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Brooks Glycerin 16 Review Facts

Not many people know about the different areas of the shoe. The primary aspect of the shoe that runners pay attention to is the fit and the comfort level but there are many different factors and features that go into making a good running shoe. One area that should be paid attention to is the outsole of a runner. The outsole of a runner is the outer most layer of a running shoe. This area surrounds the heel, arch, and ball of the foot and often extends up to the bumper of the shoe (the area of the shoe that protects the toes of the runner). The outsole also offers the tread of the shoe that is meant to provide traction. Traction is important because the surface area of the area grips to the ground and helps the runner move forward. Image standing on ice and attempting to move forward at an increased pace. Assuming the individual on the ice does not fall flat on their face, there will be a great amount of force and energy used in order to move forward without moving forward very quickly. Additionally, there will be a fair bit of movement throughout the pendulum movement of the leg. This is due to the lack of traction that they have between the foot and the slippery surface (ice). Tread offers the individual wearing the shoe to propel forward with less energy, less exertion, and a tighter pendulum movement. Tread and traction help the runner move forward with more ease, as well as with less fatigue and overall improves the runner's performance overall, hence why the outsole of the shoe is so important.

This article focusses on the Brooks Glycerin 16. This is a comprehensive review of the product. We wanted to provide an in-depth review in order to find out the quality of the shoe and its durability. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find out the good and the bad of the shoe. We also looked at the materials used in order to construct the shoe as well as the shoes overall construction. We did this to find out the runner's breathability, comfort, and quality. This is our review of the Brooks Glycerin 16. We hope that this review helps you in the purchase of your next running shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Attractive design
  • Quite comfortable
  • Supportive throughout midsole and outsoleĀ 
  • Quite durable
  • A little on the pricey sideĀ 
  • Some cushioning concerns


Like similar Brooks products, this product offers a 3D engineered fit print across its upper. This offers both a stylish design and also a higher level of breathability. Mesh allows cool air to enter the shoe when stepping down while also pushing the hot air out of the shoe. This keeps feet cool and dry throughout the walk and run. This is also beneficial as this will stop the build-up of sweat moisture from accumulating within the shoe and also keeps odor levels down. This is important especially for those with existing foot odor issues. Those who wore this product praised its breathability, saying that they found that this model offers better breathability compared to other competitive runners they wore. Overall, this product provides a high level of breathability and ventilation and is ideal for those on long runs, those who run hot and those with existing foot odor issues which is positive.


Another benefit of the 3D fit print mesh upper is that it offers a nice stretch across the upper of the shoe. This will work with the lacing system in order to fit the top of the foot better. This offers a comfortable, more natural step. It also offers a better level of support and stability when running. The ball of this product offers DNA loft which helps with the comfort level of the runner. The ball of this product is properly cushioned which is helpful when training as when running at faster speeds the ball of the foot tends to take on more force than the heel. The cushioning in the ball also adds to the impact reduction of the run. This will help decrease the wear and tear on the runner's body. The DNA loft is also part of the heel area of the shoe which helps, again, with impact reduction when in motion. It also helps with the cushioning around the heel. Proper cushioning throughout the heel of a runner helps keep heel pain down especially for those with existing heel issues. Those that wore this product did find that the shoe was extremely comfortable and supportive, however, found that it was almost too cushioned. Though this does not impact the comfort level it may impact the energy return of the shoe. This is discussed more below. This product also includes a 'two-way stretch bootie' which is supposed to form the foot better and help keep it closer to the foot without causing discomfort. This also helps with the shoe's natural step and assist the runner with focussing on the run rather than the placement of their foot which is positive.


The DNA loft is also supposed to provide a better level of durability in comparison to more competitive products. The double jacquard mesh is not only stylish but also quite durable. It adds a higher level of structure and support to the shoe itself as well as the top of the foot. The use of this product is listed as road running. Those who wore this product said very little about the products durability (in research this follows along the concept of no news is good news) which is positive. This product seems to offer a decent level of support and durability. Though the price tag on this product is a little high (this is discussed later in the article) there doesn't seem to be any real durability concerns regarding this shoe which is really great.


