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Fitbit Flex 2 Review Facts

Fitbit is a globally trusted brand. Flex 2 represents the high standards of the brand. The Flex 2 helps monitor and track daily steps and records fitness habits. It helps wearers master fitness routines and put them on track for fitness and weight. It automatically recognizes activity type.

It is a thin, waterproof option. The device automatically tracks how long and how well the user sleeps. From day to night, Flex 2 goes wherever life takes you. The device automatically tracks swimming and allows the user to see an exercise summary in the app. There is no concern about making a splash in a bubble bath or a day at the beach. Flex 2 sends move reminders to help stay active throughout the user’s day. It encourages 250 steps to be taken every hour.

Exercise increases when users get moving with the Fitbit Coach personalized video workouts or by logging walks, runs, and other exercises. Personal Insights help wearers sleep better as they work toward better rest with the use of the Fitbit tracker. Bedtime reminders and helpful insights are provided. Connect with family and friends by challenging them with the Challenges and Adventures features of the app. The challenges help with motivation and achievement badges can be earned.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Competitive price point at $100
  • Extra long battery life
  • Provides texts and calls notifications
  • SmartTrack feature
  • Vibrating alarm clocks
  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • No clock feature or watch face
  • No altimeter
  • No GPS
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  • I loved my One and this one is even better. It is so light and thin and counts really well. It will give you a vibrate when you get notifications to let you know to check your phone. Does well with the sleep tracking and constantly reminds me to move. You won’t regret buying it.
  • My other one lasted a couple years before the charge went out. I use the app on my Galaxy and it works well. It lasts about 4 days on a charge and gives me just what I need. They do have more advanced Fitbits but I like the basics with a little extra. Nothing complicated. I love the simplicity and design of this one.
  • It is so easy to set up. They made the app so easy to use. I am tiny so this works great on my wrist. I like that I have to look at the a to get the info so I am not constantly looking at my wrist. I just wait till the end of the day and compare notes. It is great.
  • It’s like a swatch watch but better. You can change the bands out with a plethora of colors. And the tracking is spot on. I like the style and simplicity of this one and it really makes it easy to maintain a more healthy lifestyle.
  • It is so thin I am able to wear it with my Apple watch no issue. The reason I still wear the fitbit is because it is fun and challenges you. It has a community and is way easier and less technical than the Apple. The app is great and works well with the GPS. I really love this thing.
  • So easy to configure to your daily routine and what you are looking for. It allows you to scan food and make sure your doing yourself right. I have lost 4 lbs since I started wearing it and it keeps me moving all day. It is amazing what this little sinny wrist thing can help you with in life. I am impressed and highly recommend it.
  • Super user friendly device and app. It actually has features I do not really use. It is small and fits secure. I really enjoy the sleep tracker. It is wild how much you can tell about your health based off sleep. It tracks my steps great. Thanks Fitbit. I love this thing.
  • I’m basic and do basic stuff and this is pretty basic on the tracker level and I like that. I don't do any crazy athletics. I am just simple and like to keep track of my body now that I can. It does a accurate job and is super easy to use and set up. Seriously, it is a nice little piece of equipment and is helping lose weight without heading to the gym. It also has a good charge on it, like 2x a week. Better if it was one, but splitting hairs.
  • I am a fan. This is my first tracker. I am able to wear it n the shower without worrying about water damage. I can link it to the app on my comp and my phone super easy. It fits my small wrist really well. It has a good vibrating alarm, which is great in the mornings. I like the light show for getting me motivated for my 10,000 steps. It charges easy and last a good while. I mean 4 days max. I am super happy with it.
  • I ended up buying this even though i have a Apple watch. It is just so fun and looks good. They have a great community and Fitbit has a lock on the best way to motivate and track. There whole system and app is well thought out. I feel like I have a personal trainer on my wrist, when it comes to motivation.
  • Really accurate little motivator and tracer. I like the sleep tracker a lot. It is so easy to use, I love simplicity. That is also set in the design, really simple. I love the buzz alarm, no more treacherous noise in the morning to wake me up. Way more relaxing. It charges really quick and lasts a few day. Really great product.
  • I had the one for years and it was really dependable. I upgraded and am not disappointed. Its been through the washer among other things and it is fine. I love Fitbit, and already had a Fitbit One when I purchased the Flex 2. The One I have had for several years & it's been very dependable. I have even accidentally washed it in my It tracks swimming, no issues. It helps me get to moving. I had back surgery so I get stuck and this helps. I like that is notifies me when I get messages. Only time it is off of me is when it is charging. Both my fitbits link to the same account so I can wear the other when it is charging. I really recommend this, it is great.
