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Salomon X Pro 100 Review Facts

Skiing offers the unique experience of being able to be outdoors, in the snow while also being able to challenge yourself in the fresh air. Skiing requires several muscle groups in order to be successful at the sport. This includes your abs which help provide stability while moving side to side. It also requires your quadriceps in order to help extend out the leg and knee. The gluteus maximum and thighs are also very important when out on the slopes as they provide the power and the strength some of us need when getting up from those dreaded falls. Unlike more accessible sports like running, for instance, skiing requires several things to participate. The big one being access to mountains. The other, just as being one, is having access to skis and ski boots. A coat is handy and some protective bottoms are also important. Some also prefer a helmet to protect the head and neck too from any for those dreaded fall mentioned earlier. Before hitting the slopes it's important that you have all the gear you need to keep you safe, warm and performing well in order to really appreciate and enjoy your outdoor downhill adventure.

Our website provides a number of reviews based on research and customer feedback. This article is a single product review done on the Salomon X Pro, a ski boot made the very popular outdoor gear company Salomon. We looked at materials used to construct these ski boots in order to determine if they will withstand the rigorous environment that ski hills often provide. We also looked at what consumers thought of these boots from their performance to their warmth in order to put together a comprehensive review for you, the reader. This is our review of the Salomon X Pro 100. We hope that this review assists you with your next ski boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Foot Tech feature of these boots are highly regarded
  • Reviewers appreciated the price tag of these boots
  • They also appreciated that they keep feet warm and dry
  • These boots are also very supportive
  • The inner lining of these boots are a little snug for some reviewers
  • Not all reviewers were happy that these boots require heat molding in order to fit correctly or comfortably


These boots offer an extra thick and snug inner lining. The inner lining is intended to be heat fitted which is the process of heating the shell in order to help expand the shell for a better, more comfortable fit. This process is typically done by professionals but can be done from home. We don't recommend this, though, as it does require putting your brand new ski boot in the oven. This is discussed in more detail below. These boots are often referred to as snug. This seemed to be by those who may or may not have heat fit their boots. Those who did were easily able to wear thick socks with the liner and the shell with no issues. Reviewers also noted how supportive these boots are. Several reviewers noted that other versions of ski boots left their feet numb and sore but these boots were easy to wear for extended periods of time and they appreciated that. Overall, quite comfortable once fitted correctly and very supportive even for those with existing foot issues.


This boot is either regarded as true to size or too snug. This, again, is usually due to the fact that consumers would buy these boots and attempt to wear them right out of the box. Unfortunately, this does not allow the boot to relax enough to be comfortable to wear. Once taken to a professional to be heat fitted these boots are regarded as offering a very good, comfortable fit. They, again, are true to size and can comfortably be worn with thick socks on. Many reviewers bought sizing that is the same as their earlier versions of Salomon boots without issues making buying online an easier and more assuring process.


These boots off a 13 degree forward lean. Forward leans are essential for skiing and snowboarding in order to assist performance and to fit comfortably when leaning into the hill. These boots are easy to wear both on and off the mountain if being used for beginner to intermediate. Some reviewers took issue with the 13 degrees, noting that the heart-shaped piece of plastic at the back of the liner, allowing the wearer to lean forward at that angle, caused the wearer to lean back when skiing. This essentially stopped the skier from being able to lean forward to get them down the hill with the greatest ease. Though this is the case reviewers appreciated that the inner lining is heat molded. This allows for a more contoured and flexible fit to the boot for the best performance available to ski boots, especially at this price point. Reviewers also appreciated that these boots are a little stiffer in design, which is important with ski boots, they noted that they can easily wear these boots for extended periods of time without losing the support or comfort they need to perform well which is really positive.


These boots are both stiff and flexible, as contradictory as that may sound. This type of product needs to be a little stiffer in design because not only does this help the skier with their support and protection, but it also helps stabilize the foot and offer better durability. Skiing isn't a light environment but rather a vigorous terrain that requires not only warmth but also quality materials in order to protect the foot. This is why stiffness is important in ski boots, the wearer can lean forward while feeling stabilized and secure in their boots. These boots also offer a level of flexibility as a result of their heat molded fit. This relaxes the outer shell of the boot enough to offer some flexibility without losing its stiffness. Reviewers were very happy with their level of flexibility as well as stiffness which is positive.


