Best Patio Umbrellas Reviewed & Rated for Quality

What better way to celebrate warmer months then to enjoy time with family and friends outdoors. The long winter is over, the flowers are blooming, and summer is heating up. Of course, everyone’s thoughts are turning to lazy days by the pool, BBQ’s as the sun goes down, and conversation over ice cold tea glasses with family and friends.

Whether you want to add extra style to your outdoor space or you need a bit more shade having the proper patio umbrella is key. Not only will it make spending sunny, summer days outdoors a whole lot more pleasant but you will receive additional sun protection which is always a good idea.

Last Updated: September 29, 2018
By Krystal Polonia:

In this update, we have diversified our patio umbrella selection in order to provide all of our readers an option that works best for them and their needs. We have also added to our frequently asked questions to provide a full-rounded guide.

Featured Recommendations

Abba Patio 7.5 Ft
  • Abba Patio 7.5 Ft
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Vented Canopy
  • Price: See Here
  • MYAL 10Ft LED
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • LED lights
  • Price: See Here
California Umbrella 7.5 Ft
  • California Umbrella 7.5 Ft
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 3 Way Tilt
  • Price: See Here

Though, these are all awesome activities, with them comes the safety precautions of not staying out in the sun too long without UV protection, never getting too hot in the middle of a summer heat wave, and always, always wearing a hat. One of the best ways to enjoy being out in the fresh air and still be sure you’re following all of the safety precautions at the same time is to purchase a patio umbrella to keep you shaded from the sun.


10 Best Patio Umbrellas


1. Abba Patio 7.5 Ft

1. Abba Patio 7.5 Ft
The Abba Patio 7.5 Ft is just what you need for those long, hot days of summer. With its vented canopy and the easy to operate crank mechanism, you and your guests will be in the shade before you know it. The umbrella is also fade resistant, weather repellent, and features a rust free frame that is powder coated.
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Vented Canopy

Even sitting in the shade of a 7.5-foot patio umbrella still lends itself to sweating. This umbrella features a vented canopy with a single wind vent, which allows heat and wind to escape, leaving you comfortable and protected underneath.

Easy to Use

This patio umbrella has a crank mechanism that is easy to use, so you won't be struggling to close the umbrella when a storm is rolling in. It is also simple to press and push the button to tilt the umbrella as well.

Cost and Value

With it's vented canopy and easy to operate crank system, it's no wonder this umbrella made it to the top of the list. Add in the fact that it is weather repellent, fade resistant, has UV protection and is made of 100 percent recycled polyester fabric and you have a winner for sure!
  • Made with 100 percent recycled polyester
  • Provides great shade
  • Has a tilt option
  • Vented canopy
  • Durable
  • Actual umbrella smaller than expected

2. MYAL 10Ft LED

2. MYAL 10Ft LED
The MYAL 10 Ft patio umbrella is the perfect addition to any patio that needs a bit of a pick me up. Featuring a convenient one-push-open system this umbrella has the capacity to open with the simple touch of a button. Having this time-saving feature is perfect for busy homes or even commercial businesses.
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LED Lights

One of the best features this umbrella has to offer is its display of 180 LED lights. Unlike traditional patio umbrellas, this one comes with LED lights already installed and a power adapter ready to be connected to the closest power source.


Yes, you read that correctly, this umbrella is made out of waterproof polyester. Not only does this mean you will remain fully protected from the rain while being underneath, but the waterproof polyester makes the umbrella fade resistant. Therefore, your vibrant umbrella will remain its vibrant hue for quite some time.

Cost and Value

This umbrella happens to be one of the most expensive ones on our guide; however, when you take into consideration how large the umbrella is, how quick customer service reacts to problems and incidents, and how great having LED lights are.
  • Bright LED lights with adapter
  • Waterproof and durable material
  • Long lasting
  • One-push-opening-system
  • Fast customer service
  • On the pricier side
  • Extra weights not included
  • No crank system

3. California Umbrella 7.5 Ft

3. California Umbrella 7.5 Ft
The California Umbrella is great for those BBQ's and get-togethers where you want to sit around the table outside, but stay out of the sun. It features six durable fiberglass ribs and is made out of a durable polyester fabric. It also features an easy to use cranking function and a three-way tilt to keep you out of the sun!
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Aluminum Frame

This umbrella is extremely durable as the frame is made out of aluminum and has fiberglass ribs for maximum durability. All hardware comes in a champagne finish as well.

