How To Stop A Dog From Biting: A Complete Guide

An in-depth guide on how to stop a dog from biting How To Stop A Dog From Biting: A Complete Guide

Dogs, like humans, have specific personalities that develop over their life. The way they were raised can have a significant impact on if that personality is friendly or defensive. If you own a dog that tends to have a problem with biting, is it possible to change this behavior?

The answer is absolutely, but it will take patience and some new habits that you must put into place right away. This process and new tricks that we will explore below is how to stop a dog from biting.  

No matter if you have adopted a dog or the dog you raised tends to nip, these bad behaviors can be changed for the better with a little work! There is always a reason why a dog acts out or is defensive.

The two conditions that can cause a dog to bite is that they were not adequately trained or they had a rough upbringing. Below, we will explore some reasons why your dog may be biting and steps to put in place that will work towards changing your dog’s aggressive behavior and bringing the best out of them.  

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Biting

They Feel Threatened

The main reason why a dog may bite is that they feel threatened. When it comes to feeling threatened, the dog can feel that it is individually threatened, its owner, or its babies. Some dogs may have been exposed to abuse when they were pups, which will cause them to resort to their instincts and defend themselves as well. In most cases, a dog may be more aggressive to males over females. This could be due to the dog having a bad interaction with a man in its life.

They’re Ill

Another reason that dogs make bite is that they’re sick. This is due to your dog resorting to its basic instincts to protecting themselves when they are vulnerable. If you sense that your dog is ill, check their behavior and body language before approaching to ensure you do not get accidentally nipped. 

They’re Playing

In some situations, dogs bite when they are playing, and this is mainly due to them being unaware of what they are doing. This is one of the easiest behaviors to change as it has nothing to do with them feeling threatened.

If you are aware that your dog is having a problem with biting, start looking for ways to deal with this behavior immediately. You want to end this aggressive behavior before a family member, neighbor, or another dog is injured. All dogs have goodness inside of them, so if your dog does tend to nip, be patient and persistent and you will start to see progress.

Methods to Stop Your Dog From Biting

There are a couple of methods that help with how to stop a dog from biting people or other dogs. The methods that you use should be customized to the reasons why your dog seems to be biting and acting out.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that your dog is your responsibility. If they do end up causing severe harm, that will be on you. This is why it is essential to find a method that works for you and your dog to allow them to have a more friendly atmosphere.

Younger Dogs

If you have a puppy or a younger dog and have started to notice that they are biting. It is a good idea to stop this behavior as quickly as it starts. The best way to do this is to put them into a training program where they will be surrounded by other dogs and people. This way they will have a familiarity with different people and other dogs.

Allowing your dog to become familiar with as many people and dogs as possible will be the best thing you can do when they are young. Most of the time it will help your dog feel more comfortable and not so threatened. If you have noticed you are keeping your dog more isolated, this could be the reason that they are acting aggressively. Sociability and familiarity are essential with younger dogs.  

With younger dogs, one of the most common forms of biting is when your dog is playing. This type of biting is unintentional and your dog does not know it is causing pain. So, you may be wondering how to stop a dog from play biting? The easy answer is to let them know this hurts or can hurt. If your dog gives you an accidental nip while playing, let him know by yelling loudly. This will allow your dog to understand that this is hurting you and they should learn over time to give you more kisses instead of little nips. 

Older Dogs

You may notice that your older dog or an older dog you recently adopted may be more prone to biting lately. Now, just because they are older dogs, do not think you can not teach them new habits. You should never give up on your pooch as if you stay with instituting new habits you will start to see change for the better.

If you are noticing that your dog is starting to try and bite people or other dogs, the first thing to do is to figure out why. If your dog is acting like it is defending itself when people get close, it may be starting to get ill and is experiencing some pain. The best method to help this is to take your dog to the veterinarian to see if you can help ease their pain, which will help them to be not as defensive. 

The main reason that older dogs tend to be more aggressive and try to bite is that they are not fixed. Not being neutered or spayed can be a significant cause of an aggressive dog. If your dog is becoming more aggressive and they have not been fixed, it may be time to do so, and most likely, you will see a calmer, friendlier companion.  

If you recently adopted a dog and find they tend to be aggressive, they may have come from an abusive home. It is best not to allow them to be around too many people, dogs, or children at first and show them as much love as possible. Once they start to become friendly with you, try to introduce one or two more people and get them used to the company of people little by little. These small introductions should show them over time that they have nothing to fear and are surrounded by love.

Once your dog is familiar and comfortable with people, you can start introducing him to other dogs, one by one. This way, your dog is learning what they should of like a puppy and will realize that not everyone is out to hurt them. If you practice this and take it slow, you should start to see progress and a happier dog.


A Happy, Healthy Dog is Right Around the Corner

All dogs have a different personality, just like us. The way they are taught and their past experiences really can shape who they are and who they will become. If you have recently introduced a new dog into your family, really put in the time to teach them great habits. These great habits can be to introduce them to as many people and other dogs as possible, and teach them how to play properly.

The time and effort that you will invest in your dog will ensure that they live a happy and loved life. Establishing the right foundations will ensure that you will not have problems as your dog ages.

Now, if you own an older dog that seems to be set in their ways, don’t give up. Older dogs can learn new tricks. But, the first step is to figure out some reasons why your dog could be acting more aggressive. Then with patience, you can teach your dog to change their behavior.   

Overall, take the time with any animal to provide them with the love and care that they deserve. If you do this, you will always have a healthy and happy dog that you can not only call your best friend but a part of your family as well.