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Nike Zoom Streak 6 Review Facts

Running offers a unique experience in regards to heart rate and minimalization. Running allows those looking for a cardiovascular workout to do it with ease and with limited equipment. Though there are numerous running accessories on the market, there is only one piece of equipment truly needed in order to participate in the sport. This piece of equipment specifically being a good set of running shoes. Running is considered the worlds most accessible sport as well as it can be done in nearly any environment assuming ice and snow don't limit the runner's abilities. Though this hasn't stopped some runners from participating in the sport. It also allows those participating to get a high heart rate, work numerous areas of the body and keep their body in tip-top shape. The reason why running shoes are so important is that they have different areas that help the runner with comfort, their performance as well as support and impact reduction. These areas include the midsole which will contour to the foot in order to offer customized support to the bottom half of the foot. This works hand-in-hand with the upper of the shoe which tightens the shoe around the foot in order to keep the foot close and cradled by the midsole of the shoe. The outsole is the area that touches the ground and where the tread is found. The tread of the shoe is the area that grips the ground for better take off when running. The tread is sometimes identified or described as "sticky" to explain the quality of the outsole of the shoe. Overall, all areas of the shoe work together to offer support, stability, breathability, and durability in order to keep the runner safe and secure when they are participating in this highly beneficial activity.

This article is a review of the Nike Zoom Streak 6. This runner is a stylish, lightweight product that is quite popular with reviewers. We looked at different aspects of the running shoe in order to see whether they were quality shoes or if they should be avoided. Additionally, we looked at the different areas of the shoe to determine if it offered the right levels of breathability, comfort, and style in order to keep the runner protected, comfortable and happy. This is our review of the Nike Zoom Streak 6. We hope that this article helps to enlighten you, the reader, and helps with your next shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These runners are quite stylish and, therefore, versatile in design 
  • These shoes are also insanely lightweight, which reviewers really appreciate
  • There were a fair amount of positive reviews about the grip of these runners 
  • Despite some flexibility concerns, the responsiveness of these runners seems to be highly praised as well
  • There seems to be a fair amount of durability concerns with these runners 
  • They are not true-to-size and may require sizing up
  • There were also some complaints about the lack of flexibility of these runners


The outsole of these runners is made of a blown rubber material which allows them to be lightweight as well as flexible according to the manufacturer's website. The outsole also offers better responsiveness throughout the forefoot of the shoe for a more natural and reliable take-off, as well as proper cushioning for a smoother ride. Though this is what they listed some reviewers did have issues with the flexibility of this shoe. The shoe itself is a bit stiff when on the foot and takes a long time to break in which reviewers took issue with. That said, surprisingly the responsiveness is there with these runners. Reviewers were very happy with the responsiveness of these runners and regularly praised it. This is surprising because flexibility and responsiveness typically go hand-in-hand, however, this product doesn't seem to follow that mold in that they offer sort of stiffer flexibility (excuse the oxymoron there) but does offer a decent level of responsiveness which is positive.


The midsole of these runners offers three different technologies: zoom air, phylon, and an integrated Pebax Shank. Broken down, these technologies offer different features in order to hopefully add a more supportive and comfortable run. The Zoom Air which is a technology that is specific to Nike is a low-profile pressurized air pocket that flexes in order to offer more impact reduction, as well as responsive cushioning to the run. Though this is the case most reviewers have had issues in the past with this technology offered by Nike. The air pocket is notorious for breaking down very quickly, leaving these runners useless after they essentially pop. Though that is the case, this doesn't seem to be that big of an issue with these runners. In fact, the durability issue seems to be associated with the upper of these runners rather than the outsole. This is discussed more in the durability area below. The Phylon feature of the midsole of these runners offers a foam that delivers a lightweight and resilient cushioning. Those who bought these shoes were happy with the nice, albeit stiff, cushioning offered by these runners. The Integrated Pebax Shank offers a better and higher rigidity and responsiveness to the shoe which is also true. This definitely checks out with reviewers who found these shoes to lack flexibility but did find them to be quite responsive. Overall, a highly effective midsole which is a huge perk of these runners.


The upper of these running shoes offer Flymesh for breathability and an Internal Archstrap which offers a more snug and secure lockdown to the midfoot of these runners. Ventilation is massively important in this type of product as the foot needs to breathe especially when working out. Hot feet lead to sweat which leads to discomfort and potentially slipping within the shoe. There is no better method of rolling an ankle then slipping. This is why keeping feet properly ventilated. These shoes offer a Flymesh throughout its upper which is both lightweight and breathable. The Flymesh is also seamless which is more comfortable for the runner and offers a more adaptive fit. Those who bought these shoes were very happy with the lightweight nature of these shoes as well as the breathability of the shoe, which is nice. The issue that reviewers had with these shoes is the durability of the upper. This is discussed more below.


As mentioned earlier, these shoes offer Flymesh throughout the upper, blown rubber throughout the outsole and Phylon throughout the midsole. These features are all lightweight and enable the shoe itself to be more lightweight than alternative runners on the market. Those who bought these shoes were very happy with the lightweight nature of these runners, noting that they can put some impressive miles on these shoes without getting too worn out. They weigh about 6.4 ounce or 181 grams which is quite light.


