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Adidas TERREX Tracerocker Review Facts

The Tracerocker is the latest addition to the TERREX line of trail running shoes from Adidas. This is actually a new version of the Tracerocker. Compared to the older, now discontinued, editions of the Tracerocker, this TERREX Tracerocker has a more modern style. What the new Tracerocker does keep is the versatile and reliable design that made the original such a well-loved shoe in the first place. The Tracerocker's accessibility is its most notable feature. It is a trail shoe for people who don't call themselves trail runners. It isn't specialized in any way, but that is its greatest strength. An everyday shoe that can also handle extreme situations, the Tracerocker will meet almost any need.

Editor's Pros & Cons




Good Traction


Stiffer than other trail shoes

Only moderately comfortable


The Tracerocker's outsole is made of a firm rubber that has been named TRAXION by Adidas. As you might be able to guess from its name, TRAXION rubber is focused on keeping good grip on any surface. The rubber is also especially hard. This gives it two advantages. The first is the extra durability of a harder material. The second is the protection it provides for your foot. Adding to the the shoes' traction is the multidirectional grip on the bottom of the outsole. The points of the tread move in many directions, which gives the shoe more dynamic gripping ability.


The midsole of the Tracerocker is made up of a lightweight EVA foam. This is a common construction and with good reason. It keeps the shoe light, while also having dependable stability. A simple build like this is also good for longevity in the Tracerocker. The EVA foam is also effective at contouring to the runner's foot over time. The insole is built from a molded foam that cradles the runner's foot. The shoe's lining is made of a generic textile that is soft and doesn't maintain too much heat.


A lot of the changes in the new Tracerocker come into play when looking at its upper. It is built out of multiple layers. The inside layer is made of textile, while the outside layer is made of a synthetic material. The textile has been built into a breathable mesh that is also resistant to the abrasions that are so common in trail running. The synthetic material accounts for much of the shoe's style, as well as an effective support that backs up the flimsier breathable material. Other features of the upper include the padded tongue, and a tab at the heel that makes it easier to slip the shoes on.


A size 11 Tracerocker weighs a surprisingly light 313 grams, or 11 ounces. The shoe feels lightweight, especially in contrast to its solid look. It is a little heavy in comparison to other trail shoes. The Tracerocker has more thickness in its midsole when compared to the more specialized shoes that serious trail runners wear. However, the EVA foam that makes up the midsole is very airy and light in its composition. The more general use that many reviewers got out of the Tracerocker makes it somewhat unfair to compare to other trail running shoes. Of those reviewers, all of them noted that the shoe felt noticeably lightweight.


The Adidas TERREX Tracerocker isnt cause for complaint when judged on its breathability. This can be attributed to the textile mesh of the upper. The porous material keeps up a good level of airflow into the inside of the shoe. The longlasting breathability of the Tracerocker will make sure your trip doesn't end prematurely because of uncomfortable feet. Another useful feature of the shoe's breathability is that they dry very quickly. On top of that, they won't absorb enough water to start sloshing so they can be taken out on a wet trail run without weighing down your feet.


The Tracerock is a generally comfortable shoe. It has more cushioning than most trail running shoes, which provides it more versatility. The comfort that the shoe achieves right out of the box was one of the most ubiquitous comments among reviewers. The Tracerocker has a padded collar so that the shoe won't chafe against your heel at the opening of the shoe. It doesn fit the rest of the foot quite snugly, but in a way that adds comfort and security. The cushioning of the insole is effective right away, but it should be noted that the Tracerocker has less cushioning than other shoes in the TERREX line so if this one is not quite up to your standard, then perhaps another shoe from Adidas might suit you better.


Unlike many other trail shoes, the Tracerocker doesn't stand out once it has been brought off the trail. It's style is almost more reminiscent of a street shoe. The simple stripes on the side of the shoe are simple, especially when compared to some of the more gaudy performance shoes. It stays on the darker side of the palette with the upper. This does create a nice contrast with some of the colorful treads you can get with the Tracerocker. The outsole can come in colors such as black, green, orange and yellow. There is also a deep blue with black upper that looks very nice.


Durability is the greatest strength of the Adidas TERREX Tracerocker. It is a longlasting shoe. This is especially impressive given the many situations it can be put through and the price it can be found at. The mesh upper has been reinforced with some synthetic overlays that keep the shoe together. The outsole is made of a strong rubber that doesn't damage easily. Finally, the midsole is made of a single consistent material so it doesn't easily fall apart. Durability is one of the most important aspects of a good trail shoe. Having your shoes fall apart in the middle of a trip somewhere is one of the worst things a shoe can do to you. Luckily, it is unlikely that this will happen with the Tracerocker.


