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Brooks Ariel 16 Review Facts

Running shoes, typically looked at for their comfort level and fit, have many different areas that aren't typically understood by the individual purchasing them. The outsole of a running shoe is the area below the midsole and the area that touches the ground when in motion. The outsole has two primary purposes- to be durable enough to protect the foot from sharp objects like rocks and to provide grip to the runner in order to propel the runner forward (assisting with performance) and to stop the individual wearing the product from slipping. The outsole is typically made of a very durable material as it does tend to eventually face some sort of debris that could potentially cut through its material. The grip provided by the outsole can be designed in different patterns. The grip comes from ridges throughout outsole in a specific design in order to grip the surface it's stepping on better, sometimes with suction. The outsole will help move the runner further when the grip is better. This is something that should be considered before buying a running shoe before purchasing, especially if the individual buying the product is buying it for the purpose of competing in it (like with marathons). The 'stickier' the grip the better control and power the individual has during their run.

This is a single product review on the Brooks Ariel '16. This is the 16th version of the shoe and is quite popular with reviewers. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find what consumers liked and disliked about this product. We also looked at the materials used to make this shoe in order to determine its breathability, flexibility and overall quality. And finally, we looked at the products construction in order to determine its durability, weather resistance, and price justification. This is our comprehensive review of the Brooks Ariel '16. We hope that this review assists you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A high-durable shoe
  • Quite comfortable 
  • Offers a high level of cushioning
  • Also offers a high level of impact reduction
  • Takes time to break in
  • Expensive 
  • Only offered in 1 color 
  • Not fashionable


This product offers an element lining which is runs along the entire upper to help keep moisture away from the foot and provide a better level of comfort. Additionally, this product offers a sock liner that also has moisture-wicking abilities. The upper has mesh all throughout the upper which helps with better breathability and ventilation. This product offers to mesh all throughout the upper including on the sides of the shoe. The overlays help protect the mesh while also giving the product structure and foot stability. Mesh is often used for runner uppers due to the fact that mesh is one of the most breathable materials available. Though it's not always the strongest, mesh does offer a decent level of durability to the shoe while also allowing cool air in. Mesh also pushes hot air out of the shoe at the same time in order to assist in ventilation of the shoe. Ventilation not only helps keep the feet cool but also assists in less sweat buildup. Sweat can not only be uncomfortable but can also cause some slippage which is dangerous. Overall, those who wore this product did find that it was breathable and they also really appreciated its moisture-wicking abilities which are positive feedback.


As mentioned above, this product keeps the feet cool and dry through its moisture wicking abilities and superior ventilation. It also offers a molded DNA midsole which contours to the foot in order to not only hold the foot tighter within the shoe but also helps with support and stability. The issue that some reviewers found is that this product does run a little narrow. They are luckily offered in wider sizes which helps with the issue but for those with normal feet sizing up may be required. The extended progressive diagonal rollbar along the midsole of this product offers BioMoGo foam which not only cushions the entire underside of the foot but also offers better impact reduction which means the knees and joints will also be comfortable throughout the run. The Omega Flex Grooves helps with the shoes overall flexibility and offers those wearing them a more natural step. Those who wore this product found that when sized correctly, this product is quite comfortable this is, however, after they've been broken in. Many reviewers did find that they had to break in this shoe and that initially the product is quite stiff. This does diminish over time and eventually becomes a fairly comfortable and cushioned runner.


This product offers high-abrasion rubber along the outsole in order to provide the consumer with a better level of durability. The primary issue that consumers find, in general, with most running shoes is that the outsole tends to rip due to the sharp surfaces they are typically running on (sharp rocks and debris). Luckily many reviewers found that this product is quite durable in comparison to competitive products on the market. The issue that some found is that there was some breakdown of material across the upper of this product. The breakdown seems to be wear and tear more than physical damage. This affects the aesthetic of this product more than it does the products actual functionality and usefulness which is positive. This product also offers an HPR Green rubber throughout the shoe's forefoot which is environmentally friendly and also offers a more durable forefoot. It also makes the shoe skid-proof and offers traction in both wet and dry environments. This is discussed more below. Overall, though, this product is a fairly durable one with an exception of the wear and tear some runner's experienced during the products life. For the most part, those who wore this product praised its durability which is positive.