3 Way Tilt

Featuring a cranking mechanism that can even be operated by a kid, the umbrella also comes with a 3-way tilt to ensure you stay out of the sun, no matter what angle it is shining down from. This is helpful with staying away from those harmful UV rays, but still being able to get fresh air at the same time.

Cost and Value

With the push button three-way tilt and the capability of keeping you and your guests in the shade, this umbrella is spectacular when it comes to cost and value. With the polyester fabric and the choice of colors available, you would go wrong not to buy this one.
  • 3 way push button tilt
  • Fabric is high quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Umbrella is not as described

4. Patio Watcher

4. Patio Watcher
The Patio Watcher umbrella is perfect for a patio, garden, pool, yard or balcony, when you want to be outside but don't want to be in the sun. It features a crank system that makes it possible to open and close the umbrella quickly if a storm is coming or it's time to store it for the winter months. It also has a push button tilt that allows you to tilt the umbrella about 45 degrees to help with shading.
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Great Shading

This umbrella allows you to tilt it around 45 degrees to help you stay out of the sun.

Strong Frame

The frame features six ribs to help keep the umbrella stable. It is also powder coated to help prevent rust. It also features a vent that protects you from the UV rays of the sun.

Cost and Value

The umbrella comes in a variety of different colors so you can match to the decor in your yard or patio. It is well worth the money spent because of its durable design and UV protection factor.
  • Push button tilt
  • Comes with six ribs for stability
  • SGS tested
  • Waterproof
  • Folds nicely for storage
  • Fabric quality is inferior
  • Fades easily

5. Abba Patio Solar

5. Abba Patio Solar
The Abba Patio 7 by 9 ft umbrella is rectangular and works great for those night chats around the outside table, as it is equipped with 32 LED lights that are solar powered. It also features a tilt and crank and comes in your choice of two colors.
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Solar Powered

If you are one of those who enjoys sitting out on the patio at night, you no longer have to sit in the dark with this solar-powered umbrella. It is powered by 32 LED lights so there are no extension cords or electricity needed.

UV Protection

The umbrella is made of durable 100 percent polyester, is waterproof, and is fade resistant. It also helps to protect you from the sun when sitting outside, as the sun has harmful UV rays.

Cost and Value

This umbrella is well-worth the price just because it is solar powered. Add in the durability and affordable price of the umbrella and it has a place on this list for sure.
  • Solar powered
  • Rust free bronze powder coating
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Pole is flimsy

6. Le Papillon

6. Le Papillon
The Le Papillon outdoor umbrella is nine feet of shade in the beaming sun. It can shade from a 38" to 54" rectangular, square or round table that fits three to six chair with ease. The frame is durable and lightweight and it features a two-piece pole to make it easy to store.
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Fade Resistant

This umbrella is fade resistant due to the material of the 100 percent polyester fabric used, which also makes it easy to clean and mold and mildew resistant as well.

Residential and Commercial Locations

This durable umbrella is perfect for residential locations like your patio or garden and also works well in commercial locations such as outdoor restaurants.

Cost and Value

There isn't much better than being able to sit out on your patio under the shade of this 9' umbrella. The fade resistance and the mold and mildew resistant fabric make it worth the money you will spend. The fact that it is possible to use this umbrella in residential and commercial locations is just an added bonus.
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • For residential and commercial locations
  • Different angles of shading
  • Compact storage
  • Two-piece pole design
  • Made of thin fabric
  • Breaks easily

7. Sorbus LED

7. Sorbus LED
If you are seeking an umbrella that will keep you cool even during the hottest months, look no further. Measuring at 10 ft with a pole diameter of 1. 50 inches with 5 x 5 solar panels this umbrella is the perfect addition to any patio that needs plenty of cooling shade with added LED lights.
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Solar Powered LED lights

For added style and function this umbrella features 4 bright LED lights on each rib. The lights are powerful enough to brighten the entire table even when the sun is bright. These LED lights are solar powered making them convenient to have as they allow you to pick and choose where your table should be placed. The lights will need 6-7 hours to charge and can run for about 6-7 hours.

Tilt Option

Unlike other options, this umbrella is able to tilt in multiple directions at any given time. Having this feature allows you to tilt your umbrella to be versatile enough that you are able to move it around depending on your personal preference. The tilting is simple and easy which is perfect for those unpredictable sunny summer days.

