Sun Dolphin Aruba 8

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Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 Review Facts

There's nothing quite like basking in the sun on a warm day. For those who can't layout on a beach, participating in outdoor activities may be more favorable. Camping, hiking, and adventuring help us enjoy the nice weather while we have it. It's always important that we think of our safety even if soaking up the sun is drowning all our cares away. This includes UV protection, proper equipment for our travels, and the right clothing for your adventure. With our safety equipment and items ready to go enjoying the sun whether it be laying on a beach or gliding across the water of a lake can be enjoyable and carefree just as these activities are meant to offer!

Our website helps you find your ideal equipment whether it be camping tents or hiking shoes. We find the best of the best that the internet has to offer and offer comprehensive reviews of each. This one, in particular, offers feedback on a popular kayak called the Sun Dolphin Aruba 8. We looked at the pros and the cons of this device in order to determine if it's worth buying. This is our feedback on the Sun Dolphin Aruba 8. We hope this article helps you find your next kayak! Let's get into it!

Editor's Pros & Cons

High weight capacity

High deck for taller individuals

Extremely lightweight

Small enough to fit in some vehicles


Some material concerns

Seat not ergonomically shaped causing slipping


The Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 comes with paddles as well as a removable accessories holder that is waterproof and can be towed behind the boat for the additional room within it without decreasing the actual storage space offered. The paddles are made of a material that allows them to float to avoid losing the paddle if it falls in the water. Because this device does not have paddle holders like alternatives on the market, this is especially important.


The materials used to construct this kayak is a polyethylene plastic composition typically used for plastic kayaks. The build of it was a little surprising to consumers who found the material to be quite thin (nearly see-through some reviewers noted). Though the materials really do help with the weight of this boat which was universally considered "very lightweight in nature", there are some durability concerns in regards to the materials used.

One reviewer noted that they carried this boat to the till and in the process managed to dent the front of the boat. This was only by carrying, not even using the boat. One benefit of the materials, though, is that the composition allows for a heavier weight capacity which is a huge highlight of it. This is discussed in more detail below.


The weight capacity is quite impressive. A good deal of products on the market only offer a 200 pounds weight capacity while this one actually offers a 260 pound one. The weight of the boat itself is an astounding 27 pounds making it easy enough for even the weakest users to carry. It is also very short in design which allows for easier transportation. Some individuals even found that they could fit it WITHIN their vehicle which is nice for those without roof racks or a towing trailer. a towing trailer. a towing trailer.

Those who bought this product usually bought it because if it's unique weight capacity. One area that reviewers noticed is the height of the cockpit. Because they are 16 inches high, those who are shorter really struggled with the comfort of this boat. They felt that the sides went up to, if not above, their underarms making it nearly impossible to paddle.


Polyethylene plastic does not absorb water in any capacity but rather repels water and encourages it to roll off its surface. This is important especially with kayaks and boats because water accumulation weighs down boats which decreases its weight capacity and its performance in the water. The lip is quite high within the cockpit which shorter reviewers took issue with, however, does offer additional protection from water experienced especially in turbulent waters.

It also offers a drainage system that helps eliminate water that could build up for other reasons and keeps the boat from getting too heavy with additional water. This also helps keep the boater safe and dry. This is positive.


The seating area is quite large and when combined with the high weight capacity of it, this accommodates larger and taller individuals. The sides of the seat are padded for the thighs which can experience some bumps when moving around within it. The footrests are also adjustable in order to offer a better fit no matter the height of the individual.

This all said the seat is not molded in any capacity but rather just a large, flat surface. This makes the boat a little harder to move around in. When moving through the water the user found they slid around a fair bit making the ride hard to do and even harder to stay stable in. It also hurt the seating area of the body after extended periods of time. This was less frequently faced with fishermen and women who stood a little more frequently when on their trips but for those who sat most of their trip, the pressure becomes uncomfortable over time.


The style offered is minimalist. It comes in different color options but all are one single color with black etching and connections throughout. It is narrow and small in design which keeps it simple. The cockpit is surprisingly large considering, though. It sits deep within the boat and offers a fairly large leg area as well which is concealed by a protective barrier.

There are internal storage systems that are hidden in order to stop it from looking too busy. Overall, it's a nice looking product with a stylish design. Hunters appreciate the camo option which helps them blend a little better into their surroundings as well.


