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SOG Tomahawk Review Facts

If you want to have a weapon for safety, a hunting tool and a cutting tool all in one, what could you go for? You could use a knife, but most often these prove more useful only close up. What about a tactical throwing ax?

True this isn’t the first thing that pops into most peoples minds when considering a versatile tool, but it truly is really well rounded. If you like to do a lot of camping or live in a cabin or house that is open country or forest, this may actually be worth looking into for personal security as well as practical use. An ax can be used for cutting wood, short and long-distance defensive and offensive weapon, and as a hunting tool for setting traps or even taking down your target.

Throwing axes or tactical axes have been used by many different people in several different countries for centuries. They are well known and easy to use the tool. So now that you know why and what you could use it for, let's check out what the big deal is with this particular ax.


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Well balanced


Grip can be better

Primary Use

With most tools, you have a primary use, but with a tactical weapon like the tomahawk, its primary function could be argued. It is simply too versatile, and this one is designed to be used in multiple ways from the start. Right away though, you know you can cut things with it and this is where most people start testing such a tool.

So, can it cut wood? The simple answer is yes, it can. It can cut through many things, and if you get good enough with your aim and throwing it, you can even hunt with it. This style weapon was primarily used as a way of defending and using for an attack against intruders. It is, without a doubt, a wartime weapon.

That being said, it was also intended for hunting since it could be used for both short-range and mid-range use. It is built with the ease to be aimed and thrown at a target, and even this modernized version of it is balanced just right to throw as it is to cut wood. It can even be used to work on placing notches into trees or anywhere else you may need them with your chisel end.

One thing we didn’t really consider but have found out is that they designed this one with a side hammer. That means you can use it if you need or want to, to hammer something down. If your curious as to what you might want such a thing for, just consider how easy trap making is if you can cut, notch and hammer out a stake for a hunting trap all with one tool.


This is something we can truly speak highly on. When you are looking for a good ax in general, you want the blade sharp and the head to be strong. Without these two traits, you really won’t get anything else out of it.

From those who have tried and tested this particular ax, the blade is incredibly sharp, and even after a good deal of use, doesn’t appear to lose that edge. There have even been a few who have attempted to ding or somehow damage the metal and have found their efforts go to waste. This ax has a build that is not matched by many others.

The head also has a great chisel piece to it on the back end that is just as sturdy and just as good at keeping its edge, which is impressive to anyone who has owned a tactical ax. Add to that, the head also has a hammer base on the side where it joins the pole, and this too has proven steady and doesn’t easily become damaged. So, what exactly is it made of?

The head is made of 420 stainless steel which has a much higher percentage of carbon and is a minimum of twelve percent chromium. This means it resists corrosion better and can be hardened much better than others as well as polished easier. It’s so good at staying in shape and being kept at its sharpened edges that it is even used in dental and medical tools.


The only real ‘accessory’ for this ax comes in the form of its sheath. This really comes as no surprise, considering it is an ax. What kind of accessories could you look for with an ax?

Well, we do suppose that you might consider its built on ‘extra’ uses as accessories after all not all axes have a built-in hammer for its side, but really, this is part of your tool. This limits us when it comes to asking such. Of course, there are things you could buy or do to make this ax better, such as finding things to add to the handle for better grip.

The sheath itself is a molded hard nylon material to protect it, and yourself from damage. It is always a good idea to have such when you purchase any tool that can’t be put away and remains sharp at all times.


To say this ax is durable would definitely be an understatement given all we have researched on this! There are several owners who have tried to break this or warp it somehow to test it and find out how durable it really is so that as consumers, we could know if this ax was worth it to purchase. They found out for us, that this ax definitely outclasses what most can do.

Starting out with the blade, they tried denting it, getting it to split or dulling it out. The way it was tried was by using it as intended as well as trying it on things that it is not meant to damage or cut. Instead of the ax showing any major signs of wear, it remained sharp, barely any changes in its edge and left dents in the things they were trying to hit.

They also attempted to see if the back-end chisel was just as good as the ax blade and were surprised to find out that it survived the tests just as easily. It retained its shape and remained sharp just like the main ax head.