Cost and Value

For the specs that you are receiving such as easy open and close feature, a tilt option, LED lights to name a few this umbrella is very cost effective. It stands in the middle range when compared to the others on our list.
  • Tilt option
  • LED solar powered lights
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Fade resistant material
  • Excellent pricing
  • Not as sturdy

8. Grand Patio

8. Grand Patio
The Grand Patio Deluxe umbrella is 10 Ft and PU double coated, comes with a stand and can be moved from one spot in your yard to the other. It's not your average patio umbrella with its sleek, curvy design and provides enough shade for one table and four to six chairs with ease.
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Comes with Stand

Unlike most traditional patio umbrellas, this one comes with a stand and has wheels under the base so you can move it anywhere in your yard that you please. There is also a safety bar under the base that should be set for safety's sake when in use.

Elegant Design

The design of this umbrella is different than most. It has a curvy, sleek design that makes it a joy to sit under and take anywhere you go.

Cost and Value

With its elegant, curvy design and the fact that it comes with its own stand, you can't go wrong buying this umbrella for your patio. It also features eight durable ribs to help keep the umbrella stable, making it an even better buy.
  • Comes with a stand
  • 8 ribs
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to open
  • Comes with a safety bar


  • Not good in windy locations

9. Cobana

9. Cobana
The Cobana patio umbrella is made in the classic style and is offered in six different vibrant colors. It's ideal for use at home or at a commercial location and will provide shade for a table and four to five chairs at a time with everyone being comfortable and out of the sun.
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Blocks UV Rays

The umbrella is made of high-quality, durable fabric that allows the canopy to breathe. It blocks up to 90 percent of UV rays, making it safer for you to be out in the sun, no matter the time of day.

Easy Storage

The aluminum steel pole is lightweight and designed to screw loose in the middle for compact and easy storage. It also features an easy crank mechanism.

Cost and Value

This umbrella is a great deal for someone who has a small space that they want to put it in and is made of high-quality durable fabric. It's well worth the cost because of the compact storage and the poles that come apart for easy storing.
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely strong
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to lift and tilt
  • Affordable
  • Doesn't hold up to wind well

10. Blissun

10. Blissun
The Blissun patio umbrella gives you nine feet of sun protection so that you don't have to stay indoors on those bright summer days, but can instead get out and enjoy nature. The umbrella can easily keep a table and chairs in the shade, making it perfect for days outside with your friends. It features a polyester design that is extremely waterproof and UV resistant as well.
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8 Ribs

Instead of the typical six ribs of other brands, this umbrella comes with eight to ensure the stability of the umbrella on your table. The pole is also made of powder-coated aluminum for better wind resistance.


Any umbrella you use needs to be durable, and this one delivers. Made of polyester fabric that is highly waterproof, the umbrella is also UV-resistant as well, making it durable enough to last for year.

Cost and Value

With the protection offered and the eight ribs holding the umbrella stable, this umbrella is worth investing in. The UV protection and well-made quality is just a bonus!
  • Features 8 aluminum ribs
  • Different color options
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Pole is flimsy

So, if you are wanting to protect yourself with a stylish new patio umbrella by the pool, on the patio or even in front of the business you own, you’re in luck. This buying guide is going to review the best 10 patio umbrellas on the market today and rate them for your consideration. The list will determine the best, based on reviews, durability, appeal and design, ease of use, materials, the features they offer and much more. These umbrellas aren’t only designed to keep you shaded from the sun, they are also designed for long time use. So, give up the idea that you aren’t going to be able to get out and enjoy mother nature this summer, put on your flip-flops and head outside. Whether you want an umbrella that is solar powered or just a classic style, there is an umbrella on this list for you. So, without further ado, read on see what product number one is! 

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Patio Umbrellas

The criteria part of this buying guide is where you can find the metrics used to determine which patio umbrellas belonged in the top ten of the list. For this list, the metrics used were durability, appeal, and design, ease of use, size, features the umbrellas offer, and the materials used. There are some patio umbrellas on the list that come with stands and some that are solar powered so you can see as you sit on your patio at night. Some are sleek and have curvy designs, while others are more on the classic side of the spectrum. As with anything, it’s important that you do your research well when choosing the right umbrella for your garden or patio. Remember, quality matters and you don’t want to purchase something just because of the way it looks. Do your research, take your time, read the reviews and ratings and then buy the patio umbrella that works best for your particular situation and needs. Below find the criteria used to determine the top 10 best patio umbrellas to help you make your final decision! Let’s look at the first one together!