The durability is a little questionable due to the material used. As mentioned earlier, the material is a good one when it comes to durability and weatherproofing abilities, however, it seems to be extremely thin. This helps with the weight but less so with the durability. There were several reviewers that found even the smallest bumps caused damage to the boat. It didn't make it unusable but it does cause some concern when facing more aggressive waters or even highly populated ones where bumps can be more common.

Outside of this issue, though, this is the 8th version of this line. There were several reviewers that had this product for a long time without any issues. So the longevity is there, it ultimately depends on how well the buyer takes care of it and where it's being stored.


This is both a kayak and a fishing boat. It offers stabilization features that help fishermen and women stand within it. It also offers flush mount fishing rod holders in order to allow for easier fishing. It also offers a wider foot area for standing and casting. Though some found there to be some stability concerns with this product, there were a fair amount of reviewers that really appreciated the stability of it. It may come down to the experience level of the individual using it. For those who have more experience, it does seem that this is a very stable product.

The thigh pads also help protect the legs when swiveling around during activity. This helps when turning and when getting up out of the seat. The primary use is for fishing but can also be used for general use making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.


Weather resistance is important because this will ultimately dictate how it will handle rain and the sun. Rain will weigh it down and cause discomfort to the user. The sun is more of an aesthetic thing which essentially causes discoloration to the boat over time.

The materials are waterproof. Though there are several comparables that offer some UV protection which helps protect the color of them, however, this kayak does not offer that feature so the consumer will notice color fading over time especially if it's stored out in the sun as well. The body is also a little weak which can decrease the overall weather resistance. That said, reviewers appreciated its longevity. It may not look pretty long but it will stay afloat over extended periods of time which is beneficial.


The price point is about the middle of the road when looking at comparables on the market. From a cost perspective, we look at value first and foremost. The value is defined by durability, materials used and functionality. This product offers some longevity but not necessarily durability (a bit of a conundrum, right?). It seems to dent relatively easily but not puncture which allows for longer usage.

It doesn't offer any UV protection either so the color will start to fade quicker than alternatives that UV protection. It does, however, function as it is supposed to. Though there were some disagreements about the stability of it, for the most part, those who use this type of product often did find that it was quite stable- stable enough to stand and cast in. stable enough to stand and cast in. stable enough to stand and cast in.

On the other side of things, there are some serious issues with the dynamics of it. This will basically not accommodate shorter individuals- the walls to the lip of the cockpit are just too high. It makes it impossible row in. On the plus side, it accommodates taller individuals despite its small overall size and can also accommodate heavier individuals which is unique compared to comparables on the market today.


- Portable accessory holder that can either be used in the boat or towed behind for more room in the kayak
- Large seating area to suit all sizes
- High weight capacity, as well, to accommodate different weights
- Lightweight design and small size for easier transportation
- Flush mount fishing rods for convenience
- Thigh pads for more comfortable movement
- Adjustable foot braces for customized comfort
- Short body for even easier transportation


For the most part, the reviews left about this product were positive. The highlights are definitely the room within it as well as its stability and lightweight nature. The body is so light and small that it is easy to transport and could potentially be loaded into a car. This helps with having to get some sort of apparatus for the transportation vehicle in order to move it. In addition to these features, reviewers appreciated its design and style. They also found the bow and carrying handles from a convenience perspective.

The negative features of it are that it is made of very thin polyurethane plastic that is almost translucent which seems to have seriously impacted the durability of its body. Dents and wear are far more apparent and present earlier in the life of it. There are also some issues in regard to the seating area which is not contoured to the bottom which causes both some discomfort and some sliding when paddling. The walls are also high making it nearly impossible for anyone under 5'5" to actually paddle in it. The footrests are adjustable shorter individuals had issues even reaching them which didn't help the seating situation whatsoever.

But despite these issues, numerous reviewers appreciated the kayaks design and the reputation of the manufacturer. This product is great for taller and heavier individuals who aren't overly concerned with a new looking aesthetic of a kayak. It is also great for those with a medium-sized vehicle who are looking for easier transportation of this type of device and for those requiring a lightweight one. It's less favorable for shorter individuals who plan on sitting for extended periods of time in it. For everyone else, this should definitely be considered for their next kayak purchase.