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Skullcandy Riff Review Facts

Having high-quality headphones is something that many people look for, whether they are athletes, gamers, or they simply love music. Not only is it important that headphones be made to last a long time, but they should be comfortable and provide good sound quality. Some people like to have wireless headphones, but these can come at a very high price tag.

One thing that many people can agree on is the fact that the Skullcandy brand makes good headphones. Whether you prefer earbuds or headphones that go over the ears, you have probably tried out Skullcandy’s before and found that they were better than many other options on the market.

Another pair of Skullcandy headphones that are worth trying are the Skullcandy Riff. The biggest thing that people loved at these headphones is that they are incredibly cheap for wireless headphones- approximately only $50- which is much, much lower than any other wireless pair of headphones on the market. But this doesn’t mean that they feel and perform cheaply, either. Let’s get into some of the logistics of these headphones.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These headphones are very lightweight and comfortable and are made with plush materials around the ears
  • The headphones have great sound quality, especially when it comes to regular music and audio recordings
  • The Bluetooth connection these headphones provide is strong
  • The Riffs come at a nice price tag of only $50, which is incredibly cheap for a pair of wireless headphones
  • The headphones charge very quickly, a ten-minute charge being able to last you for two hours
  • The headphones have no noise canceling mechanisms
  • There is no option for you to use a cord to listen to the audio- everything must be done wirelessly
  • The materials with which the headphones are made are not very high in quality


There are not many activities that you will be able to do with these headphones, other than, obviously, connecting them to your device and using them to listen to the audio. You will be able to control your audio using buttons that are on the headphones, and some of the things that you will be able to do include adjusting the volume, skipping tracks, activating your device’s voice assistant, and playing and pausing audio.

Basic Features

One of the features that the headphones provide is controls on the earcup. For example, you will be able to control the volume with these buttons, but that’s not all. You will have a button that will allow power, pairing, voice assistance, managing calls, and playback. If you hold the volume buttons (the buttons marked with a plus and minus sign) down for three seconds, you will be able to skip forwards or back on tracks. But some people complained that they simply wanted to adjust the volume of their music, and due to this feature, they ended up accidentally skipping forwards or backward on tracks.

Advanced Features

The headphones do not have any advanced features, other than the fact that they are completely wireless and do not have any way of being used without a cord. Despite this, many people were pleased with the quality of the Bluetooth connection and said that they did not have any connection cuts whatsoever.

Sound Quality

People said that the quality of the sound with the microphone was very good, especially for headphones that operate using a Bluetooth wireless connection. They said that they were able to understand everything they said while trying the recording device, other than some fuzziness that is to be expected from any pair of headphones, but overall, believed that the sound quality the microphone provided was much better than that of many wireless headphones.

People were also pleased with the overall sound quality of these headphones. They said that the headphones allowed them to hear the bass and other elements of songs perfectly, and were genuinely surprised with the sound quality that headphones offered at such a low price point provided.

One thing to consider is that these headphones are not really the type you want to use if you’re going to the gym, or somewhere that will be rather quiet. This is because people said that the headphones have no noise isolation, meaning that everyone around you will be able to hear what you are listening to. This might be a turn off for people who wanted something they will be able to use for their daily commute or in other social situations.


This product will connect to your device using Bluetooth, and they are said to work well with any device, so it does not matter whether you use an Android or an iOS device. Many people were pleased with how well the connection was and said that they did not experience any failures in connection.

However, something important to take into consideration is that you can only listen to audio with these headphones wirelessly; they don’t offer any options for you to use them with a wired connection. If having the option of a wired connection is important for you, then that is something you might want to consider before purchasing these headphones.


A very important feature of headphones that go over the ears is comfort. Many times, people will complain that such headphones make their ears hurt after a while and they cannot wear these types of headphones for longer periods of time. However, Skullcandy provided a lot of cushioning in the Riffs to ensure that people will not experience this problem. And, despite the fact that these headphones did go on top of the ear, which often causes discomfort for the earlobe, many people said that the extra cushioning provided them with a lot of comfort, and they felt that they were able to wear the headphones for hours at a time.

