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Fujifilm X-T3 Review Facts

Photography offers the ability to capture a moment in time that can be remembered and admired. It also offers individuals the ability to expand and practice their artistic abilities. The catch is the equipment being used needs to offer decent quality as well as advanced technology in order to capture what the eye sees or enhance what is being seen. Though it's easy to say that quality products need to be used its another to actually spend the money in order to achieve the desired effect. Photography equipment can both be expensive and hard to find.

Our website offers consumer reviews on popular product in a variety of areas. This article specifically focuses on a camera offered by Fujifilm, a popular photography company based out of Japan. This article focuses specifically on the X-T3 camera. We looked at what consumers who bought this product liked and disliked about it. We also looked at the technology used within this camera as well as the quality of material used and the design of the camera in order to provide a true and real comprehensive review on it.

This is our review of the Fujifilm X-T3. We hope that it helps you with your next camera purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

- Attractive design

- Strong and durable build

- Impressive features

- Reputable company


- Some button functionality issues

- Some image quality "noise" issues


Right away in the box, you'll find the body, an intermediate lens, a charging cable, and an instruction manual. There are a couple of different packages available to the consumer depending on how much they want to spend. Ultimately the difference in packages depending on the size of the lens that the consumer wants to buy. There is also the option to buy the body alone or the body with a battery grip.

There are also additional accessories offered on the manufacturer's website including different lens mounts and extensions. Different flashes depending on the photographer's needs and preferences. There are also accessories like cases, hand grips and belt grips for easier storage and transportation. There are also additional batteries and battery chargers available on their website. Finally, there are eye cup and protective options like body caps and cover kits for the protection of the product itself.

Additional accessories are pretty standard when considering professional photography equipment. And as a result, the cost can start to really increase. It's important to consider these things before buying a camera. Keeping a number in mind in regards to a budget is also smart. This way, the body of a camera doesn't set the consumer over after everything is bought and the consumer is happy. Fujifilm offers numerous additional accessories in order to build the perfect camera for the buyer's needs which is a nice little add-on.


The Fujifilm X-T3 offers interesting setting features often raved about by consumers. This includes a back-illuminated 'X-Trans CMOS 4' sensor which offers a better resolution (26.1 MP) and offers interesting filter options for a more creative image. It also offers 16 Film Simulation modes in order to allow the photographer to offer further creativity to their projects. It offers a high-speed processor in order to offer AF/AE-tracking and also can offer blackout-free continuous shooting at up to 30 FPS which means a smooth and even stream of images. Th view live feature works at a rate of 60 FPS for better permission as well.

Reviewers appreciated the settings offered by this camera noting that they liked the color science offered by Fuji. They felt that it helps enhance their photos and allows for a more vibrant image. They also appreciated the low light settings which allow them to shoot even in darker environments and still get a clean, crisp image which is ideal.


This camera is interestingly designed in that it looks a little more "old school" meaning that the body is an older design with internal technology that matches our era. The body is black with chrome framing and is offered in standard camera size. It can accommodate different sized lenses like others comparable but still has a more retro design. The button layout is an interesting one and is discussed in more detail in the ergonomics area below. The body of this device is referred to as "rugged" because the body seems to feel quite sturdy and durable which is nice. It also has finer features which is also nice considering the stronger body.

Reviewers liked the appearance of this camera. They felt that the older design offered a more unique look. They also felt a little nostalgic when holding this camera. It is definitely a product that offers a statement and this may either be appealing or non-appealing to some buyers. Overall, though, most reviewers were happy with it and noted that they bought is specifically for its appearance. The performance of the camera is surprising considering but also helpful in their and our positive review.


Though this camera does offer some connectivity features, it is meant to work independently of a connection from both Bluetooth and WI-FI. The best results in regards to photo or file transfer are to do so via a wired connection, however, this camera does offer Bluetooth in order to automatically transfer images to a smartphone or tablet. This can be specifically helpful for those looking for an immediate image for clients or for social media. There is a USB option for this camera in order to transfer the files that way, there is also a removable SD card in order to transfer the files that way as well. This is for mass dumping of files and a faster alternative to the USB option. There is also an HDMI option for presenting images on larger screens in preferred.

Reviewers appreciated the additional Bluetooth feature noting that they didn't buy this camera for that purpose but found it to be something that they may not be able to live without now. Images can be downloaded quickly and easily via the Bluetooth connection making it ideal for their social media needs. They also appreciated the HDMI addition which allowed them to display their images in other ways, immediately.