  • This is so great! I love it and think everyone should own one. It tracks flawlessly and the app is so easy to use. It offers a lot more than I was expecting: sleep, stairs, swimming. I mean seriously it is so small and unique nd interchangeable with the bands. I really enjoy it. If you are super active get the band and not the snap one though in case it grabs something.
  • I can take this deeper in water, like the pool, than I was able to with the One. They are so simpel to get up and running. I am able to use both my Fitbits on the same account. So convenient when one is charging. I really like the Fitbit community and their products. I am super happy with it.
  • I like the little LED lights- one light equals 2k steps. It is a really nice sleek design and is not bulky at allt doesn't stand out when i am wearing nice clothes. Just looks like a bracelet. I can change the colors. It tracks really accurate. I feel what makes Fitbit so great is they really have listened to the community over the years. It is pretty amazing how well this does and helps. The Bluetooth is about 30 feet, which I find impressive. Great little device.
  • it is most definitely an upgrade. For starters, the battery lasts a whole lot longer. I love getting my red dots so I am a superfan of the reminder if you haven't gotten the 250 steps in. I have been using it for 0ver 6 months now and I have lost about 30 lbs. Meeting the goals I set step wise have been a real lifesaver. It has changed my life. I love it.)
  • The most battery pull is the syncing with the phone. It lasts about 3 days though, way better than the last one. I was bummed it does not connect with the S9 either. It worked great with the Apple phone. I really love this device. However, not that I have the S9 I will have to find something else.
  • This is a machine calculates so well and helps you really stay motivated. I am so hype on this thing. The accuracy and simplicity is so wonderful. I really cannot find an issue honestly. I was super impressed that I could take it swimming and it actually tracks. I haven't found one yet that does that. I mean it is so tiny and slick.
  • I bought this just because it looked so cool. I love it.I have two other fitbits that I use as well. This one is great when you want to go out. I like the fact I can change the bands. I am able to connect all my Fitbits to my account. SO I never miss a beat. It literally picks up where the other left off. Fitbit is the best and this 2 is killer and looks great and feels secure. I ended up buying them for the whole family. We like to challenge one another. The notifications are not he best but I have other ones for that.
  • The only thing that i disliked about this is the fact it does not count stairs. I wish they would give you a better count too on the app. However, the device is really well designed and works well. It is really basic with a few extra perks compared to the one, like a onger battery. Fitbit is great too, mine broke and they sent me a new one right away, it was just a clip but they did a good fast job of helping me.
  • I moved to the Flex for the swimming option. I miss my Force. This is horribly inaccurate. I am apparently now only doing 1000 steps daily. I am disappointed.
  • I liked this thing at first. It was accurate ad was small and fit well. Then it started to fail. Counts went down and were very inaccurate. The ap is not good at all and I do not like that I cannot see my steps on the wrist. It is confusing to put back on after a charge. I am not liking it at all. Waste of money.
  • This stopped syncing after a few months. Then, it just stopped working all together. It won’t charge anymore. When the syncing stopped it would also erase all the info. I feel robbed.
  • I have had 4 previous Fitbits and I loved them. This one though is so inaccurate. Painfully inaccurate. Sometimes it will lose sync and lose the info as well so this makes it useless. I am bummed about this for sure.
  • The strap disintegrated after 6 months and allowed water to get in and it was destroyed. Obviously these are not made to last. That is all I have to say about that. It is supposed to be waterproof.
  • This died the second day I had it. Tried to charge it and reboot it and nothing worked. I tried again and it erased all the info and died. I sent it back. I'll try something else.
  • I would warn against buying this. I had one die after a month and when I received the new one it was used and wouldn’t sync. I was overy bummed. Then they wanted to argue with me about the refund. So annoying.
  • I wanted something to go in the pool with and count laps. Well, it didn't track at all. I figured it was a fail on me since it was counting steps. However, after a couple months it just dide and won't charge back up. I am not impressed at all and want my money back.
  • The pod fell out. I replaced it and after a few months it fell out again and it was lost. I am so disappointed. I liked it while it worked. I am not sure why this is happening. Not something I have read about much.
  • This is a whole lot of NOPE. The band started to fray after a few wears and it is so inaccurate. This is nothing compared to my Jawbone. I feel like its an estimator.I can do that on my own. It took my nail filing as steps. So I assume any time I move my arm it is counting. Totally bogus.
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The Fitbit Flex 2 is perfect for any workout such as running or walking. It is ideal for day-to-day activities. It is among the most versatile and comfortable trackers available. The device is excellent for beginners to monitor daily routines as well as a watch for those who are continuing to meet goals. Because it is waterproof, the device can be conveniently worn while showering, doing laps in the pool, or swimming in the ocean. Flex 2 tracks steps, distance, and calories burned.

