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La Sportiva Finale Review Facts

Experience matters why buying a climbing shoe. The shoes are based on different climbing stages. There are shoes for expert, intermediate, and beginner climbers. It is essential to buy a shoe suited for the climber’s level of performance.

The La Sportiva Finale is a combination that meets many needs. It has durability, grip, comfort, and great design. It is an introductory shoe that provides a comfortable leather design with a sticky rubber sole. The contender is soft and versatile. It can be used for various climbing styles as the user settles on something specific.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Central perforated panel enhances breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal choice for long route climbing
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Reduced heel strap tension for improved comfort
  • Snug fit
  • Sticky rubber soles
  • Not as durable as other Sportiva models
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  • I heard that these shoes stretch so I'm glad I didn't go with the largest size. They fit perfectly, snug but not painful. I think these are a great shoe for beginners.
  • I needed to go down from my normal street shoe size and it fits better. Not painful but the toes are pressed against the shoe like it supposed to be. I know these shoes will stretch so I didn't want them to become too big.
  • I was pretty nervous ordering in UK sizing but looking up the conversion helped. I know I needed a really snug fit for climbing so I went a half size smaller than my normal size, totally satisfied.
  • I feel that these shoes are well-made and worth the investment. They fit as expected as my feet are narrow. Great for beginning climbing for outdoor or indoor. They feel more comfortable and less bulky than typical rentals.
  • I've tried several pairs of shoes for climbing and did not like any of them. I decided to give these a try and I love them. Very comfortable and yet snug. I think I'm going to buy another pair.
  • It's a good idea to try these shoes on if possible because I had to go a half size larger. When I rent from a climbing gym I have to go a half size smaller.
  • My husband really likes these climbing shoes. He says that they fit well without any extra space.
  • These are great starter shoe, comfortable and not too expensive. I'd advise anyone to go a half size smaller than your normal shoe size.
  • The nice thing about these shoes is that the lacing helps get the fit right. But depending on the type of fit you like you may need to go down a half size. I have a wide foot and these have been great.
  • Based on my son's critique, these were great for climbing and they fit well. He likes them very much.
  • These shoes perform well and they feel good on my feet. I don't wear socks during climbing. The sizing chart is very helpful.
  • To get the best fit, since they aren't marked men or women, I caution you about the sizing and encourage you to find the sizing chart from the original La Sportiva.
  • La Sportiva Finale is great for beginners and strangely comfortable.
  • These shoes are great for beginners and if I continue to climb then I will definitely consider a more expensive pair. But for right now the price is great to see if I want to continue climbing. I love these shoes.
  • La Sportiva Is the best climbing and hiking brand that I've ever bought. They Rock!
  • I chose to stick to my normal size although it is a little bigger. I like the additional room for the harder holds times during climbing.
  • I've never own a climbing shoe so these are the first and I should have gotten a smaller size because these are a bit too big--they have too much room. Now I know that I should have went a size smaller than my regular shoe size.
  • I learned a tip about climbing shoes that if they are flat then they're closer to your normal shoe size. These are great climbing shoes for beginners.
  • You can't go wrong by getting a half size smaller than your normal size and they'll fit great.
  • I knew to get my normal size because these will stretch and then they will feel great. Very tight at first though.
  • Several buyers complained about the quality of the shoe wearing down too quickly.
  • Some complained about the leather coming unglued and others mentioned the eyelets coming off.
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The shape of the sole and the toe box make Finale a shoe suitable for small footholds. The shoe lacks the overall precision of shoes that are more shaped. A climbing tool of the Finale is the five-mm XS Edge sticky rubber.

Vibram XS Edge rubber is used in the outsole. Sticky rubber performs best on friction tracks. The five-mm thickness is as trustworthy as other Sportiva shoes examined by a group of testers. The rubber is not as crisp as some of the others which makes it seem less sensitive.

It is essential that climbing shoes have an excellent grip. There are those who feel the XS Edge is top in the market and provides excellent grip and durability. Others think it wears sooner than other outsoles. The outsoles of the La Sportiva Finale can be replaced.

The P3 Permanent Power Platform is a technical randing system that was developed to provide power to the sole and to maintain the shoe’s down-turned shape. It starts under the toes. The system wraps around the entire foot to support the aggressive down-turned profile of the shoe that allows better transmission and performance for the life of the shoes.

