Fujifilm X100F

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Fujifilm X100F Review Facts

This Fujifilm camera is a highly versatile, all in one, compact camera that is one of the top cameras on the market for a good reason. It’s simple enough for the average user and get high-quality photos but also has all the things a professional would want in a compact camera. However, it might not be the perfect camera for a professional doing model shoots on the daily as extra lenses lead to some edge blur.

It is the perfect camera for everyday street usage with its elegant, simplistic design and comfortable one-hand usage. Even though it has been on the market a couple of years now it is still in the competition as one of the best and for good reason.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Dynamic Flash perfect for skin tone balance in all lighting situations

Easily changeable flash features to bring out perfect flash levels

Well-constructed metal frame and simplistic classic design

Slim enough for a coat pocket

Silent Shutter options

Large battery with competitive battery life

Easy one-handed shooting with all buttons on the right side

Comes with FUJINON 23mm f/2 ASPH lens


The sound quality is in video mode mono-tonal

Menu selection dial isn’t analog, can lead to selecting unwanted items


There is a wide variety of settings available with this camera, some of which are easily accessible, and others take a bit of a hunt through the menu options.

Directly on top of the camera are two dials one is for shutter speed and ISO, the other for exposure compensation. These can be reprogrammed with personalized settings for quick changes on the fly with the turn of the thumb.
With a simple flick of a thumb, you can change these settings with shutter settings from 1/4000 to 30 seconds. The ISO range is from 100 to 51,200. There are three automatic settings that are recommended with the quick selection switch on the top buttons. The ultra-high and ultra-low will need navigation through the menu to activate but can be programmed into the auto mode in the three settings for ultimate customization. This is coupled with a dynamic range option when the ISO is over 400 that defaults from 100% to 200% with options to push to 400%.

The exposure compensation goes from -5 to +5 and is easily changed to get the perfect amount of contrast needed to compensate for your current lighting settings. Along with this, there are multiple settings for interval timing, self-timing, and shutter rates that are all programmable into the auto settings and quick flips. This when paired with the autofocus settings, manual focus settings, and photometry options further the control into personalized perfection.
Image options for size include nine size options in standard and widescreen modes like 1:1 to 3:2 ratios and from 2000x2000 to 6000x4000 resolutions. The image quality can be chosen from raw, normal, and fine with options for fine x raw and normal x raw. This allows for different rates of file compression in jpeg format.

Film simulation has nine options with the monochrome one having received the most work and revamp from previous models. It is considered one of the better monochromes in the industry and it is recommended that you use a bit of the red filter to get a good dynamic on the shadows. They also have a good deal of options when it comes with noise reduction for both short and long exposure to give the best results.

When it comes to image quality and color there is a tone of options such as white balance, highlight, and shadow balance, color balance, sharpness. These allow for tweaking in final image quality to really bring out the colors you want in the final product. It also has options to change the final product color space to allow for easier and higher print quality.


The professional camera itself is made with a sturdy metal frame in a classic design that is a throwback to older film model cameras. Despite this, it still has a slim profile allowing it to be easily tucked into a coat pocket while on the move which is helpful as it lacks weatherproofing and will need to be stored when it rains.

The overall design is great, and it allows for many features and settings to be realized. This is meant for those who need a great camera for taking images that are both vibrant and reliable in their quality. As mentioned before though, your performance is reliant upon what settings you currently have operational.

Of course, if your intent is to have a small, easy to transport a camera, of high-quality and professional-grade settings is your goal then you will really want this one.


This particular digital camera connects via Bluetooth and WIFI to your phone or computer, however, this is only for transferring files and can’t be used to stream your videos live from what we could find that others have experienced. It has great quality transfer and can do it automatically even to save room.

One of the biggest issues is that some of the owners have not been able to turn the connection off once it is on. In other words, their camera stays connected to their other devices as long as it is in range. This could be an issue when trying to conserve battery life, but it does tell us that connectivity is not an issue.


This is the perfect camera for portraits. The dynamic lighting effect and auto-adjusting flash features really bring out the perfect skin tones in any lighting scenario. Even in the monochromatic settings, it has throwbacks to old film shadow dynamics that are the best on the market. The lightweight build and versatility make it the go-to camera for daily carry and perfect for those quick photo ops while walking down a street.