This camera offers Capture One Pro software which allows for editing without the extra cost. The software is designed for GFX and X-series cameras offered through Fujifilm. Capture One Express also offers the option to utilize RAW images which means that it can offer fast processing of images regardless of the size of the file. The battery used for this camera is a collaboration with Anker. The battery is the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD 4. The battery allows for an increased number of frames per charge and offers an extended recording time. The pixels of this product are 26.1 megapixels and the image sensor is 23.5mm×15.6mm. The sensor cleaning system is ultrasonic vibration.

Reviewers appreciated the performance of this product, however, did find a little bit of "noise" when taking photos. Though this was the case to some extent, for the most part, these complaints seem to be more semantics than major issues. For the most part, reviewers appreciated the performance of this camera noting that they were very happy they upgraded to this camera which is really positive.


This camera offers a 26.1-megapixel image quality. It has an ultrasonic vibration sensor cleaning abilitities. It offers an SD memory card slot and the ability to utilize an HDMI connection for review of images on larger screens. It offers JPEG and RAW formatting. It has a mount for more stabilized images and the ability to swap out lenses for an even better or more enhanced image. The sensitivity of this camera goes up to 12800. It offers TTL 256-zone metering as well. The exposure mode ranges from program AE, aperture priority AE, shutter speed priority AE as well as a manual exposure for finer tuning. The shutter type is a focal plane shutter and the shutter speed options include mechanical, electronic, mechanical, E-front and movie. There is also a synchronized shutter speed for flash.

Reviewers were very impressed by the features offered by this product but when considering its price the features make sense. This is a fairly expensive product which would mean that it should have additional, professional features. In addition to this, the additional costs associated with the lenses and accessories of this unit makes the features even more expected. This product will set the buyer back but based on consumer reviews, this device seems to be worth every penny which is positive.


The body of this product, again, is quite retro in design. It offers the finer chrome detailing across the front and side body that mimics an older design style. The dials of the camera are on the top panel. The viewfinder offers touch features that help with the stability of the image and is located on the back of the camera. The viewfinder is also liftable allowing to view the viewfinder at different angles to help with operation as well as any odd interactions with light. There are also grips offered along the sides for easier handling. The EVF's diopter adjustment is also lockable in order to offer some control depending on the handler. This also helps from accidental adjustments when moving the camera around.

Reviewers liked the design of the camera but did find that the ergonomics were a little off with it. They found that it was nearly impossible to hit a button without hitting another button unintentionally. Some reviewers found it so frustrating that they reprogrammed the buttons (this is possible with this device). Though this was the case, reviewers did find the camera easy to hold onto and appreciated the usage of the adjustable viewfinder which is positive.


- 26.1 megapixel APS X-trans CMOS 4 sensor for a clearer image
- Quad-core X-Processor 4 processing engine for a more seamless functionality
- Blackout-free high-speed continuous shooting of up to 30 FPS for quicker shooting
- Firmware Vers 3 for a stronger face and eye detection when shooting at a distance
- 3.69 million dot high-resolution EVF display with a 100 FPS smooth view
- Color reproducibility with stylizing options through enhanced imagine
- Attractive, lightweight and old school design for personal style
- Autofocus with CMOS 4 for better detection of fast-moving objects


This camera is loaded with features including movie recording which is done through the worlds first mirrorless digital camera. It can film 4K which is certainly more advanced technology than many others on the market today. It offers the use of an internal SD card which can be expanded if required. This camera also offers both an HDMI outlet and Bluetooth technology depending on how the image is wanting to be viewed. It offers unique design features like color brightening and light adjustments directly through the device. It also offers the option of editing in RAW for professional photographers.

With all these features, of course, comes the cost and this device is a little heavier in price than alternative products. On top of that, the lenses are also quite expensive and this should be considered if multiple lenses are required. The device is made by a reputable company and reviewers appreciate their customer service and warranty options.

Reviewers were happy overall with their purchase. Even those with negative things to say about their purchase had a ton of positive things to say about it including how great the articulating touch screen is, the viewfinder option, the autofocus speed which reviewers found to be quite impressively fast. Its customization (the movement of the screen, the button reprogramming options, etc.) They also appreciated the image sharpness. A couple of reviewers found that the device offered some "noise" when reviewing their images but it seemed to be minimal. There were also some reviewers that disliked the button placement. But outside of these minor notes those who bought this camera appreciated it which is really positive. This camera would be an excellent choice for your next camera purchase if the price of the unit is within your budget. It can get pricy when everything is considered. That said, it is highly rated by reviewers and has a great warranty.