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Pelican Catch 120 Review Facts

There is something about boating. The ability to sit, buoyant on the water is a little surreal. In addition to sitting on the water, it allows the boater to spend time outside in nature. When you get into sport-boating whether it's canoeing and kayaking, sport style boating offers physical activity and the pleasure of boating in one.

There are different types of boats available to those looking for an opportunity to use boating as exercise. This includes paddle boating, kayaking, and canoeing. Important things to consider when boating is the requirement of a paddle. Also a life jacket. Without these two items, boating can become very dangerous.

Our website provides product reviews on popular outdoor and indoor items. This article is a product review on the Pelican Catch 120, a kayak offered by the brand Pelican. We looked at consumer reviews and the quality of materials used in order to determine if this kayak is worth the cost. This is our in-depth review of the Pelican Catch 120. We hope that this article helps you with your next kayak purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to stand and balance in 
  • Lightweight in design thus easy to transport 
  • Comfortable to sit in 
  • Convenient high seating position is a plus
  • Doesn't track in a straight line when paddling
  • Slow moving no matter how hard you paddle


This kayak comes with a couple of different accessories to help with the use of this kayak. Of course, the boat itself is included. Outside of the boat, this kayak comes with their version of a paddle which is the Poseidon paddle which allows the boater to glide through the water easier. It also comes with 2 accessory eyelets to help secure the boat. It comes with 2 paddle which helps keep the paddles attached to the boat. These are crucial when boating.

The paddles are floatable but losing them in the water can be complicated to get them out of the water. It also comes with rod tie-downs that will hold your fishing rod in the boat as well and frees up hands for other things. Finally, it comes with a stand assist strap which helps the fisherman stand up in the boat which offers stability and helps with casting.


This boat is made of high-quality materials that offer durability and buoyancy. It is constructed with Pelicans RAM-X PREMIUM which is a multi-layer polyethylene that offers what Pelican lists as an advanced resin which is supposed to significantly offer a better rigidity than standard grade polyethylene. Pelicans RAM-X PREMIUM is supposed to be lighter, it is also supposed to be stiffer as well as stronger.

Those who bought this board said they were happy with how this boat is constructed. They also appreciated the high-quality materials that were used to build this boat. Because of the materials used, this boat is lightweight and easier to move and transport which reviewers liked. Another add-on offered by this boat is a grippy carpet that is installed in the boat to help the fisherman stand. This also offers some shifting abilities which are handy when trying to cast. Due to the drifting issue, discussed later in the article, this also may be handy when the boat drifts a little. Reviewers were happy with this feature.


This boat offers a pretty decent weight capacity which is about 800 pounds. The buoyancy of this boat is pretty impressive. Though this is the case, it doesn't seem to move very quickly especially when additional weight is added. This is discussed in more detail later in the article. It should be noted that this boat is only meant for one person.

This isn't a two person fishing boat. The boat also includes adjustable footrests which allow those inside the boat to adjust the footrests according to their size and height. Those who bought this boat were happy with the amount that they could carry in this boat. The additional weight capacity allows them to carry additional gear and themselves with ease which is positive.


This product is a boat so it is made of hard, waterproof material. As previously mentioned, this boat is made of RAM-X PREMIUM, a material that is trademarked by Pelican. The material is a polyethylene with multiple layers which is highly waterproof and durable. The materials and sealing offered by this boat helps with the seams in order to keep water out from under and on top of the boat. In addition to this, this boat offers a drain just in case water does get into the boat for some reason. The water can be effectively drained at the bottom to keep the boater safe and dry.

Another waterproofing addon is the resin which is "advanced" and helps with the rigidity and waterproofing abilities of this boat. This material is significantly stronger and lighter than standard polyethylene. Those who bought this boat were happy with the waterproofing abilities of this boat, as well as its weatherproofing. This is discussed later on in this article.


The highlight of this boat is its comfort. There are several different comfort features offered by this boat. This includes adjustable footrests which help accommodate individuals of different heights. The seating system is the highlight of this boat's comfort system. The seating of this boat is Pelicans Ergocast G2 seating system, which is dual position, this allows the fisherman to adjust the setting of the seat while also sitting higher in the boat for easier mobility.

Reviewers appreciated how comfortable and supportive the seat is in this boat, noting that they didn't have any back issues and they found paddling easy. One critique is that the material on the seat seems to rip pretty early on in the lifetime of this boat. Outside of this issue, reviewers were happy with the comfort level of this boat and found that to be the most appealing feature of this boat.