Thinking maybe the fact that the handle was not made of the same stuff and therefore might break easier, they tested the endurance of that as well. One would think that with it being made of fiberglass reinforced nylon it would not hold out quite as well as the blade, but amazingly it held out- barely a ding! So, what next?

Well, the most easily broken area for any weapon is where the handle and the actual weapon join, right? This is almost always joined on this type of product by bolts of some kind and can only take so much before they get too loose or plain out snap. Every effort made, however, resulted in nothing.

Our verdict has to agree with them- with all this abuse, especially with it being intended, this is one of the most durable tools we have seen. You won’t have to worry about using the hammer obviously since the head simply won’t come flying off the handle from it. This is one of the most durable and versatile pieces of hunting equipment you could take on.


So, what does this beautiful tool weigh? This is an important question since it is meant to be able to be used as a throwing weapon as well as one held in your hands. If too heavy it won’t go far, and if too light it won’t do much when it hits, and it should be balanced as well.

All together this product weighs 24 ounces which doesn’t sound like much but balanced as wonderfully as it is it throws well and hits its mark hard. The weight is perfect for using over time as well since it is heavy enough to do its job without becoming a strain. Those who tested it found that they truly enjoyed using it for all of its tasks.


While the blade is made of stainless steel, it comes with a black carbon finish. The whole blade is coated to further prevent wear and damage, and it does give it such a gorgeous appearance for those who like to have their tools look a little more intimidating. The finish isn’t just about appearance in this case either.
Having a carbon cover means that the metal is protected against rust and can take more before it is damaged. It can actually enhance the hardness of the metal as well, making it resist damage caused by use, which could be why it is so hard to damage this ax. This coating probably also aides in keeping the blade sharp as well, so it is an important measure in protecting and not just in looking good.


Safety is excruciatingly important when it comes to using anything with a blade, but especially when it comes to throwing weapons like the tomahawk. The best way to do this is to keep your tool sheathed whenever you aren’t directly working with it. This will keep you and your tool from being harmed.

Of course, when you are using your ax, you still need to take precautions so that you don’t end up with accidental injuries. With a throwing ax, when being used for target practice or hunting, keep in mind you will want at least 50 feet beyond your target free of people and pets. The reason for this is just in case your aim is off. When you are learning to aim and throw for the first time this is especially important.

For the same reason as keeping what is beyond your target clear of others, you will want to keep at least fifteen feet behind you clear as well. Many people do not consider that when learning to throw, or just using a thrown item in general, there is always the possibility of losing one’s grip and having the item fly backward. This can result in just as much injury and is usually how accidents end up occurring.

Don’t expect to throw long distances, either, at first, and learn hand placement. Aim for only about 5 to 6 feet in front of you for starters and hold the ax at the base of the handle, not the middle. If you do not throw this correctly from the start, it is very likely you may end up the one injured.

As always, while we supply you with some basics about using such a tool, we suggest you also go to someone who knows how to use the item correctly. Having someone teach you in person is one of the best safety tips we could provide you with. Don’t do this without first learning how to do it safely.


As far as tools go, this particular one is an amazingly versatile one, and you will be pleased to note that the one we covered has another amazing thing to factor in- its cost. This 3-in-1 camping and hunting piece of equipment will only cost you around $37.50 on Amazon, which, when you consider how sturdy it is, is a great price. Not only is it likely to last, but it also doesn’t gouge into your pocket!

Not only that, but the company who provides it to you grants you a lifetime warranty stating that if you take care of it you never have to worry about repairs or replacements! They assure their customers they will be willing to help you care for their axes and make sure that the quality holds to their expectations.

Key Features

-Easy to throw
-Well balanced
-Lifetime Warranty

Bottom Line

If you want something you can count on for versatility in its accomplishments this is definitely one you will want to look into. With how durable this ax has proven to be according to those who have bought it, you also need not worry that it will let you down- and if for some reason it does, the company wants to come in and make sure you are satisfied. Of course, like any well-built tool, there will always be those who try to sell you a fake, so be cautious when purchasing and make sure the seller is a trusted name before paying anything.