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Reebok Fast Flexweave Review Facts

A good pair of running shoes can make all the difference when participating in competitive sports. There are several reasons why running shoes are so important. Firstly, a proper pair of running shoes fit the foot closer and more securely in order to provide seamless transitions when in motion. A proper pair of running shoes should be flexible enough to move with the foot without losing the support that the shoe needs to provide. Support usually comes from different areas of the shoe including the uppers, the midsole, and the heel. These areas should hug the foot, support different areas of the foot (arch, ball, heel, etc.) in order to avoid injury, as well as to offer a better support system in order to perform to the best of the athlete's abilities. The arch support changes depending on the height of the arch (low, medium, high) and will also sometimes offer pronation adjustment which essentially readjusts the rotation of the arch in order to offer proper posture and alignment.  A proper running shoe will also offer proper cushioning through the heel and midsole in order to offer comfort to the lower half of the foot but to also offer impact reduction on the body. Running does create more impact on the lower half of the body than most sports do so it's important to protect bones and joints from impact along with proper stretching and supplement intake in order to keep the temple running effectively longer.

This article focuses specifically on the Reebok Fast Flexweave which is a running shoe from the very popular running shoe brand Reebok. We looked through consumer reviews in order to provide a comprehensive recap of what people liked and disliked about this product. We also looked at materials used in order to determine the product's breathability, flexibility, and stability. Finally, we looked at the shoe's construction in order to determine it's durability and overall quality. This is our in-depth review of the Reebok Fast Flexweave. We hope that this article serves you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is regularly reviewed as being quite comfortable 
  • This product is quite attractive in design 
  • This product offers proper support and stability to the lower half of the foot
  • This product is quite breathable 
  • This prodcut is surprisingly flexible 
  • This product is not true-to-size and may require sizing up
  • This product is reviewed as getting dirty easily and being hard to clean 


This product offers Reebok's Flexweave technology which is supposed to offer both durability and breathability when in motion. This product also offers a seamless upper which offers a greater level of comfort and interrupted ventilation. When looking at this product it clearly has a large surface of Flexweave material. This is positive as this encourages cool air to enter the shoe with each step and pushes hot air out of the shoe. This keeps feet cool and dry, it also helps prevent moisture buildup due to sweat which would help prevent slippage and blisters. This product does seem to offer a fairly decent ventilation system. Those who purchased this product found it to be quite breathable and lightweight which is positive. The upper wraps around the top of the foot in order to offer greater stability while also offering a decent level of breathability which is positive. Overall, this product offers good ventilation and breathability. This was considered when calculating our rating for this product.


This product offers a seamless upper, as mentioned above. This means that seams are not pressed against the top of the foot. Because the upper is so close to the foot the seams could potentially press into the top of the foot causing some pain and potential hot spots. Luckily with this product, the upper is seamless and therefore can fit tight to the foot without causing discomfort. The midsole is made of a 3-D foam material that is ideal for support and impact reduction. This means less pain and pressure on knees and joints. This also means the ability to run further for longer. The 3-D foam also allows the footprint mapping to be adaptive and for the lower half of the foot to be properly cushioned- offering a more comfortable and springy run. This product is also quite lightweight in design which means that they will not slow the runner down by causing fatigue. This also allows the runner to go further longer. Those who wore this product appreciated how comfortable they are. The one issue, comfort-wise, that runners found is that the shoe runs a little narrow which is aesthetically pleasing but not great in the comfort department. Those who bought this product did need to size up in order to feel comfortable which isn't too big of an issue.


As mentioned above, this product offers Flexweave technology offered by Reebok. This technology is supposed to be both breathable and durable. Typically mesh uppers tend to be a little less durable due to their lack of structural integrity. Typically if air can get through the durability is threatened. Reebok came out with a breathable material that isn't quite mesh material that is also durable which is great. There were next to no complaints about this product's upper, most reviewers were quite surprised by how durable this product is. The outsole of this product is made of a high abrasion rubber material as well which is usually more durable than most materials. Overall, there seemed to be very few complaints about the durability of this product and most reviewers were quite impressed by how well these shoes held up. In addition to being durable, these shoes are also quite affordable which is a great combo. This is discussed more below in the price area. Overall, this product is quite durable and quite affordable and that is super positive. These factors were considered when calculating our overall rating of the product.


