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SJCam SJ5000 Review Facts

Action cameras, they are almost everywhere in this day and age. Almost everyone seems to have one, and there is little anyone can do to keep themselves off of the camera, especially when you live in a large city. There are SO many different action cameras out there, so which ones are any good? Is there any single one that might be better than the rest? Maybe, but for now, we’re talking about the SJCAM SJ5000 and its perks and flaws.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with waterproof casing
  • Myriad of mounting options
  • Video and photo camera
  • Good low light visuals
  • Multiple resolution settings
  • Motion detection capable
  • Low battery life (60-70 minutes worth)
  • Case diminishes sound quality


This camera comes with pretty much all of the accessories you might need to use it. Be it whether you need to mount the camera to your car or a vest or even a bike, the camera comes with it. Going somewhere wet? Well, the camera comes with a waterproof case that still allows you to use all of its functions. It also comes with a battery for you, though its battery life at full charge will only last for about an hour. The only other thing you are going to need is a micro SD card, else the camera will not actually record.

One of the first accessories any camera owner knows is going to end up a need is a good SD memory card. Most cameras don’t come with very large ones, and you can easily run out of room on a smaller card with only a few videos. The next is a bigger or longer lasting battery. Both are available for this camera and aren’t excessively expensive to purchase either.

Another big purchase is to make sure you have a car charger and likely an extra charger in case you need it while out on your adventures. This means you can charge up even when you aren’t in your hotel room and your mobile devices aren’t available for a USB charge.


There are several settings that can be utilized. The first thing that we want to note is that you can use motion detection. This means that this camera can be used as a security camera. This is good if that is what you are looking for. There is also video lapse settings that allow you to record things more like the way an old security camera would, with skips in the video.

The video lapse modes record a frame every second to give you an awesome frame by frame view to enjoy. It makes for a much more action-packed slide show when giving an audience a look at where you were and what you did while there. There is also a setting to set the camera to a timer.

Moving beyond the quick shot you can also take straight video with this camera. Though the battery life isn’t the greatest, you can take quick videos with this camera the same as you would with your phone or tablet- only with a lot more options. You can change the pixel density and ratio with ease, as well as to take the video’s in a panoramic shot so that the subject of the video almost seems to swing toward you, bringing you into the video the way a 3D video might.

You can also work through the menus to change or improve the quality through saturation and lighting. This you can do while taking the pictures or even before you move it to your other mobile devices. With the ability to connect to those mobile devices you can even send it as it is happening to be recorded via the device instead of through the camera. This is different than live streaming, however, since it can only connect to a single device and not true to the internet itself.


This camera is small and compact, which is a good thing, mattering on how you plan to use it. Whether you want to mount it on a helmet, on your dashboard, on a vest, or on your house, this camera will remain out of the way and nearly out of sight. In this, the physical design is nearly perfect. The actual programming design looks a lot like the digital cameras of the late nineties, at least that is how the menus actually look.

The camera’s controls are mounted along the sides of the camera. Mattering on whether you are using the waterproof case or not, you can still use the built-in controls. Of course, while the camera is still in the waterproof case, the buttons that control the functions and menus of the camera are much harder to press, due to the springs in the case. In any case (No pun intended), the camera is really good at what it does.

When compared to other cameras of similar design, this one definitely handles better by design. Its menus are easy to get through and its size makes it quick and easy to pack. The most common compared to it doesn’t come close to this one’s marketability.


This topic seems to come with some contention. The users who have had this camera with them on trips have found that it is easily enough connected either through USB or Bluetooth to upload their pictures and videos taken. None of them seemed to have issues with the connection and actually had an easy time getting everything moved.

However, there were those who bought the camera in hopes of streaming their videos. Since the camera is stated to have the capability of connecting to tablets and other wireless devices to take pictures, many assumed it would be able to live stream. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and this caused several buyers to feel let down.

This camera can take video and pictures while connected to a mobile device, however, it can’t connect to the internet. This means that the video and camera feed are technically closed circuit. So if you want it for security, that seems feasible- but the battery life is also limited, so it may not be your best choice for anything other than personal entertainment.


