Best Paintball Guns Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Lot’s of people love playing paintball because it is a thrilling and exciting sport. The sport requires great physical fitness, good marksmanship, and a bit of luck. One great thing about the game is that you do not have to be a pro to play, in fact, many people play just for fun as much as they play on a competitive team.

Lots of people like to collect paintball gear as a way to make themselves more competitive in the game as well as show off their personal style. While there are lots of different types of paintball equipment that you can purchase, the most critical piece of equipment is the paintball gun itself. It is the most important piece because you won’t even be able to play a paintball game without a paintball gun.

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Featured Recommendations

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed
  • Dye Proto Rize MaXXed
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Low Pressure
  • Price: See Here
Empire Paintball Axe Marker
  • Empire Paintball Axe Marker
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Multiple Firing Modes
  • Price: See Here
Tippmann Gryphon
  • Tippmann Gryphon
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Internal Lines
  • Price: See Here

There are lots of different styles and brands of paintball guns. Many paintball guns are even designed to look like real military grade weapons. You can find paintball guns in pump action, semi-automatic, and even fully automatic actions. Some of them have rifled barrels to help the ball shoot straighter and truer which allows your shots to be more accurate. You can even get additional accessories for your paintball gun as a way to style and customize it. When you are looking for a paintball gun, you will want to make sure that you have a high-quality gun that offers plenty of capacity. You also want to make sure that it shoots accurately so that you can play your best.

Shooting power, shot accuracy and craftsmanship are all important qualities to look for in a high-quality paintball gun, but there are many more things to look into, too. The following guide is crafted to walk you through those features so that you can find the paint gun for your needs.


10 Best Paintball Guns


1. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed

1. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed
The Dry Proto Rize is a great way to get into the game without having to go all out. This gun will give you a great advantage on the field thanks to its lightweight design and low-pressure design that still gives you range without exploding the paintball. This gun has a low recoil as well which will help you shoot more comfortably.
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Low Pressure

The gun runs at a 140 psi so you will have a smooth bolt cycle on every shot. It also reduces the gun's recoil which will help you shoot easier.

Claming Feedneck

You will be able to use just about any loader with this gun thanks to the design of the feed loader that locks a hopper into place without you having to use tools.

Cost and Value

You will find this marker sold at a price that is much higher than the average price because it is a premium gun that has plenty of tournament features and is of high quality.
  • The grip frame has a patented hourglass shape and has four different firing modes.
  • The eye pipe is self-cleaning which will keep the barrel from getting plugged.
  • It has a 14-inch barrel so that it fires accurately.
  • This gun fires at a low PSI which reduces recoil.
  • The airport has been designed to be small and lightweight with an easy on and off.
  • The rubber grip doesn't grip tight against the frame which can allow water to touch the electronics.
  • Some reviewers have found that the grip frame is undersized in the palm area.

2. Empire Paintball Axe Marker

2. Empire Paintball Axe Marker
This is another high-end paintball gun that is ready to go for tournaments. You will love how easy it is to clean and maintain this gun and you are free to pick any one of the four different firing modes on this gun. It has an easy to use on and off lever that makes it easy to remove the tanks as well.
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Multiple firing modes

You will get a choice between different firing modes. Those modes are NXL, Semi, Millennium Ramping, and finally PSP Ramping. This allows you to conform to the rules of your tournament or just play the way you like.

Push Button Bolt Removal

With just the push of a button, you can remove the bolt from this gun. This will allow you to easily maintain the gun so that it continues to work great.

Cost and Value

You will find the Axe Marker sold at a price that is much higher than the average price due to the fact that it is a premium product with a lot of features.
  • There is a push button that allows you to easily remove the bolt.
  • You can stay hidden because it comes in green and black.
  • It has a regulator that has an on/off switch so that you can remove the tank.
  • The grip frame is extended so that you can grip it more easily.
  • There are four different firing modes that you can pick from.
  • You need to take it easy on the barrel screws or they will strip.
  • Some reviewers found it to be difficult to program properly.

