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Oboz Sawtooth Review Facts

The Oboz Sawtooth is recognized for comfort. It is not too heavy and great for use on trails. The midsole has enough cushioning and a somewhat aggressive, mud-shedding tread that grips but wears fairly quickly. The shoes ventilate sweat well and provide medium support. This hiking shoe is relatively versatile.

The best application is close to the trailhead on easy trail walks and day hikes so that the lack of waterproofness in the low version is not put to the test. If weight is not too heavy, the shoes are fine for short overnight backpacking trips. They are a good option for those who want a basic pair of hiking shoes without spending too much.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available in sizes for men and women
  • Better than most insoles
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Lightweight
  • Little break-in time required
  • Mud-shedding sole
  • Solid cushioning
  • Well-ventilated for warm hikes
  • Some users complained of side fabric rubbing the ankles
  • Sole wears more quickly than normal
  • Low version is not waterproof


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  • I own several shoes from Oboz and I am in love with them. These shoes are well made and durable. The fit of these hiking shoes is outstanding. These are my new favorites.
  • I would buy these again. They are awesome hiking shoes and very comfortable.
  • Oboz makes a great hiking shoes. For me, the fit and sole are paramount. I love that these come in wide width.
  • These shoes are well made and comfortable although they are more snug than my previous Merrills.
  • These are the best shoes for outdoors that I own. Great craftsmanship and great fit. Support is deserved by this American company.
  • Within 10 mins of putting them on it was comfortable. But after a full day, extremely comfortable. I purchased another pair because I fear that something might change in the next version.
  • I love these in both low and high top. Great comfort and support.
  • What a fantastic hiking shoe. Great fit and very comfortable and no break in needed.
  • Since buying these Oboz Sawtooths my other shoes get no use, hardly. My next pair will be the mid level. Love these hikers.
  • My husband hikes often and this is his second pair. He fell in love with these from day one. These hold up well and are very comfortable.
  • I liked these hiking shoes so much that I purchased the boots. These support me all day on trail and over road while carrying 40-50 lbs. These hikers are made well and are very comfortable.
  • I own many hiking shoes but these are by far my favorite. This is the second pair and my 1st pair held up well. Very comfortable.
  • I purchased a second pair because I love these shoes. Still after two years, my first pair are in good condition but needed a new pair because I tore the front on something sharp by accident. Great for daily walking and provide great comfort.
  • I had to buy another pair of these hiking shoes. They are extremely comfortable on my hikes in Arizona. I feel secure on tough terrain.
  • Very roomy and flexible shoes. In my opinion, they feel and fit better than my Merrells.
  • Got my first pair on sale and loved them so much that paid for my 2nd pair at full price. Oboz shoes provide great comfort and support.
  • I replaced my Merrell moab with these because they are more sturdier and comfortable.
  • My hubby, who is very picky, says the he loves these because they accommodate his orthotics.
  • Love these shoes, I am on my third pair. The tread is forever and I love their design.
  • My husband says these feel good on his feet. He is able to be pain free with these shoes. Helps with plantar fasciitis and supportive arch.
  • Some buyers complained that these didn't hold up as expected.
  • Too heavy for some buyers who experienced sore spots after walking a short distance.
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Sole Composition

The bottom of the shoe is the Oboz Sawtooth outsole. The sole of the Oboz Sawtooth is aggressive EVA. There are deep channels in the rubber sole. The beefy lugs are self-cleaning. They shed mud and dirt.which makes for a rugged shoe. The outsole is overall durable and grippy. It comes around the sides of the shoe. That feature is not seen in other footwear.

Terrain & Traction

The deep channels in the sole do well on slippery and muddy trails. The rubber grips on the rocks. Users have worn the shoes on pavement, rocky trails, and dirt trails. The shoes feel great on mostly dirt and rocky trails. They slip a bit on snowy patches.

The light backpackers or day hiker will not be overburdened due to the weight of these shoes. A dual-density EVA outsole permits hiking on a variety of terrains. There is not a high-level of torsional stiffness which makes the shoes less than ideal for hiking through mud, soft snow, or scree. Those types of trails require a stiffer boot with more edging ability.

Upper Build

For a light shoe, the Oboz Sawtooth has leather in areas expected to be subject to abrasion. Oboz offers an unusually cushioned and supportive midsole. There are grey parts and a black area. The black portion is made from fairly hard plastic.

