Best Ammo Cans Reviewed & Rated for Quality

With the price of ammo skyrocketing in the last few years, people have been buying it up like it is going out of style whenever they see good deals. With that being said, the majority of gun owners have hundreds and thousands of rounds of ammo in their homes, and more and more people have to recycle their rounds every year due to corrosion, mildew, and mold. Having to throw away ammo is just like throwing away money. Why continue to struggle with protecting such investments when you can make damaged ammo a thing of the past with an ammo can?

An ammo can is a special container, usually made of metal, in which you can keep your ammunition safe. One of the main advantages of these storage devices is that it facilitates the organization of your hunting accessories. Therefore, it allows you to carry your ammunition without worrying that you will lose it and fall in the hands of the wrong people. It is also useful during bad weather conditions. For instance, heavy rain might cause damage to your ammunition if left out.

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Ammo cans are a vital accessory that ensures that your ammunition is protected from the outside elements. We regularly update or lists to give our readers the information about newest and best products on the market today!

Featured Recommendations

MTM 50 Caliber Can
  • MTM 50 Caliber Can
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rugged polypropylene plastic
  • Price: See Here
MTM Standard Can
  • MTM Standard Can
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Heavy Duty Latching System
  • Price: See Here
Plano Tactical
  • Plano Tactical
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Custom
  • Price: See Here

Having several options to chose from is always a good thing while researching a product. Here, we have narrowed down the 10 most popular options. Each product offers it own benefits and help protect against environmental damages while helping make things a bit less cluttered. Depending upon the type of climate you live in, most of the cans listed have features that will prevent mold and mildew. Moisture is the number one cause of damages to most things as they are stored. Prevention is key!

10 Best Ammo Cans


1. MTM 50 Caliber Can

1. MTM 50 Caliber Can
This large ammo can is locked and loaded! Offering a large storage area, this can can hold large and small bullets and lots of them. The MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can has a heavy duty lid and a lock latch that has the ability lock with a padlock. Built with a seal around the lid, the MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can is also water resistant.
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Polypropylene Material

The MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can is made from a great material that is super beneficial for storing ammo. The rugged polypropylene is a tough and flexible material that is resistant to several chemicals and water. Polypropylene is also incredibly flexible which helps in prevention of damage.

Dual Latching

The MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can offers dual heavy duty latches that will remain closed at all times while latched. These heavy duty latches secure the box and the seal, helping maintain minimal moisture within the ammo box.

Cost and Value

The MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can has a watertight seal around the cover of the box, protecting any ammo on the inside from mold, moisture, and mildew. The dual locking top assists the seal to remain tight at all times while offering a lock like feature. With large dimensions, this box can also store large and small ammunition.
  • Polypropylene Material
  • Water Resistant Seal
  • Padlocking Holes
  • Large Dimensions
  • Dual Latching Top
  • Two Locks Needed to Lock

2. MTM Standard Can

2. MTM Standard Can
The MTM Ammo Can is a triple tabbed padlock capable ammunition box. With an O-ring water seal, this ammo container is nearly 100% waterproof, not submersible. The ammo box has a comfort handle, allowing you to completely fill up this ammo box and find comfort while carrying it, to any destination. Don’t miss out on such great value!
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Heavy Duty Latching

The MTM Ammo Can has an excellent, safe latching system. That being said, the heavy-duty, dual latching system has 2 latches that keep the container sealed at all times and prevent moisture from entering. The dual system assists in the sealing process.

Rugged Polypropylene

The rugged polypropylene material offers a durable, flexible material that aids in the prevention of crushing. The MTM Ammo Can can be stacked with no damage done to the box or its contents due to the durability of the materials.