3. Tippmann Gryphon

3. Tippmann Gryphon
If you want a marker that you can show off with, then you might want to consider the Gryphon by Tippmann. This marker comes with skull graphics along the stock of the marker which makes for an awesome look. You also get everything else that you would expect to see in a marker so it's a great gun to have in your collection.
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Skull Graphics

There is a pattern of skull graphics along the stock of the marker. They won't make it shoot any differently but it does lead to an awesome look for the marker.

Internal Lines

The marker uses internal gas lines rather than external ones. This is nice since you won't have to worry about your gas lines getting caught on brush or other obstacles in the course.

Cost and Value

The low price of the Gryphon turns it into a bargain buy. You will get a marker that has an excellent look to it and it is great to have in your collection.
  • The stock of the marker is decorated with skull graphics for a great look.
  • It uses a gas line that is internal to the marker.
  • The design of the marker is lightweight and compact so it's easy to carry.
  • It has an in-line bolt system that is made of metal.
  • The forward grip is molded for your fingertips so it's easy to grab.
  • Users have reported that the marker breaks paint easily causing misfires.
  • There are no means to upgrade this marker or customize it further.

4. Tippmann TMC MAGFED

4. Tippmann TMC MAGFED
This is a great gun to get if you can't decide if you want to have a hopper or a magazine feed. You are free to choose later on which kind of feed that you want which makes this gun versatile. Some of the other nice features are the military style look and a high-performance bolt system that helps you get the most from your game.
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Dual Feed

This gun gives you a choice between having a hopper or a magazine. This will allow for additional customization which can give you more choice when you use this gun.

Molded Grip

The grip on the handle has been fully molded for your fingers. This will help you maintain a great grip on the gun while you are aiming and firing with it.

Cost and Value

You will notice that the TMC MAGFED is sold at a price that is average for these products. This turns it into an excellent value since you will get a high-quality gun without spending too much on it.
  • You can use a magazine or a hopper with the TMC.
  • It has an authentic military look and feel to it.
  • The grip has been molded for your fingers which makes it easy to hold.
  • It is fully pneumatic so it doesn't require any batteries.
  • The trigger is easy to pull so it won't wear out your finger.
  • The magazines sometimes end up jamming the gun which causes it to fail.
  • Some users have experienced problems with the seals starting to leak.

5. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

5. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker
If you are looking for a premium gun then you may want to take a look at the Mini GS by Empire. This marker has all of the features that you would expect to find in a tournament grade marker. It has different firing modes, an ergonomic grip, and a venting ASA regulator. You will be able to play at your best with this marker.
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No External Hoses

This marker does not have any external hoses which is a great feature since that means there aren't any hoses that will get caught on brush or other obstacles while you play.

Secure Grip

The grip on the marker features rubber that wraps around the entire grip. This will help you keep a firm grip on the gun so that you can aim and fire more accurately.

Cost and Value

You will notice that the Mini GS is sold at a price that is much higher than the average price due to the fact that it is a premium marker that is intended for tournaments.
  • It has a grip that is fully wrapped with rubber.
  • There are no outside hoses that can get caught on obstacles.
  • You can pick between different firing modes to use with this marker.
  • The feed neck clamps down on the hopper so you don't need tools.
  • You can easily remove the tank using the lever driven ASA.
  • Some reviewers have reported that it leaks air easily when its new.
  • Other users have reported that the gun is not durable and breaks easily.

6. Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

6. Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol
While many markers are full length, this one has a pistol design that allows you to use it as a sidearm. This can be useful for when you empty your barrel and need to do a quick draw to keep playing while you stall for time. Other people may just prefer to play with this style of gun as well.
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Pistol Design

This marker has a handgun design so it is small and lightweight. You can use it as your primary marker or as a secondary marker depending on how you like to play.


The gun is sold with a pair of magazines each of which holds seven rounds in the magazine. You can switch between different magazines quickly and easily with this gun.

Cost and Value

The TiPX is a great value since it is sold at an average price which means you will get a great gun without having to pay a premium price for it.
  • It has a small and lightweight pistol design which makes it into a great sidearm.
  • The marker is sold with a pair of seven round magazines.
  • There is a velocity adjuster that lets you adjust the speed of the ball.
  • It is sold with a carrying kit plus it comes with a maintenance kit.
  • It has a spool valve system that lets it use air efficiently.
  • Some users have experienced problems with it starting to leak after minimal use.
  • Many users have reported that the gun misfires on a regular basis.

7. Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto

7. Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto
The Azodin Kaos is a great choice for an entry level marker. It offers features such as 12-inch barrel and a semi-auto action which allows you to fire quickly and readily. You can easily use this marker to lay down some covering fire for your teammates thanks to the semi-auto action. There are plenty of other professional grade features that come with this gun as well.
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Single Piece Barrel

The barrel is 12 inches long and is made of a single piece so you won't have to assemble the barrel from more than one piece which can disrupt your shots.

Twist Lock Neck

The feed neck has a lock that you twist so that you get a secure lock on the hopper. This lets you change your hopper quickly so that you can get back into the action.

Cost and Value

You will find this item sold at a price that is lower than the average price. The lower price turns it into a great option for people who are just getting into the sport.
  • The feed neck works on a twisted system that locks into place.
  • You can easily squeeze the trigger thanks to the "Feature Striker System"
  • There is a pull pin on the top that you use the cock the gun.
  • The Delrin bolt works on a quick release system.
  • The barrel is 12" long and is one single piece for easy assembly.
  • Some users have experienced breakage in the barrel when firing the gun.
  • The o-rings are weak and have been known to leak air.

8. Tippmann 98 Custom Marker

8. Tippmann 98 Custom Marker
The 98 is a great option by Tippmann if you are looking for something to get into the sport. This is a great gun for beginners because it allows for plenty of customization options. You can easily upgrade the barrel, hopper, and other parts of the marker as you decide that you want to get into the sport and purchase better equipment.
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It has a semi-automatic action that allows you to fire quickly and rapidly. This is great for people who are just starting out in the game and need a marker that is easy to use.


The inner workings of the marker are accessible which allows you to replace the starting components with higher quality components as time and budget allows which lets you ease into the game.

Cost and Value

You will find this marker sold at a price that is lower than the average price. The lower price makes it into an excellent value since you don't have to spend a lot to get started.
  • There are forward and rear molded grips on the marker to hold it.
  • It has a semi-automatic action so you can fire rapidly and quickly.
  • You can easily upgrade the components of this marker as you desire.
  • The gas lines seal on their own so that the value is secured.
  • The receiver is split so that you can access the internal parts.
  • The gun does not have a fast rate of firing.
  • You will need to spend money on upgrades to play serious paintball.

9. JT Sports Tactical RTP

9. JT Sports Tactical RTP
This is a lightweight marker that is perfect for anyone who is getting into the game. You will love the cast aluminum body that makes it durable and lightweight at the same time It has a semi-automatic action so that you can focus on firing and there is even a sight rail that is raised so that you can fire easily.
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Versatile Air

The Tactical RTP will work with compressed air or CO2 so you will have some choice when it comes to powering this marker and makes it easier for people to get into the game.

Cast Aluminum

The body of the marker is made of cast aluminum. This allows the marker to maintain a lightweight while also remaining durable at the same time in case you drop it.

Cost and Value

You will find this marker sold at a price that is lower than the average price. The low price turns it into a bargain buy since you get a great entry-level option without spending much.
  • Users have control as to how they power this. 
  • Product is made from cast aluminum. 
  • Very lightweight, making it great for the sport. 
  • Consumers have touted the durability of this product.
  • There are not many reviews for this product.

10. Tippmann Cronus

10. Tippmann Cronus
The Cronus is a great gun for people who are looking to get into the game of paintball. It has a body that is strong and will resist high impacts. The inline bolt system is solid which means that there is less chance of a failure in the gun. You will love the collapsible stock as well because it is fully adjustable.
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Integrated Sights

The gun has a sight that is integrated into it. A sight is helpful because it will help you aim the gun properly so that you can make your shots count.

High Impact Body

The gun has a body that is designed to resist impacts. This means the gun can handle a hard fall in the event that you lose your balance or drop the gun.

Cost and Value

You will see the Cronus sold at a price that is lower than the average price. This makes it into a great choice for people who are looking for a good gun to get started with.
  • It has a stock that can be collapsed and has six different positions.
  • The body has been designed to withstand hard falls and will protect the gun.
  • It has an internal gas line so you won't have to worry about snags.
  • There are rubber grips that are molded so that you can hold the gun.
  • It has integrated sights so that you can aim accurately and make your shots count.
  • The gun shoots the paintballs at a low velocity as compared to other guns.
  • Some reviewers have experienced problems with the seals leaking after mild use.