Traditional ‘edges’ of the sole are eliminated by the no edge concept that allows the foot to come in closer contact with the surface of the rock. It enhances foot sensitivity and allows optimum hold contact.

The no-edge concept promotes more homogenous wear and extends the sole’s lifespan. It has a reduced layer of rubber. The reduction in the distance between the rock surface and the foot enhances sensitivity on holds. An absence of edges permits the feet to exert a homogenous push on the shoe’s inner side. It maximizes the surface area that is in contact with the feet under all conditions.


Slip-lasted shoes have thinner midsoles that allow them to be flexible and sensitive. They help feel rock through the shoe, so the climber knows where the feet are being placed. The LaspoFlex forefoot midsole is 1.1mm thick and lightweight. It is designed for torsion rigidity. The LapsoFlex midsole in combination with the P3 Patent System supports climbers even when the shoe is not excessively tight.


When choosing a climbing shoe, shape is the first factor. There aremany types of feet but basically they are narrow or wide. The shoe is unlined. It has an upper made of microfiber and leather. The microfiber and leather upper provide padding.

The materials take the brunt of wear when the shoes are jammed into cracks. An upper made of leather gives more duration than one is synthetic. Leather also ensures comfort and easy fit. The shape is similar but not as aggressive as the top climbing pick of the testers.

Lace up shoes provide a snug fit. They can be clinched up tight after the shoes stretches slightly over time with normal use. The laces of the shoe are easy to untie. They do not stick in the leather eyelets like other La Sportiva shoes.

The laces can be loosened down to the toe box which makes them adjustable and easy to put on and take off. Lacing structures allow the shoe to be somewhat customized. The user can play with the laces to tighten them on the bridge of the foot or loosen them in the broader portion to get the right fit.

The heel grips the foot. The rubber tip can withstand anything. The toe box of the Finale is wider than others. While it does not excel in jamming the foot into pockets and small cracks it is more comfortable than climbing shoes that are not as wide and allows more effective smearing.


A pair of La Sportiva Finale weighs .97 pounds.


Due to the central perforated panel, the Finale upper is extremely breathable. The perforated tongue of the shoe is lined absorbent material, so the moisture quickly gets out of the shoe.


Comfort is the feature that makes the La Sportiva Finale shine. Testers rated the comfort as seven out of ten. It is a climbing shoe. The shoes are meant to be worn for long periods whether on long moderate routes outdoors or in the gym. The shoe is among the most comfortable lace-up shoes that were tested.

It probably should have received a rating higher than the seven assigned based on comments about its comfort. The Finale seems to fit narrow feet better. Those with wider feet might not feel the level of comfort meant to be achieved.

The shoes were designed with a focus on comfort because climbers will be turned off by uncomfortable, tight-fitting shoes. The Finale is easy to put on, comfortable, and snug fitting. The heel strap tension is minimized to enhance comfort. The semi-flexed design is often chosen for basic comfort or all day free-climbing routes.


The Finale has a semi-flat profile that is slightly turned down. A flat profile allows the foot to rest in a position that is natural, providing a comfortable fit. When combined with the midsole of the Finale, that is neither too stiff or too soft; the flat profile provides excellent edging ability and climbing performance that is perfect for beginners attempting multi-pitch routes and moderate face-climbing. Flat profiles are great for crack climbing. They keep the foot in a prone position that allows for less painful toe-jams.


Overall durability and toughness need to be taken into consideration. Flexibility is important, but toughness should not be sacrificed for mobility. A rubber outsole cannot be too flimsy or thin. The Vibram XS Edge has a precision grip and is the best sole for extreme multi-pitches. The optimal firmness makes for the ultimate edging.

The Finale is slightly more expensive than the La Sportiva Tarantulace. For the few extra dollars, the consumer gets a well-constructed and more durable option. The use of the five-mm XS Vibram Edge sole provides maximum durability.


Finale has a relatively stiff reinforcement profile so that the leg doesn’t naturally twist. Lacing evenly, lightens the upper foot and is also suitable for narrow legs.


