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Nike Revolution 3 Review Facts

Running is instinctual in human beings. It stems back from the concept of fight or flight. Being able to run from predators is deep-rooted within us.  It was also a part of the hunter and gatherer requirements in prehistoric times. Human beings needed to be able to move quickly in order to hunt animals. Now with fewer predators and access to local supermarkets, human beings primarily run for fun and for exercise. Running is considered to be the world's most accessible sport because it can be done anywhere, with anyone with minimal to no equipment. Running without good quality runners can be very hard on the body though due to the amount of damage that the impact of the foot so roughly hitting the pavement can cause. The impact ripples up to all the bones and joints of the body and can cause long-term damage. This damage can lead to major issues down the road including invasive operations like knee and hip replacement. Though supplements like glucosamine can aid in lubricating the joints for better impact protection nothing can fix this impact like the surface that the foot is landing on. Sometimes we cannot choose bouncier, more energetic surfaces. This is where a good pair of running shoes will be handy.

This article is on the Nike Revolution 3. Nike is a household name and arguably the largest sports equipment brand today. Nike is an American based company right from day 1 and is considered a household name nowadays. They offer all sorts of sporting equipment and have also become a fashion statement. You would be hardpressed to find a household without at least one piece of Nike apparel. They offer everything from inexpensive to quite expensive gear. We did some research specifically on the Revolution 3. We looked at consumer reviews as well as the overall construction and materials used to make these runners. We wanted to know the good and the bad of the shoe and attach a rating to it. We wanted to create a real, comprehensive single product review on this specific product to help you with your next runner's purchase. So, without taking too much more time, this is our comprehensive review of the very popular Nike Revolution 3. We hope this assists in your next purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • True-to-size
  • Durable
  • Tongue is a little tight to the foot
  • The heel is a little rounded in and may cause issues for those with Achilles issues


The upper on this product has a mesh layer which would help with better ventilation and therefore breathability of the shoe. The shoe also offers a breathable fabric lining on the inside which helps the breathability even further. Some punctures in the back of the shoe offer better airflow as well. Consumers who purchased this shoe confirmed that the shoe kept their feet cool and dry during their runs. Having proper ventilation will help the individual wearing them in that it keeps the feel cooler which is more comfortable. But it also helps with any blistering that it may cause. Additionally, any excess moisture build-up can encourage some slipping in the shoe which is dangerous, and the moisture build-up would encourage odor build-up which would ultimately deteriorate the shoe and shorten its longevity. Luckily, this runner is quite breathable and offers proper ventilation. This added points to our overall scoring of the shoe.


This product is lighter in weight, making foot and leg fatigue less of an issue. They have a super soft midsole and insole that offers better cushioning and less impact on knees and joints. They are wide enough to even fit wider feet without having to size up. Sizing up and sizing down is fairly unique to sneakers. It isn't often you find a runner that is true to size. The synthetic overlays would also aid in the comfort of the shoe as it keeps the shoe in place better with better support. The midsole has Phylon cushioning as well which would offer a softer, more supportive and comfortable surface, as well as better impact reduction. Those who wore this shoe echoed that the product as comfortable as advertised. One reviewer said that he wore his shoes through over 400 miles and not only did they withstand the distance but that the shoes were comfortable the entire way through. One complaint is that the heel of the shoe might be a little tight to the ankle and has caused some Achilles heel issue especially for those with existing medical issues in that area. This should be considered when purchasing this shoe.


There is no waterproofing information as with many runners. It isn't as common to find this as a feature because typically runners aren't used in high humidity and moisture areas. These runners are not meant for trails, they are meant for city streets. They do have the breathable mesh, however, which would allow wet feet to dry a little faster than without the mesh, however, the mesh itself would let more water in. It's kind of a catch 22. So, the shoes are not labeled as waterproof but are reviewed as being quite breathable. They should also be used primarily for in-town and not out of town unless worn in combo with waterproof socks.


This product has a lightweight mesh upper which is superior for ventilation and airflow. In addition to being lightweight, the mesh fabric is quite strong according to reviewers. They have no-sew skins which would be more comfortable due to the lack of seams. The lack of seams offers better support and a closer fit too. The laces are standard a standard lacing system. The uppers are supportive, fit close to the foot and are quite breathable. Overall, the uppers are very well made and designed.


