These Tips Will Have You Set Up a Tree Stand in No Time!

These Tips Will Have You Set Up a Tree Stand in No Time! These Tips Will Have You Set Up a Tree Stand in No Time!

Deer hunting is usually unpredictable. One of the most predictable truths about deer hunting is that your odds of achievement are never superior to the first occasion when you hunt a deer. This is likely because of the contamination of human fragrance. Regardless of how scent cognizant you are, as you stroll to and from the stand, go on to climb the tree, and hunt, your scent is declaring your presence. The only trick is for you to know that you have a decent spot, set it up before the season, and hunt it when circumstances are favorable.

Numerous hunters have lots of questions as regards setting up a tree stand. “How high do you have to go in the tree?” is it compulsory you avoid the sun? How do you utilize available cover? Each circumstance is distinctive and there aren’t any rule in which special cases do not exist. Nonetheless, there are some broad practices that will help as a rule while putting a tree stand. The following are useful tips for setting up a tree stand.

Why are you there?

First of all, you have no reason whatsoever to be hunting in a location unless you are able to come up with multiple clear reasons for you being in such a place. At whatever point you’re setting a stand, you ought to have the ability to indicate nothing less than two or three good reasons why a matured animal might pass by. On the off chance that there are less strong reasons that you can think about, it’s most likely not an adequate stand to hunt. These reasons may include:

  • Did an animal pass the spot a few weeks ago?

  • Is a terrain funnel available in that vicinity?

  • Are fruits being dropped by a large oak tree within shooting range?

If you are able to provide a positive response to some of these questions and lots more, then you have a spot to set up your stand.

Access or exit

After giving yourself convincing reasons that can make an animal pass by, you now have to ensure that it is additionally a stand that you can access and exit without alarming nearby animals. On the off chance that you can’t do that, paying little respect to how awesome the spot might be, you’re not liable to have any success.

Play the wind and warmth

After selecting your spot, pay notice to both the wind and thermal current in the region. It is best for you to stay downwind or cross-wind of where you probably think the deer will be. This is very essential.

Place your stand high enough

Each circumstance is distinctive, in any case, by and large, you’re best to place your stand as high as you can go in a tree without constraining your shot prospects. In case you are not comfortable with height, go as high as you set out. Getting up the tree higher will offer you a chance to see further, makes it harder for the animal to notice your presence, and in particular, your scent isn’t amassed at the level of their nose level.

Synthetic cover

If you’ve found an extraordinary tree stand area, however, the trees need cover, alternatives options still exist. Have a go at making your own cover by cutting branches or utilizing fake Christmas tree appendages to connect to or around your tree stand.

Utilize the available cover

This goes with the height of the tree stand. You are more chanced to go higher in an uncovered tree when compared to one with a good cover. Search for trees which lose their foliage late, groups of trees, or trees with a “Y” in their truck for covering.

Utilize the sun

Figure out where the sun will be at the time which you will like to hunt the site. Just as you do not like to look straight at the sun, neither do animals as well!

Select and easy to climb tree

Pick a tree that will be anything but difficult to climb, or make it simple to climb the tree you’ve picked. In the event that you have an extraordinary spot, however, you notify every animal around while trying to climb your stand, your awesome spot will go to no end. Utilize enough tree steps or climbing sticks so you can scale the tree effortlessly, securely and discreetly.

Set up the site to make the shot

After selecting a very good spot and setting up your stand, what happens if an animal strolls through and you find it extremely unlikely to take your shot? Take an ideal opportunity to trim some shooting paths or “windows” so you can sneak an arrow through when you have to take your shot.


Once you’re in the correct place, in the right tree, with sufficient cover, and at the best possible height, you can now stress over your tree stand. What’s more, an essential component, ensure that tree stand is noiseless. Before setting up your stand at all, ensure there are no creaky joints or moving parts. These creaks and squeaks can be the end of a nearby hunting opportunity.

Utilize a non-scented ointment to lubricate those moving parts. You’ll likewise need to consider the possibility of metal on metal contact in a tree stand. In the event that there’s the possibility for anything to bang or hit against your tree stand, consider protecting those metal parts with some sort of sound proof material.


The ideal tree stand set-up must likewise be reasonably comfortable. If not, you most likely won’t be able to stay there for a long time. Over time, the most comfortable tree stands are the ones with thick pads or cushions and set up on trees with a slender backward lean.

In conclusion, with the assistance of these simple to follow techniques in setting up your tree stand, you have an awesome possibility of having a flawless tree stand set-up. Next time you consider setting up a tree stand, ensure that every necessary step is taken.