Cost and Value

The MTM Ammo Can is full of benefits that essentially hide the price in this product. As one of the most sought after ammo cans, the MTM Ammo Can is a well branded, popular case, due to the flexible durability. Being able to store ammunition has never been easier with the MTM Ammo Can.
  • Flexible Design
  • O-Ring Seal
  • Triple Padlocked Tabs
  • Comfort Handle
  • Non-Submersible

3. Plano Tactical Custom

3. Plano Tactical Custom
The Plano Tactical Custom Ammo Box is one of the better ammunition cans on the market due to its quality and value. This ammunition box is easy to transport, as well as comfortable with the comfort handle. The Plano Tactical Custom Ammo Box is designed to withstand the elements as well as carry bulk loads without skipping a beat.
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Space Saver

Depending on what you are using the Plano Tactical Custom Ammo Box for, this case is rated as a top space saver. With the ability to carry up to 1,000 rounds, you will definitely save surface space by using this case as a storage container.

Weather Resistant

The Plano Tactical Custom Ammo Box offers itself as a weather resistant carry case for ammunition. Offering an o-ring seal, with no tray, it is guaranteed that your ammunition will be free from natural elements.

Cost and Value

At an attractive price, the Plano Tactical Custom Ammo Box is available to you with space-saving qualities. If you are looking to save space in storage or just have a safe place to store your ammunition while out in the field, then look no further. Protecting against all weather condition, this box is likely to be on your list of top favorites.
  • Super Space
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Material
  • Durable Latching System
  • O-Ring Seal
  • Sturdy for Stacking
  • Locking System Known to Fail

4. Solid Tactical 50 Cal Can

4. Solid Tactical 50 Cal Can
The Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can has a lot of different benefits that will help keep your valuables safe and secure. This ammunition can is made of solid steel, keeping this can almost crush proof. While in the making, the Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can is reviewed to ensure security from mold and mildew and also comes with 3 packs of desiccant packs to pull any remaining moisture when the lid is closed.
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Steel Construction

The Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can has a solid steel construction making this ammunition can strong. As a lighter material, the steel assists in making the ammunition can lightweight when full.

Moisture Barrier

Designed to keep moisture out, the Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can offers a continuous moisture barrier. Tested for air and water tightness, the Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can also comes with packs to pull any additional moisture after sealing closed.

Cost and Value

With a vintage design, the Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can is a solid steel can, made to last. Benefits of this product outweigh the cost due to the lightweight steel, air and moisture tight barrier, and the stacking ability. By keeping all your investments safe, this ammo can is a great value.
  • Full Steel Outer
  • Air and Moisture Tight
  • Heavy Duty Latch
  • Stackable
  • Can Rust

5. Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo

5. Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo
The Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo Can is an excellent choice for an ammo box. Different from most cans, this ammo box has space saving ability by being able to organize your ammunition. Airtight, this box is known to shield and protect all of your ammunition while keeping it in place. Lightweight and stackable, the Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo Box is one of the most sought after ammo cans!
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The Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo Box has an organization benefit built right in. Small cells, made of plastic will separate your ammunition. Having the ability to organize, you can use this box for carrying different rounds and not having the trouble of looking through the bullets.


Using an angle like style, the Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo Box is known to hold several different caliber bullets. The small cells and slanted covers can hold up to .45 Long Colt bullets.

Cost and Value

Small and convenient, this ammo box has it all. With the ability to organize several different sized bullets, you are guaranteed to have a hassle free storage container. The Plano 100-Round Pistol Ammo Box is most beneficial for storage and transport purposes, as it is small and lightweight.
  • Storage Cells
  • Waterproof Plastic
  • Slanted Design
  • Fits All Pistol Ammunition
  • Does Not Lock
  • Not Airtight

6. MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate

6. MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate
The MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box has it all! Offering a large, utility crate style, this box is easy to handle and transport. This water-resistant crate offers an o-ring seal, promising to keep the good in, the bad out. Ideal for storage of mass quantities or transporting goods, you will not be disappointed in the benefits this ammo case has to offer.
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Unlike most other cans, the MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box can carry extreme weight. The MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box is designed to carry up to 65 lbs of equipment and offers comfort handles to make it a comfortable transport.


The MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box is full of security features to keep your merchandise safe and in outstanding shape. Offering a dual latched feature, this case also comes with 2 padlocked tabs and side latches.

Cost and Value

With the MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box, the cost outweighs the value. The strength and ability to carry up to 65 lbs makes this an attractive case for those who pack heavy. The O-ring seal, to prevent moisture from entering the box is an added protection feature that will keep your valuable mold and mildew free, for years to come.
  • Super Strength
  • Stackable
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • 890 Cubic Inches
  • Heavy

7. Caldwell Ammo Box

7. Caldwell Ammo Box
This ammo can provide a considerable amount of protection, without being heavy or awkward. Constructed from a durable plastic material, this can lets you do away with the clunky feel of the big metal cans. These are a great fit for your long-term storage needs.
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Heavy Duty Plastic Exterior
Made from a stronger plastic material, these cans should be able to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear. The lid for this case is completely removable, allowing you easier access to your ammo. While the cover is off, you can tuck it under the can, as the can fits right inside of the lid.

This ammo can comes in a five pack, allowing you to store plenty of extra ammo. You can rest assured that with these five cans you are sure to be able to carry enough ammo for your day at the range. Some purchasers have even stated that these cans stack well in their range bags, which helps them cut down on the amount of bulk they have to carry.

Cost and Value
For a great price, you will get not just one, but five cans. Giving you a great bargain for all your ammo storage needs. Looking to store your ammo long term, no problem these cans are great for stacking in a larger cabinet. Helping you to keep your ammo and cabinet organized.
  • Durable plastic outer shell
  • Can will nest inside of the lid 
  • Great for stacking
  • Good for long term storage
  • These are not lockable
  • They don't provide a water tight seal

8. Redneck Convent Ammo Case

8. Redneck Convent Ammo Case
This is also a good option if you’re looking for a new ammo can. The Redneck Convent Ammo Case is made of metal, which adds a few years to its lifetime. Its design includes a strong seal which is perfect for different circumstances and environments because it doesn’t permit air or water to penetrate inside. To make your experience as a gun owner even better, the folding handle allows you to carry the ammo box without demanding much effort.
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Strong Seal

The strong seal of the Redneck Convent Ammo Case works as a blocker for anything that wants to penetrate into it. It prevents the smallest drop of water or dust particle from getting inside. Therefore, your ammunition is protected from getting damaged.

Solid Construction

Manufactured of heavy solid steel, this ammo can is really resistant. This means that, even if you drop it on a rough surface, it won’t break. It also has rubber seal to prevent outside elements from coming inside.

Cost and Value

The cost of this product slightly varies, depending on the size you select but is a great value all around. The seal is air and water tight, ensuring that your investment will be well protected.

Features worry-free rubber seal

Has a locking latch

Flat handle is comfortable

Made from heavy-duty steel


Some found it to be too pricey

9. Flambeau Outdoors

9. Flambeau Outdoors
This can is wonderful for storing ammo with the original box. Designed to be rugged, so you won't need to worry about the integrity of the can in the event that it gets banged around.
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Storage Space
This can will allow you to store your ammo in the box, doing away with the need to purchase trays. This particular can is rated to hold up to four boxes of 45 ammo or five boxes of 9mm ammo. giving you plenty of ammo for your trip to the range.

Can Features
This ammo can has a watertight seal along with an oversized latch for secure closing. You can also purchase a lock for this can as it does come with a hole already drilled out.

