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High Sierra Loop Review Facts

The backpack carried is a personal item reflecting the needs and style of the user. Those wanting something that is functional and looks great will be pleased with the High Sierra Loop Backpack. The many different sections and pockets help organize small and large items. For more than 25 years, High Sierra Sports Company has been making quality bags for professionals, athletes, high school students, and adventure travelers. It is the U.S. Snowboarding and Ski teams official bag supplier.

The backpack is modern looking and ideal for sports. High Sierra makes gear for the adventure minded. Since late in the 70s, they have created products that take design and durability into consideration while keeping the products affordable. The High Sierra Loop Backpack has become quite popular. High Sierra is among the top three inexpensive backpack makers. Their products are a mainstay on airplanes, and in hostels and schools. The Loop Backpack is a quality, budget-friendly solution for carrying needs.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 33 different designs
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Dedicated space to protect and hold a tablet
  • Design with students in mind
  • Key fob hook
  • Lots of pockets and space
  • Specific pockets for pens
  • Loop scratches back of the neck
  • No warranty
  • Poor stitching
  • Too small for an overnight bag


The High Sierra Loop makes an ideal travel companion. It has a multi-compartment design that allows the user to store everything. StorageStorageStorage includes two mesh water bottle pockets, bottom straps to attach items, a monster hook, and a zippered pocket for an MP3 player with a headphone port.


The backpack is made of 600 deniers Duralite, waffle weave for strength and durability. When planning a hike, a day trip, or something longer, the user should have no worries about the bag making the trip or coming apart. The nylon lining helps repel water. Anything taken should stay safe and dry.


When choosing a pack, the way it fits the body is a critical consideration. For best results, pick one that is close to the ideal fit around the torso. The user will be comfortable with a bag that fits the body and helps support the weight being carried.

Great looks and comfort do not always go hand in hand. For appearance and style, the daypack earns a ten out of ten rating. There are some concerns about comfort and usability. While the backpack looks fantastic, there are problems when it comes to wearing it.

‘Loop Backpack’ means the shoulder straps are connected with a loop. In theory, it sounds like a good idea. It certainly gives the pack a great look. Some reviewers did not like the effect. The loop may rub against the neck.

In fairness, some people have no complaints about how the backpack feels when worn. The think the durable and versatile High Sierra backpack is ideal for comfortably carrying heavy loads. The adjustable side compression straps make any load compact and allow ease of movement.

While some reviewers gave the backpack a rating of four, they said the manufacturer got it right when it came to straps and saved them from issuing a-one rating. The shoulder straps are padded and very comfortable. There is not enough padding on the back that sits against the wearer. The user feels everything in the pack as it digs into the spine and shoulders.


Inferior backpacks are not worth the money spent if they are not meant to last. The Loop is a sound investment that will last for years. The pack is durable and roomy enough whether it is used for a weekend hike, the gym, or going to college. The backpack has an excellent reputation and is built to last. When looking for the best pack, choose something high-quality.

Some reviewers were not overly thrilled about the durability of the backpack. The high point of their critique was the pack is water resistant (not waterproof). The High Sierra Loop Background does a decent job of carrying lightweight material such as clothing items.

A backpack that was tested by reviewers by using heavy books similar to those carried by college and high school students frayed apart. The straps were nearly ripped off of the backpack. The product carries no warranty.

Durability was described as disappointing. The backpack scored a two rating for durability only because of its rain resistance. The functionality of the pack has a few redeeming qualities. It functions as one would expect from a modern backpack.

The High Sierra backpacks have a dedicated sleeve for a table and a separate media pocket. The tablet sleeve works as intended. It has excellent compression straps that allow the pack to shrink when not fully loaded.

The bottom straps hold onto other items well. They are kept close and secure to the backpack. There is no concern that the straps will come undone or the objects fall out. The number of pockets made some ground with the reviewers.

Numerous interior pockets, approximately seven exterior pockets, and card slots were appreciated. The functionality of the Loop Backpack is on par with the best backpacks around. The feature of the pack earned a ten of ten rating.


The backpack is spacious enough for all school necessities including a tablet or laptop and some books. Students will need it for only a few minutes over class periods. There is a clip on the back for cleats or work gear.

There is room for a tablet and lunch. A nylon lining helps if something in the lunch spills. As long as not a lot of gear is required, it makes an excellent daypack for travel. Having no sternum or waist strap is a bit worrisome, especially if the backpack is worn for a few hours or the user wants to stock up on souvenirs along the way.

There is a key fob to attach car or house keys to keep from worry about losing them in the backpack.bottom. MP3 players fit into a zipper compartment that has a headphone port. Another zippered compartment can be used for other bits and pieces, bus fare, or lunch money.

Mesh beverage compartments are on each side. They are ideal for water bottles if they are not too large. The pockets do not expand very much. The shoulder straps have a phone pocket. It may not accommodate larger cell phones of today. The backpack weighs less than two pounds. It has a capacity of about 15 pounds of gear.


