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Philips SHP9500 Review Facts

So, you are preparing to set up a personal, at-home studio? That sounds like a daunting task to most at first, especially if you have begun looking into the right headset and are met with the high price of the ones available. Is there a way to get good, studio-quality sound, without paying out more than most of us make in a month?

Yes, there is! That’s the good news, and many will back out before they realize you don’t need all the heavy equipment and high-priced materials to start making music everyone can appreciate. Starting with a good headset, after all, the product you came to see here is exactly what you would look for. This pair is built for home studio use, not big studio use.

Can it be used for more? Yes, but it isn’t recommended to use while out and about as it does what you’d expect from a studio set and leaks sound- enough so that even a studio may not want to use it. Fortunately for you, it is great for home use, so let’s dig in and find out what you can expect!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Built for home studio

Great sound

Cord is replaceable




Can’t replace ear pads

Activities for Use

These are not a pair meant for taking around with you and listening to your music. The days of simple headsets being all there is to offer for those of us trying to work from home are long past. Music mixers, singers, animators, and even gamers have our own unique style we need for everything to be perfect. This set is sed up for those who need quality sound for creating music soundtracks at home.

A studio set is bound to leak sound and is also likely to let outside noise in. So, wearing this headset out is likely going to cause issues not only for you but for those around you who may not get as much enjoyment from listening to your tunes. Also, studio sets are bulkier and tend to be designed for working while sitting or standing still.

While you could use them for gaming, or leisurely listening, at home, the room would need to be quiet in order to truly enjoy what they have to offer. They also do not have a microphone, so you wouldn’t be able to use them for in-game chats or calls. This is strictly an air built for hearing all something has to offer.

Basic Features

In a sense, basic is all you tend to get with any studio headset. They are built to listen and are most often, as this set is, a plugin and a listening device. While this pair is a studio design, they are built simply and that is due to the fact that the company was seeking to make a set for those starting out or who are hobbyists.

In other words, they are above your average headset in quality and in sound production but aren’t exactly an industry perfect pair. These are perfect for at-home setups where you can have a quiet empty room to begin mixing and putting together your own music. You get the same studio-level sound from this pair in the correct setting as you would from paying the much higher price of a pair built for in-studio use.

Advanced Features

This comes in the build for exactly what provides the sound at the core as well as the outside appearance and model itself. You will easily note that your typical easy-listening sets are not open-backed, while studio set is open. This is so that the sound can travel and create a more 3D style atmosphere.

Between the usual layered design of the inner workings, and the effect of sound traveling out and back to you, the headset makes it seem like the sounds that are behind or to the side are actually in those locations. It literally gives the listener the same level of control at what gets attention as visual artists have in their programs such as photoshop. You get to build the sounds rather than applying everything to a single layer.

Sound Quality

The quality of sound you receive is close to if not at the same level as you would find on a much higher priced studio-level pair. The difference lays only in two aspects and those are that this pair is only designed for 80-ohm and they are not designed to keep the sound from leaking too much to be used around studio-level microphones. This won’t affect those who are recording via a music program on their PC.

Why doesn’t it affect the quality of a computer-based program? Because normally the music is done via programming and not live recordings of an instrument. While this will affect singing, with the music able to be picked up, or sound effects, you can always listen with this set to playback and adjust the tuning of the in-program music and then record the singing part while using a different set built for recording voice.

The sound quality is great for easy listening in quiet environments as well. As long as you aren’t hoping to communicate with anyone while using them, this could be a great set for enjoying the depth of the sounds and music of a game, creating a much more immersive environment for heavy-duty 3D play in games such as Skyrim where you don’t have outside players.


Connectivity for anything corded seems a relative ‘given’ quality since you aren’t likely to lose sound or have hiccups because of the headset. The only thing that changes with this type of gear is in how much power it can handle. In this case, these are only built for 80-ohm which is the typical in/out for a regular PC, gaming device or other personal devices for making music at home.

While you could connect it to something more powerful, it isn’t really going to make a lot of difference in quality for you as the listener. The actual quality of sound remains the same no matter how powerful you make the connection. The good news is that you don’t need a special adapter for this product, so the cords can be easily replaced for very little money.


