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Hilleberg Staika Review Facts

Camping season is coming upon us yet again, and many of us want to make sure we are ready to head out and enjoy some quality time out away from the busy life of technology and constant work schedules. There are also those of us who plan on going to group meets of some kind where a tent is a necessity to simply enjoy our extracurricular activities of fairs and journeying across the wild. No matter what your goal with camping is, a tent is your number one concern. So, the first thing you need to know is how much room do you need? This comes in knowing how many people are going to be ‘taking residence’ inside and how much elbow room you will need with each. Having a two-person tent may actually be a driving need if you are someone who likes to spread out or work on personal goals in the quiet peace of the outdoors.

The second thing you need to ask is what type of weather does this tent need to be able to handle? If you are just getting for the kids to ‘party’ in the backyard, you may only need something for gentle weather conditions, but if you are going out on the trail, or plan to head out where cold, snow and rain are all still big possibilities- like the mountains- you will need something that can hold up to the elements.

With these two questions answered, you really have the basis for what you can look for in your tent. The rest beyond that is just a bonus and you can expect to find all of it with us. After all, our job is to keep you informed on the product, and not just give you reasons why you should get this specific model. We want you to be happy and keep coming back to us for all your research. That being said, let us start off with the pros and cons of this two-person model.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stakes not needed to set up
  • Stable
  • Heavy weatherproof
  • Hard to tear
  • Stable
  • Easy set up
  • Warranty fulfillment
  • Smaller
  • Heavy
  • Price


This is one of the most impressive qualities for this particular product. The tents materials are tough and double layered on top of it. For their magazines dedicated to this brands line of tents, they offer a sample of each tents materials and try as they might, those who have tested item can’t seem to tear it with any amount of force at least without tools. So, what is it made of?
The material for this tent is listed as ‘Kerlon 1800’, and it is made of several types of materials blended together to add to its endurance and quality. The main part of the material is nylon. It is a 40 D high tenacity build which makes it excessively difficult to rip or tear apart, which is a definite necessity for harsher weather and natural conditions. Even with flying debris the chances of having your tent damaged are highly reduced. You literally need 40 pounds of pressure to tear this fabric at a consistent go. The interior of the tent, or inner layer is also made of this same resistant nylon fabric.
The outside has the additional treatment of triple coating of weather resistant silicone to hold out against rain, snow and damaging UV light on the nylon. Since Nylon is not weatherproof naturally, and UV light can break it down rapidly, making it brittle and cause it to lose its elasticity, this treatment is not only a nice addition but is a great foresight to making the tent last much longer than others in the same type of conditions.

While the outside remains highly impressive, there is an additional treatment to the inner tent as well. As waterproofed as the outside already is, the company decided that adding to the inner tent was also a desired move to assure the best line they could manufacture. This the inside is treated with waterproofing repellent as well to create the ultimate in protection against the elements.
The poles are high-quality DAC aluminum poles. For those of us who don’t know what that means, DAC is a company with a large reputation for having highly durable materials that can withstand much more than most other poles of the same material type. What makes these poles even more intriguing is the fact that for as strong and durable as they are, they also have a high elasticity. While this doesn’t seem important at first (the stiffer and harder to bend the harder to break, right?) the fact is that they go against the rule for less elastic materials being the stronger and more resilient ones. It is that elasticity that allows the frame of the tent to withstand much harsher winds since the poles are not having to strain against the pressure to hold shape.

To top off the whole thing, the company chooses only the best of everything with YKK zippers, guy lines of Vectran fiber and polyester, and aluminum pegs. All high quality, durable materials which will leave your tent standing when others are being blown away by the wind.


This is a smaller tent, meant for backpacking and travel instead of just camping in a single location. What does this mean? Well, you have enough room inside for two campers to comfortably sleep, wake up, sit and eat. You have enough room to dress, but it isn’t spacious. The tent is not tall enough to allow standing, though with both doors open it is still comfortable enough to enjoy a lot of room in a sitting or lying position and not feel overly cramped. What this amounts to is having a 9.75 by 7.5-foot floor space with a 3.4-foot height at the mid-rise point. Not a bad amount of space to move around in when the weather is not permitting movement during your trip.

The only minor downside to all the high-quality material and size is that it does have a heavier weight than other tents meant for backpacking of the same size. Weighs a hefty 8 pounds and 13 ounces when packed up, so be prepared for a test of endurance when carrying it around. Of course, it proves well worth the effort if you plan to camp out in all four seasons, or like traversing the mountains.


We covered this in materials, but what we really want to know is what exactly is the experience of all this waterproofing. Sure, the water that hits the top won’t be getting in most likely, but what about the bottom? Or if it is a torrential downpour- does it hold up to the test? To put the answer simply- yes! Those that have used this tent in all seasons have stated outright that the tent holds up to every weather condition. It keeps the water out easily. No flapping during torrential downpours or getting those tiny leaks that can lead to a wet sleeping bag, clothes or equipment. Everything is stable and safe from moisture. Even in packing snow, this tent resists and holds strong to the elements not giving way under the pressure. This tent keeps its promise to let you rest and enjoy your trip no matter what you are looking at for weather. Of course, you would expect this with such high-quality materials and the price tag attached to getting the best of the best.


