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Samsung Level On Review Facts

Whether gaming, or just wanting a headset that lets you listen to your music and videos quietly, the biggest feature you will probably look for today is that it has sound cancellation. What this means is once they are on and the volume is going, everything else fades away. Samsung has been entering the market with high power on this quality, and they are known for giving us some of the better sets available. The Samsung Level On is no exception to this rule. With a few color options and the fact that these are wireless, you may want to look into them. Of course, right away, we want to point out that these are not earbuds, so if what you want is invisible headsets, this is one you want to scroll by. However, those of us who enjoy full sound cancellation and don’t care if others can see them (or you want them to be obvious, so those around you know your busy and do not want to be bothered) then this is one you may want to check out before you move on. To be honest, we found this pair to look comfortable, but then again, we like the way the larger padded sets feel, so it could just be us. Without further ado, we shall move on to all the qualities to look forward to (or against) with this particular headset.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Very little sound leakage
  • Switches between wired and wireless
  • 11-hour battery with advanced noise canceling on, 23 without
  • Easy fold design
  • Touch controls
  • May slide with movement
  • Cloth case


Designed more for at home gaming than an on the go pair, this headset is best used with a computer or at least when you intend to be stationary. If there is going to be a lot of movement, the overall consensus is that the Samsung Level On doesn’t tend to stay put very well. If you are going to be gaming on your computer though, or just being online, listening to music or watching videos, this set works perfectly (as long as you are not headbanging to your tunes of course). They do exactly what they were intended to do, but you can’t really expect high performance for staying put if you intend to do workouts while wearing a bulkier headset anyway. This is a leisurely pair to wear at home or the office when you have a lot going on around you, but you need to hear or want to hear, what is going on your computer.

Basic Features

The most basic features for this particular set are the materials, and the two ways they can be used with the intended devices. The outer shell is mostly made of hard plastics with an inner metal to brace them and allow them to fold appropriately. Some buyers have said they feel that the set seems to be made flimsily, and so taking greater care than to just toss them wherever may be a good idea. Unfortunately, it only comes with a cloth carrying case, so even putting them away there won’t keep them safe from bumps and other items being set down on them. The other feature we want to mention here is that it can be a wired headset for when they need charging or when you simply need to make sure they stay connected, like during an intense gaming session or if you plan to use them to make recordings.

Advanced Features

While this headset does not really bare any advanced features overall, it is a wireless set so that you can listen and talk and move without getting tangled up on the cord. If at some point you find your batteries running low, the good news is you can plug them in and still use them while they charge. The only feature we can mention here that isn’t really a huge ‘advancement’ in technology, is a good feature for any game set though, and that is that you can fold them up before setting them aside, so you don’t have to worry about strain on the top of the set while they are not in use. The other major quality is in the sound canceling which prevents outside noise from interrupting your session no matter what it is. This combined with the fact that the sounds you are hearing don’t ‘leak’ to those around you is what makes this pair a notable set to look into.

Sound Quality

As far as sound goes they are considered above average by most but are not exactly the ‘best of the best’. This is fine if you aren’t looking to record great music with them, but are just listening to soundtracks, videos or are gaming. All-in-all this set has a balanced level set between bass, mid and high range and sounds about the same quality no matter who is singing- and that means you can hear them and the music clearly. The closest we saw to a complaint on anything about the sound was that the bass had more attention to the lower power sounds than the higher-level ones. Essentially the rolling thunder would sound better than the crackling kind. If that is the main selling point for you then you may want to see if you can check them out somewhere before deciding if it just is not what you want. For us, the fact that both are still easily heard and are balanced with everything else says this is a pair worth considering.


No complaints here at all, no matter who we checked it out though. The connection is so good that most have even stated it falls well above average. It is Bluetooth, though so it is all based on ‘line-of-sight’ though the distance for that line is also a decent deal farther than other sets they have been compared to. The full range is about 151 feet without obstructions and about 39 feet when there are things between (like walls). Of course, since they were mainly designed for gaming and computer communication, we would have to wonder why you would need or want to be that far from where they are connected, after all, if you are in a game, leaving with the game not paused is a bit on the risky side. The range is based on some tests given to them and the cut off is where ever the set would start to get broken up connection rather than actual fully lost connection, which makes it even more impressive.