This equipment got major plusses in comfort from a lot of people who have tried various levels pf studio sets. It is exceptionally comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time making this one of the best out of the cheaper studio sets out there. Instead of cutting corners on comfort, it seems that Phillips went with cutting corners elsewhere.

If cared for properly this set will remain highly enjoyable to use just from comfort alone with its padded ear cuffs to the padded headpiece. However, there is a downside to how comfortable this set is. The padding is designed into the earpieces themselves, which means they cannot be replaced if they become damaged.


The design seems to have been aimed to maintain the feeling of this being a studio set. Rather than trying to pretty them up, or cover the fact that they had open backs, the choice was made to keep the wire mesh look of most studio headsets instead. This isn’t a major concern, and it doesn’t look bad either.

Most of the design for these instead went to producing a pair which could maintain comfort and quality of sound. In our opinion, this was actually the better option. Sound and comfort are often overlooked when a company tries to design a cheap pair of advanced headsets, and we are glad to see the focus went to the places that make a pair good to use.


These have been described as being much sturdier and well-built than expected. Though there are some downfalls to the design, the plastic of the headband is sturdy, the wire plating is meant for long term heavy use, and the padding is perfect. The issue comes into play only after quite a while of use, or misuse of the product.

The only issue is really the ear padding. All forms of foam padding will break down over long-term use, and if even one accident occurs, it can make that time even shorter. The unfortunate part is that such would cost you the whole set because the pads do not come off.

Ease of Use

The simplicity of plugin and it does its job has become a rarity in many areas of life, but thankfully that isn’t the case with most gear in this category. This is literally a pair that you plug right into your device and use without having to truly do any additional set up. Of course, many companies do offer apps to calibrate your gear if you feel the need to.

It is also easy to replace the cord for this one. It uses the standard size intended for most devices. So, you do not have to worry about complicated adapters or amplifiers to work with this set. It works best with your stereotypical PCs and game consoles right out of the box.

Power Source

This is much simpler than one might expect from a pair of studio styled headsets. Most of these types of gear offer varying level of ‘ohms’ and therefore require different adapters and equipment to run at their best. Not so with this pair, however, since it was designed for home use.

Instead of chasing all different cords and equipment to try and get that better sound, this one rocks its best at the usual 80-ohm level that all headsets tend to run at. That means your power can come from most devices, just plug it in and it’s already doing its best. No wondering about quality when you are given it from the start.

Not only that, but the cord which you use to plug it in is still designed the way the interchangeable sets have. What does that mean? Well, it means you never have to worry if the cord will be an issue because it is easily replaceable.


Most studio-level sets are extremely expensive, and for those just starting out, especially from home, this can be very daunting. In order to make this easier Phillips decided to bring out a set with all that you need at a minimalistic price. For the home studio music mixing artist, this is great news!

At only $80 USD, this set makes it affordable to start your music-making career. To some this may not sound cheap or opportunistic but considering a top-line Studio set can cost well over a grand, the $80 asked for the cost is definitively a better option. After all, if you already are paying the cost of a music program and the USB plugin instruments to work with, you may have already been pushing the cost of setting up on your own.

The unfortunate part, however, to having something cheaper is the cut in the fact that they rarely come with company-based warranties. The best you can truly get is if the seller you purchase it from offers a money-back guarantee or a third-party warranty for the product in case it is defective. The issue with third party and money-back style products is that you have to trust the seller to honor it, so make sure you trust who you get them from.

Key Features

-Quality sound
-Easy to use
-Quality inner build

Bottom Line

If you are in need of quality in-home studio headset without having to fork out over a thousand dollars for a set that can play the music the way you need to hear it. This is even more so if you have already paid between $30 and $100 for your music program and several more hundred for each instrument. A USB piano can be hard on the budget, we know.

Not only that but most music programs these days make you pay for the packages that give you that instruments sound in your recordings. So, for those already feeling that setting up is impossible, but who have the in-home area to do it, this could be a lifesaver. If you feel the need for the higher ohm sets though, you may want to look elsewhere- and be prepared to pay out another grand or more to get it.