As mentioned earlier, these runners offer mesh all throughout its upper which offers proper ventilation throughout the shoe. The better the ventilation, the better the breathability as proper ventilation forces hot air out and cool air in with each step. These shoes were regularly reviewed as being quite breathable and easy to wear for long stretches which is positive.


These runners offer is both lightweight and cushioned which work hand-in-hand to offer the runner some resistance to fatigue and impact. Though these shoes are comfortable and do offer a decent level of support and cushioning to the foot, reviewers did find these shoes a little stiff when they first start running in them. The website does note that they are purposely "rigid" which is the style and fit of these runners but it's not always the most comfortable for some. The cushioning does, however, offer impact reduction to the runner, protecting their joints and bones from the wear and tear associated with running. Unfortunately, running is quite hard on the body which is why having shoes that protect the body are important. These shoes offer the right amount of cushioning to keep the runner happy and comfortable which is positive.


These runners are quite attractive in design. They are easily versatile between activities which is positive. They also come in numerous color styles, though because a lot of them are quite bright, they may not be ideal for all personality types. They are quite narrow in design which makes them look a little more sleek and stylish, though this did affect the fit of the runner. The narrow design does require a sizing up as this makes the shoe less true-to-size. And because the uppers do wear out a little more quickly than desired by runners, they start to look a little ragged a little more quickly. Outside of these issues, they are an attractive and stylish shoe which is positive.


These shoes seem to have a bit of a durability issue but not in the typical area that reviewers had issues with other Air models. The durability issue seems to be associated with the upper of these runners rather than the outsole. This is the opposite of the other Air products we've reviewed in that the upper usually stays intact but rather the air pocket seems to pop. This didn't seem to be an issue with this line as the air pocket seems to stay intact relatively well but rather there seems to be some breakdown of the fabric used for the upper as well as the connection of the upper to the outsole. As a result, the pricing seems to be a little out of line with these runners. This is discussed in more detail below.


These shoes don't really have much in regards to protective features. They do offer are reliable and durable outsole which protects the feet from any sharp rocks or objects on the way. They also include a toe bumper, common with running shoes, to protect the toes from bumps of objects along the way as well. The outsole and tread are nice and "sticky" ensuring that those wearing the shoes are kept upright and not falling over. They also offer high arch support in order to keep feet both supported and stabilized too.


The responsiveness of these shoes has been mentioned a couple of times in this article because it is highly praised by reviewers. The outsoles of these shoes are quite thin, though a little rigid. This does not stop the shoes from offering a decent level of responsiveness. The forefoot of the shoe is cushioned in a way to offer a smoother ride which reviewers regularly praised. Though rigid, these shoes really are quite responsive which reviewers really appreciate.


These shoes offer high arch support which is especially ideal for those looking for additional arch support. They also fit tight to the foot and offer a nice contour to the bottom of the foot which keeps the feet feeling comfortable and supported. Overall, a pretty reliable shoe with proper support and stability which definitely helped with our overall rating of the shoe.


These shoes are great for city streets and the gym. Because the upper of these shoes are a little weak it does affect the protection offered by the top of the shoe. This affects the terrains that these shoes can be used for. They are not ideal for trail running as they don't offer the stability or the protection required in order to run on these terrains. They are great as a gym companion and because of their lightweight nature, they are great for longer runs like marathons.


These shoes are definitely not terribly expensive. In fact, reviewers were impressed by the price point of these runners considering their performance and aesthetic. That said because the durability is on the low end in regards to reliability these shoes do seem to be slightly overpriced. Breaking down easier requires the shoes to be replaced more frequently and therefore the price tag should theoretically be lower. That said, they are attractively designed and are quite versatile which does help with the price tag. Overall, decently priced but could be a touch lower to get more in line with the market.


As mentioned earlier these shoes do offer a high level of "sticky" durability which reviewers appreciate.


These shoes are built rigid which some reviewers took issue with. Over time they do break in a bit but they are a rigid shoe which may not be ideal for all runners.


These shoes are weak throughout the upper, not offering overlays that are typically associated with good stability in shoes. Though this is the case, the midsole contours to the foot well and does offer a high level of stability. As mentioned in the terrain section, the stability of these shoes are ideal for street runs as well as gym workouts, probably not the best for trail runs.


- Medium to narrow design
- Lightweight design for less early onset fatigue
- Stylish design for more versatility
- Offered in numerous colors to represent different styles
- Extra "sticky" outsole for better traction
- Highly responsive for better performance
- Flymesh upper for better breathability
- Highly contoured midsole for superior stability and support


The bottom line is that these shoes do offer a fairly attractive design. They are stable, comfortable and lightweight, allowing the runner to go further, longer. They come in numerous colors to suit individual styles. On the downside, they lack some durability throughout the upper, aren't true-to-size and some reviewers had issues with the rigidity of these shoes. They may not be ideal for all runners but they are, for the most part, highly rated by consumers which is positive. Our advice is to try them out. If you are looking for a stylish, lightweight road companion these might be what you are looking for.