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Excalibur Micro 355 Review Facts

Excalibur has a reputation for high-quality crossbows. The Micro 355 is a top-rated recurve crossbow. It is among the lightest on the market. The crossbow has a power to weight ratio that is fantastic.

It was released in 2016 and is significantly improved over the Micro 335. Almost all the upgraded features make hunting more fun. Special quill arrows make hunting more fun. Traditionally, Excalibur is a bit large. Now it is a lot more compact, and the speed has been increased. A few years ago, crossbows had a wide front.

The Micro 355 is 24.75 inches wide from axle to axle. When it’s cocked, it measures 21.5 inches. The crossbow is part of a complete package. There is a suppressor system, and it comes with a four-arrow quiver that includes the arrows.

They are flat nocks. It is essential to used flat nocks on crossbows made for flat nock arrows. A tactical scope comes with the crossbow. It is the Trac-Zone which one of Excalibur high-end scopes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Compact size for easier hunting
  • Great accessories are part of the package
  • Lightweight
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Arrows extend past the stirrup
  • Louder than compound crossbows
  • No auto-engage safety when cocking

Primary Use

The Excalibur Micro 355 weights 5.2 pounds. It is an excellent bow for a ground blind or a treestand. It can be used to hunt big game and take down any target confidently. The features of the Excalibur 355 make it an excellent crossbow for turkey hunting.

The 30mm tube of the scope allows low light hunting situation performance. Its multi-reticle provides red and green illuminated reticles. Hunting most big game is no trouble with the kinetic energy of 98 pounds.

The small size allows the shooter the shooter to take cover among light brush or small blind. Shooters can maneuver easily with the 5.2-pound crossbow. The 5.2-point weight is a plus for those who plan to stalk or still hunt whitetails. At 33.5 inches and slightly over five pounds the nicely balanced crossbow makes an excellent tool for stalking in open cover and still hunting between stand sites.


The Micro 355 is quickly put together with its one-screw assembly. Mounting the scope and quiver bracket is quick and straightforward because all the necessary Allen wrenches are provided. The only thing the shooter needs for final tightening while mounting the scope is a large screwdriver with a flat blade.

The crossbow is cocked in the fire position followed by engaging the safety. It has to be manually engaged. The cock feather of the arrow is put in the rail and slid all the way back. It will be firmly seated against the string.

Weight & Size

Even though the Excalibur Micro 355 weighs only 5.2 pounds. The Feather-Lite Skeletonized stock helps in weight saving. It can shoot a 350-grain arrow at 355 feet per second. It has one of the best ratios of power to weight for any crossbow. That fact is amazing for a ten-inch power stroke.

Due to the small size and short power stroke, it has a 280-pound draw weight. The kinetic energy at which the Micro 355 shoots is approximately 98 pounds. It is recommended to use 16.5-inch arrows that are much shorter than others.

Arrows of 350-grains are recommended to achieve the 355 feet per second speed. Testers have found 20-inch arrows fly equally well. If 22-inch arrows are used, they are slower than those recommended for the Excalibur.

There is no practical reason to use longer arrows for deer hunting or on the range. Flat nocked arrows can be loaded with any configuration. Not using proprietary arrows does not void the warranty, but shooters are cautioned against the use of arrows less than 350-grain, including broadhead and field tip.

The short width and length are other nice features. There is no problem traveling with a crossbow 33.5 inches in length. When cocked, the crossbow is 21.5 inches wide and 24.75 inches when uncocked.

The 24.75-inch limb width is almost six inches shorter than most crossbows that have a recurve configuration. Such stout, short limbs require a little effort when cocking the crossbow. Most adults shooters can handle the ten-power stroke with practice even from a treestand.

Hunters are thankful for the rope cocking aid due to the 280-pound draw weight. Over the last few years, Excalibur has made a tremendous number of changes to make the crossbow more compact. They can be easily taken in and out of a treestand and easier to get in and out of a vehicle.


The trigger pull of the Excalibur is smooth, but as with any crossbow, it is a tad noisier than a composite bow. The R.E.D.S suppressor limits the problem of noise. The large trigger makes using the crossbow in cold hunting weather easier.

It is essential to pull hard and fast to bring up the string quickly and latch the trigger mechanism securely. If the stroke mechanism is missed, the anti-dry-fire mechanism captures the string and allows a second chance.


No quality crossbow is complete without a quality crossbow scope. The Excalibur Tact-Zone fills the bill. The R.E.D.S string suppressors round out the offer of the crossbow. They aid in reducing the vibrations and sound associated with recurve crossbows.

The Excalibur Micro 355 comes packed with nearly every accessory needed to begin hunting. Along with the crossbow, R.E.D.S suppressors and Tact-Zone scope are included a supply of four of the best 16.5-inch micro bolts, four 150-grain field points, and an attached quiver.

Some nice to have accessories such as an ambidextrous cheek piece that makes the crossbow perfect for left-handed hunters, a rope cocking aid, a product manual for the Micro 355, and the tools necessary to assemble the crossbow are also included.

The scope is illuminated. There is a red and green illumination which works great in low light and ground light situations. The Tact-Zone scope has a reticle that displays 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.