While this tent isn’t flashy or large, the style comes from having the best money can buy and a build easily set up even during high winds. Many tents won’t hold their own, blowing around without stakes to hold them in place from the start. While stating that you can set this up without worrying that things will get hectic unless its pinned down sounds like a fantasy tale for most, we have seen that it can be done and is done regularly by owners. The tent holds its position and only really needs to be pinned once it is completely up, and only by the guy lines. It will stay right where you put it and won’t fall over or flap around like many of the cheaper quality tents out there. Even other expensive tents fall short to give such a luxury. The fact that the dome set is like most other tents, the style comes in with the inner sanctuary, having an almost small porch like area when opened so that the inside is more balanced feeling. It also can come in three different colors to give you a sense of enjoyment to your taste. The tent comes in green, red and sand.


Saying this tent is built to last is both accurate and an understatement. The materials speak for themselves, the full-on resistance to weather, UV and hold against tearing create an incredible image of what this tent can handle. We highly suggest looking up videos to help give you a visual understanding of just what this tent can do. It is durable in every way imaginable and if you need the physical, it is offered in their catalog via material samples so you can see for yourself just how much these tents can take. This company puts so much into the resilience of their products that you can be assured you are getting all you pay for and more. A quick review of the materials just to highlight what we found is not an overload- we want you to know what you can expect after all. The polyester blend is the highest grade used for tents and is triple coated with waterproof, weather resistant, UV resistant silicone. The interior is made of the same tear-resistant polyester and has waterproofing treatment as well. The sippers are manufactured by a company that doesn’t let outsiders in simply because they have manufactured the worlds best when it comes to their product- the YKK zippers. The guy lines are reinforced materials and the poles are from the most trusted company for their materials, the DAC. With all of this said, it is no wonder we can truly say you can rely on a long-lasting tent that won’t let you down.


Harsh conditions are what can keep anyone from deciding against a camping trip, but if your cross-country backpacking, or simply are too far out to turn back in time, you want to know your tent won’t fail you. In this case, you have little to no concerns with it. This tent offers protection from all sides for you to be able to quickly and comfortably set up and wait out the weather. While many tents are nigh impossible to construct when the wind is coming at you strong, this tent will stay put until you are completely set and won’t leave you with a flapping and echoing level of noise inside once you are pegged down and have your flap in place. Many of those who used one for the first time were amazed at just how quiet a tent could be expected to be during heavy winds and rain. When many of their camping group were suffering the sounds of their tent naturally billowing or struggling to stay together against the weather, theirs allowed easy conversation and peaceful rest. You can’t expect full silence in the outdoors, of course, but the level of noise was completely minimal.
Beyond that, the tent held up to snowstorms without collapsing, and there was no condensation inside the tent during rainstorms. The weather stayed where it should- outside. No need to stay up just to assure your belongings were safe, the tent protected everything and everyone inside. The fact it takes over 40 pounds of consistent pressure to even start to have a chance of tears in the fabric makes this one of the more amazing constructions available.

Weather Resistance

Wind, rain, and snow are nothing to this polyester blend with its triple proofed outer materials and waterproofed inner shell. This tent won’t let you down no matter what the weather says. You won’t need to worry on your trip if anything you are more likely to be concerned if anyone in your group went with less. This tent holds up to snow storms and doesn’t let the slightest condensation reach you. And wind? Well, you can still enjoy conversation and get things done without having to fight the rippling of material and the noise that you would expect normally.


While we would love to tell you to expect less of a tag, when you are looking at the best of everything, the high bar is usually matched. This is the case with this line of tents. At over $1000USD in cost, you will have to save up to get this tent in your gear, but as we have found with all the owners, it is worth every penny. You won’t find many- if any- that matches it in quality and endurance. You will have a tent that lasts for years.

Key Features

-Triple treated outer layer against water and UV
-Waterproofed inner layer
-Withstands 40 pounds of pressure against tearing
-High-quality long-lasting materials from top to bottom
-Easy setup
-Stands against the wind without stakes

Bottom Line

If you have the funds or are willing to save up to get a tent you know will both last and will protect you against all seasonal elements, this is definitely the tent to look into. Of course, if you need a higher capacity you may want to look into this brand’s larger tents made of the same materials. This is the best money can buy for a two-person high-quality tent. There are no two ways about it. Unfortunately, it can’t be easily found for under 1k in US dollars, so if what you need is something you can afford over something that lasts and has all the specialized treatments, you may want to look elsewhere. If you aren’t needing a four-season tent, but just want something for summer trips, this may be well outside the sensible range of cost as well. Otherwise, this tent will hold up and you won’t regret putting the effort to afford it.