The heel of this product offers the DNA loft technology listed above. This offers better cushioning and protection against impact when running. Those who wore this product did find that the heel holds close and comfortably to the back of the foot, however, the cushioning through the heel was almost too soft for many runners preference level which is unfortunate. Often when cushioning is too soft it doesn't return the same amount of energy as one with a stiffer heel. The cushioning of this product would be ideal for those walking around in this shoe but this may affect a runners performance, not from slowing down the runner's natural stride so much as not assisting in the bounce back of the runner's step. Outside of this issue, the heel seems to be made of quality materials, offers a decent level of support and structure, and is quite comfortable which is positive for those looking for an everyday shoe or for those with existing heel issues.


The midsole drop of this product is listed as 10 mm. The DNA loft is offered, as well, throughout the entire length of the midsole. This material offers a decent level of cushioning and support. The midsole contours to the bottom of the foot in order to offer better control when transitioning the foot from heel to toe and side to side. The midsole also supports the arch of the foot in order to avoid any issues throughout the arch and also to offer a more natural step. The arch support in this product is neutral. Those who wore this product found that it required next to no break-in period which is a nice feature. They also noted that this product has a lightweight design which helps with the runner's performance, as well as decreases the rate at which the foot and leg start to experience fatigue. Those who wore this product found it to be very comfortable, offering proper support throughout the bottom of the foot. Many runners are using this product for long distance runs (specifically marathons) which is positive. Overall the midsole offers a durable, cushioned and lightweight support which is positive.


This product is a little higher in price which makes sense considering the amount of positive reviews. The biggest contributing factor to the price is more than likely the high levels of durability that is offered with this product. There are always a fair amount of negative reviews about the durability of trainers, even with some Brooks products, however, this product has very few issues in regards to the durability of them. They seem to be made with quality materials and are constructed well which means that these shoes will last a long time. The other contributing factor to the price is the design of this runner. This product, though not exactly a fashion accessory, is an attractive shoe. It is narrow in design but still true to size, it offers a popular Jacquard design and is quite sleek in appearance. Between this shoe's durability and its attractive design, this product seems to be worth the cost associated with it. Overall, a really great runner.


This product is attractive in design. As mentioned earlier in this article, it offers the modern Jacquard mesh design which gives the product a sleeker, more fluid design. They are also lightweight and narrow in structure and fit closer to the foot. Runners that don't have these features tend to look a little more clunky and bulky in design. This product is also offered in numerous colors in order to suit individual styles. Those who wore this product found that they are quite attractive in design. They don't exactly double as an everyday shoe unless worn in an environment that suits a sportier style. They are ideal for those who walk on concrete all day, though, as they are quite cushioned throughout the entire base of the shoe. Though they are not fashionable like competing products, they are quite attractive and sleek in design. They are also quite durable and, therefore, will continue to look better longer which aids in the shoe's overall aesthetic.


Overall this is a good product. Though the price of this product is on the higher side, those who wore this product found that it was quite durable and attractive in design, both of which justify the price. They are also quite supportive and cushioned which offers a more aligned and impact reduced run. They come in the very popular Jacquard Mesh design which is both stylish and offers a high level of breathability. They are narrow in design but still true to size, two items that don't usually go together which is positive. They offer ideal pressure zones as well which basically disperses the impact of each step away from the body in order to offer an easier and less damaging (to the body) ride. Those who wore this product found that their runs were quite cushioned but almost to an extreme, saying that the cushioning is almost too soft. The other issue with reviewers is the price of the product, being on the higher side. Outside of these issues, those who wore this product loved this product. Overall, it's a good shoe that is ideal for those looking for something to support them throughout the day (on concrete floors) or for those looking for something that will last a long time or want greater levels of impact reduction. This shoe is a good product. One additional benefit to this product is that the company Brooks has a great return policy, offering the runner to take the gear for a test run with the option of returns up to the 90-day mark. This is fairly uncommon with running shoe companies and offers some peace of mind to those looking for a new runner. It also helps those who are ordering online. This product is also true to size so ordering online is no issues!