On the inside, there is Oboz’s BFit deluxe insole. It provides stability and rigidity in the heel and arch. The insole is different from that of other shoes because it has support, not a flimsy piece of foam thrown in as an insole.

It is made of tough plastic that holds the foot in shape and provides a stable support for the arch. The midsole is firm. It is not overly hard. A generous use of Nubuck leather makes the shoe very durable.

There is mesh in the upper. Both the leather and the mesh are highly abrasion resistant. The footbed is basic. It can be exchanged for one that offers more support. The midsole is a dual-density EVA with a nylon shank.

The leather and fabric shoe features breathable mesh vents and a supportive external heel counter. The goal of the insole is to place the foot in a neutral position to provide superior fit, feel and performance.

Size and Weight

There are six Oboz Sawtooth hiking shoes available on Amazon. They are the Men’s Low Hiking Shoe, Men’s Mid BDry Hiking Boot, Men’s Sawtooth Low BDry Hiking Shoe, Women’s Sawtooth Low BDry Hiking Shoe, Women’s Mid BDry Hiking Boot, and Women’s Low Hiking Shoe. Those advertised as BDry have a waterproof membrane.

A pair of Oboz Sawtooth in size 12 weighs a little over two pounds. This weight was rated seven out of ten by reviewers. It is on the heavy side when compared to other models that are lighter in weight and suited for fastpacking adventures.

Testers bought the shoes a half-size large to leave extra room for the toes when hiking downhill. It is worth considering. Low hiking Oboz shoes are suitable for times when not carrying a lot of weight and when looking for shoes that are lighter in weight. The mid version of the Oboz Sawtooth is an ankle-height boot having a more robust shank. This mid, waterproof version is better when carrying a larger backpack.

Airflow & Waterproofing

The Oboz Sawtooth is a durable shoe with excellent ventilation. There are ample vents on the upper to provide breathability. A BDry membrane can be purchased separately for models of the Sawtooth that do not have it. The membrane is waterproof and breathable. There are nylon sections on the sides of the feet.

They let moisture out very well. Without the BDry membrane, the low model of the Oboz Sawtooth is neither waterproof or water resistant except for a very shallow stream crossing. If having a waterproof shoe is important, consider the Oboz Sawtooth models with the BDry membrane.

Comfort and Cushioning

A strength of the Oboz Sawtooth is the well-cushioned sole and midsole. It is a comfortable hiking shoe for dry and warm climates. The testers rated the shoes as eight out of ten for comfort. They were impressed with the shoe’s overall comfort.

The shoe can be easily slipped into, and the width of the shoe fits most feet. No tester complained of arch discomfort on test hikes. There is enough cushioning in the shoe that it can be worn all day. Often shoes with tough tread are too hard on the feet. The shoe has the correct amount of arch support and cushion.


The Women’s Oboz Sawtooth Low Trail Shoe is an excellent shoe for hikers who want all the support, cushioning, and traction for challenging terrain but also want a very breathable and low cut shoe. It is a great everyday shoe that can be taken on day hikes or hike with a semi-heavy backpack.

The Oboz Sawtooth Mid Waterproof Boot features a durable, waterproof finish. The mid-cut design around the ankle supports the ankle, and it has a comfortable and breathable waterproof membrane beneath it. Colors available for women are iceberg, violet, blue, mineral blue, and brown. Men’s Oboz Sawtooth shoes come in black/grey, graphite camel, umber and pewter.

Longevity & Overall Quality

The firm feel of the toe box, heel counter, and midsole suggest the Oboz Sawtooth can take a beating. The excellent grip of the shoes comes at a cost. Visible wear near the balls of the feet and parts of the soles happen sooner than average.

The shoes won’t last forever. They will wear for many miles. The Nubuck panels and mesh of the Sawtooth are held together by lots of stitches. Users have reported delaminating, stitches fraying, and seams failing. Consider the upkeep and maintenance of the shoes if planning to hike high-mileage trails. The shoes offer performance and durability without being a full-fledged boot.

Safety Features

The cushioning in the Oboz Sawtooth makes feet feel well-shielded from roots and rocks. The sole provides impact resistance and shock absorption. The outsole that comes up around the shoe provides comfort while wearing the shoes on the trail.

On the bottom of the footbed, there are EVA pads that add to the comfort and provide extra shock absorption. The outsole comes up around the shoe and provides grip on the sides as well as extra protection.

