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Jaybird Tarah Review Facts

Jaybird Tarah is the 2018-2019 entry level model. It looks similar to other Jaybird models. All feature new fins and buds that provide a comfortable and secure fit. The core specs of the Jaybird Tarah are also similar.

It is sweat proof and water resistant to one meter for 30 minutes. The fast charge feature provides an hour of play time from a ten-minute charge. The more expensive Jaybird Run delivers an hour of play time for a five-minute charge.

Some Jaybird models come with a carrying pouch. The Tarah does not. The tips included with the Tarah do not include Comply Ultra foam tips that come with higher-end models. No carrying pouch is a bigger issue than the ear tips.

The Tarah does have the Speed Cinch cord management system that makes adjusting the cord length easy. A new app allows the user to tweak the headphone sound. They can be set to automatically turn off when not in use after 15 to 60 minutes. While not a business-class experience wireless performance, the Jaybird Tarah performs more than acceptable. Making calls works relatively well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Deep sub-bass response
  • Easy to use
  • Free app to customize EO
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Personalized audio profile
  • Powerful audio performance
  • Powers down when not in use
  • Sculpted highs
  • Secure in-ear fit
  • Tactile rope cabling
  • Three-point charging connector
  • Waterproof
  • AI not overly precise
  • No setting for more ambient noise
  • Skipping tracks causes beginnings to be lopped off


The Tarah is an excellent wireless sports headphone. The earbuds share many of the specs of other Jaybird earbuds. Like most of the other models, the Tarah earbuds target those looking for workout earbuds. Jaybird’s Tarah Bluetooth earphones are designed with exercise addicts and athletes in mind.

Due to the secure fit, the earphones stay in place when working out. Because the earphones have a waterproof exterior, they are wearable when sweating or running in the rain. Most gym users and runners are satisfied with the sound. The powerful low-frequency response appeals to bass lovers.

Basic Features

The earbuds have a battery life of six hours that should be enough for most workouts. They have been IPX7 certified to protect against sweat. While there are not as many ear tip options as more expensive models, there are enough for users to design a customized fit.

There is a charging cable that is preferred by some over the practical design of the X4. It is a proprietary charging cable. The control module is a bit bigger than the X4. Some reviewers like the extra real estate given to the buttons. They are easier to locate and press when being worn.

Plus and minus buttons control the volume and allow skipping between tracks. The middle down button is used to pause and play music, answer or end calls, and activate Google Assistant or Siri.

The connection strength of the Tarah is as good as other Jaybird models. There is an app common to all Jaybird devices that can be used to customize EQ settings or find the headphones if they have been misplaced.

Advanced Features

There is a fast-charge feature offering an hour of play time when charged for ten minutes. Jaybird has a new Speed Cinch cord management system that makes adjusting the cord length easy.

A new app allows the headphone sound to be tweaked and can be used to set an automatic turn off for times from 15 to 60 minutes after being used. The earphones have been firmware upgraded to solve problems pairing and repairing. The proprietary charging cable allows engineers to remove some electronics from the in-line remote which makes it slimmer. A lighter remote is less bothersome when running.

Sound Quality

Having a tight seal is essential to maximizing sound quality and not losing any bass. The new fins and tips included in the package promise a secure, comfortable fit. For the price, the users get a solid fit and audio that is above average which places the Tarah among the best value running headphones.

The six-mm drivers are also used in the pricier X4. They fare surprisingly well against moderately more expensive sets such as Fender PureSonic. Audio is not as detailed as some prefer. Subtle genres having textured, layered arrangements sound a bit flat. They are not bad for basic gym headphones. The tone is balanced. No part of the sound is overtly apparent. Dynamics are not particularly compelling.

There are similar wireless sets that provide more of a bite for punk guitar breakdowns and swooping feeling crescendos. The audio does ensure music is not lifeless. Bass lines have enough impact on motivating a user mid-run.

The bass extension is on par with other earphones in this price range. It is good, not great. Low-end sounds do not always sound as controlled as reviewers like when listening to bass-heavy genres.


Wires cannot be used with these Bluetooth-only headphones. The high-latency of the headphones are not suitable for video content. They have no NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy pairing.

Unlike the X4, they support the Bluetooth 5.0 version. Better connectivity performance is likely by using a 5.0 source. The Tarah can be paired with two devices which is useful for those who switch between a phone and computer.

NFC would make pairing quicker and more accessible, but the pairing process with Bluetooth is a relatively simple procedure. The wireless range is excellent when the source is in direct line of sight or obstructed by walls.

The same app that allows a user to save custom EQ settings in the Jaybird X3 is used in the Tarah. It has fabulous connectivity and Bluetooth range. Bluetooth connectivity is maintained at more than 95 feet in line of sight.

Using the MySound app, the user can create equalizer presets. With the app, sound presents that were created by other Jaybird device users can be evaluated and saved to the dashboard. Spotify users can sample other Jaybird users’ playlists.


Tarah harnessed the freedom of wireless sound with its minimalist design. The sleek headphones are comfortable for daily fitness performance and training. The streamlined design includes soft ear gels that offer a comfy, secure fit.