Your foot will stay safe in a Tracerocker. The outsole has been built out a strong rubber that won't be pierced or damaged. The same can be said for the upper, which is made of an abrasion resistant mesh. That is well reinforced by the synthetic overlay that is placed in all the most sensitive spots that damage can come from. The padded collar will stop blisters from forming at the back of the foot. There is also little reason to worry about rubbing anywhere else due to the comfortably snug fit of the shoe. That snug fit is aided by the padded tongue, which keeps your foot in place properly.


Just as with many other elements of the shoe, the Tracerocker is adequately responsive. Because there is a little less cushioning in the Tracerocker, the responsiveness of the shoe can sometimes be to its detriment. You can properly feel your footstrikes, which is very important in a trail shoe, but sometimes they'll be more painful than the usual. It isn't overbearing, but it can cause some discomfort on longer runs. It appears to be a sacrifice in the name of durability. The hard rubber is similar to that found in many other trail shoes, but usually it'll have a more complex midsole to complement it. The simple EVA foam is good for adding spring to your step, but it has trouble lessening the impact of the ground.


As with many trail shoes, the Tracerocker has an extra emphasis put on keeping your foot supported. Seeing as you can use this shoe in many different situations, the Tracerocker is good for giving you extra support in everyday life as well as on the trail. The design of the midsole doesn't give any extra support to your arches. It has a little less cushioning in the midsole as well, but it is more than enough if you don't have any special needs in that area. The support is more effective in that it will last for a long time, which is helpful on those long runs.


One of the most interesting elements of the Tracerocker is that is it is effective on a lot of different terrain styles. It is specialized as a trail shoe, but it will be effective in other situations as well. It is a bit of a light trail running shoe so it might be best to leave the mountain top running to another shoe. However, the Tracerocker is effective on maintained trails, hikes, and even ultra marathons. If that wasn't impressive enough it can also be brought out onto the street for road running, and every day errands. The rubber outsole is also very effective in any type of weather as well.


In general, trail running shoes run at a much higher price than other shoes. They're more specialized, and often have more technology keeping them together than your average street wear. This is something that makes the Tracerocker so special. It is one of the cheapest trail running shoes that you can find. Even better than that is that the Tracerocker is great value at its price as well. The many moving parts that you would find in more expensive shoes also relate many more opportunities for failure. The Tracerocker lasts for a long time and comes in at a reasonable price.


The Tracerocker has effective traction but is lacking in some of the more serious features that other trail running shoes have. The TRAXION rubber does a good job gripping the ground. The rubber puts more emphasis on keeping steady than it does keeping you moving forward, like street running shoes. The multi-directional tread, which looks like arrows that point both forward and backward, also helps keep your grip on any surface. Unlike more serious trail running shoes, the Tracerocker does not have any lugs. Lugs are for more treacherous terrain like scree and unpacked dirt. Although this does make the Tracerocker less effective in more hostile terrain, it is still very effective at keeping a good grip in a wide range of climates.


The Tracerocker is a moderately flexible shoe. It doesn't swing toward rigidity or flexibility, but that is the price of its versatility. Trail running shoes are often extra flexible to make them more adaptable to the unpredictable ground. On the other hand, street shoes are slightly less flexible to emphasize shock absorption and bounce. The Tracerocker leans towards flexibility, but retains enough bounce for all kinds of running.


Never doubt that the Tracerocker will keep you foot stable. The upper has been reinforced with layers of a synthetic material that gives the shoe an extra bit of sturdiness. The padded tongue ensures a secure foot inside the shoe. And then there's the insole that has a level of cushioning that keeps your foot in place. Many reviewers noted that the Tracerocker makes for a remarkably snug fit, but not in an uncomfortable way. Add to all that the extra sticky rubber of the outsole and it means you'll always feel safe in these shoes.


Compared to other trail shoes, the Tracerocker has a pretty steep heel to top differential. It has a 10 milimetre drop. This is not that much when compared to other shoes. It still makes for the natural feeling stride needed on a trail run. It offers a midstriking gait, which is more in line with the modern philosophy behind shoe design. If you want a shoe that's made for more rugged use than a street runner, but don't feel comfortable having a flat stance when running, then maybe the Tracerocker is a good shoe to try.

Key Features

-TRAXION rubber has extra durability and grip.
-EVA midsole is lightweight and gives extra bounce.
-Mesh upper is breathable and durable

Bottom Line

The Adidas TERREX Tracerocker doesn't overtly excel in any way, except for the most important. This shoe will outlast most other shoes. Even more impressive, the Tracerocker will do this at a price point much lower than most comparable shoes. The discomfort it can cause on long runs will never be unbearable. The lower responsiveness will never be overly noticeable. It will find a way to work with any kind of runner. If you're a runner who isn't too picky about where you take your runs, then think of giving the Tracerocker a shot. It won't let you down.