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Adidas Edge Lux Review Facts

When out on the roads it is important to have a quality shoe to pound the pavement with. A quality shoe not only makes the run more comfortable but also protects the body from the major body issues associated with the wear of impact each forceful step inflicts. Running is a great cardiovascular workout, offering a higher heart rate and better lean down than most activities practiced regularly today. Running can help build muscle, tone down and decrease belly fat whether it is a jog or a race, it offers incredible health benefits. Increasing heart rate also helps keep blood pressure down, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as helps with a number of other health issues outside of obesity. It is also a cheap activity, only really requiring one crucial piece of equipment which is a quality runner. Running can be done on country roads as well as up mountains, this article focuses more on runner meant for pavement and concrete. Running in the city usually also includes running stairs which would require even more impact reduction due to its incline and intensity level.

This article is on the Adidas Edge Lux. Adidas is a very popular sports gear brand all over the world. They are quite popular due to their quality products but also because of their focus on fashion-forward designs. Adidas has become a household staple when it comes to both physical activities as well as night outs on the town. They offer a better, well-known brand made of quality materials and better construction. We take a deeper dive into the Edge Lux in this article. The Edge Lux in an incredibly light and sleek looking runner. It is narrow in design and has a very thick, less traditional looking lace system. It is definitely more modern in design as well. We looked at what people were saying about the Edge Lux, those who have tried and either liked it or disliked it and what they were saying to come up with a real review on this product. Here is our look at the Adidas Edge Lux.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • True to size 
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish in design
  • Lighweight
  • Highly breathable
  • Tongue may need additional cushioning 
  • Not ideal for colder climates 
  • Toe bumper is pretty much non-existent (dangerous if literally kicking rocks) 


This product has an air mesh upper that offers better airflow when in motion. The entire upper of this product is breathable which offers better ventilation overall to the inside of the shoe. Those who wore this shoe confirmed that their feet stayed cool and dry during their run and also said they could be worn for hours on end without having to take them off. The benefit to better ventilation is not only the comfort of having a cool foot but also to stop build up of sweat. On one hand, sweat build-up can cause discomfort due to blisters, calluses, slipping and rubbing. But on the other hand sweat build up will also cause odor buildup which would deteriorate the shoe faster. Those to wore these runners found that they were extremely breathable however not ideal for winter running, saying that their feet were nearly frozen when the temperatures were below zero. This is something to consider if living in cooler climates and warm is also a concern.


The sock-like design of this shoe is supposed to hug the foot tighter and offer a more comfortable fit. It allows the runner to step more accurately and naturally when walking, jogging or walking. This shoe is also quite lightweight which offers an easier run and slows down the natural progression of leg fatigue when running. Despite the more narrow design, those who wore these shoes did not have issues with their width. Even those with wider feet confirmed that the shoe fit true to size and their toes did not feel squished. This is fairly unique in more lightweight and sleek runners. A common complaint is that even average-sized feet need to size up. That is not the issue with this product which is a huge plus. The curvature of the midsole also hugs the foot better for better support and a more natural step when running.


These are quite stylish in design. They are offered in more bold colors that are often used for marathon running. The shoe has a lenticular color-shifting mesh upper which gives it a sleeker look as well as a more flowing design. The laces on this product are thicker and are both flat and wide to give them a more unique appearance. This model comes with both the thicker laces as well as the thinner ones for those who prefer a more traditional look. The runner comes in over 23 colors and comes in both bright colors as well as monochrome ones for those who prefer a more neutral look. They have a flat tongue as well which helps keep it tighter to the ankle and offers less bulk if warn with plants that are not tight to the leg.


The upper is seamless and runs right from toe tip to the top of the tongue without breaks which not only offers better comfort but a more interesting design. The tongue is tight to the ankle and the sides are supportive mesh overlay to help better support the foot. One issue some people found is that the tongue was almost too flat and didn't provide enough padding around the ankle when in motion. The laces on this product are fat and thin which offers a tighter fit to the foot and better accuracy when stepping down. The upper has air mesh which allows for better ventilation throughout the shoe. The toe bumper on this product is pretty much non-existent, so those running in these shoes in areas with a lot of rocks should be careful. Some reviewers stated that they were concerned that they may break a toe when running on trails. Keep this in mind before purchasing this product.