The extended progressive diagonal rollbar runs throughout the heel to forefoot. As mentioned above, this is made of Brooks BioMoGo foam which offers a high level of impact reduction and would cushion the heel of the foot to avoid any pain throughout the ball and the heel of the foot. This is ideal for those with existing heel issues. It also has MC Pod Configuration which helps stabilize the foot while offering a better motion-control. This is important with running shoes as this is where a lot of the stability will be. This also allows for a more natural step when running. A natural step offers a more stable environment for the foot, offering protection to the more delicate areas of the foot like the arch and the ankle. Those who wore this product did find it to be quite stable which is positive. This allows the runner to focus on other aspects of their run and not on their foot placement. Additionally, this product offers an efficient, balanced toe-to-heel transition according to their website. This, again, adds a better level of stability, good protection and optimal conditions for better performance. All of which are extremely positive.


This product offers a super DNA midsole, as mentioned above which offers more cushioning and impact reduction than comparable products on the market. It also molds to the foot in order to offer better stability and control when in motion. The midsole is part of the extended progressive diagonal rollbar which, again, is made of BioMoGo foam which helps reduce both impact and excess pronation which basically means that it supports the ankles and stops them from collapsing due to the weight of the body. The midsole as DRB Accel which is a thermoplastic polyurethane. This is a strong material that contours to the foot in order to provide durable support, assist with balance and offers torsional rigidity. Torsional rigidity is resistance across the section of a torsional deformation. The Omega Flex Groove also offers better flexibility. Those who wore this product did argue that this product isn't very flexible but rather a little stiff until broken in which could potentially be a problem to some runners (it's a potential for early blistering). Overall, though those who wore this product found it to be very comfortable and supportive which is positive.


The outsole of this product is made of a high abrasion-resistant rubber material which offers a more durable traction. It also offers green rubber at the forefoot which is made of environmentally friendly material. It also offers better traction in both wet and dry environments. Though complete waterproofing and traction in areas of higher moisture aren't always required when running outdoors it is a nice add-on especially to those using these in areas with a lot of rain or for those wanting to use these for work in more sterile environments (like hospitals). Those who wore this product praised the fact that it offered high levels of traction in wet areas. This is a unique feature to running shoes as most do not 'stick' well when in wetter areas. This is positive. The outsole also offers Flextra rubber which assists with the shoe's flexibility according to the company website. This has been argued with some reviewers because they did not find that the shoe is very flexible. It takes some time to break the shoe in before feeling the flexibility of it. Overall though the outsole of this product is quite durable and offers a decent traction on both wet and dry surfaces which is a step above its competitors.


The primary complaint about this product is the product's price. This product definitely sits on the higher end in price spectrum. It seems to offer a pretty decent level of durability outside of some minor wear and tear along the product's upper. This means that the shoe will last longer than comparable products that do break down easier. They aren't, however, very versatile. This product isn't really a fashionable one. It looks like a classic running shoe. It would only really work as a gym buddy or a road companion, less so as an everyday shoe unless the individual wearing it is quite sporty in style generally. Those who wore this product didn't find the shoe to be particularly attractive and were also quite disappointed in that they only come in one color. The wear and tear that happens along the top of the shoe also affects the overall aesthetic of the shoe as well which will make the shoes look a little older sooner. Overall, though despite the appearance of the shoe it is quite durable which extends the life of the shoe and therefore is ideal for those looking for a long-term, quality investment.


Overall, this product is a good product. Though it is not fashionable in appearance it is not an unattractive shoe. It has some issues in regards to some wear and tear that is easily present early in the life of this product which those who are looking for a more attractive sneaker might have an issue with. They are, however, highly durable which is ideal for those looking for a long-term running shoe. It seems that the cushioning will give out long before the exterior of the product will. Those that wore this product found that the midsole and outsole of this product offered a high level of support as well as stability and impact reduction. This is ideal for all those with joint or heel issues. They were also praised for Their roomy toe box and their superior traction when in areas of higher moisture. Another complaint commonly heard is that this product is a bit narrow and may require sizing up, luckily for those with wider feet wide models are also offered which is positive. Overall, this product is reliable, sturdy and durable which is positive. It is definitely worth a try especially for when using the runners for outdoor runs.