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Trijicon MRO Review Facts

The manufacture of quality optics is very interesting. Good glass can make the difference of a sight appearing in an ad as a tiny photo buried somewhere in the sports section or on the front page in full color. In the world of self-defense and law enforcement, good optics make the difference in the time needed for getting on target and stopping an imminent threat. When it counts, a cheap reflex sight can fail.

Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) describes the function of the Trijicon precisely. It is a red dot optic style that has no magnification. The Trijicon is not a ‘cheap’ optic but is reasonably priced. Made in the U.S., it is an extremely rugged piece of glass that survives brutal treatment and keeps zero. The company used the same techniques and materials as their famous ACOG sights. The sights are probably as reliable. Forged 7075-T6 aluminum was used t make the housing instead of 6051 used in other optics.

Trijicon tells us the sight is parallax-free and has infinite eye relief. The MRO can be mounted anywhere on the rifle - from the hand guard on the front to the receiver at the back. The red dot will pop into the field of view. The objective lens of the MRO is 25mm. Objective lens size suggests the field of view an optic can achieve. As per Trijicon, the field of view is 44 percent larger than similar products. Its main competition has an objective lens of 20mm.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use adjustments
  •  Big knob for setting brightness
  • Crisp red dot
  • Large field of view
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • No lens caps
  • Glass has slight bluish tint
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  • Super crisp dot. It is very bright and the adjustment knob is set perfect on the sight. The turrets have positive clicks. It works like the Aimpoint for a fraction of the price. The sit nice to look through. It is made just like the best sights out there with forged Aluminum. I won't buy anything else for my rifle.
  • I a very satisfied at how well this works and fits on my AR. It is light and super durable. Th settings are just right and not overdone. The different brightness settings is perfect. I am able to use my other hand efficiently. It has really good battery life and I feel it can compete with some of the top of the line sights. Great job here.
  • I thought it was going to be a bit bigger. I also cannot use the backup site with it, it sets too low. I do get a nice clear view of my target. It is a solid sight and fits well on all the rails I have mounted it on. The price is great and I am able to buy other items I need for my rifles.
  • I am not sure if it is my eyes or it but It has a more flower design than a dot. However, the sight is highend feeling and doesn't seem to be worse than my more expensive glass. I get to sae more money and have the same quality, I am happy with that.
  • These are better than the Aimponts in my opinion. It is also just as durable as the rest. The design works really well and is easy to use when mounted and firing. The turrets are made well and don't have silly caps you can lose. I really can’t find anything negative about it. Great piece.
  • The EOTech has nothing n this piece. It is so clear and the dot is great. The field of vision is bright and it is quick to target Super easy to get a zero with this thing. I do think the lower settings aren't that great or really useless. I have an astigmatism and I don’t get the flower dot. I am happy that I bought it.
  • I read some bad reviews but I bought it anyway on instinct with the Trijicon name. I am glad that I did. Thousands of rounds and not one reset or issue with it. The lens cap does a great job of protecting.I have put this thing though hell and it is still great. This is high quality for low price than the competition. I highly recommend it.
  • This is sharp and has a clear view. The dot makes targeting super fast and zeroing really easy. The wide view makes this thing double great. I don't feel like I am looking through a tunnel. It has a very very faint blue tint but I still like it.
  • I like great equipment that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This is that. I got a quick mount and it works great. The blue tint is what happens under fluorescent light and it doesn't bother me too much. I like the scripture etched into it. It is a great optic for the price and I would recommend it for sure.
  • This site is fast to sight and has a great close to medium range. I paired it with a LEAP mount and it made the sight picture better. It is a good low budget sight. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Zero issues with the sighting. It has kept its zero through all kinds of banging around. I have not had to change the battery and I have had it a year now. I didn't expect anything less from the Trijicon. I am glad I bought it.
  • It didn't even take me 10 rounds to zero this in. The thing is super durable and the red dot is super crisp. It did receive an award for best optic of the year. I highly recommend it.
  • The battery lasts and lasts. The Dot is nice and clear. If you are buy8ing the “full co-witness”, it is off, lower by ⅓. You will have to get a certain mount to make it perfect.
  • This is an angled sight. It is a great dot and works wo swell. I did get a full co-witness mount for it,, People are sending them back because they aren't aware it is an angled sight. Do research before buying stuff people. It is one of the best sights on the market and priced really well.
  • They made this sight really well and it has great visibility. Slightly wide and adds to the view. I do with they wouldn't send it with such cheap screws, I hate that.
  • The first one had a scratched lense but Amazon sent me a new one right away, no issues. I actually used this to replace my Aimpoint. It is a great sight and I will be buying more for my other rifles. It is a perfect size and easy to use.
  • This is so good. I am used to cheap glass and I won’t ever go low again. I am able to leave it on all the time. The battery really lasts forever. The dot is bright and super small, not obstructive at all. It is super durable and built really well. I would recommend it for sure.
  • I have used this in and outside. It is easy to see though and has a great wide view. I have dropped it and banged it around and it never loses t has the longest battery life ever. I never have issues with it. You really get what you pay for when dealing with sights and this baby is great.
  • This is excellent quality. It replaced my other optics and I have two mounted on my 9MMs. They aren't cheap but they are the best.
  • The lenses were mounted improperly. They were so crooked, it was visible. They have a serious QC issue.
  • It came with no rows for the mounting on low profile or the clamp screws. They also have one screw that is broken so I am unable to mount it. I waited two weeks for something I cannot use.
  • Got it in the mail and it won't turn on at all. I have tried everything and checked the faqs page and nothing. I returned it. Pretty disappointed.
  • It doesn't view well at all. It has a blue tint and the fish eye on the outside makes a circle. Although I just bought it they won’t to charge me $50 bucks to replace it. The magnification is also off. This is just not what they say it is and I am not impressed.
  • It isn't a real 1x mag. The distortion is horrible and it isn't clear at all. The red dot isn't crisp, more a star. The 6 isn't bright at all. I am returning it, I do not like it.
  • Super disappointed in this. Th dot is a flower and has a really bad fisheye blur. There is a ring with anything higher than a 3. All of this makes the sight pic so hard to focus on.
  • I really thought this was gonna be great after researching. The dot isn't a dot though. It is more like a cluster of dots. I am not sure if it is just this one but I can't use it to shoot.
  • They assembled the lens wrong. It was backwards. It also want seated properly in the front. It was a set at an angle. I won’t be byng them again. Too much money for such crappy QC. I'll keep my Aimpoints.
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Basic Features