Paintball is a fun and exciting sport that people enjoy all over the world every single day. It’s no surprise that it’s enjoyable either since the game takes practice, skill, and determination. Lot’s of people play the game casually as well as professionally. There are even places where you can go to play and you can even join amateur or professional leagues. For these reasons, many people get into the game as a way to have fun and to make friends.

However, in order to play the game, you will need a paintball gun along with other necessary equipment such as face masks. It can be hard to pick out the right marker since there are so many different choices that are available and they come in a wide price range. Everyone has different needs since everyone has a different level of skill that they play at. You are going to need to think about your needs and then look for a marker that is suitable for those needs. Once you know what sort of marker you are looking for, you can look through a list of the top-rated paintball guns and find that is best matched to your needs so that you can have a great time.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Paintball Guns

Skill Level

Just like most other sports, paintball is played by people who have a wide variety of different skill levels. This means that you are going to need to match your equipment to the level that you are planning on playing at. Some people only play the game casually and for fun which means that they are only going to need equipment for such play. On the other hand, there are people who compete in leagues and may even play the game professionally and they are going to need high-quality equipment in order to remain competitive.

The level that you are playing the game at is going to be a deciding factor in what sort of marker you end up purchasing. If you are going to play in a competitive fashion, then you are going to need a high-end marker that has features such as different firing modes or scope mounts. Higher end markers also have smoother barrels that are less likely to explode the paintball when they fire and will shoot more accurately. They are generally much better made and therefore cost a lot more than markers that are made for casual users.

Casual users may not see the benefit of owning high-end equipment. The high-end equipment can run in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars and if you are only going to play a few times a year then there is no purpose in purchasing a high-end marker. In this case, you can get more of an entry marker which will allow you to play the game without the high expenses. In summary, you are going to need to think about the level that you plan to play at and look for a marker that is matched to those needs.


One way many players get additional value from their markers is to look for ways to customize it. Having the ability to customize your marker will offer you a few different benefits. One of the most immediate and tangible benefits is that you can keep the initial purchase price down by purchasing a basic marker and upgrading it later on. This allows you to ease into the game and provides you with the option of purchasing upgrades for your marker as your skill level improves. Each upgrade will have a lower price than purchasing a new setup so you will be able to spread the cost of your marker out over time which makes the marker usable for longer periods of time.

Another reason people customize their guns is for personalization. Paintball is a sport that has a culture around it and people like to show off their equipment and talk about it to other people. Customization allows you to personalize your marker but it also gives you the chance to learn from others who play the game and upgrade your marker based on their advice as well. Some people like to build markers that stand out in a crowd while other people prefer markers that blend into the surrounding environment.

When you are looking at a marker that is customizable, you will want to think about the brand and how popular it happens to be. This is because a well-known brand will have more options for upgrades while a lesser known brand may not have as many parts. Aftermarket vendors of marker parts tend to target the widest possible audience so you will want to own name brand equipment in order to make sure you have customization options.

Size and Weight

The size and the weight of the marker is going to have an effect on how you play. The best thing to do is to try and hold it up prior to purchasing it to see how it feels while you are holding it. You will want to make sure that it isn’t too heavy for you to hold the gun steady while you are aiming otherwise it is going to be hard to make an accurate shot. It should also have a stock that isn’t too big or too small for you either. A stock that is the wrong size will make it hard for you to hold the gun properly and handle the recoil from firing it.

Another thing that you will want to look at is the length of the barrel. A longer barrel is going to shoot more accurate shots but it can also mean that the barrel will get caught on obstacles in the course. On the other hand, a shorter barrel lets you move more quickly but you lose accuracy as the barrel gets shorter so you are going to have to get closer to your target. Most markers allow you to change out the barrels but you can save if you get a proper length barrel the first time.

After you check the barrel, you are going to want to make sure that the grips fit in your hands properly. They should not be too big for your hands where you can’t grip the gun and they should not be too small either. You are going to want to look for grips that have a comfortable feel and go from there. This will help you play at your best when you are on the field.

