Scents and scent eliminators: make yourself invisible for all senses!

Scents and scent eliminators: make yourself invisible for all senses! Scents and scent eliminators: make yourself invisible for all senses!

No matter how much soap and water we use, humans smell. Neither cologne nor a perfume could change that fact. The human nose has five million receptors, while a dog’s nose has 220 million receptors. Comparing to that a deer, for instance, has 300 million receptors. To summarize, if your dog is able to smell you, you won’t be able to shoot anything bigger than a dog. In order to even up the game, scents and scent eliminators are invented.

Unfortunately, a few drops of hunters scent isn’t enough anymore since the animals are starting to perceive the human smell as well. For this reason, the scent eliminators are invented. There are also scent resistant hunting jackets which will keep most of the scents of the body inside.

The sense of smell is something the animals rely on much more than us humans. This sense is also a lot more developed in them. The deer, for instance, trust their sense of smell and can smell hunters from miles away. This is why people began to use smell camouflages which have different uses. Some of them are blocking the body smell every human has, and others are kind of perfumes for deer which lure them to you. If they are used properly, these scents could lead the deer or some other animal, in the positions of becoming the target. However, you should keep on mind that the scents are not magic, so this is not the only one which you should use in order to get the right shot.

The process of using the scents and scent eliminators


The selecting scents process is simple. The only thing you need to know is what you are hunting for and you are good to go. The usage part, however, is something more complicated. First of all, you should camouflage yourself with scent eliminator. After that, put some rubber gloves and a day before the hunt starts; prepare your hunting field so that the animal falls right into your trap. Even though you are wearing rubber gloves, make sure you don’t touch the surroundings since just a simple touch could leave a trail which might scare the prey. After this, choose your hunting location. Make sure to check in which direction is the wind blowing. You should be stationed so that the wind goes directly in your face, otherwise, you would become the prey. Put some of the scents on a path that would lead directly to you, but not too close, so that you wouldn’t get in danger.

The scents are most effective if applied to the face, armpits, neck and clothes. You should reapply it every hour otherwise your natural smell would begin to get noticeable.

Hunters use camouflage clothes, in order to blend in the surroundings. The psychological fact behind this is that we are trying to hide what we believe is the most revealing. The problem is that sight is the one sense that the humans most rely on, but it is not the same for the animals. Most animals have highly developed the sense of smell, which they rely on, much more than their sight sense. For this biological reason, it is better to focus on buying comfortable and warm clothes, and scents and scent eliminators which will take your hunting to a different level. Even though most deer hunters are aware of this fact, and are using this camo technique, some of the other hunters aren’t.

Scent producing companies


The main pointer about choosing the right scent is that a company which produces a product such as this must have a herd of animals of the scent they are producing. The main reason for this is because an effective scent must be produced from the animal itself. For deer scents, for instance, they use deer urine and certain of their glands. Other companies which do not have their own production buy the scent concentrate and dilute it with other synthetic materials. It’s not that we are against synthetic materials, but the probability of the animal sensing them is great. For this reason, look for a company which is making 100% pure products. Jackie’s company is a safe choice although I am sure there are other sincere companies out there.

Eliminate your body scent first!


In order for the scents to work, you must eliminate your own body smell as much as you can. It is a redundant thing to say, but when the hunting season starts, make sure you shower every day. This means avoid using any perfumed products on your body a week before the hunt. The skin absorbs the perfume ingredients and even if you haven’t put anything that day, the animal would be able to sense it. Also, when it comes to scents, rubber is a product which most animals cannot detect unless they are close to you. This means wearing rubber gloves and rubber boots. It is also recommended to wash the clothes you were wearing after every hunt and use a scentless detergent while doing so. It is also a nice idea to hang them to dry outside so that they attract the outside smell.

Every scent is not for every season. As mentioned before, scents are produced from the glands of the animal. When applying them, you are pretending to be one of them. For this reason, you must use the mating scents in the deer mating season for instance. You would be surprised, but other than a strong sense of smell, deer also have an instinct. If something doesn’t add up, your hunting position would be ruined.

Even though scents are perceived as harmless, in an activity like hunting they could be pretty dangerous. For this reason, it is important to read thoroughly this article and if using any scents, make sure you follow all of the steps described. This way, you would have a success as a hunter instead of being surprised by your pray.

Have you used any scent or scent eliminator before? If you have, from which company was it and was it helpful in your hunt? Leave us a comment in the comment section bellow and help your fellow hunters choose the right products!