Cost and Value
This style of the can is more compact allowing for a more convenient travel. You can just set your ammo in the can with the box, no more fumbling with trays to organize your ammo in the can. This can has many benefits to offer and at a great price.
  • Water tight seal
  • Over sized latch
  • Pre-drilled hole in the lid for a lock
  • Decent storage space inside
  • Smaller in size than expected
  • Needs two locks to be fully protected

10. ATK 970032 50 Cal Can

10. ATK 970032 50 Cal Can
The ATK 970032 50 Cal Ammo Can is a versatile ammo box that can be used by anyone, for anything. This military style ammo can has all of the vintage features with a new style quality. A steel construction that makes it durable, this can will withstand all movements and storage without skipping a beat. Keep preps safe with this solid, lockable ammo can!
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This ATK 970032 50 Cal Ammo Can offers an incredible latch system. Backed by a solid steel hinge, the latch is a tight, steel constructed latch that keeps contents safe and secure. Using an all-steel product, the ATK 970032 50 Cal Ammo Can is known to keep the case closed.

Rubber Seal

A long-lasting rubber seal is what is needed for ammo cans! The ATK 970032 50 Cal Ammo Can offers a solid, rubber seal that remains tight, consistently acting as a moisture barrier. The heavy duty latch contributes to the sealing of this rubber seal, making this a military grade operation!

Cost and Value

If you live in a humid or moist climate, the ATK 970032 50 Cal Ammo Can is the right ammo can for you. Military grade, this can will withstand the most extreme temperatures and climates, all while keeping your preps safe. Why miss out on an amazing, cost-effective product?
  • Steel for Durability
  • Tight Latching System
  • Rubber Seal
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Hinge Known to Rust


As you can see, the majority of these cases cover the same bases. Each of the benefits is a continuous issue within ammunition ownership. Why continue the same battle when there are so many options available to safely store all of your preps and ammunition?

When a bullet becomes corroded or rusty, there is no way to bring it back to its original form and your only option is to throw away the ammunition. Each one of these ammo cans controls the climate within the box, with different constructions acting as a moisture barrier. Along with that, the cans listed are considered very durable making storage safe for each bullet. You can stack these cans or bring them out in the field, aiding in bullet damage. Every one of the ammo containers listed has different features and materials to prevent crushing of the inventory and also the box, making these storage units useful for long periods of time. After reviewing each of the cans listed here, you will learn that there is a variety of ways to prevent your investments from becoming destroyed and there is no reason to go any further without safety. Control how long your stock lasts, buy an ammo case today!

Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Ammo Cans

How to Properly Store Ammo

Before getting into the specifics of ammo cans, you should be informed of some tips for ensuring that your ammo is being stored correctly. Storing ammo can be a simple process for if you keep three little things in mind. You always want to keep your ammo cool, dry, and in the dark. If you keep those three things in mind when storing your ammo, you will be able to prolong the shelf life of your ammo.

Keeping Ammo Cool

When you think of keeping your ammo cool it doesn’t always mean that it has to remain cool. The most important thing to remember is that you want to store your ammo where there won’t be a huge fluctuation in temperatures. This can cause moisture to develop, eventually causing damage to your ammo. A couple of examples I can think of that wouldn’t make for good storage are your unheated garage or vehicle. Depending on where you live, these places can see a huge amount of fluctuation in temperature. One of the best places to store ammo would be a basement. Being partially underground, basements will have a slight temperature shift from time to time. This is better for your ammo.

Keeping Ammo Dry

The worst thing for your ammo is moisture, over time moisture can cause rusting to take place, which can change the integrity of your ammo. Now should you choose to store your ammo in the basement keep in mind that most basements do have moisture in them. Some tips for keeping your ammo protected against moisture, if do you store ammo in your basement, put it on a shelf. Raising the ammo off the floor is one way to prevent moisture. You might also consider using a dehumidifier, this will help to regulate the amount of moisture in the air. Lastly, using ammo cans that have a rubber seal to create an air and watertight seal will also benefit your ammo.

Keeping Ammo In The Dark

Keeping your ammo out of the sun for long periods of time is best for the ammo. UV rays can be extremely harmful to many things when there is prolonged exposure. It is best to store ammo indoors and away from the sun. Some good examples of places to store ammo with minimal sun exposure would be a closet, basement, or a room with little to no windows.