This boat certainly looks like a fishing boat. It offers a durable design with nice etching along the front. The boat is narrow and long which helps with the movement of the boat in the water but also looks nice. The seat of the boat sits higher up which helps with the ergonomics of the design. It comes in multiple color options in order to suit individual preferences. The green boat gives the boat more of a camouflaged look. The orange definitely stands out.

Those who bought this boat were happy with its appearance, though there are some issues with the hull of the boat despite its nice look. This is discussed in more detail below. One area that a reviewer noted is that the handles are just riveted to the hull which gives the boat a cheaper look. They would have preferred them to be made a little better quality. Otherwise, this boat is aesthetically pleasing and well-designed which helps with the price point of the boat.


As mentioned previously, this boat is made of some fairly durable materials including multi-layer polyethylene and advanced resin which helps keep the body in better shape. The seats of this boat are made of a softer material that is comfortable but some reviewers had issues with the durability of the seats.

Reviewers noted that the material used rips relatively easily but the manufacturer does seem to be pretty reliable and the seat cover is covered under warranty. Reviewers that called the company had no issues with getting replacement seat covers which is really positive. Outside of this issue, the eyelets and holders seem to stay intact well and this boat lasted people a long time which is really positive and definitely helps the price point of this product.


The primary intended use of this boat is for fishing. The boat offers some stability features that allows fishermen to stand in the boat without falling over. This is particularly useful when casting while standing. Reviewers are happy with how stable this boat is and how easy it is to get up while in this boat (no issues from the sitting to standing position).

The primary issue that reviewers had with this boat is the hull of this boat which, according to reviewers, could not keep the boat straight to save its life. According to reviewers, the hull moves around so aggressively when rowing that it is nearly impossible to get anywhere effectively. Another issue with this boat is that the boat does not glide through the water despite the fact that the boat is so lightweight in nature.

Reviewers noted that it takes forever to get anywhere. Finally, the last issue with this boat is that the boat drifts quite a bit. And immediately, not just over time and in still waters. The boat will start to drift from a cast off which reviewers found very frustrating.


As mentioned earlier in this article, this is a fishing boat and is therefore built to handle different weather conditions. Though it is not wise to use a boat or be on the water during more extreme weather conditions, the boat does offer some serious stability features which reviewers are really happy with.

The issue is that, as mentioned, the boat cant stay straight or still very well. Those who bought this boat noted that this boat is a great boat for novice boaters. This kayak is decently priced making this boat a great boat for beginners. The body of this boat can handle the elements well and offers a decent level of stability which is really positive.


This boat is pretty well priced. Again, this is a novice boat. It isn't something that would be ideal for those looking for a highly functional product. Because this boat doesn't move very quickly when paddling and also doesn't stay still very well, this boat would be frustrating for those who have been kayaking for a long time.

The durability of the boat is impressive and would offer a long term product and would be great for those on a budget. It also offers a decent warranty which helps justify the price plus the boat is attractive in design and stable in nature which is great as well. This boat offers a great bang for your buck but, again, better for beginners.


- Convenient bow, stern and side carrying handles for easy transportation
- Additional bottle and rod holders to free up hands for other things
- Adjustable footrests and Ergocast G2 dual position seating system for comfort
- Tank well with bungee cords for better handling and easier control
- Anti-slip carpet and decent stability for easier standing when casting
- Drain plug for incidental water accumulation within the boat
- Molded paddle rest which helps protect the paddles and keep them in that boat
- 400-pound capacity for additional towing capacity


This boat is pretty well made but definitely not for experts. It offers several comfort features that make this boat much easier to ride in. The boat is also stable with a grippy carpet within it to make getting up and sitting down while on the water easier. It also has several different adjustable features to make long days on the water easier. On top of that, it offers convenient features like a rod holder and bottle holders to free up your hands for other things.

The primary issues of this boat are that the design of the hull seriously impacts its ability to move straight through the water. Also, the boat doesn't move very fast despite its surprisingly light design meaning that any destination it is going to will take quite a bit longer than alternative products on the market. It also really drifts when in the water and not with time but immediately. Reviewers felt that casting causes the product to shift quite excessively which is a serious issue.

On the plus side, this boat is well-priced and offers a pretty durable and waterproof design. it is great for anyone looking for an inexpensive, novice product.