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Misfit Flash Review Facts

The brand Misfit has released a variety of smartwatches, all of which boast having some of the lowest prices on the market. Some companies on the market have started to release smartwatches that are lower in price than typical, which causes a lot of competition. One of the nicer smartwatches that is on the low end in price is the Misfit Flash. While it is important to note that a watch which retails on the lower side might not be the most advanced one out there, the Misfit Flash does have some nice features. For one, it is waterproof and it does have the ability to track swimming, which is an important feature for anyone who is looking for something that will help them to keep track of their laps in the pool. You’ll also have the ability to track some of the other activities that you do, and you’ll be able to use the watch for a very long time without needing to charge it or anything since the battery is said to be able to last for about six months. If you are on a budget, the Misfit Flash is a great option for you to choose from.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Misfit Flash will track both how many steps you take and your sleep
  • The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • The watch has a long battery life, lasting up to six months just with one battery
  • The watch is waterproof, so you can use it if you’re a swimmer
  • Some people mentioned that they thought the material the watch was made out of felt somewhat cheap
  • People said that the watch’s tracking abilities were not very accurate


There are many different things you can do with this watch, including running, walking, hiking, yoga, and basic gym activities. It will also track some other less common activities such as tennis, basketball, and cycling. You can also adjust the settings to let the watch know when you plan to start exercise. The watch is also waterproof, which means that you will be able to go swimming too- and the app that is compatible with it also has swimming labeled as an activity, which will help you to track how you swim. Other than the typical tracking features, you will also be able to wear the watch while sleeping, since it will track your sleep.

Basic Features

Much like other smartwatches, the Misfit Flash will give you the ability to tell the time, see how many steps you have taken during the day, how many calories you have burned, and how far you’ve walked. The watch also includes an accelerometer and a sleep tracker, both of which are not necessarily features included on other watches. You will be able to see how you progressed daily thanks to the LED lights that show up on the top of the watch. And the watch will automatically start to track your sleep schedule without you imputing the information into the app. For some activities like cycling, you will be able to put the watch around your ankle in order to get the best tracking results.

Advanced Features

One of the more advanced features that are included in many smartwatches anymore is water resistance. The Misfit Flash is also waterproof. This is extremely important not only in instances where you will have contact with water but also if you are a swimmer and want something that will help you to track your swimming. The watch also has an app which you can use to track all of your activities in depth, and the app is compatible with all kinds of different devices.


The Misfit watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. While you will not actually be connecting the watch itself to your mobile device, there is an app that you should download in order to be able to track your progress and to view your performance in much more depth. This app is available for all kinds of iOS and Android devices, and people have not noticed a difference in the performance of the app on either device. You will also need to connect the watch to the device using Bluetooth. People noted that the set-up process is very simple.


Most of the data that you need to look at can be done using the Misfit App, which is available in both the Google Play store and the App store for free. People have not reported that one device’s app is better or worse than the other device’s, which is important to note. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to sync any of the data recorded on the watch using Bluetooth. The app will also give you the ability to check your daily goals, how many calories you have burned, and how far you walked. If you have any other Misfit devices, the app will give you the opportunity to control those too. You can add more activities that you participate in and would like to begin tracking, and you will also be able to choose how intense you were working in that activity. The app also gives you the ability to track your weight and include your goal weight, and you will be able to share what you’re up to on social media. The watch also allows for third-party apps to be used that will allow you to track your weight and your daily runs.


One thing that people appreciated about this Misfit watch is that it was very comfortable to wear. Some even deemed it as being one of the most comfortable out of all of them. It’s not easily noticeable, and people said that they don’t really notice that they’re wearing it. The watch does not get caught in clothes, either. If you have smaller wrists, you will be able to wear the watch comfortably since it does allow you to adjust the band. This can also be good for people with larger wrists. And, something else that people noted was that when it was hot outside or when they got particularly sweaty, the watch did not get all gross and sweaty too, which is a great advantage.