There are many different types of patio umbrellas to choose from on the market today, so you aren’t limited to the choices you make. Sunshades are designed to shade one person and are quite tiny. Market patio umbrellas have been extremely popular in the last few years, and many of the top rated patio umbrellas are of this kind. These umbrellas are octagonal and have vented tops so the wind and heat can escape. The cantilever is another type of umbrella that is in the top rated lists and works for areas that are separate, in other words, they work for tables without holes or a deep seating set. They are usually able to be tilted to keep the sun off the table and you and your guests as the sun move during the day. There are, of course, other types out there for you to consider. This list rates and reviews some of them and they are the most durable.


One of the first things you need to consider when searching for the perfect patio umbrella is durability. Patio umbrellas are out in the heat and sun all day long. You want to know that the one you choose is fade resistant, has UV protection, and isn’t flimsy. Most of the top rated patio umbrellas are made of aluminum, aluminum steel, or metal poles and ribs. If possible, purchase an umbrella with eight ribs for added stability.


Top rated umbrellas are usually rated by their diameter. However, you need to know the size of the area you wish to place the umbrella in before making a final choice. A rule of thumb to follow is making sure the umbrella is about 5′ larger than the area you want it to shade. For example, most patio umbrellas come in 6′, which will shade one table and two chairs or 9′, which is able to shade a table and four chairs, according to the size of the table. Some top rated patio umbrellas are 10′, meaning they will shade quite a bit more. Knowing what size area you need to shade ahead of time will save you time and money in the long run.

Appeal and Design

As with any other product out there, you want your new patio umbrella to blend into your yard and not to clash with other decors. The top-selling patio umbrellas come in several different colors, so they can be purchased to match the other decor in your yard. Making sure that the yard and area around the table, chairs, and umbrella is clean and uncluttered is a great way for the set to become the focal point of your yard. Many patio umbrellas come in different designs as well, so you can show off your personality and style in your choice.

Ease of Use

The last thing you want when a storm is bearing down is to have a hard time closing your umbrella so it won’t be blown away by the wind. Most top rated patio umbrellas have recommendations that come with them telling you what wind speeds they are good up too.  Search for an umbrella that has an easy to use crank. This way, you can easily, and quickly, put your umbrella up and down when needed. Most umbrellas come with a tilt as well, making it easy to push a button and tilt the umbrella so that you are shaded from the sun, no matter what angle it’s is at.

Frame  Materials

Umbrellas come in two types of materials for the frame. You can choose either metal or wood. The only thing with wooden frames is that they don’t rotate and don’t have a crank for easy opening and closing. The top rated patio umbrellas have materials made of metal and easy to use cranks, so they are probably the best choice if you are looking for quick, simple, and elegant.

Canopy Materials

When it comes to canopy’s there are a couple of different choices out there for fabric. Most fabrics for canopies feature mildew/mold, UV protection, and weather resistant as standard materials. The top rated are made out of 100 percent polyester fabric. However, it’s important to look for material that is breathable as well. This fabric is waterproof but also allows water vapor to pass through. Some canopies have a wind vent as well, which means the heat escapes, as well as the wind so your umbrella doesn’t become inverted when a slight wind blows. Remember, however, the main purpose of having a patio umbrella, to begin with, is to protect yourself and your guests from the sun. Make sure to check the UV protection capabilities of the patio umbrella you choose above all else. Safety is key!


The features that come with the patio umbrella you choose are important as well. Most of the top rated patio umbrellas offer different features, such as solar-powered LED lights or even poles that screw loose and become two poles for compact and easy storage. Choosing which features you want in your umbrella, just like colors and designs, is completely up to you and your personal style and taste!


As with any other product you are intended to purchase, it’s important to determine how safe the patio umbrella you are considering is before making a final decision. Most top rated patio umbrellas have safety features included. One of the biggest to make sure is included is the amount of UV protection the umbrella includes. Also, if you are thinking of purchasing an umbrella that can be moved on wheels, then you need to be sure it comes with a safety bar under the base that can be set to keep it from moving when it is in use. Safety was one of the number one criteria researched in this list and the top-rated should be safe to be used around children, pets, and you and your guests as well.


The shape of the umbrella you choose depends on you and the type of patio umbrella you are seeking. However, there are a few different shapes to choose from. Most of the top-rated umbrellas are round, but there are some that are octagonal, namely market umbrellas. The newer models include rectangularly shaped patio umbrellas. These provide more shade and can be used on rectangular tables, so some of your guests aren’t left sitting in the sun, while others get to sit in the shade. Choosing the shape you want is a personal choice, but if you have a rectangular table, one of the modern versions of the patio umbrella might do the trick for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are patio umbrellas made of?