Responsiveness addresses the overall platform of shoes and how fast they return back after twisting. Responsive shoes allow the wearer to spring faster after contact with the ground. Responsiveness is impacted by flexibility, cushioning, and overall sense of response to force produced at various speeds. The Finale is very flexible. There is little cushioning because of the importance to feel the surface beneath the feet. Being able to feel the surface is a response to force produced.


Stability of climbing shoes is based on gender-specific features, rubber soles, lining, straps, and laces. The La Sportiva Finale has laces rather than straps that allow the fit to be customized so to speak. The padded tongue enables the shoelaces to be pulled tightly enough to provide a snug fit.

There is no lining in the shoes which does make them less supportive than other types of sports shoes. The difference between men and women styles is the width of the shoe. Men’s climbing shoes are broader. Women’s shoes taper more toward the heel. The differences exist to make the shoes more stable for the gender wearing them. Women’s shoes are typically cut lower around the ankles and have a heel cup that is smaller.


The edging and durability of the XS Edge were developed for maximum support. This compound permits the climber to focus weight on the tiniest holds. Improved plastic deformation resistance keeps the shape of the shoes through repeated hours of abuse in cold and hot weather.


The Finale performs well as an edging shoe. Though the shoes are not stiff, they handle holds and small edges well. The shoes have a Powerhinge and tensional heel that improve edging performance. These shoes are one of the top performers in this category. The soft midsole and flat sole help in crack climbing performance.

The Finale is an acceptable option for moderate climbing. Pockets are not the forte of the Finale. The shoe is not meant for aggressive to is not meant to toe into small holds or pockets aggressively. The toe box of The Finale is relatively symmetrical.

It lacks the talon-like shape needed for pockets. This shoe is a less precise tool than other aggressive models. The Vibram XS Edge rubber allows the shoes to perform best on vertical to less than vertical routes.


In a comparison by testers that included the La Sportivas Finale, Kataki, Solution, and Skwama, the Finale had the lowest MSRP OF $99. Other styles sell for as much as $170.


A climber’s connection to indoor holds or rocks is as dependent on the foot and shoe as it is on the hand and grip. Rock climbing is a sport with subtle variations. Climbers climb different sorts of rocks using different methods.

There are short and long routes that take a few minutes to multiple days. There are climbing shoes designed for big walls, gym, approach, overhangs, sport, crack, traditional, and bouldering climbs.

Each has unique demands. The Finale as a shoe for beginners, has a rounded toe, neutral shape, and medium stiffness. It is less aggressive and more comfortable than some climbing shoes.

The heels are meant for high-end edging performance. The XS Edge rubber has received complaints from climbers that it is less durable and wears out faster than carbon rubber soles. They are not as sticky as other options.


The Powerhinge only allows the back half of the shoe to stretched when it is weighted. The toes are effectively left in place on the rock surface. When choosing an unlined trad shoe, it is recommended to opt for a shoe that is a size smaller than street shoe size.

There is a stretch factor to consider. Unlined slip-lasted shoes have a tendency to stretch approximately one full size. The Finale is unlined and may stretch a full size above the original. Unlined shoes have the benefit of higher sensitivity and flexibility


Heel drop is an essential measurement for trail or road running shoes. It is mostly how fat the heel of the shoe feels. Drop is also called ‘ramp angle’ and ‘offset.’ The Finale has a flat profile. Heel to toe drop is not listed as a technical specification when choosing running shoes.

Key Features

5mm Vibram XS Edge sticky rubber outsole that provides excellent durability and grip
LaspoFlex midsole has medium thickness
Unlined leather upper for soft and comfortable fit
P3 flat-lasted performance
Powerhinge and tensional rand for high-end edging
Shoes can be resoled

Bottom Line

The Finale is La Sportiva’s replacement for the discontinued Nagos. It totes of some the best La Sportiva features offered. The shoe lacks the craftsmanship of their more expensive shoes, but still has the sticky rubber sole which is a plus. The overall feeling from reviewers is a slight disappointment.

The La Sportiva Finale does have a place as a relatively inexpensive shoe for beginners. There is no doubt the shoe is meant for beginners. They are designed to work for a variety of climbing styles, comfortable and inexpensive.

The shoes can jam into cracks and edge. Then can be worn for hours without causing pain and are easy to get off and on. The La Sportiva Finale is most noted for its ease of use and all-day comfort. It was designed for climbers who prefer comfort above everything else.