The insole of this product is made of a very soft and durable material. It is also breathable which would help with the ventilation of the shoe. It is supportive on medium to high arches and is removable. Those who wore this shoe said that the insole formed the foot well and offered better precision with each step. It also aids in impact reduction so bones, knees, and joints are all protected. Overall, this product has a very good insole and is ideal for both running and walking on pavement.


The midsole of this product offers a pressed soft foam. This makes the sole not only supportive and cushioned but also lightweight. The midsole helps offer better precision with the supportive arch and better responsive control. The midsoles cushioning is supposed to give a more natural feel than traditional running shoes. This runner offers a more neutral arch support which is better for those with medium to high arches. The midsole offers really good arch support to those with medium to high arches as well. Those who wore this shoe praised the midsole of the shoe because it was not only lightweight but also very supportive. They felt that the shoe fit closer to the foot as a result of the midsole and offered better control.


The outsole of this product is made of an EVA rubber. EVA is sometimes harder to break in but is also quite soft and supportive in nature. The shaft on this shoe is about 3" from the arch which offers better support especially for those with average arch heights. The outsole also has a 'waffle-inspired' texture which would help with the traction of the shoe. Having better traction helps propel the runner further and more securely during their run. It also helps slow down the rate at which a runner gets tired. It also offers better stability and precision with each step. Traction is very important in running shoes, especially when used for training or while running a marathon.


These runners are very light-weight, it is one of the most common compliments that reviewers had to say about the shoe. With the adjustment from rubber to foam in the midsole, this would substantially lighten the shoe. Additionally, the mesh uppers would also aid in making the shoe lighter. The benefit of having a lighter shoe is that the runner can go further. Heavier shoes would encourage faster foot and leg fatigue. Luckily, with these runners, this is not a concern.


These shoes are made of quality materials. It also sounds like the shoes were constructed well and are quite durable. Those who reviewed these shoes echoed this, in that they wore these through training and marathons and they stayed together very well. The upper offers a smaller toe bumper that would protect both the runner's foot and the shoe itself. The outsole is quite thick and is attached the upper well.


The design of these shoes is quite minimal. Nike is known to offer more fashion-forward designs even with the company offering sports equipment. The shoe is offered in tons of different colors and styles. This product could easily transition between sports and everyday wearing. This makes the shoe a little more versatile and justifies the cost a bit. This shoe also looks really well made. You can tell it is made of quality materials. The shoes are also durable which means that the shoe won't lose it's attractive aesthetic too quickly after some wear. They aren't as attractive as comparable runners made by Nike or Adidas but they are definitely not unattractive. They have a thicker outsole and the upper offers a more minimalist design, mostly covered in mesh. The laces are a little thicker which means they cover more of the top of the shoe. The tongue is also tight to the ankle which looks more attractive especially when worn with longer, wider pants. Overall, they are attractive and minimalist. They would serve well as both a running shoe as well as an everyday shoe. This added points to our review.


This product is really inexpensive, like surprisingly so. There seem to be so many positive reviews on the shoe. First of all, it is durable. With the price and how durable it is, right away you can't go wrong. You won't need to replace these runners very frequently which is a massive plus and great for those on a budget that need their runners to last a long time. The cushioning in this shoe will go before the stitching and glue do. Additionally, it is lightweight and supportive. It fits tight to the foot. It is also quite comfortable and offers a better impact reduction due to the foam insole. Many had issues with the Air technology offered in a lot of Nike products but luckily this shoe is not part of that line. Finally, the shoe is attractive in design and incredibly versatile. Between its durability and its versatility, this is definitely worth the price. And if all this still does not work for you, the Nike sales team offers reputable support staff that will help with any returns required. Overall, you can't go wrong with this shoe.


Overall, this is a good shoe. It is a steal of a deal. The best feature of the product is that it is a quality shoe with a very low price tag. This runner offers better support in the arches as well as a lightweight design. They are also made of good materials and are constructed well. These shoes just look high-quality. In addition to looking high-quality, the shoes are also stylish in design. They are versatile in that they can easily be worn while playing sports or running, or they can be worn as a fashion piece. Overall, this was a good shoe, at the right price, are comfortable and supportive. There isnt't much more one could ask out of a runner. For these reasons we rated the shoe pretty high and recommend it for your next purchase.