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MSR Freelite 2 Review Facts

Anyone who likes camping looks for tents that are sturdy, that will last in all types of weather, and that is lightweight enough to carry with them when necessary. It is often difficult to find a tent that is compact enough to store easily or that has a nice design. It is also crucial for a camping tent to be able to withstand a lot of different types of weather because at the end of the day it is impossible to judge what the weather truly is going to be like. People who are into camping in tents have likely tried many tents before finding one that suited them the best.

If these are some of your criteria when it comes to finding a camping tent, then the MSR Freelite 2 tent is a good option for you to look into. As the name suggests, it is known for its very lightweight design. While the tent is actually considered to be heavier than some of its counterparts, that does not take away from the overall lightweight and compact feel of the tent. It is perfect to be used by two people, so if you are looking for the perfect tent for your honeymoon getaway, then this is something to consider.

Another key feature of this tent that many people appreciated was its resistance to different weather conditions. While that should be a given when it comes to tents, a lot of people said that the way this tent performed was unique. Some people claimed that they used the tent in all different kinds of weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and even below-freezing temperatures. Of course, camping in such conditions might not be for everyone, but at the end of the day, you don’t know what the weather is going to be like. And everyone said the same thing: no matter what the weather was like outside, they were able to stay comfortable and dry in the tent. That alone might be reason for some people to purchase the tent. And, considering the fact that the tent is able to withstand many types of weather, it should also be a given that the tent is made with very durable materials.

Aside from that, the price isn’t too bad, but some people think that there are other tents which offer more features that are offered at better deals. If you’re looking for something that can easily suit two people, especially if you’re not the type to carry everything you own with you when you go on a camping trip, this tent is a good choice for you. And as we mentioned, the tent’s ability to withstand many different types of weather is a great plus.

Now let’s look at some of the other great features of the tent in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Two doors make it easy to get in and out of
  • Useful in many different weather conditions
  • Lightweight by design
  • Ceiling bag for belongings
  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect for two people
  • May be difficult to set up

  • Not a lot of room inside
  • May not be as durable as others




Since the tent is lightweight, it is bound to be made out of some of the more lighter materials on the market. The fabric of the tent is made with nylon, which is easy to clean and known for its waterproof abilities. The pole in the tent is made out of aluminum.

Best Use

This tent is great for if you plan on going on camping adventures, particularly if there will only be two of you going on the trip. It is great for places where you will not be taking too many belongings and where you will be traveling quite a ways away due to its lightweight. Also, many people said that the tent fares well in different types of weather, so it does not necessarily have to be a warm and sunny day when you go camping with this tent.


This MSR Freelite tent is known for being particularly small and lightweight. The tent itself weighs 2.8 pounds, which is still very light, but is actually heavier in comparison to some of the other ultralight tents that are available on the market. It makes this tent a much more attractive choice for those who are planning on going on longer camping trips in the summertime because this tent is much easier to move around and to carry. However, it is important to know that this tent is designed to be used by two people, so if you are going camping with your family, you should expect to purchase more than one tent. But if you’re going somewhere as a couple or with a friend, then this tent will serve the two of you well.

It is also important to note that the tent itself is only 36 inches high. People have said that this is among the lowest out of all the tents they have ever tried, and this low height makes it very difficult for them to be able to get in and out of the tent, as well as to move around inside of the tent. It is even a bit difficult to be able to sit up. The tent also has a pole in its middle, which means that the sides of the tent cave in somewhat, making it even more difficult to use. The tent also features a small bag that hangs off of the ceiling, which allows you to place your belongings inside of it.

Despite the fact that many people liked the tent overall, it is important to note that this tent is not really made for you to do much else other than sleep due to its small size.


If you are going to purchase a lightweight tent, it is probably natural that you will assume that the tent will not fare well in different types of weather- especially not the rain. But that actually is not the case with the MSR Freelite 2 tent. Many people were genuinely surprised when this lightweight and not extremely durable tent actually fared well in poor weather. One person who purchased and reviewed the tent said that they used it in weather that included very heavy rain and hail, and when they would wake up the next morning, they would find that all of their belongings were completely dry. Many other reviews of this tent say the same thing. So, if you are looking for a tent that is waterproof and that will be guaranteed to keep you dry even in relatively bad weather conditions, then the MSR tent is a good place to start looking.


The MSR Freelite 2 tent has a fairly simple design. You have two doors on either side of the tent, as well as the colored floor and the white covering. There is a bag inside of the tent where you can store your belongings. There is not much else with the tent. It is said that the tent comes in several different colors, but on all of the sites where the tent is available, it is only available in the color red. Regardless, this tent has a nice and simple design.


One thing that a lot of people had to say about this tent was that it is not as durable as many of its counterparts are. This is due to the fact that the MSR company chose to make this tent very lightweight, and lightweight materials usually result in a product that isn’t necessarily durable. However, that does not mean that this tent was not able to withstand many weather conditions or that it was not able to fare well out on the campsites. People also did not notice that the tent had failed on them. Some people simply thought that the tent was made out of rather cheap materials.


When you look at this small and lightweight tent, you might not think that you’ll get any protection at all. However, that is luckily not the case here. Although the tent is made out of breathable materials, it does not mean that you will not receive the protection you need against different weather conditions. People said that this tent is great to use in the rain and the wind because it is able to withstand such conditions perfectly.

Weather Resistance

Just like with waterproofing, this tent is great for protecting you against bad weather too. People who have purchased and tried out the tent confirmed that it stayed sturdy and strong against heavy winds, including ones that also came with rain. Besides that, people said that they were able to use the tent when it was below freezing outside. The tent can also be used in places that are relatively muddy and boggy, and thanks to the fact that the floor of the tent is designed much like a bathtub, you won’t have to worry about any type of moisture getting in to the tent.


The official retail price of the MSR Freelite 2 tent is $440. While this is not too bad for a tent, some people believe that this is a high price for a tent that is not the most durable and that does not offer as many features as some other tents. However, keep in mind that you do get all the weather resistance abilities with this tent, so that may be a reason to purchase the tent for some people and determine that it is worth the price tag. Another important thing to mention is that the tent is offered for cheaper prices on some online websites such as Amazon, which has an offer for the tent at $400.

Key Features

The MSR Freelite 2 tent is made out of lightweight materials that make it easier to carry and to transport
The materials that the tent is made out of allow it to withstand many different types of weather conditions, making it versatile for different environments
The tent is meant to be used by two people
The mesh material that the tent is made out of makes it highly breathable, so it won’t get stuffy in the tent
This tent has two doors
It is best to be used when camping outdoors by two people

Bottom Line

After seeing the price tag and understanding that the tent is probably not as durable as some other tents on the market due to the fact that it is made out of such lightweight materials, some people might feel dissuaded from purchasing the tent. It is up to you to decide what features you value more when it comes to a tent. Some people prefer having a lightweight tent that they can easily transport whenever and wherever they feel like. And, if you’re only camping with one other person and don’t need to take too much with you, then you probably won’t notice the smaller interior of this tent. Some people also said that this tent wasn’t as easy to set up as other tents due to the fact that it doesn’t have such a freestanding style. However, despite all of this, everyone who did use the tent agreed on one thing: the tent is great to be used in many different types of weather conditions. From rain to snow to wind, this tent is able to withstand it all. Which you might not have expected, given the fact that it is so lightweight.

If you are someone who is looking for a great optile that is perfect for two people and a minimum amount of belongings, this may be just what you need. As a bonus, this product can be easily transported to many different places and will allow you to go camping in different types of weather conditions, too.