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Grado SR60E Review Facts

Where does one look when looking for entry-level studio headphones that are under $100.00? Will they even be worth buying at such a low price? Well, that all matters on what you want in such headphones. Maybe we can help you find what you are looking for with this review. This particular set of headphones is not focused on anything but delivering as much as possible to the sound quality of this product, but we’ll get into that a little later. For now, faithful consumer, let’s get a look at each piece we can, shall we?

Editor's Pros & Cons

Strong wiring

Amazing sound quality

Open-backed cans

Studio capacity


Not very durable

Comfort could be better

Activities for Use

This set of headphones are not really meant for travel, for more than one reason, really. Due to the construction of this set of headphones, using them on the go just is not really all that practical. Truthfully, the fact that the headband to this product is made of vinyl with ear cup adjusters made of metal.

Other than this one part, you probably won’t find another bit of metal on these headphones. This particular set is focused on making the music, movie or whatever you are using them for as crisp and clear sounding as possible. The widening of the ‘sound stage’ is due to the open-backed ear cans and allows the headphones to ‘spread’ the sounds out as if you are in the room as it happens.

Not quite surround sound, really, but definitely an awesome way of achieving such an effect without that exact technology.

Basic Features

From the vinyl headband to the plastic grill on the backs of the ear cans, this headset screams basic with its appearance. But, according to our research, the most basic thing about this pair of headphones is the fact that you can plug them into pretty much anything and use it effectively. A lot of this style of headphones, in the end, need an amp to run with them properly.

Some people might find this to be so with these, as they do come with a jack-enlarger attachment for the cord, but from all the research we have done, there is nothing that shows us that the amp is necessary.

Advanced Features

There is not really much to say about the advanced features of these headphones. Frankly, the only thing to mention is the fact that if you find that your headset is not working properly, you might want to try setting them up with an amp to enhance the power. There is an enlarger attachment that is pretty easy to use, really. Beyond that, there is really nothing to say, these headphones were designed with one thing in mind, the best you can get for the lowest price possible.

Sound Quality

Here is where we really get to shine with our review. The sound that these headphones deliver is quite amazing. During our research into them, we found that there are people out there who have compared this particular product against ones that were being sold for twice as much.

They stated that while there were aspects of these headphones that they didn’t like, they prefer the sound that they got with them than by the ones that were twice as expensive. That says a lot, when you stop to consider this,as a reader. Grado made sure that they used the open can with very little to impede the sound quality.

The sound itself is very crisp and clear, lacking a bass-heavy sound that will likely drown out other sounds. Do not take that as there is no bass, only that the bass is not the focus of this pair of headphones. You will find that you can hear everything in its proper place, but be warned, not all things sound amazing through them, the bass-heavy sound does not work well with them. If it needs booming bass, then these headphones are probably not for you.

For those who want to hear every little nuance clearly, however, you might want to stop and consider this product for your next set. The only downside to this product’s design is the fact that while the open cans expand the sound stage the headphones are working with, it also negates any sound canceling that might be had. This means that if you can hear a lot of noise without the headphones on, you are still going to hear it with them on. The sound quality, though, is definitely worth the cost.

As with any studio headset, the open backs are intended to create a 3D quality effect with sound. In other words, things that are supposed to sound like they are behind or beside you or other sound-making objects, are supposed to sound like they actually are. The open backs are used to create a virtual sense of everything being where they are supposed to be and spread out instead of built into a single area.


These headphones connect by a standard stereo jack, but there is an enlarger for those who want or need a larger connector. This means it is quite easy to get set up and get to using your headset. Of course, using an amp will add to the amount of work needed to use them.

Why would you need an amp for the larger sound quality? Simply put, the more power you want to what you are listening to, the more power the set itself will need to be run correctly. You would not plug a stove or dryer into the same wattage wall plug as you would a computer, and the same can be said for larger Ohms with a headset.


As we have previously stated, comfort was not a focus in the design of this pair of headphones. The vinyl headband is not padded, which can be annoying if you use them for long periods of time. The headphones also sit on the ear, not around it, which also makes it harder to sit there for long periods of time.