The heel of this product is a low-cut design which offers better freedom for movement and also offers quicker transitions. Those who wore this product regularly praised the shoes flexibility. Flexibility is important because this will assist with the shoes transitions and ease in which the ball to heel movement is given. Those running want the easy transition but they also don't want to lose stability which can happen with shoes that offer less stiff support through the foot. This product offers a decent transition due to its flexibility but it doesn't seem to lose the stability and support that is required in order to keep the foot safe. The low heel based on other reviews seemed to be an issue with other Reebok runners, however, this product doesn't have as many complaints. Some reviewers found with other models that the low heel is an issue because it seems to cause a loss of stability. With this product that did not seem to be an issue. In fact, those who wore this product appreciated how stable the shoe was and also how sleek the low-cut design looked. Overall, this product offers decent heel support and a high level of stability which is positive.


The midsole of this product is offered with Reebok's 3-D foam. This helps with the supportive nature of the shoe as well as the shoe's weight due to how lightweight foam is. The midsole contours around the lower half of the foot in order to offer a tighter hold to the arch, ball, and heel of the foot. The 3-D foam also helps with the transition assistance, mentioned earlier in the article. Those who wore this product were impressed with not only the supportive and lightweight nature of this product, but were also impressed with the shoes flexibility despite its durability and stability. The midsole of this product is responsible for some of the runner's flexibility. The lightweight nature of the midsole and shoe in general assists with runs in that it does not slow down the runner and improves the runner's performance, but it also does not cause unnecessary or early onset fatigue that runners can sometimes cause. Overall, the midsole of this product is supportive, adds stability, is supportive and is lightweight in nature. It is regularly praised by reviewers as well, all of which is positive.


The outsole isn't discussed much on Reebok's website. It is made of a high abrasion rubber which is quite durable and would make these road appropriate. This product is listed as being ideal for running versatility (indoor/outdoor), 5Ks and up-tempo workouts which makes the shoe seem like it is more of an entry level shoe. The high abrasion rubber material used throughout the outsole would also be better for traction. Overall, though they are not discussed much, those who did comment on the outsole did note that the outsoles are quite durable and offer a decent traction which is positive.


This product is quite inexpensive in price. There are usually two factors to consider when looking at the cost justification of a product. The first factor is versatility. Can these shoes be worn for a number of activities and can they be worn both as activewear and as daily (fashion) wear? This product is quite versatile in that it can be used for different sports and activities. They can also be worn inside and outside. They are also quite fashionable in design (discussed more below) which makes them quite versatile in regards to when they can be worn. This also eliminates the need to buy several different running shoes to use throughout the day which is positive. The other factor that determines cost justification is the durability of the shoe. If the shoe is not very durable then it will need to be replaced more frequently and therefore the product should be less expensive to replace. This product is surprisingly durable especially considering the price tag. Overall, this product is definitely worth the cost associated with it if not more and is ideal for beginners, those with growing feet and those on a budget.


This product is quite attractive in design. It is a little narrow which effects the size of the shoe. Those who wore this product regularly reported that it is quite narrow which helps the product aesthetically, however, does require some sizing up for reviewers. This is especially true for those with narrow feet. The product comes in numerous color choices which is ideal for those looking to customize their shoe to their individual style as well. The shoe itself is very cleanly designed especially with the lack of seams. The Flexweave is particularly attractive and trendy, giving the shoe a minimalist look. Overall, this product is quite attractive in design which is great because the product is also quite inexpensive in design. These shoes are definitely worth taking a second look at. They should, however, be tried on beforehand due to their narrow design.


The bottom line is these shoes are pretty good shoes. They have very few complaints, most of the complaints are about the narrow design of the shoe. This is particularly an issue for those with quite narrow feet, unfortunately. The shoe does have some pretty big pro's which are the shoes durability, design and breathability. They are also quite flexible and supportive. Other issues that some people found is that they shoe dirt far more easily and they are also kind of hard to clean which would affect the shoes aesthetic. They are also perhaps not much of an advanced shoe. Though the shoe is versatile, this product is probably better suited for gym use or potentially shorter runs (like 5 K's). They may not offer enough impact reduction or stability in order to survive longer distances, unfortunately. Due to the price tag on this product this product is definitely ideal for those who are on a budget, those looking to start out and those with growing feet. This product is highly rated by reviewers and Reebok is a well-known name in runners. This product is definitely worth taking a second look at but remember, they should be tried on first due to their very narrow design.