Like most red dot optics, the aiming point brightness can be adjusted. A simple dot indicates the device is off. A CR2032 lithium battery powers the MRO. The batteries can be found in any U.S.drug store. They are easy and quick to install though caution should be taken when inserting them.

They have multiple contact prongs that can bend if they are inserted clumsily in a rush. Taking time to insert them properly prevents any problems. Inadequate battery power when it is needed most is a concern of red dot sights many have expressed.

The MRO is designed to be extremely efficient. In a continual setting-3 position, the battery will provide power for five years. It is a medium-low setting that is perfect for average brightness. It is recommended that those who mount the MRO on a shotgun or rifle for home defense find a setting that is best suited for them and leave it on.

There is no time during a home invasion to fumble with the optics to find the correct setting or remember to turn on the optic. Keep it on and replace the battery once per year. The sight has elevation and windage adjustments on the right and top of the optic.

Advanced Features

There are eight intensity settings. Two are compatible with gear for night vision. On top of the MRO is the intensity knob. Either hand can easily reach the knob. An interesting configuration places the off position at the dial’s center. Medium settings are placed on either side. The configuration allows for a margin of error when it has to be turned on quickly. Checking in either direction gives a red dot that is useable immediately in low and medium lighting conditions.

Further adjustments to brighten or dim can be made if time permits. On the intensity dial, the number/letter indicator that faces the shooter is the current setting. The night vision levels are denoted by ‘N’ and ‘n.’ The stiff knob makes clicking through the options an intentional act.

The dial cannot be accidentally adjusted to a wrong setting. The cool features combination makes it a superior choice over most optic devices on the market. The battery life of the lithium battery that illuminates the sight is an aspect that stands out. Short battery life is a typical red dot problem.


The eight brightness setting include five for daylight settings, one for super bright settings, and two for night vision. The mid-position off feature is adjustable for a personalized view. The brightness control positioning allows for left and right-handed user manipulation.

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The highest setting is exceptionally bright. It is easy to see in full daylight. It is suggested to have an updated eye exam before purchasing this optic. How disappointing it would be to find it does not perform as advertised because the shooter’s eyes are defective rather than the product.

Continuous shooting without removing the hand from the trigger is possible. MRO offers an off-handed experience that helps make a clear focus on the target which increases the ability to stop the imminent danger. The 25mm objective lens is a feature absent in the majority of red dot style sights.

The parallax-free aperture ensures upgraded situational awareness — the design aids in acquiring a target fast. Its towering design is a critical factor in faster target acquisition when compared to smaller sized optics. The optics have large, high-quality glass that provides superior clarity. An objective angle lens ensures a reticle with a crisp dot when in low light. It serves as a confidence booster to the shooter.

Multi-coated lenses maximize the amount of light that reaches the eye. The well-made glasses produce no reflection in any lighting system. Reflections affect image quality and can alert the target before shooting. The scope is tinted, but it is nearly impossible to notice while looking through the scope when used outdoors.

The proper amount of light was added on both directions. The sweet spot of the amount of light allowed to enter the optic has been found. It was accomplished by a front lens enlargement that maximizes light transmission. Additional light creates outstanding sight pictures.

Primary Use

To avoid accidental engagement they windage and elevation adjustments are recessed slightly in short towers. No special tool is needed to adjust them. A coin makes adjustment easy when in the field. A click equals a shift of 0.5 MOA. There is an adjustment range of 70 MOA. Trijicon tells us the range adjustment permits sighting in all small arms calibers. Testers have found the range works well on rifles chambered for 9mm, 7.62 X 39mm, and .223 Rem.