The High Sierra Loop is a versatile backpack ideal for the daily grind or a day on a trail. It is an excellent backpack for office or school. The backpack can be used as a lunch pack for work or school. Pack gear for a day of trekking or hiking. Having a headphone port allows listening to music on the go. A long hike is made more enjoyable with the user’s favorite tunes. A monster hook allows attaching gear to be taken with the user.

It is not very useful as a hiking pack. The water-resistant Duralite coating ripcord construction can accommodate light usage. It is likely to tear and rip if caught on something during a hike. There is no hydration system compartment, only mesh side pockets.

It is not big enough, comfortable enough, or durable enough for survivalists or traveling backpackers. The backpack will not stand up to hard everyday beatings. The multi-compartment design is an excellent choice for users transitioning from activity to activity such as commuters who carry gear to work or the gym and students participating in after-school activities.


A multitude of designs and colors are available. It is an attractive daypack available in 33 unique designs. High Sierra offers everything from all black daypacks to packs with camo, butterflies, pineapples, and much more.

The silhouette and overall appearance are as impressive as the colorful designs. The pack has an athletic appearance. It has a sleek modern look. The users appear to be someone who keeps up with style and fashion.

The daypack emits a sense of exploration and adventure. A hanging accessory pocket is also part of the design as well as two mesh drink pockets for water bottles. The backpack dimensions are 19½ X 14½ X 8¼ inches.


When transporting gear, relief from carrying heavy loads is provided by a shoulder strap suspension system that dampens the weight transfer shock while transporting equipment. Adjustable side compression straps secure items.

Ample storage is provided, and the straps offer extra support. People who view tech items as necessary appreciate the spaces provided for them. The shoulder straps are relatively well-padded. Yoke styling and non-slip shoulder pads help distribute weight across the shoulders.

There are ring adjuster pulls that the user can tighten easily after donning the backpack. Additional equipment can be attached with the bottom straps provided. They will not support serious loads. The backpack best handles lightweight gear such as rolled up blankets, yoga mats, or something similar. Compression straps tighten to prevent the weight from being far away from the user’s body. Less shoulder stress is created when weight is close to the wearer’s body.


The backpack has three distinct compartments. The main compartment can hold a laptop, three-ring binders, textbooks, or a combination of the three. Slimmer books and notebooks fit in the second compartment. The third organizer compartment is in the front. It has a mesh organizer and pockets to separate and hold pencils, pens, and sundry items that are found in a backpack.

Multiple pockets and generous main compartments allow gear to be kept organized and secure. Equipment is organized with a multi-compartment design that has adjustable compression straps to secure items. There are adjustable bottom webbing straps perfect for carrying a tent or sleeping bag.

For office use, the Loop has storage for personal digital gear such as a phone or tablet. The backpack has a TechSpot sleeve for a table. There is an organizer compartment having multiple pockets, a key fob, and pen pockets ideal for keeping smaller items secure.

When spending time outdoors camping or hiking, stay hydrated with the mesh beverage pockets that keep drinks close at hand. A water bottle or lantern can easily be attached with a monster hook clip. A zippered pocket will hold an MP3 player or iPod. There is a port for headphones. The S-shaped shoulder straps have a cell phone pocket. The multi-compartment design can fit anything needed.

Key Features

* Adjustable bottom and side compression straps
* Attach extra gear with bottom straps and monster hook
* Integrated yoke-style grab handle
* Large, multi-compartment design
* Mesh beverage pockets
* Padded contoured air mesh shoulder straps having a Suspension System
* Premium organizer with key fob and multiple pockets
* TechSpot tablet sleeve

Bottom Line

The smaller size makes the Sierra High Loop Backpack an excellent option for a daily carry pack. All backpacks have pros and cons that must not be overlooked. The High Sierra Loop Backpack has an attractive style.

The colors and bag design variety are impressive. Comfort takes a ding because the loop rubs against the back of the neck. The straps, however, are incredibly comfortable. The most frustrating feature is its durability.

A backpack that falls apart after two months and has no warranty gains poor ratings in the durability category. Its functionality is on par with what one expects from a versatile daypack. It is a redeeming factor that a reviewer said kept it from being classified as ‘garbage.’

While some negative reviews would deem the backpack earned only a rating of six out of ten, there is enough positive feedback from multiple sources for a higher score. It may not be ideal for serious travel but works well for occasional light loads.

The multi-compartment design keeps gear organized. It is perfect for the daily grind, traveling, camping or hiking for a couple of days. The High Sierra Loop pack is versatile and at home on or off the trail. There is a dedicated sleeve for a tablet. Compression straps cinch and secure gear being carried. They are also perfect for providing storage for items such as sleeping bags and jackets. It functions well as a school backpack.