This camera actually has beautiful quality in both its video and picture taking aspects. The images are crystal clear and leave you with memories you can almost relive through those things that you do take. It brags great high definition and easily transfers both pictures and videos to your other devices.

It can even take enjoyable panorama views in both formats. It offers a wide range of resolutions as well, 14, 12, 10, 8, 5, and 3-megapixel imagery is offered for video and still shots so that you can enjoy your camera in a variety of ways. It offers a 170-degree HD wide angle for the mentioned panoramic views, so you feel like the main subject is moving even in the still shots.


We have already covered a lot of the features for this camera by going over related areas to those features. From accessories to performance, you will find this camera performs better than most it is in competition with. If you are thinking of maybe trying for professional adventuring videos, either for youtube or some other video site or even your own webpage, there are a lot of accessories you can purchase to make it easier and safer.

They offer the chest, belt and other straps that mean you are hands-free while you record or take timed pictures, so you can set your camera up to do what you need and focus on staying safe. The hands-free ability plays a major part in many of its prime features- and the ability to edit before transferring is even more fun.

Other great features include the motion sensor ability to allow your camera to not eat up so much battery, and only taking pictures when something moves, and the ability to set your views so that it takes a perfect shot while on this mode. This could make a good security camera if you can get the wiring set up- especially with the case that it comes in being waterproof and see-through.

Battery Life

This little camera has a good battery for what it can do, the only downside is that it can’t really take longer than an hours’ worth of video before needing to be recharged. It is advised by most to bring along extra batteries just in case or stick to shorter video times to conserve what you have. The fact it has a rechargeable battery though is a great thing. If all you had to go on were disposables, the amount of power needed to have all of its options and the clarity of its image would cost a great deal more.

Of course, you can recharge this battery in many different ways as well. If you have a vehicle of any sort that has a lighter in it, you can get a ‘car’ charger and use it to charge up your battery. There is also the USB charger option as well as a regular wall charger. This additional planning, aides in making sure that you will always have a way to keep your battery going, just maybe not as fast as you might need.

Ease of Use

This isn’t a question we tend to think about with digital cameras lately. We always assure they are easier to work with than the old school film cameras. However, many aren’t as easy to work with. Thankfully, this camera seems to be one that shouldn’t take long to get the hang of.

The menus are easy to read and make your way through, and even offer a bit of editing right there on the camera. You can also set a timer to take picture lapses, a motion sensor to only take a shot when something or someone is in range, or simply hit the button when you need to. Connecting to your portable devices seems a breeze too.

The only thing that seems to take a bit of work is if you want more than an hours’ worth of video, you may need a way to stay plugged in or have extra batteries on the ready. Otherwise, this camera is great for vacations, and with the proper setup, can be used for security or a dash cam.


Not only is this product easy to use on the hands, but because of its many different features and accessories, it can be used easily without touching it after setting up. As far as ergonomics go, this is likely one of the easiest products of its kind to use. If you want to go hands-free, it is as simple as setting up what type of use you are wanting to come into play.

If you prefer to have consistent still shots, there is a mode for that, and the outcome is as beautiful as you would expect. If actual video is your thing, no worries, you can even set it up to activate on timing or motion for that as well- and even if you do take video, you can use the proper tools to turn that video into an action slide show later for viewing with friends. The neat part is the fact you don’t have to tire your hands out doing any of it.

Instead of having to wear at your hands or wrists, simply purchase one of the many harnesses for your camera and you are ready to take the vacation photos you have always wanted to. With as crisp and clean as they are, you could even use it for work, if such requires easy snapshots over an entire period of time. Don’t miss a moment because your finger simply can’t take the next press, just have it set to do the time-lapse for you!

Key Features

-Time-lapse photos
-Several pixel settings
-HD quality
-Easy setup
-Motion sensor activation
-Hands-free accessories
-Great editing tools
-Easy wireless connection

Bottom Line

If what you need is a camera that works with you, but doesn’t need a lot of extra’s, this is the one you may want to grab. The only ways this camera isn’t perfect are if you are streaming, or if you need to film a full-length movie. Even then, you may find that the clarity and features make this a great backup for certain areas of travel and entertainment.