While not completely uncomfortable by the standards of a full gear headset, if you are used to wireless earbuds, you might find its bulkiness a little more than what you are used to. We are used to all types, and with the overall design we would have to say the padding on the ears could use a little more breathability, but otherwise, they look comfy. The downside to ‘breathable’ though is often that the sound you are hearing is leaking out so that those around you can hear what is going on as well. While this may not seem an issue to some, Of your point is to hear your stuff, but not be disruptive to others, this could become a big no-no. You may end up having to choose between how breathable you want something to be, and how much noise both in and out you really want to have. The material also likely has a lot to do with canceling out the ambient noise outside your headset. Regardless, for health reasons, if you do decide to take this set or any other with less breathable material, you will need to take breaks, so you don’t cause your ears to have issues.


These have a nice look and feel to them right out of the box. With the soft and cushy lining materials on the inside and the easy fold away design, you won’t have to worry about looking over the top. The bulkier design of a full headset may not appeal to some but given that it has an above average performance on almost everything, the look is actually not that bad. It does have some color choices, such as blue, black, white and pink, but finding the color you want may take a little shopping around as it doesn’t seem to pop up right away, and the price may vary as well. The base original color is black, but even then, with it's finished it has a nice appeal in the way you might get from a well-painted car.


These come off as not being the most durable headset at first, but so far, we haven’t seen a lot of them actually breaking easily. Most fold up headsets do give the first impression of easily falling apart for those who aren’t used to them, but for us online gamers we know that what seems not so durable may actually stand up to more than you think. Due to their ability to fold up, it is a little harder to damage when handled and put away correctly, the only questionable aspect in caring for them that we saw was in the fact they only provide a cloth case for them. It may ‘look nicer’ than a plastic or hard case may look, but it isn’t really all that practical when storing an electronic. If you can make a safe spot, or find yourself a good case for them, that’s what we would suggest when they aren’t in use.

Ease of Use

Since we are discussing a headset where the only real goal is to make sure you can hear whatever is on your computer or device, we can’t see how they could be much easier to use. You sync the device according to the instructions, and since it’s Bluetooth, we assume as long as it says it is compatible, you can probably use them with said device (please don’t use them in the car if your driving- and we have seen people do that as scary as it sounds). It has a universal USB-3 pug for charging, so as long as the device you are using has a USB-3 port, you can hook it up to charge, and you can even continue using them while they are charging- as long as what you are plugging them into is the device you are using them for of course.

Power Source

This headset has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can go wireless with them instead of feeling pinned to your seat or getting tangled up in cords (how do they do that knot thing when they were never crossed, to begin with, anyway?). The battery life does vary however based on what you are using it for. If you decide to use the advanced noise canceling while talking and listening, you will get about 11 hours of continuous use out of the battery. However, if you decide not to turn this advanced feature on, you will find it more than doubles the battery life of the headset. Since most of the reason you might want to get these is for that feature, you can always try to decide when it is needed most and when it can just be left off to get those extra long hours. Since we know that circumstances change what you need, having the option is actually pretty awesome. When you finally do need to recharge it takes about 2 and a half hours to fully recharge the battery, but then again, you can also use them while charging, so it doesn’t really matter unless you are heading somewhere and decide to take them along for the ride- right?


When this pair first emerged, they were rather up there on the price scale, but now you can find them on Amazon for right around $165, which isn’t bad at all for a good gaming set like this. Most headsets of this quality can go for up to double or triple the price, so it is kind of nice seeing a good pair that will not end up devouring our wallet in a single go. It still may take a little saving back, but not too much in the end. That makes this a pair worth looking into since you can honestly call these a quality affordable set on the market.

Key Features

-Wireless (Bluetooth)
-Can be used while charging
-Advanced Noise Cancelation system (can be turned off to save battery)
-11 to 23-hour battery life based on ANC
-Charges on any USB-3 port
-Quality balanced sound

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a good gaming set, you have it right here with the Samsung Level On. For anything other than listening in a stationary position they could be ‘ok’ but may not stay put so well if your head is tilted or moving a lot. They are great for computer use, which is what they are intended for and they last long enough to make it through most gaming sessions. They are also not that expensive, so in the end, you get quality for a good price, which is definitely a plus for us.