For city life, it is the only camera you will likely ever need as the compact size makes it easily maneuverable in tight spaces while still giving professional-quality shots. In the wider world, it is still a strong camera with beautiful colors and adjustable levels of contrast. The extensive options allow for a wide range of exposure settings to really get the exact picture you are imagining in your head.

While it offers a lot of performance options, it also has its limits. For instance, if set to x100 you lose several of the benefits that you might otherwise get such as your contrast detection, your EVF resolution, your exposure range, continuous shooting, movie and mic abilities, and even your battery life diminishes. It’s all up to you how much you want this camera to perform and checking the limits on the settings is key to this.


This little camera corners the market in its own way. Most assumed that the company simply washed up an older version and changed a few markings on the surface, but it isn’t true according to those who have used it. In fact, they claim that it may be working much harder than it really should. This camera has rapid shot technology allowing you to take pictures in such a way that you could make a flipbook out of them. The question is, how many pictures do you really need it to take before it becomes overkill? Some think that the number of pictures it can handle is just too many at 60 jpgs or 23 uncompressed raws in a single go.

The reason why this seems like too much is simple: space. Memory on a camera is limited and though you can upgrade the size, it still takes a lot of room if you are saving the raw picture and you end up with 23. In perspective, we have seen a much smaller jpeg turn into several megs in memory if left in a raw file format.

It also has a lot of exposure options to create the exact mood you are looking for in an image. Some of which were not available in the previous models and all are accessible directly on the camera’s menu. You can create what looks like a black and white image with high contrasts directly on the camera so that the picture doesn’t need to be worked on after you take it.


One thing you have to get is a USB card as the camera is non-functional without one. The other recommendation you should look into is a microphone if you are planning to take any sort of video. The camera has a standard jack for this and most basic models will bring up the sound quality to an acceptable level easily.

A simple case and neck strap go far in keeping the camera clean and accessible at all times. The lens is available to increase the view range but the one included with the camera is likely all the average user will need. The flash attachments will likely go unused as the dynamic flash the camera offers is the main strength of the camera.

If you are going to be shooting one-handed there are options for mountable thumb grips to make it easier. Tripods can be used with the camera however they aren’t a requirement because of the built-in balancers and adjustable shutter speeds. Screen protectors are always recommended for any heavily used screen.


The camera, without any of the extra’s, goes for right around $1000. However, most of the time it is in some sort of bundle with a lot of accessories available. For a beginner, the bundle might actually be worth it, since they might not have any accessories to work with.

Even professionals might want to toss the extra $300 for the bundled pack so they can have the peace of mind in knowing that the things they have will work with the camera. Of course, you could buy each item separately and only get what you think you may need. The downside to piecing it all a little at a time is that you are likely to actually spend more in the long run for all the same stuff.

Good news is that the camera does have a one-year limited warranty. So as long as anything that goes wrong is covered under the warranty, and not directly caused by the buyer, the company will help if the camera stops working.


Honestly, the camera feels wonderful in the hand. The buttons and knobs on the top are comfortable and are easy to use even one-handed which allows for easy on the go shots. The metal gives it enough weight, so it doesn’t feel cheap while not being a weight that is unwieldy one-handed. With the thumb grip accessory, it becomes the perfect one-handed quick shot camera for fast-moving pictures and candid shots.

When what matters is how easy it is to hold and still get a stable shot, this particular camera will be one of the best on the market for its range. Of course, if you have preferences for the settings, again you will have to make sure you set things so that you can use it to get those.

Key Features

-Easy menu
-Easy to use
-A lot of Settings
-Great picture quality
-Decent video quality
-1-Year Limited warranty

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a quality camera that will give you great images and video, you will definitely find it with this product. It is considered one of the best available on the market and has so many available options for use that it is worth looking into. It even has enough accessories that you could make any other photographer envy you with what you decide to get with it.

The downside is that you will most likely have to save up for this one. This is not a cheap camera and as such, it comes with a hefty price tag to match the quality. So, don’t be looking at this one if you are hoping to spend sparingly.