Mechanical or Electric

When it comes to picking out a marker, you two choices are going to be mechanical or electronic. Both categories have different use cases so it pays to know about the two different categories and what each kind of gun is typically used for. You do not want to end up getting the wrong kind of gun for the type of play you are doing because you will either fail to be competitive or you will spend more than what you need to spend in order to play.

Mechanical markers do not use electronic components and are simple guns. These are great for beginners or casual players because they have a low cost and are easy to use. Since they do not use electricity, a mechanical gun works great for when you are playing in the woods where there could be mud or water. A little bit of water isn’t going to hurt these guns so they are more robust in situations where the gun can get wet.

The electronic gun is much more expensive. These markers usually have options that allow you to program them which allows you to adjust things such as the rate at which they fire. Normally competitive players use these markers since they are higher priced than the mechanical markers. You are going to need to be careful when you are using an electronic marker since they are not as durable and can be prone to failure if they are exposed to water. This is because the electronic components will start to short out if they get wet which will ruin the gun. You will need to decide which type of gun works best for your needs and then pick one that is most suitable for the type of play you are planning on participating in.


Features are a way to round out the usefulness of a marker to help make sure that you are as competitive as possible. There are a few different common features that you will want to know about when you are shopping for a marker. Some of those features include an internal CO2 and magazine or hopper. When you know about the different features, you will be able to make a better choice about your maker to make sure that you get one that works the best for your needs and style of play.

Many markers have a CO2 line that is external to the marker. The CO2 line is used to connect the marker to a tank of compressed CO2 which is used as a propellant for the ball. The issue with an external line is that it can get caught on things which can cause it to bend or break. You may also experience failure if you happen to drop your marker. Some markers have made this line an internal line which keeps the line protected inside of the body of the marker allowing it to be more robust.

The next common feature is that you are going to need to decide between a magazine or a hopper. Hoppers are gravity fed tanks that go on the top of the marker and let paintballs fall into the chamber. A magazine is a spring loaded device that goes on the bottom of the marker and pushes ball up into the chamber. Between the two, the hopper is more common because it holds more paintballs and is inexpensive. The downside of the hopper is that it can get in your way when you are aiming. There are other features that you may want to think about as well but these are two common considerations to keep in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make my paintball gun more accurate?

A: One thing that you can try is to get a longer barrel. A longer barrel keeps the ball in the barrel longer which means it’s less likely to drift in one direction or the other when it leaves the barrel. Since paintballs are lightweight, they will get blown around in the wind easily so you are going to need to account for wind when you are aiming and firing. Finally, you will need to make sure that your barrel is secured tightly to the gun since a loose barrel will affect accuracy.

Q: How do I keep the paintballs from exploding when I fire?

A: There are a few different things that you can try. One thing that you can try is using higher quality paintballs. Inexpensive ammunition is not as durable as higher quality ammunition which can lead to the balls bursting when you fire. If ammunition isn’t the problem, then the next thing that you should check is the CO2 pressure. If your pressure is too high, then the balls might explode when you fire. The final thing to check is that your barrel is clean because debris will cause the balls to explode as well.

Q: How do I clean paint out of the barrel?

A: From time to time, you will have a ball explode in the barrel which will cause paint to drip and run in the barrel. In order to get the paint out, you will need a paintball squeegee that you can put into the barrel and draw the paint out. You will need to do this until the barrel of the marker is clean and free of paint. It is important that you clean your barrel before the paint dries in it otherwise it will be hard to clean.

Q: What are the different actions you can have on a paintball gun?

A: Generally speaking, you are going to see either pump action, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. A pump action is where you need to pump the gun between each shot in order to reload it. Semi-automatic will require you to press and depress the trigger between each shot but there isn’t any other work requires. A fully automatic marker will continue to fire until you either release the trigger or it runs out of ammunition. You should always pick the style that works best for your play.

Q: Are paintball guns legal?

A: Most places and jurisdiction allow people to own paintball guns. However, you are going to have to check the local regulations for your area in order to see if they are prohibited. Regardless of where you live, the laws that govern the sale, possession, and use of paintball guns will be different. For example, it may be legal to purchase and own a paintball gun in your area but you have to go outside of your area to use it.


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