On off-road or crooked trails, the runner gets added traction. The nylon shank throughout the outsole provides torsional rigidity. The shoe is designed with a narrow heel meant to eliminate slippage and reduce the chance of blisters. It is wide in the toe box and forefoot to provide ample room for the toes.


The combination of mesh and Nubuck leather makes the shoes pliable. They do not constrict or pinch the foot like shoes made of stiffer material. The Sawtooth midsole is built to be versatile, supportive, and flexible. There are natural points along the sole of the shoe for flex, which makes for a comfortable walk.

Support & Balance

The Oboz Sawtooth has some features that perform better overall. Stability and support are its highest ranked features. Its lower cut and rugged design allow more nimble walking over terrain that is rocky.

The shoes have a wide toe box and a narrow heel. There is quality arch support on the interior. Around the back of the heel, there is a molded heel counter. It is a supportive heel cup that maintains durability, and rigidity throughout the life of the shoe.

It is going to hold up through whatever is thrown at it. The grey parts of the insole provide additional cushioning. The insole provides better arch support than the average hiking shoe. There is reinforcement outside the heel that adds to the solid feel. The Sawtooth hiking shoes are built on an outsole of EVA foam that is supportive enough to give hikers confidence over rocky or uneven trails.

Lacing System

The Oboz Sawtooth is easy to lace the fabric speed lacing. The laces slike easily compared to lacing through small eyelets. The laces are slightly thicker than most. They have a large diameter that is simple to tie. The laces stay tied without double knotting. The system is a bit unusual. It has straight sections on the top and diagonal sections underneath. It shifts the shoe out of alignment.

That feature is helpful if the shoe does not fit well, feeling loose in one area or another. It is the configuration of the laces and the tread of the outsole that look a little like the teeth of a saw that give the shoe its name.

Value & Cost

The Oboz Sawtooth is a budget-friendly option for the casual hiker. With an MSRP OF $110, the shoes are value priced. Oboz plants a tree each time someone buys a pair of shoes. The purchase leaves a positive environmental impact.

Comparison & Similarities

The Oboz Sawtooth is more solid, cushioned, and firm than trail running shoes. A pair of no-membrane trail runners that had larger nylon panels would breathe sweat out better than the Oboz Sawtooth.

However, the Sawtooth keeps feet drier and less sweaty than an all-leather boot or shoe. If carrying a pack that weighs more than 20 pounds, an all-leather shoe may be a better option. For dirt and rock trails, the shoe works well. Because they slip a bit on snow, a more substantial, harder sole might be preferred for such a situation.

When compared to the HOKA ONE ONE Tor Summit WP, Salomon OUTpath GTX, Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX, and the North Face Ultra 110, the Oboz Sawtooth received the lowest overall score by a group of reviewers. All of the shoes ranked well in comfort,

Of the five, the low version of the Oboz was the only one that is not waterproof. It has lots of seams and mesh to wear out. The comparison review gave the Oboz Sawtooth a rating of eight out of ten for comfort. Only the Summit WP rated higher.

The Oboz Sawtooth mean in last in the weight category with a rating of seven out of ten. It also ranked last for support with a grade of five. Both the Tor Summit WP and Oboz scored a six for traction.

All other brands were higher. Versatility, water resistance, and durability also received the lowest ratings of five, one, and five respectively. The shoe weighs more than any of the others. One advantage the Sawtooth has over all the others is that it is available in wide width.

Key Features

100 percent textile and leather
3D molded heel counter
Approximately a 1½-inch heel
Molded rubber toe rand
Platform is approximately one inch
Rubber sole
Shaft measures nearly four inches from the arch

Final Thoughts

Because the Oboz Sawtooth offers a combination of durability, traction, cushioning, and comfort, it is a highly recommended shoe. It is a comfortable hiking shoe for dry and warm climates.

The shoe is an excellent choice for the budget conscious casual hiker. For someone planning to head out with a pack that is fully loaded for a hike of serious miles, there is likely a better choice. It is also an excellent option for someone just getting into hiking and wanting a comfortable shoe that breathes well in arid and hot conditions.

Not everyone needs a waterproof liner that causes feet to sweat in hot weather or a burly hightop hiking boot. The Oboz Mid Sawtooth is an option for those who need a more substantial shoe.