Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS

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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Review Facts

Kayaking is an interesting experience. Outside of the obvious ability to travel over water, the experience of gliding through the water, so low to it, is an exhilarating experience, especially for first-timers. Kayaks are typically lighter in weight in which is better for gliding across the water with as well as transport. They are usually one-person devices meaning that when going in pairs, there are two boats. It can easily be done do the narrow nature of kayaks so doubles aren't hard. They also usually offer some sort of storage capacity depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the boat.

Those who participate in kayaking often usually have higher upper body strength including the core. They also understand the importance of a quality boat. Our website offers unbiased reviews based on a range of customer reviews as well as analysis of the construction and materials used to build products.  This article is a single product review on the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS, a popular product offered by the brand Sun Dolphin. We hope this article helps you in the buying process and aids in purchases that are satisfactory and enjoyable.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight body is easy to transport

Decent storage capacity

Adjustable foot braces to accommodate different heights

High stability levels


Stiff, unpadded seat cases discomfort

A little slow-moving


The accessories included are the paddle (thankfully). Other than the paddle, it offers internal accessories like tracks and paddles for better stability when on the water (this keeps the boat upright and helps with ease of paddling). It also offers different types of fishing rod holders in order to free up hands for other tasks as well as offers a small break for fishermen and women. It offers thigh pads but not seat pads (this is discussed in more detail later on in the article as it proved to be an issue for some buyers).

Other accessories are comfort features like adjustable foot braces to help with height differences and paddle holders in order to keep the paddles safely in the boat. Those who bought this product appreciated its accessories noting their ease of use when traveling.


The materials used in order to construct this product is an ultra-strong UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene which is supposed to offer some weather resistance, sun protection, water-resistance, and durability. The paddles are made of lightweight aluminum material in order to keep them strong but also buoyant in case they are not properly secured to the paddle holders or if they slip out.

Those who purchased it were happy with the materials used in order to create it. They found it to be quite lightweight, durable and weather resistant. They didn't feel that it lost its color too quickly even when left out in the sun and they appreciated that the paddles float. They also found that the kayak offered long-term longevity which is positive.


The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is about 114.5" inches in length and offers a width of 29.5 inches. The overall capacity of this boat is about 250 pounds which equates to about 113 kilograms. The overall weight of the boat is about 22 pounds which are about 20 kilograms. Those who bought this boat found the actual capacity of the boat to be quite low. The total weight capacity of the boat is 250 pounds. This is not just the individual in the boat but also all the gear required too.

Though the weight capacity may not be bad if using it for activities like kayaking alone, it isn't ideal for those looking for a fishing boat as fishing equipment can be quite heavy at times. Reviewers had the hardest time with this feature of the boat especially because a highlight is all the additional storage capacity offered by it. This is positive.


High-density polyethylene is commonly used in both water activity and camping supplies due to its durability and water protection. The highlight of this type of material is that offers high levels of waterproofing to the user. The water rolls off the material rather than soaking in which not only protects against water but also helps with the weight of the boat. It also offers special drainage features in order to allow any water intake out of the boat through its base.

Those who bought this product found that it offered enough waterproofing to keep them comfortable. Between the highly floatable polyurethane material used, the drainage system and the lightweight nature of the boat, they were kept dry during their trips which is positive.


The features added for comfort include a larger seat in order to suit different body types and sizes. It offers thigh pads along the side in order to offer some comfort to the sides of the legs and to help with pressure when moving around. It also offers adjustable foot braces in order to suit individual heights and to offers some customization to the seating areas. In regards to transportation, it offers retractable carrying handles which can help with comfort when transporting it.

One note that some reviewers mentioned is that this kayak does not offer a pad for the seating area which those who bought this product found a little frustrating and uncomfortable over extended periods of time. Outside of this issue, reviewers appreciated the padded sides and the spaciousness of it. They also appreciated the adjustable footrests which is really positive.


The style offered is quite impressive. It is offered in multiple color options (green, grey, army camo green, and tan) in order to suit individual styles. It also is quite sleek and low profile which also helps glide through the water a little more smoothly. It offers covered and hidden storage in order to offer some organization, aesthetic and style of it. There are nice edges and ridges that both help with functionality and style. Overall it's a great looking kayak which is a nice feature.