However, one part that did cause some discomfort for people was the headband. This is due to the fact that the headband has zero cushioning whatsoever, which is actually not very common for headphones that go over the ears. So, if you plan to listen to audio for a while, make sure that the headband is adjusted correctly to suit the size of your head to avoid discomfort. Otherwise, you might become fatigued and get a headache.


The headphones come in three different colors- black, white, and gray-teal. So, you do have some options to choose from if you are looking for more variety in colors than some other brands might provide. They have the regular Skullcandy logo on the side. While they aren’t the most eye-catching headphones on the market, the Riffs do have a matte finish and have a similar bold look as many of the other headphones made by the same brand do.

The earpads are made with faux leather, which provides for a very comfortable feel. Sometimes, headphones that rest on the ear are not comfortable on the earlobes, but due to the added cushioning in these headphones, many people did not experience this problem.

The headband of the headphones is not cushioned, so if you will be listening to audio for longer periods of time, you will want to make sure that the headband is adjusted to your head correctly, or else you might experience some discomfort.

There are also control buttons on the right earcup.


One of the things that these headphones don’t have is high durability. Of course, that might be expected if you purchase a pair of similar headphones for only $50. Some people said that they bought these headphones so they can avoid using their more expensive ones in some situations. People said that the headphones feel very flimsy and cheap when held, and that they weren’t sure how well the headphones would hold up if they folded them and put them in their bag. While no one particularly complained that the headphones did not last for a long time, nor were there any reports of how long the headphones lasted specifically, they did say that the headphones were made of cheap material. The material on the earpads was not particularly high quality, either. So, you might want to take this into consideration if you choose to purchase these headphones.

Ease of Use

Overall, these headphones are very easy to use, which should be expected for a pair of headphones that do not have any advanced features. Setting up the Bluetooth connectivity feature on your mobile device should be simple, and people said that once the headphones were connected, they did not have problems connecting the headphones in the future. And, they did not experience any problems with the overall wireless connection.

The way to control these headphones is all through the buttons, which allow you to control the volume of the audio you’re listening to, playing and pausing the audio, turning the headphones on and off, and skipping tracks through holding the buttons down for three seconds. Some people noted that they would accidentally skip tracks when they simply wanted to be able to adjust the volume, and said that they wished Skullcandy would have made these into separate buttons. However, they did not notice any other difficulties with the use of the buttons.

The headphones are completely wireless, so you won’t have to completely worry about accidentally yanking the cord out from time to time. You will charge the headphones using the micro USB cable it comes with- in fact, the only accessory that it comes with- and the company claims that the headphones charge up very quickly.

So, as you can see, the Skullcandy Riffs are very basic headphones.

Power Source

The battery life of the Skullcandy headphones is not very long; the company ranks it as being at approximately 12 hours. However, the length of time you can use the headphones before they need charge will depend on how high the volume is when you listen to the audio. This is a good length, however, especially considering that you don’t have any noise-canceling mechanisms with these headphones.

Another important feature regarding the charging aspect of these headphones is that you don’t have to wait long for them to charge; according to the official website, charging these headphones for only ten minutes will allow you to have enough charge to be able to use them for 2 hours.

You will also get a USB charging cable that will connect to the right earcup so that you can charge your headphones.


As we mentioned, the Riff headphones are some of the cheapest headphones on the market for over the ear headphones. They retail for only $50 on the official Skullcandy website and on Amazon. So, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that won’t break the bank, or if you are looking for something cheaper that won’t force you to take your very expensive headphones out and potentially ruin them, these will be a great option for you.

Key Features

-The headphones charge extremely fast, allowing you two hours of charge when you only charged them for ten minutes
-The buttons on the headphones allow you to control the volume of your music, activate the voice assistant, and more
-The headphones are available in several different colors, allowing you to choose something according to your tastes
-The sound quality of these headphones is very good

Bottom Line

While you should not expect these headphones to perform magic, Skullcandy did focus on getting all the important things just right, such as the quality of the audio, the Bluetooth connection, and the headphones’ comfort. These headphones might not be made out of the best and most durable materials, but that is almost to be expected for a $50 price point. The Skullcandy Riff Wireless is a perfect option for you if you don’t want something too spectacular, but still wants to be able to wear headphones over the ears. You won’t have any advanced features or the ability to listen to your music with a cord, but we think that you will get a pretty good deal with these headphones.