The design of the watch is very simplistic, and the watch is available in many different colors, which is a nice advantage for those looking for something that isn’t in the typical black color. Some of the colors you can choose from include black, pink, white, and bright blue. The watch itself is sleek and small, so you don’t have to worry about having something large and clunky sitting on your wrist as you exercise. The band is made out of a matte plastic material. One of the things that people noted about this watch is that the watch face itself does not fall out of the band as often as it does with some of the other Misfit smartwatches due to the fact that Misfit made the plastic on this watch much thicker. The watch itself does not look like a luxury watch, but it probably should not be expected that this watch would look too high-end considering the price.


We did not come across anyone who has complained that the watch stopped working or that it experienced wear and tear too quickly. However, a lot of people did complain about the band of the watch, saying that it was very flimsy and that it felt like it was made out of cheap material. Many of those people justified the band’s flimsiness by saying that the watch itself was very cheap, so they should not have expected too much out of the quality of its materials. People said wearing the watch felt very similar to wearing a children’s watch. However, they also said that unlike in other Misfit watches, the watch face (or pod) did not fall out of the band since it has to be inserted from underneath the watch. If you are wearing the watch, there is no chance of the watch face falling out of the band. The watch has waterproof abilities for up to 30 meters, so if you want to use it for swimming, or if you will be showering and washing dishes, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your watch will get ruined. And again, despite the flimsiness of the watch, no one reported any signs of wear and tear that they experienced, even when they wore the watch constantly.


The watch has no screen at all on its face, so it is not a touchscreen like many other smartwatches. Instead, the watch face is a solid button that is in the color you choose. The watch face has LED lights on it which will help you to see what time it is and how you are progressing with your everyday goals. Some people have complained that this is confusing, but it is easy to figure out if you use the app.


Unlike many other smartwatches, the band on the Misfit Flash is not replaceable. However, you can adjust the band to suit the size of your wrist to make it tighter or looser as you please. The band is made out of a plastic material which some people have complained is a bit flimsy. You will be able to choose from a variety of different colors for the band of the watch, including black, bright blue, and white.

Ease of Use

The app itself is easy to use, but some people complained that figuring out how to configure the LED lights and the face of the watch was a little confusing for them. The app does give you the ability to customize what lights will light up on the watch, so if you are having problems with that, you can always consult the app. People also said that the clock was a little confusing for them to use, too. But the actual tracking abilities of the watch were not confusing or difficult.


One of the things that many people appreciated about this watch was its battery life. Unlike many watches, which require you to charge them every few days or so using the USB cord they come with, this watch has a battery that needs to be replaced. You can easily purchase this battery online when needed. However, the nice thing is that the battery only needs to be replaced every six months, which means that you will be able to get plenty of use out of the watch before even thinking about when the battery needs to be replaced. Plus, you won’t have to worry much about when you’ll need to charge the watch.


The Misfit Flash is on the cheaper side when it comes to smartwatches. Though many retailers have it available for different prices, it retails for approximately $50, which is a lot less in comparison to the many hundreds of dollars that other smartwatches on the market retail for. While this Misfit product might not have all the features that other smartwatches do, it might be a good option to consider if you are someone on a budget who is looking for something that has a nice design and that will offer you many of the features that another smartwatch would for a much lower price.

Key Features

-The Misfit Flash is a waterproof watch, meaning that you will be able to wear it while swimming.
-The watch will automatically track your sleep.
-You will be able to participate in a variety of activities using the watch, including running, hiking, tennis, cycling, and more.
-The battery on the watch lasts for six months, so you won’t have to worry about charging the device.
-The watch comes at a very affordable price for those who are on a budget.

Bottom Line

If you are someone who is looking for a smartwatch that has a lot of different tracking abilities that will also manage to fit in your budget, the Misfit Flash is a good option for you. It is also great for if you are someone who is interested in a variety of different activities and wants something that is capable of tracking all of them. This Misfit watch might not be the most luxurious looking watch on the market, nor does it have all the features that some other smartwatches do, but for the price it comes at, we think that it has done a good job.