Basic Features

There is no heart rate function or GPS. The fitness tracker has a step counter designed to help reach daily goals. All the data collected is relayed to the user-friendly Fitbit app. LED lights light up on the fitness watch to indicate when the user nears a goal when it has been successfully reached. The device helps the wearer stay active with all-day tracking. It tracks weight, active minutes, calories burned, distance and steps. Food can be logged, new goals set, and progress followed in the Fitbit app.

Advanced Features

Along with tracking activity, the Fitbit Flex 2 has a feature to track sleep. It monitors how long the user sleeps and the quality of sleep. The sleep monitor is an excellent feature of the tracker. Tracking sleep habits over time is entirely effortless.

The device has an optional ‘sleep goal’ option to set the number of sleep hours to reach each night. Auto sleep tracking automatically tracks how well and how long the user sleeps. A bedtime reminder and sleep goal can be set for developing good habits and waking peacefully to a silent alarm. Instead of a loud noise, a vibration wakes up the user.

The SmartTrack feature is an advanced feature of fitness trackers on the market. SmartTrack provides automatic exercise recognition. It automatically tracks activities such as aerobic workouts, sports, and running. Exercise summaries are available in the Fitbit app. All-day tracking tracks activities such as active minutes, calories burned, distance and steps.

The design is waterproof. It is ideal for swimmers or anyone who occasionally takes a dip in a pool. A Reminders to Move feature emits reminders to get up and become active when a minimum of 250 steps have not been made during 50 minutes into each hour.

The device displays stats on the app to help the wearer move and stay motivated. The alert consists of vibration, two white lights, and magenta light. Two hundred fifty steps are the minimum goal that can be set for each hour.


The ability to recognize and record workouts automatically and import them into the Fitbit app is among the best features of the tracker. The Fitbit app has a critical role in the user’s success because it has no display screen. The device does notify the wearer of missed texts and calls by alerting the user with the LED lights. Call, and text alerts are sent to the wrist when the phone is nearby. There is a purpose for the Fitbit app every part of the day. It syncs automatically and wirelessly to more than 200 Windows, Android, and iPhone devices.


The app has a splendid list of features. It can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices. By touching a button, the wearer can view progress on the Fitbit app. The Fitbit app user can connect several devices to a single account. The app detects a switch between devices. It syncs all data in one place. Users can challenge family and friends to motivate more movement by racing to win a challenge. The app can record water intake during the day. It is crucial that the proper level of hydration be maintained when starting a fitness program. It is a helpful feature for the fitness watch user’s health.

The app allows food intake to be logged. A wide variety of entries are available from which to choose, or users can input their own. Records and stats from a desktop or laptop can be conveniently accessed. It gives owners continuous access to state which serves as strong motivation.


Unlike some cumbersome, hot, and bulky watches and fitness trackers that are available today. Wearing a Fitbit Flex 2 is pleasingly comfortable. The light construction has wearers forgetting they have it on. High-quality elastomer material was used in the manufacture of the Fitbit. It does not irritate the skin. The device is among the most practical and user-friendly trackers available.


With an attractive, sleek style, the Flex 2 appeals to nearly everyone. The Fitbit fitness tracker was designed with fashion in mind. It looks like a delicate bracelet. The device is a hidden fitness tracker. It appeals to users who do not like flashy designs.

It is also available in a pendant and bangle style. It is designed with a removable tracker that fits inside bracelets and pendants. With the stylish piece of jewelry, an unattractive piece of equipment cannot be used as an excuse for not tracking fitness progress.

The Fitbit Flex 2 is on the list of most popular fitness trackers. Consumers love the simple, slim design, and the easy-to-master user interface. It is among the most fashionable options and provides easy access to several devices.