Of course, that might not be a completely bad thing. One thing we want to note, though, is that this pair of headphones do have good clamping strength, meaning that they will not fall off easily. Surprisingly, this little fact does nothing to add any discomfort. In the end, though, it’s a matter of cost.

They cut corners as much as possible to deliver the best sound possible for less, and it has been proven to be worth it. If you do need more comfort, though, there are other sets available. This set was built for those who want to get started but don’t want to pour every dime into a good sounding headset.


Being part of Grado’s Prestige Class, the headphones look almost like a throwback to the 1980s, which is pretty refreshing, really. It’s smooth and streamlined, the only real size and weight in its construction being inside of your ear cans. By being simple in design and style, a person could easily overlook them for other fancier models, but do not be fooled by its simple aesthetic. This particular pair of headphones hides a monster in the sound department.

When you are more concerned with how something does its job over how cool it looks, you are ready for the world of true studio sound. This is what this company went in with, the desire to make sure their set worked for you without cutting into your budget- and appearance is a major player in how much something like this will cost you.


We have said it before, and will probably say it again, these headphones are not as focused on anything outside of sound quality and for a lower price. If you need to take them on the road, we advise that you carefully select a box them in such a way as to keep them from being slammed around or crushed. While there is little on how much abuse these headphones can withstand, we would not suggest that you tempt fate with reckless antics.

They can last long if you take care of them, is what it comes down to. Remember that these do not have intense materials holding it all together and treat them as such and they’ll survive.

Ease of Use

With no extra cords to connect, this headset is ready to go right off the bat. Just plug it into the source unit for sound and they’ll work well. Of course, there are, again, those who use an amp with their headphones and this product comes with the appropriate connector. Either way, they are pretty easy to use.

No need to download any programs to use them, and other than setting up an amp, there is no real hard work to go through in using them. Plug them in and go, which is always a great feeling. After all, the harder or longer the setup, the less most of want to use it, and, with constant updates to systems, it can get to be a pain to have to search out drivers.

Of course, if you are using these in the studio, the fact you can just plug in and start is a given. Most of the equipment to get the best quality out of your set will be built into a soundboard and other studio equipment. Of course, having the right plugs may mean checking up on what your set comes with and assuring you don’t buy used. As always check the authenticity of your purchase.

Power Source

There is no real power source for this pair of headphones. Plug them in and there is your power source. Again, there is the idea of hooking them up to an amp, which supplies even more power to the headphones, but an amp should not be needed, really unless you want it to go up in quality via Ohm size.

Most studio sets can run at lower 80-Ohm and go up too much higher levels such as 250. This does affect the quality as you would expect. You would hear a much crisper sound as well as be able to tell each section apart from another. This is not volume, it is how easy sound can be pushed through your headset.

The lower this number, the harder your speaker or headset has to work in order to get the same level of quality sound through it. This can cause overheating and even cause your headset to wear out sooner, the same way it would an actual speaker set. Does this mean you should always use it at a higher Ohm?

No. Some sets are built to produce more, but using a higher level on a set not built to actually produce the quality won’t really affect anything. Studio level sets are often made to do so, but if all you are doing is leisure listening (playing games, listening to music, etc) you aren’t going to be pushing your set by not going for more.


So, what would someone expect to pay for a pair of headphones like this? For high-quality sound, most people expect to pay over $100.00, which is understandable, really. We can see how that has come to be a trend, but at the time this was written, this particular set of headphones comes at the reasonable price of $79.00 at, and might we add that they come with free shipping?

Key Features

-Open-backed cans
-Incredible ‘sound stage’
-Isolated sound systems

Bottom Line

Here we are, after much research and discussion, at the end of this review. This pair of headphones look inexpensive, and in a lot of ways, is exactly that. The look just doesn’t give you the hope of what these headphones can give you. We only wish you could try them out for yourself and be amazed at what simple-looking headphones are truthfully capable of delivering. Sure, there are people out there who will find various reasons to complain, but you are paying for what you get.

Honestly, the cost is worth it, really. A strong sound system is always something a person should be looking for when shopping for a good pair of cans for your ears. Remember that, and remember this article if you are looking to spend less than one hundred dollars.