Different patio umbrellas are made of different materials. The frames are usually made of wood, aluminum or fiberglass with aluminum or metal poles with six to eight ribs. Canopies can be made of polyester, thatch, olefin, acrylic or sunbrella fabric. Most of the top rated patio umbrellas are made of 100 percent polyester, however.

Q: How big of a patio umbrella do I need for my table?

The size of the umbrella you need for your outdoor patio set is determined by how big the set actually is. For example, a table that is 48 inches in diameter will need to have at least a 7-foot umbrella, this will provide between 56 sq. ft. of shade for you and your guests.

Q: Are patio umbrellas waterproof?

The top rated patio umbrellas are waterproof, weather resistant, and offer UV protection up to certain conditions. Many are mold and mildew resistant as well.

Q: How do patio umbrellas work?

Patio umbrellas are designed to be used with a base and placed in a hole in a table set you already own. Some come with stands of their own. You place the umbrella in the hole in the table, then use the crank to open and close the umbrella, if this is the type you have chosen. Make sure that you use the crank to close the umbrella if a storm is on the horizon or for easy storage in the winter months.

Q: How do you tilt a patio umbrella?

Tilting a patio umbrella is actually pretty simple. Most umbrellas come with a push-button tilt. You push the button and then tilt the umbrella in the direction you want it to go in. In this way, you and your guests will be out of the sun all day long.

Q: How do you store a patio umbrella?

Cleaning your patio umbrella is important before winter storage, so don’t forget to add that step to your process. Pull the umbrella pole out of the hole in the table, after cleaning, push the lever to securely close the umbrella, the store in the case that came with the umbrella. If no case was included in the option you chose, wrapping the umbrella in plastic is a great way to keep it safe during the long winter months, and ready to use when the summer heats up once again.

Q: How do you clean a patio umbrella?

The first thing you need to do is check to see if the canopy on your umbrella is detachable. Many of them are and that will make it easier to clean. Detach the canopy from the frame and lay it flat out on a tarp, blanket or a huge piece of plastic for cleaning. Once the canopy is detached, you can take your water hose and spray the frame of the umbrella, this is the easiest way to remove gunk and dirt. Make sure that you use gentle cleaners, instead of abrasive ones to clean your canopy. Once the canopy is clean, let it dry in the sun, then attach it to your umbrella frame and you are done and ready to enjoy the summer once again!

Q: Which is better for a patio umbrella, aluminum or wood?

The choice of which frame you choose is up to you, but there are a few things to consider when making your choice. Aluminum, especially aluminum steel is more durable than wood, and the top rated patio umbrellas use aluminum, however, if you are looking for a higher intensity in windy conditions, wood may be a better choice for you. Aluminum frames are also lightweight and covered with a rust resistant powder, which is great for quick storage options and to withstand the rain that comes with spring and summer.

Q: How to make sure my umbrella’s vibrant color doesn’t fade?

There is no specific way to ensure your umbrella’s vibrant color will not fade over time. The only thing you can really do to prevent this from happening is purchasing an umbrella made out of fade-resistant material. Having a fade resistant material allows the umbrella to be vibrant for a lot longer than those that are not created out of this material.

Q: Should I consider an umbrella with solar powered LED lights or with LED lights that need a power source?

This is an excellent question! The answer, however, will be up to you, the main reason being how and where you would like your patio table to be. If you prefer to place your table in the center of your patio, we recommend a solar-powered umbrella. A solar-powered umbrella gives you the liberty of placing your table virtually anywhere. Additionally, this is an excellent option for those that need patio umbrellas for their businesses. Furthermore, a downfall of using solar-powered lights is they are not as bright as power sourced ones are.

However, when you have a specific position for your table a power source light is a great idea as they are brighter and typically a whole lot more long lasting then solar-powered.

This concludes the buying guide on the top 10 best patio umbrellas on the market today. The list was built off of the criteria above, reviews, and then rated with what was the best buy for you, the consumer. The choice of patio umbrellas is up to you, of course, but keep in mind where you live, the type of weather you have, and your personal style and personality when you are making that choice.

Making sure to follow all safety precautions when using your patio umbrella is important as well. Hopefully, one of these patio umbrellas makes the grade for you! One of them will certainly make it possible for you to get out in the yard this summer when the heat waves begin, and you are tempted to stay inside out of the sun. Instead, plan a cozy family BBQ, sit under the shade of your new patio umbrella and enjoy family, nature, fresh air, great drinks, and good food together! Happy summer everyone!


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