Perhaps the silicone ear gels that come with the Tarah headphones are responsible for the fit that is a little better than the X3. The ear gel tips flare out more and provide a better seal. It is noteworthy that different sized ear gels may be needed for each ear to obtain the best fit.

Memory foam ear tips are not included in the package. The headphones can be worn comfortability for a few hours before making the ears sore from the fins. The headphones stay in the ears when engaged in high-impact workouts if the ear fins are tucked into the outer ear. One reviewer describes the earphones as comfort meets functionality. Not only do the headphones offer comfort, but they also function well in terms of usage and sound.


The makeup of the headphones includes plastic earphones, ear gels made of silicone, flat wire covered in silicon, a plastic in-line remote having silicone control buttons and a sliding cord made of plastic to adjust the slack of the cord between the earpieces. The buttons are flat.

There are minor differences in the style of the Jaybird X4 and the Tarah. The stability fins and earbud tips are now single units called ear gels. Unfortunately, there are fewer options for finding the best, stable fit.

They remain comfortable. The earphones do not enter deep into the ear canal which makes them more comfortable than other in-ear headphones. The new in-line remote is thinner than the X4. It feels cheaper and has poorer feedback.

The headphones are still rated IPX7 making them weather and sweat proof. They can be worn outdoors in the mud and rain but not in the ocean or pool water or when showering or swimming.

The cradle for charging is not water resistant. The headphones need to be dry before they are attached to the cradle. Three colors are available -bright gray, dark silver-blue, and black. There are flashy accents. The overall style is sporty.


The headphones are fully weatherproof. Music flows through unexpected weather and adverse conditions. The quality of the build is solid. The dense headphones should not break if dropped accidentally. The remote feels cheaper than the other Jaybird earphones. They are sturdy enough for everyday casual use and most sports.

Ease of Use

The battery and controls are in a plastic pod near the right ear. The thumb is used to locate three raised buttons - a plus symbol, a round key, and a minus sign. They do much of what is expected. The round key powers on and off, pairs, plays and pauses music, accepts and rejects calls, and accesses the voice assistant.

That is a lot for one button. It takes time to learn the patterns. The plus symbol and minus key control volume and change tracks. They, too, take time to learn to manipulate. Instead of a Micro USB port for charging, conducive pins are located on the backside of the control module.

It is necessary to use the charging cradle that is included. It has been reduced in size to aid in sweat resistance which makes it something easy to lose. The adjustable EQ is a bit awkward to control, but it allows customization, and the EQ settings of the headphones are available when the Tarah is connected to a different device without using the Jaybird app.

Power Source

Like many new headphones, including Jaybird headphones, the Tarah has a proprietary charging cable. If the charging cable is lost, the headphones cannot be charged without acquiring a new one from Jaybird customer service.

The battery life is approximately six hours. Results vary with volume levels. The most significant difference between the Jaybird X4 and Tarah is the battery life. The X4 offers about eight hours of continuous playback.

They both have a quick charge feature. The X4 delivers an hour of play time for a five-minute charge. It takes ten minutes for the Tarah to provide an hour of play time. The charging cable is plugged into a USB source of power.

The white LED pulsates when charging. It turns solid white when it is fully charged. It is recommended to charge the earbuds with a 5V 500mA USB power source. More than 5.5V can damage the earbuds.


The Jaybird Tarah has an MSRP of $99.99, More than one reviewer feels it is overpriced. It is the lowest priced pair of Jaybird running headphones. Jaybird ensures minimal compromises were made to retain most of the features of more expensive sets.

The Tarah shares many specs with the X4 for nearly $30 less. For the price, the user gets above-average audio and a fantastically solid fit, placing it among the best value of running headphones.

Key Features

* 6 hours of battery life
* Customize treble and bass settings in Jaybird app
* Fast charge feature
* PX7 water resistance rating
* New fins and buds provide improved ergonomics and comfort
* Slim and lightweight controller
* Sweatproof
* Three color combinations

Bottom Line

Jaybird has better earbuds than the Tarah, but the set is hard to knock. Most of what is offered by the more expensive models are found with the Tarah for less money. Unless the subtle differences are deal breakers, reviewers recommend the Tarah over the more expensive products.

Someone wanting an affordable pair of earbuds would struggle to find something better than the Tarah. The Jaybird Tarah is a waterproof design that delivers a powerfully sculpted audio experience that can be customized.

The quality sound and excellent design at a bit of a discount make up for small shortcomings. The Jaybird Tarah is versatile enough to be used for everyday casual. They are more comfortable due to new earbud-like tips that are not worn deep in the ear canal. A goodly amount of noise is blocked, and the headphones barely leak. The battery life will not last for an entire workday.

The quality sound and excellent design at a bit of a discount make up for small shortcomings. The Jaybird Tarah is versatile enough to be used for everyday casual. They are more comfortable due to new earbud-like tips that are not worn deep in the ear canal. A goodly amount of noise is blocked, and the headphones barely leak. The battery life will not last for an entire workday.