
-Flat-knit upper has a streamlined, stylish look and feel.

Bottom Line

The Brooks Revel has something for everyone, but not enough for anyone looking for a specialized shoe. It is both the shoe's strength and weakness. This shoe is for someone who needs a little bit of support for their foot, but not so much that they need special shoes. This shoe is for anyone looking for a quality runner, as long as they do not want to go to fast or too far. The Revel is also for anyone looking for a stylish, modern shoe. It has a little bit of everything. A little bit of everything at a reasonable price isn't too bad at all.