There are no caps to lose on the adjustment turrets. The dials are below the turret rim surface and not easily moved. The Trijicon MRO is available with or without a mount. There are three mount heights offered - mid ⅓ mount, full co-witness, and low.

The company focuses on the design of the optics. Other companies are free to develop additional MRO mounting options. The quality of optics has an impact on the face of the shooter after every shot. Poor quality of optics ruins a day in the bush.

The sight allows the shooter to hit a target from any position accurately. Shooters can lean over their gun and knees on the ground without the stock touching the shoulder. The shooter remains in an optimal position for hitting targets. Self-illumination is a specialty of the company. Most of the optics use batteries, radioactive isotope tritium, and light-gathering fiber optics. The sight easily fits the position of the head. It also matches up to standard arm mounts.

There are also aftermarket mounts available. MRO mounting is profoundly simple. In the package, all the necessary tools are included. A simplified user’s manual ensures the job can be done correctly. Mounting takes no more than five minutes.

A tiny flathead screwdriver can be used to adjust the dot according to the shooter’s point of aim and impact. Changing the elevation and windage is simple, smooth, and shockingly accurate. The 2 MOA dot feature makes aiming incredibly ease. The target is not covered up too much at a range the shooter is unlikely to use an optic that is magnified.


Fully sealed aircraft-grade is hard anodized for protection in the harshest elements. Weather is an uncertain phenomenon and a significant concern in the climate change era. A weatherproof sight is critical to ensure continued hunting in any weather.

Fog proof is accomplished by filling tubes with dry-nitrogen. The MRO has been durability and strength tested and deemed to be best suited for shotguns, carbines, and rifles. A warranty means a one time purchase may eliminate the need ever to buy a new sight again. There are no durability concerns.

The entire optic, including the adjustments turrets, is sealed and waterproof to 30 meters. The design is meant for durability to reign supreme. It is housed in aircraft-grade aluminum. The sight remains in good working condition after withstanding the harshest of environments.

The Trijicon MRO can change the shooting precision of a carbine, shotgun, or rifle. There are three adjustments -brightness setting, elevation, and windage. All the settings are boringly accurate and secure. An ambidextrous brightness dial makes a left and right-handed operation possible.


Durable metal construction is featured in the Trijicon design. The superior construction guarantees the MRO to be the most sustainable option available. Knowing the care and quality that goes into the production, Trijicon confidently stands behind the MRO with a limited warranty.

There is an option to purchase the MRO separately or as a whole unit. The three mounting options provided allow for ideal position customization. A low mount offers a low profile. The higher co-witness mount centers the dot on standard iron sights.

Many shooters favor the co-witness mount due to the ability to run iron sights and red dot simultaneously. When run together, the irons maximize aiming clarity. And the sighting is hastened. It gives the shooter reflexive shooting advantage. Regardless of the shooting platform, the dot quickly zeroes the target.

The adjusters allow positive ½-click at 100 yards. It is a standard red dot optic range. No caps or tools are needed to make adjustments. Sub-flush turret adjusters protect the low profile turrets, and the sub-flush dial prevents inadvertent damage and movement. The optics are compatible with any caliber.


The length of the sight is 2.6 inches. It weighs 4.1 ounces. The sight is easy to carry.


Trijicon has gained ground in its marketing because of their reasonable prices and impeccable performance. With all its features, the Trijicon MRO is sold at almost half the price of its immediate competitor. Good optics can be the difference between life or death in the context of military or law enforcement. A lackluster and cheap sight can come at the ultimate price. The American military is among Trijicon’s leading contractors. The company delivers reliability and quality above all else.

There is nothing new brought to the table by the Trijicon MRO, but it is a robust market competitor. The $579 price tag reflects its marketability — the number of shooters using the sight increases due to its affordable price and outstanding performance.

Key Features

* -60°F - 160°F operating temperature
* 1X magnification
* 2 MOA red dot reticle
* 2.6-inch length
* Eight brightness levels
* Forged 7075-T6 aluminum housing material
* Limited lifetime warranty
* MSRP $579, $629 w/mount
* Night vision compatible
* Waterproof rating of 30 meters
* Weighs 4.1 ounces

Bottom Line

With the year-round usage, the price, and battery life, the owner can count on a lifetime of good service. Compared to other sights, the Trijicon emerges as a very durable device. The strong aircraft-grade aluminum body withstands recoil and harsh weather.

No product is 100 percent ideal. There are a few complaints about the Trijicon MRO. They include the low magnification, the 2MOA Red Dot is not as sharp as advertised, and six brightness settings are not enough for midday in the desert. A group of testers lists the Trijicon as a quality optic based on its high relative value, ease of use, all-around use, the lightweight, large area of view, and long-life reliability. The features and quality of the sight speak for themselves.

Firearm technology development is stunning. Miniaturization of electronics rapidly increases the clarity of optical lenses. Trijicon is a famous manufacturer and distributor of sights for firearms. The sights are offered for pistols, shotguns, and rifles.