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Jaybird Run Review Facts

If you are among the 100,000,000 people that have made an effort to be healthy this year, you may need a reliable pair of earbuds to see you through our workouts. The Jaybird Run just might fit the bill.

The Jaybird Run headphones are truly wireless headphones that do not have a wire or cord to interfere with a user’s listening pleasure. They were explicitly designed for workouts. The headphones are meant to handle anything from copious amounts of sweat to water splashes.

Sound isolation is offered so the users can remain focused on workouts and less on what goes on around them. Be cautious during outside runs. Things reviewers like about the Jaybird Run are an excellent battery life with about four hours of tested play time with just the earbuds.

They are amazing for any workout. Adding the case charger provides an extra eight hours of play time. Twelve hours is more than enough that is needed for an exercise or the average week’s worth of workouts.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Good sound quality
  • Sleek design
  • Truly wireless
  • Right earbud uses more battery
  • Not great for watching videos


It is a hybrid quality pair of truly wireless sports earbuds that are designed for an active lifestyle. The headphones were designed with vigorous workouts in mind. They are sweat proof. Delicate components of the buds don’t stop working or malfunction after exposure to salty sweat.

Runners are the targeted consumers, but anyone doing fitness activities like going to the gym, find a use for Jaybird’s Run earbuds. Many users wear them outside the gym also. The Jaybird Run is one of the best wireless earbuds on the market. Jaybird Run earbuds allow the user to enjoy tunes inside and out.

Basic Features

The wireless headphones are sweat proof which is enough to convince runners to consider purchasing them. No wires are interfering with arm swings and no need to worry about damage caused by sweat. Six-mm drivers deliver the sound.

With single button earbuds on each ear and a completely sweat proof design, the earbuds are great for any fitness session. The Jaybird Runs have excellent connections. After the latest software update, the earbuds no longer drop connects as frequently as they use to do. The user gets crystal clear sound all the time. The Jaybird Runs are ideal for everybody.

Advanced Features

A bit pricier than non-workout wireless earbuds, the headphones have advanced features that make them worthy of the investment. They are compatible with Google Assistant or Siri. The random thoughts that pop into the head are answered by touching a button.

When receiving calls, the phone doesn’t have to be fished out of the back pocket. Calls are answered via the Jaybird Run headphones. The headphones work in conjunction with Jaybird’s app. Sound can be customized with the app.

Treble and bass can be adjusted precisely to the user’s liking. The unique hydrophobic nano-coating is responsible for the sweat proof feature. The protective layer prevents sweat and water damage and allows the headphones to be rinsed off after workouts. It is essential to keep them clean to avoid discomfort and infections.

Sound Quality

The headphones produce a loud sound. Clear sound and excellent bass make the performance of the headphones a bit better than Apple’s wireless earbuds. They are great in areas that are noisy due to the sound isolating design.

Running in high traffic areas or low visibility conditions requires caution. Cutting off one of the senses limits reaction time to danger around the user such as vehicles. Reviewers like the equalizer function of the smartphone app.

Different music genres sound great blasting from the Jaybird Run. It is easy and clear to listen to podcasts. Turning off the sound isolation is not an option. It is recommended to use only the right earbud when being aware of the surroundings is necessary.
Until the recent update, the occurrence of interference causing sound cut-outs was a drawback of the headphones.

They have great connectivity after the last update, excellent battery life, and fully customizable sound. Reviewers are impressed by the six-mm drivers overall sound.

The game changer is the ability to customize the sound. Using the app, the user can tailor the music to a playlist, pump up the bass, or crank the treble, and save them to the presets. With the community of presets and customs, there isn’t a song that can’t be made to sound great.

At this point, the app is nearly essential to the user’s listening experience. With noise high-quality music and isolating natural design, the user gets the motivation needed to push through tough workouts.


At one time, the connectivity is the only thing that prevents the earbuds from winning the best wireless earbud award. An upgrade has been added to the device that should ease concerns about connectivity.

The buds have been tested without any real issues with the connectivity device or sound breakage. The earbuds connect to Bluetooth devices whether Android, Apple, or others. The headphones connect to the user’s device through Bluetooth.

Pairing is easy and quick. Setting up the headphones is simple. Use the Jaybird app for adjusting the sound to get the treble and bass that is preferred. The new firmware has fixed the issue of interference that causes audio to cut out randomly.

The way the device connects to each other adds another feature reviewers love. The main earbud is the right one which holds the microphone. The left earbud connects to the right. The right earbud can be used as a single earbud for tunes when an ear needs to be kept out for anything.

A distance of approximately 45 to 50 feet can be kept without crackling or break up on the device. After the buds have been connected once, the Quick Connect feature makes connecting them to a phone as quick and easy as taking them out of the case.


The headphones feature a tight-fitting seal and secure fit that prevent outside sound from interrupting tunes. Extra fins and tips in different sizes are included in the package. The tips are silicone tips.

