Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry looks bulky in its initial appearance, and this reflects a design purpose which is for tough terrains. The design is intentionally styled to be heavy-duty shoes. We particularly like the level of impressive traction which gives grip on those tricky slopes and wet gritty undulating trails. The Sawtooth has a design purpose that focuses on grip, support, comfort, and protection.

You'll feel the support even when hauling a heavy pack on technical trails in challenging weather. The extra weight is a solid trade-off for users who are looking for a shoe that steps beyond standard hiking conditions. This shoe is not built for short hiking trips along local gentle trails in hot weather. Absolutely good for day-long hikes or longer trips out in the wilds and with good stability for carrying backpacks.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Uppers are a combination of nubuck leather and textile

Very good water protection

Traction: Sawtooth Outsole

Breathability is standard

Good cushioning


Good protection


Hand built, not a factory line product


Lugs are wide spaced, can pick up mud and snow sometimes

Weight for some users

It is rare, the toe bumper can delaminate, contact makers if this happens so they can help

Key Features


Comfort combined with accurate FIT is vital when you choose a hiking shoe.

For FIT Oboz creates comfortable shoes, the forefoot and heel cushioning are very good with nice shock absorption. On flat rocky surfaces, the heel shock absorption feels good and on slopes, the forefoot cushioning does its work. While carrying a heavy pack and hiking through challenging terrains there is ample cushioning built-in throughout the shoe.

Users have mentioned that this updated version runs narrower than the previous model but this does not impact the level of comfort.


The lateral support, arch support, and supportive lace-up system work well together and give impressive support. The O Fit insole lends towards more excellent support for the arch area in the shoe.

Despite being a low cut design, this shoe reaches higher for the ankle and gives more support than most other low cut designed hiking shoes, The lace-up system sits high on the uppers and supportively locks down the ankle. The design is cut so that the heels are very well cradled.

The combination of leather and textile uppers do work together for focused support and this brings a nice focus on accurate supportive FIT.

Torsional rigidity is notable for the outsole and is supportive on all surfaces including, scrambling slopes, boulders/rocks, loose gravel, mud, and other rough surfaces. These shoes are a great alternative for a person who has to carry a heavy pack long distances, and prefers a shoe rather than a boot,

The level of support is really good.


This shoe works on tough surfaces such as Vulcanic rocks, tricky inclines, wet rocks, and even on loose scree. The zig-zag layout of the lugs combined with the sticky rubber on the shoe sides gives seriously good traction.

A slight downside is the spacing of the lugs which give a deep bite but sometimes can pick up clinging mud or snow. Users say this is not a constant issue but can at times happen.

The traction is impressive and gives a feeling of stability and confidence even when descending very tricky slopes on all surfaces.


The shoe is heavier than many other options and this is due to thick, robust rubber soles for protection and traction stability. Lots of sticky rubber and impressive lugs will increase the weight in exchange for grip, support, and protection.


User feedback matches tester results, waterproofing is really very good. The combination of textile and leather works well, Over time leather can start absorbing water so a useful trick is to treat the leather with a wax cream.

The built-in water membrane is an Oboz's B-Dry design and this is effective protection that also allows sweat to escape out of the shoe. The uppers are built to be high on the sides and front and this means wading through puddles and shallow streams is ok.

More user feedback from those that hit water depths too high for shoes is that they were impressed at how fast the shoes will dry out.


Durability for the overall shoe is not an issue, it is designed to take on seriously tough terrains. A combination of high-quality leather, tough textile, and thick robust soles work very nicely in terms of durability.

A rare issue pointed out by users is that the toe bumper can delaminate. These are hand-made shoes and in such rare cases, not enough glue was applied. Contact with Oboz resulted in this problem being fixed and satisfied customers.

All seams are stitched so that durability for the shoe structure is dependable and consistent. The rubber heel counter serves two purposes, keeps the shoe shape and promotes further durability.

Summing up durability, these shoes score high.


The Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe compares favorably against most other hiking shoes for a variety of reasons. This shoe is purpose-built for tough terrains while carrying a weighty backpack.

If you focused on better traction the X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex is slightly ahead. It is also lighter and offers better waterproofing but it falls short on comparative durability.

Another option to compare and consider is the Spire GTX which gives better water resistance and traction is surprisingly better. Support and comfort are equal but durability is lower.

For ladies and men, the Merrell Moab 2 WP is a good performing shoe. Slightly less for comfort and support, traction and water-proofing performance are the same but the weight is higher and durability is less.

The Sawtooth II compares as better for durability to the majority of other good quality hiking shoes and is ahead on other features and performance.


Considering the design purpose, all types of challenging terrain, and wet weather this shoe stands in a high-performing category. The durability level means lots of use and a very good investment.

For quality materials, support, comfort, protection, durability, and very impressive traction, this shoe is great. There is some extra weight but this is a result of using high-quality build materials while keeping the price at a buyer-friendly level.

For those looking for a very versatile hiking shoe, this is a good investment.