The liner offers a CustomFit 3D liner which allows the liner to have a firm grip on the ankles and heels without adding too much additional pressure to those areas. It also offers a custom fit foam which contours to the foot in order to offer additional support for the shins and instep for a better foothold. There is some debate about whether or not the liner of these boots fits well or not. The majority of reviewers are happy with the liner of these boots noting that they are comfortable and supportive. They also said that they could easily wear these boots for days at a time without experiencing any foot numbness or soreness. That said, some reviewers actually did find numbness after riding in these boots for a short period of time but it does seem that might have had something to do with not getting these boots properly heat fitted before hitting the slopes. Overall, those who bought these boots found the liners to be plush, comfortable and warm once they were "broken in" or heat molded, which is positive.


The shell of these boots is made of a high-end PU. This is supposed to provide more rebound to the boot when it is being used with high-level constraints. The shell also offers a Twinframe2 which is an improved design offered by Salomon which helps deliver a better rebound and more dynamic flex. This is done with an oversized pivot and helps with performance down the hill. The lower half of the shell offers power transmission which helps provide support on each side of the foot for better binding in those contact areas. Finally, the upper of the shell offers some rigidity in order to offer some progressive flexing along the cuffs of these boots. This allows the boots to offer flexibility without sacrificing support. Those who bought these boots appreciated the moldable shell offered by these boots. They found that the shell protected them while also supported them when using these boots. They also appreciated how well the fit once fitted and how supportive the shell of these boots are which is also quite positive.


The TwinFrame2 of these boots allows for an improved rebound as well as a dynamic flex. This allows the individual wearing these boots to move around in these boots without fear of snapping the secures or the body of these boots. These boots also offer aluminum buckles and a 35 mm power strap in order to offer higher levels of durability. The shell itself is made of a TwinFrame design to also assist with their durability. The rigid shell helps for binging on contact areas and the flex adjustment system allows for more movement without fear of breaking or snapping anything. Despite their heavy duty features, these boots are also surprisingly light which reviewers also appreciated. Those who bought these boots bought them because they usually had earlier versions of this boot or other comparable Salomon products which lasted them a long time. These boots seem to be within that same realm. Those who weren't happy with these boots also had no issue returning them either which made for an overall easy and enjoyable experience. Overall, a very durable and reliable product which reviewers appreciated.


The inner lining of these boots is made of a CustomFit 3D material that grips ankles and heels without pressure. Those who bought these boots did find that initially getting them on was a little tough due to the thick, plush lining of these boots. They did note that once on, though, that they offered a high level of warmth even when in thin socks. Some reviewers preferred to wear thicker socks in order to further insolate the boots. These boots can easily fit a second layer between the inner layer and the foot to accommodate this preference. Overall, with this boots high-quality liner as well as with the high-quality outer shell and tongue, these boots keep the warmth in and snow out in order to keep feet warm and comfortable throughout your ride.


Due to the forward lean of these boots being about 13 degrees those who bought these boots found that they were better suited as a less technical rider and is more of a multi-purpose boot. They are comfortable to wear and can be form fitted. They are great for those looking for a practical boot that is durable and comfortable to wear for a weekend on the mountains rather than something that a competitor would wear.


- TwinFrame2 for better rebound and a more dynamic flex
- Rigid lower hell for a more powerful transmission along the heel area
- Supple upper shell for better flexibility throughout
- Custom-moldable shell for a better fit
- Pre-shaped CustomFit 3D liner for better support and cushioning
- Oversized 24 mm pivot for better power distribution throughout the boot
- Micro aluminum buckles for a durable and yet lightweight adjustable fit
- Removable heel and toe in pads for personal preference


These boots are very highly rated reviewers for offering a more customized fit. Though having the boots heat fitted by a professional does add an extra cost it seems worth it as after they are fitted they seem to offer a high level of support, flexibility, and comfort for multiple days on the hill. Those who bought these boots and had them heat fitted found that they did not experience any unnecessary numbness throughout the feet and they felt that their feet stayed comfortable even after extended wear times. They are made of quality materials and offer all the performance that an intermediate skier needs. One note that some mentioned is that the degree angle added to these boots may not be best for professionals or competitive skiers. They are, however, a reliable, all-around boot that reviewers were happy with and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a new, technical boot.