The insole has a 'sock-like' design which is supposed to hug the shoe closer to the foot and offers better accuracy when stepping down. This product offers a bouncer insole that allows the runner to step down and pop up with less effort than comparable brands. The insole is non-removable which could be an issue for those with custom orthotics or prefer to use their own insole. However, those who wore this shoe found that they were comfortable as-is which should add some comfort when making a decision on this product. The insole also fits like a sock which means there is a much snugger, more natural fit when wearing these shoes. A better fit means better, more natural movement when running and jogging. It also means a more secure and supportive one too. Overall, there was nothing but positive reviews on the comfort level of this runner.


The midsole in this product has 'bounce technology' which is supposed to encourage a better bounce when running and offers longer runs with less fatigue inflicted on the runner's legs and thus offering a longer run. The midsole drop is about 10 mm in height and the entire shoe weighs about 227 grams. The midsole of this shoe offers a superior cushion for better impact reduction as well. It has a natural curvature which offers better and closer support to the arch, ball and heel of the foot. Those who wore this shoe confirmed that they could wear the shoe longer than other shoes in their category because of the natural feel of the shoe. This is ideal for those who want to wear it also as an everyday shoe as the support and the cushion will counter the impact that walking on concrete (of malls or roads) can cause.


The sole of this product is made of a grippy rubber that is supposed to provide better traction on concrete and pavement. The rubber on the outsole of this shoe is an anti-abrasion compound which offers more durability long term. From reviews, it appears that the sole stays intact with the upper quite well which is a common complaint with similar products. The flex grooves of this product are in the front of the shoe which offers a more natural movement and better flexibility. Overall those who wore this shoe swore by it because of how natural the shoe felt when out walking around. They are lightweight and flexible and didn't feel clunky or unnatural which is also a huge plus.


There was very little listed in regards to the waterproofing of this product. Based on how breathable they are and how poorly they isolated the shoe it seems that they are probably not very waterproof and not ideal for wetter environments. These runners are definitely meant for city roads and streets, less so more rugged terrain. They are extremely breathable however so if wet they are more likely to dry easier than other runners. This should add some peace of mind when looking to purchase this product.


The traction on this runner is not mentioned much in reviews. On their website, it states that they have a continental rubber sole and this is supposed to provide better traction in both wet and dry environments. Despite the shoe not having much for waterproofing running after a quick rain shouldn't be an issue with this product. That said, there were no positive or negative reviews on the traction specifically which is a slightly positive thing. They are used for longer runs and are able to stick to the pavement even when wet which is good. They probably shouldn't be used for activities like mountain climbing or hiking both due to the traction but also due to the lack of waterproofing as well as the lack of toe protection though. If looking for that type of runner or something that is a little more versatile, this may not be the runner for you.


This runner is affordable in price. It isn't Adidas's most affordable runner however they are not expensive. They sit about lower to mid-range. They are made well, hold together without issues and should last a couple years. They are very lightweight and durable however do not offer any warmth or overall protection due to impact which can be an issue especially when running on trails. This is definitely a training shoe that is meant to be used on city streets. Their lightweight and narrow design, as well as fun colors, make the shoe extremely fashionable. Overall, the price is right on these shoes. There are so many positive reviews, any negative reviews are more focused on specific circumstances (like living in colder climates) but rarely the functionality of the shoe. The cost of the shoe is definitely justified and with it sitting on the low to mid range it is affordable for really any budget.


This product has mostly positive reviews. It is a super light, super easy runner. It can be used for both running and walking around town in. Reviewers said that they loved how lightweight they were and how easy to clean they are as well. The shoe itself is quite attractive in design and despite being quite sleek and narrow, those who wore them had no issues with their width. Even those with wider feet recommended them as they found the fit immediately comfortable without having to size up or break in. The price of these shoes is pretty inexpensive which is surprising considering how good they are. The biggest complaints were that the tongue needed some additional padding and that the toe may be dangerous if hit against a rock. These as well as the shoe itself not being very warm. Outside of this the shoes were highly rated, seemed to last a long time and the price is right. Overall the shoe is highly regarded.