An oval pair of tips are included. The variety of included accessories make fitting the earbuds just right easier. Some reviewers explained the process as trial and error to find the ear tips for the ideal mix of security and comfort.

With interchangeable fins and ear tips, they will lock into the ear snugly and give a tremendous noise-canceling sound. With the right earbud combination, they stay put during intense exercise. Sweat causes the headphones to stick better in the ears.

There were a few reviewers who mentioned reactions to wearing the devices for extended times. The headphones were not meant for all-day use. They weigh 130 grams, which is a bit heavier than the average earbuds. No one complained of the extra heft.


Jaybird Run earbuds were designed with interchangeable tips and fins which allow every user to have a great fit with these earbuds. The headphones come in black and white. The exterior is mostly black plastic with an option of a white or black center.

There are two silver designs - the Jaybird logo in the center and an oval on the outer edge of the earbud which turns out to be Jaybird’s discreet way of hiding their antennae. On the outer shell, the logos are buttons used to control mobile devices, phone assistant, multifunction play, pause or stop, or volume button - one or the other.

Like most wireless earbuds, they stick out from the ears a bit, but they do not look as goofy as other devices. For instance, they are sleeker than Apple’s Air Pods. The pillow shape Run case is essentially an external charging dock for the buds.


The earbuds have a super simple and durable design. The sweat proof design position the headphones for longevity. Moisture may ruin cheap listening devices. The Jaybird Run has a unique hydrophobic coating that prevents premature damage from moisture sources such as salty sweat.

The headphones can be rinsed off in a sink after a workout, so they are clean for the next use. Quick washing keeps the ears free and clean from infection and prevents bacterial growth. It is clear the Runs were made for their simplistic design and high-quality sound. Also, the earbuds are not IP rated for waterproof design, but the earbuds have stood the test of time at workouts and getting wet in general.

Ease of Use

One-button control is a feature of the headphones. There is a single button on each earbud. The button is used to summon Google Assistant or Siri and answer calls. There were some complaints about the buttons being a bit hard to press and not being responsive.

Like the Apple in-line remote, different presses perform various functions. Having no wires in the way workouts are more enjoyable. Cords don’t catch on fitness equipment. When running, wires don’t bounce around. There is no need for the cord to be tucked on the person and accidentally hitting wires that cause a phone to fall does not occur.

Recharge the headphones through a Micro USB charger in the carrying case. Four hours of battery life run the earbuds. Charging is super quick. They can be popped into a case for five minutes to get juice enough for a one-hour workout with tunes.

The Jaybird app can be used to save settings across different devices, change button functions, and find the earbuds if they are lost. Using the device is fantastic for calling as well. However, it is not the best for blocking out background noise. In a crowded area, the user might want to step away to take a call.

Power Source

The Run earbuds have an amazing battery for workouts, where on a full charge will last a long four hours of play time. However, add the charge case to the equation, the time is effectively tripled the usage time.

Also, the Runs have a quick charging feature where five minutes of charging time give an hour of play time. It is an excellent feature for the ride to the gym if charging was forgotten. The feature powers up the earbuds.

They come in a solid black case and an external Micro USB port on the back for charging. The headphones are safely held in the case. A few reviewers thought the case felt bulky. A handful felt the case didn’t close securely, or the earbuds didn’t fit perfectly in the case.

Someone in a hurry may pick up the earbuds after a few hours to find they are not charged. On the exterior of the case, there is an alert to indicate the headphones are charging. If the charge case runs low on battery, the LED will turn red for a few seconds after the lid is opened or closed. It is easy to ignore.


The Jaybird Run is not a pair of throwaway headphones. They are a bit more expensive than the Apple Air Pods. The slightly better design and sound make them worth the extra money.

Key Features

* 4-hour battery life
* 6mm drivers
* Carrying case doubles as a charger
* Compatible with Jaybird’s MySound app
* Micro USB charging
* Quick-charging
* Sweatproof
* Three ear fin sizes
* Three silicone ear tip sizes
* Truly wireless design

Bottom Line

Jaybird released their Run earbuds in September of 2017. It is their first truly wireless earbud product. The earbuds are, and water-resistant built, have 12 hours of play time, a vast array of interchangeable tips and fins, and a fully customizable sound interface.

Jaybird Run headphones are ideal workout companions. The new firmware has rectified complaints about interference and dropouts. There are no wires with which to contend, the sound is excellent, the fit is snug and comfortable, and the headphones are sweat proof.

Sound adjustment is easy with the MySound app. The headphones are simple to use. They have a sleeker look than other wireless options. Jaybird Run headphones can be used in various training scenarios.

The headphones offer quality sound on the treadmill, the track, or at the gym. They need to be kept in a secure place because they are easy to misplace. The headphones are not budget headphones. For the premium price, the consumer gets a music listening device that lasts beyond a training season.