Ammo Can Features


This feature will depend on how much, as well as what size ammo you are looking to store. There are plenty of good options out there as far as size for ammo cans. It is highly recommended that you research this feature before you purchase a can. This way you can be sure which size will better suit your specific needs.


Ammo cans come in a couple of material options, all of which offer their own potential benefits. You can find them made from steel, plastic, or other materials resembling plastic. Ammo cans are built to be both durable and dependable.


You can purchase ammo cans with several forms of protection. For long-term storage, you can find them to be rust, air, and waterproof. Another form of protection these cans might come with is the locking ability. This feature will keep ammo out of the hands of children, which is always a plus for safety reasons.

Can Construction


Steel ammo cans are constructed to be virtually indestructible, they can withstand most weather conditions, as well as being fire resistant. Most steel cans come with a rubber or foam gasket to properly seal the lid once it is closed. This option will keep moisture and air out of the can, reducing the chances for corrosion. Steel ammo cans most commonly come either with locking hardware installed, or the ability to be locked. With all these features, steel cans are chosen more times than not for long-term storage.


Plastic ammo cans also hold a lot of potential, made from a thicker plastic, these cans can withstand a considerable amount of damage. They are typically more lightweight, and less awkward for traveling than the steel ammo cans. Although most plastic cans won’t come with the same water and airtight protection, they will work just fine for short term storage or travel.

With both types of cases, there are a couple of similar features that will prove to be satisfying. Both of these have some models that the lid can be totally removed. This allows for easy access to your ammo, along with easy cleaning from time to time. There are also cans from both materials on the market that can be locked. This is a great feature for safety purposes, keeping your ammo locked will prevent children from getting into it. One last quality that comes to mind, most of these cans can easily be stacked. This allows you to conserve space or helps keep thing organized in your already limited spacing.


Ammo cans come in a wide variety price range. You can find them for as little as $15. So if your budget is small and you don’t have a ton of ammo to store, you can get sufficient plastic cans that will do the trick.

For someone who plans to store a lot of ammo, be exposed to the elements, or just plain puts their gear through the ringer you may want to consider spending a little more on your ammo cans. You will want one made from steel and that comes with a seal to lock out moisture. These are more durable than plastic and better for long-term storage. But they do come at a greater cost ranging anywhere from $30-$100. These types of cans are slightly pricey but will provide the best quality protection for your ammo.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which size ammo can to purchase?
A: That will depend on the size of your ammo and how much you intend to put into the can. There are many size options on the market today to better suit the consumer’s needs. If you have a larger size ammo and want to put quite a bit in the can, you would want to purchase a can that is somewhat deeper to accommodate your needs. It is recommended that you first check the dimension specifications before you purchase the can so that you can be sure it is the correct size for you.

Q: Which ammo can is better for long-term storage steel or plastic?
A: Steel cans are rated to better suit long-term storage needs. That is because they are typically water and air tight sealed. This means no moisture can get in to cause corrosion. Plus the air that is in the can stays there, helping to regulate the inside temperature of the can. They keep your ammo protected from harmful UV rays, as they are solid and dark on the inside.

Q: Are plastic ammo cans as durable as the steel cans?
A: Although plastic cans do offer some amount of durability, they are not as durable as their steel counterpart. Plastic cans will withstand some dings and dents, depending on your intended use they do offer plenty of good qualities.

Q: What can I purchase to put in my plastic ammo can to help with moisture protection?
A: If you plan to leave your ammo in a plastic can for any length of time, you can purchase silica gel packets to absorb moisture inside of the case. Please keep in mind that although these packets will help absorb moisture in your can, it will not make your can waterproof.

Q: Can you buy a plastic ammo can that is waterproof?
A: Yes you can find some plastic ammo cans on the market that are waterproof. You might want to consider finding one with a rubber seal in the lid rather than a foam one. Rubber seals last longer than the foam type, as the foam tends to squish and doesn’t retain the shape over time.

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