Those who bought this appreciate its style. They noted that it looks like both in and out of the water. They also confirmed that they bought it initially for its appearance but ended up also very happy with its design as well which is positive. They also liked the color options which is also quite positive.


The body is quite durable. This is due to the materials used (as mentioned above). The body is made of a High-Density Polyethylene which is a great material for those looking for something that is stable, secure, durable, and waterproof. It also offers long-lasting protection against the elements which is great. The paddle is made of a durable aluminum material that not only protects it from bangs and bumps but also helps it float just in case it falls in the water.

Those who bought this kayak appreciated its durability. They noted that they appreciated how durable it is. They noted that it has lasted them multiple seasons and in general found Sun Dolphin products reliable and long-lasting which is great for the brand. Overall, there doesn't seem to be many issues with its durability which helps with the price point of this product which, though isn't high, is still of a higher ticket price range.


The primary use is focussed a little more on fishing it seems. There are additional features offered like flush mount rod holders which would hold fishing rods when hands are tied up with other things or for resting. It also offers a swiveling rod holder in order to offer a little more mobility to the rod. There are also additional storage options in order to offer both storages for personal items as well as towing all the fishermen's equipment.

Those who bought this found that it was quite reliable for what they needed it for. One note about it is that it does move a little slow. Though it is lightweight and sleek in design, it does seem to move a little slower in the water which, of course, causes the travel time to be a little longer and creates a little more work. This can impact the length and effectiveness of the trip.

A positive note mentioned by reviewers, though, is that it offers a nice level of stability which seriously helps fishing trips especially when casting. It also offers a lot of storage space which reviewers appreciated as they felt their items were kept safe and helped with the look of the boat when in the water which is positive.


As mentioned earlier, it offers High-Density Polyethylene which is also UV-stabilized Fortiflex. This offers resistance to water and weather. It helps protect the body from sun damage which can happen over time and often happens to outdoor equipment that is stored outside. With the UV-protection, the boat should stay true and vibrant in color over extended periods of time and should also help with the heat retention when out on hotter days. This helps keep the boater a little more comfortable and cooler which is positive.

Those who bought this product appreciated its body and the materials used. They found that the weather resistance is adequate and appreciated the longevity of the aesthetic of it which is also really positive. Overall, it offers weather resistance and protection which also helps justify the price.


The price point isn't extreme. It's actually quite reasonable considering its durability and weather protection. It is also easy to transport which helps those who need to move this via a vehicle as this means that it can be lifted on top of a car rather than pulled behind on a trailer (which would cost additional money for those without trailers and hitchesfor those without trailers and hitchesfor those without trailers and hitches). It also offers a high level of longevity which means that fewer purchases over the long term.

Those who bought this product appreciated its price and durability. They also liked the nice aesthetic of it noting that they appreciated the additional color options and the stowaway room. Overall, it's a good product at a good price that offers some great durability. The cost value is certainly positive and is great for those long a budget.


- Lightweight in design for easier transport
- High level of stabilization features for easier paddling
- UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene for weather protection
- Portable accessory carrier for more storage
- Two flush mount and one swivel rod holders for hands-free fishing
- Adjustable foot braces for different heights and better comfort
- Paddle attachments
- Retractable carrying handles for even easier transport


Overall the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is good. Those who reviewed it had mostly positive things to say. The highlights are the lightweight nature, which makes it better for transportation. Unfortunately, even with the lightweight nature, it doesn't move as well through the water as comparable products. It offers a ton of stability which helps especially when fishing and casting. It offers a cup holder, flush mount rod holders and swivel rod holders which helps free up hands for other things. It also offers a ton of additional storage and adjustable footrests. This offers protection and comfort to those who use it.

The downfalls of it are the lack of padding throughout the seating area. This caused some discomfort to some users. That said, the manufacturer's website does offer them for an additional cost so this is positive and can help quite a bit. It also offers the side padding which helps the sides of the legs when moving around in it. This is a nice feature.

Other negative notes are that it offers fairly low load capacity and doesn't move very fast through the water which causes some exhaustion earlier on in the trip. Outside of these issues those who bought this product appreciated it and for the most part, rated it highly. And at the price, it is definitely worth trying. Happy Travels!