A key point of the tracker is being waterproof and allowing it to be used while swimming. High-quality material was used in the construction of the device. The tracker comes with a 45-day money back guarantee when purchased from the company. It also has a one-year limited warranty. Customers who had to deal with warranty claims report they received excellent customer service.


The Fitbit Flex 2 has a very basic face. Instead of a screen, there is a five-colored series of lights that light up to deliver Fitbit’s Reminders to Move, text and missed calls alerts. The stats are not viewed on the tracker. Users see the information on the Fitbit app on their phones. The discreet LED display of the Flex 2 flashes color-coded lights, and the tracker vibrates, so the wearer gets texts and calls. Important messages are not missed.


The discrete band of the tracker is thin. It has a width of .44mm. High-quality elastomer material is used in making the band. It is small and lightweight. The band weighs only 0.83 ounces. The weight of a tracker is a critical factor. Users don’t want the wrist to feel weighted as they go through their day.

The band is available in magenta, navy, lavender, and black. It has a two-prong connector. It is available in small and large sizes. The small fits wrists with a circumference between 5.5 inches and 6.7 inches. The large fits wrist circumferences from 6.7 inches to 8.1 inches. With two size options, the Flex 2 extends its appeal to more potential users. Individuals of any wrist size are offered a comfortable wearing experience.

Ease of Use

Due to the many features and functions of the Fitbit Flex 2, it may take a while to be completely comfortable using it. Any fitness track as a slight learning curve. The Flex 2 is easier to become accustomed to than fitness watches that have complex display features and buttons.

Fitbit believes fitness should be fun. Flex 2 is swim proof. It automatically recognizes swims, runs, aerobic workouts and more. The fitness tracker is among the most popular technology items available in today’s market. More people turn toward the devices as convenient tools to help reach wellness and health goals.


The charge on the Fitbit Flex 2 lasts five days and nights before recharging is necessary. Included in the purchase is the micro USB charging cable needed to do so. Extended battery life is an asset for those with busy lifestyles.


Flex 2 is relatively affordable when compared with more advanced fitness watches and trackers. It is an excellent option for those new to fitness trackers. The device comes with both a 45-day money back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

Customers usually pay less than $100 for this tracker, which is considerably more affordable than many other trackers on the market today. For the budget-minded consumer, Flex 2 is an affordable model to don on a wristband. Its ability to track calories burned, steps, swimming and more, and the minimalist design makes the device an excellent value for the price.


The Fitbit Flex 2 tracker portion can be placed in various fashionable accessories. The unique quality allows the tracker to be worn as part of a bangle, pendant, or necklace. The wide variety of colors provides something that pleases nearly everyone.

Key Features

* Automatically tracks length and quality of sleep, the silent alarm wakes with a small vibration
* An LED display shows progress toward the daily goal
* SmartTrack automatically recognizes selected workouts and records them to the Fitbit app
* Swim-proof to track swimming, lifeproof for wear in pool, shower, ocean, and beyond
* Text and call notifications with color-coded LED lights and unique vibration patterns
* Tracks active minutes, calories burned, distance and steps
* Ultra-thin, removable tracker can be hidden in bangles, pendants, and bands

Bottom Line

Fitness trackers are an excellent option for people who want to become more active or who want to continue meeting fitness goals. The Flex 2 is among the best fitness tracking devices available, particularly for those new to such devices.

While the Fitbit Flex 2 doesn’t offer all the features found in other trackers, it still covers the basics and more at a great value. It has features not expected of a tracker at tt this price point. For someone in the market for a tracking device, but doesn’t know where to start, the watch is highly recommended.

Fitbit is among the most recognizable watch and fitness tracker names. The Flex 2 has been held to the high-quality standards that have gained positive recognition. It is an activity and fitness tracker with some extras tacked on. Along with the standard activity tracking metrics, the consumer gets social and motivational aspects without showcasing that a fitness tracking device is being worn. It is a simple device overall, with meaningful improvements over the original Flex.

A lot of consumers like it and see the value in it. It is one of the smaller fitness trackers available. The tracking portion of the device is about an inch long. It detaches from the wristband and can be added to other accessories. The Flex 2 comes with small and large silicone bands in the box. A necklace and bangle options are also available. The bangle is a metal bracelet. The Fitbit Flex 2 is available in several optional colors. Without additional accessories, the bands that come with the device are very durable.