It is a compact scope that delivers quality optics. It is adjustable to match speeds from 275 to 410 feet per second. A scope is a flexible option if a hunter wants to change the broadhead and setup.

The R.E.D.S suppressor system helps quiet the bow. Hunting is more successful with a calm bow. The system places the Micro 355 among the most suitable models. Limb savers can be added to quiet the bow even more.

There is an ambidextrous cheek piece. Two bolts allow it to be placed on either side. All Excaliburs come with a rope cocker. Excalibur has 11 ‘Lite’ models. Instructions can be a little muddy. The booklet shows two screws for limb assembly. The Micro 355 has only one. There is no instructional DVD. The instructions and photos are clear enough for shooters to follow.

The manual states a draw weight of 240 pounds for the Micro 355 and the spec sheet has it as 280. It may be a faux pas. The Micro 355 can be easily cocked and shoots arrows with consistency and accuracy. The Excalibur 355 has a lot to like. The stock is of ample length. The Picatinny rail allows scope mounting forward enough for shooters that have long necks and arms.


Excalibur is a Canadian company well-known for its dependable, accurate, sturdy recurve crossbow designs. Excalibur’s unique feature is the lightweight. It is achieved with the use of skeletonized stock. Several rubber grip inserts allow a good hold. Excalibur has an anti-dry-fire system called the ‘Guardian.’

The system is stored within the mount for the scope to save space. The anti-dry-fire system makes de-cocking the crossbow extremely easy. There is a built-in release that allows the crossbow to be de-cocked without using an arrow. The unique feature is not seen on many crossbows.

Excalibur crossbows are known to be very tough. The trend continues with the Micro 355. The hallmark of the Excalibur is the recurve configuration. There are no cams. The Realtree Xtra finish contributes to the attractive appearance. The high-quality finish enhances its durability and protects the bow.

There are advantages and slight disadvantages to the design. One drawback is the increased draw weight. It takes more draw weight and more power to cock the crossbow to produce the speed of counterpart cam crossbows. A considerable advantage to the recurve crossbow is the maintenance.

Proper maintenance increases the crossbow's lifespan. Cleaning and lubricating the crossbow is the only maintenance required. The owner can quickly and efficiently replace worn strings. Archers can do maintenance and work on the crossbow on their own with an Excalibur accessory called a stringer. Strings can be taken off and replaced.

The strings are DynaFlight97 strings used for maximum speed and enhanced string life. When on a hunt and having an extra string, the stringer is used if replacing them is necessary. The Tact-Zone 30mm scope was designed for crossbow use that features clear reticles with ten-yard increment marks from 20 to 60 yards. Elevation and windage adjustments are effective and quick.


The arrow speed for the crossbow is surprising. The bow has a 280-pound draw weight and shoots 355 FPS. The crossbow is a heavy hitting crossbow with plenty of power, speed, and kinetic energy in a compact size. The 355 in the name represents the FPS. It shoots 20 feet per second faster than its predecessor. The more significant difference between the two is kinetic energy. The 335 shoots approximately 87 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.


Excaliburs have a large foot stirrup. When the user starts to cock the crossbow, a small stirrup can cause the user to lose balance or cause the bow to go forward or backward. If the foot comes out, the bow can pop up toward the archer.

It is critical to be careful when cocking a crossbow. The rope and short power stroke keep the archer from lifting the crossbow too high while cocking. The foot stirrup is helpful. The stirrup is ideal for those with large feet or wearing hunting boots. There is an option to de-cock the crossbow without firing an arrow.

Decocking has been an issue for years. One arrow was kept to recock and always shot toward the ground. There are better options available now. An arrow is not needed with the Excalibur. It is cocked with the rope.

In the manual are directions on how to de-cock the crossbow with the use of the cocking rope and anti-dry-fire mechanism. It takes finesse and skill to master the process. It is likely safer and easier to shoot an old arrow into soft ground or a bale of hay. De-cocking the crossbows may be used to replace string, but shooting an arrow may be the easier choice in that situation as well.


The Micro 355 was released to expand the Excalibur lineup of micro crossbows. The older Micro 335 version is much cheaper but does not come with as many accessories. The difference in power makes the crossbow worth the extra money. The MSRP is $757.

Key Features

* 16.5-inch long arrows
* 21.5-inch cocked width
* 24.75-inch uncocked width
* 33.5-inch length
* 280-pound draw weight
* 350-grain arrow weight
* 355 feet per second speed
* Kinetic energy of 98 pounds
* Ten-inch power stroke
* Weighs 5.2 pounds

Bottom Line

The right choice of a crossbow is one that is solid, easy to set up, durable, accurate, and comfortable. The versatile Excalibur Micro 355 is amazingly accurate and performs well. The Excalibur Micro 355 may be the lightest crossbows available to deliver the kind of power it does. With the combination of high kinetic energy, lightweight, and 355 feet per second speed, reaching the bag limit occurs extremely fast.

Those wanting a small, powerful crossbow with lots of accessories will find the Micro 355 is an excellent crossbow to purchase. It is among the best turkey hunting crossbows available due to its extremely accurate shots, decent kinetic energy, and high FPS. When the Trac-Zone is sighted properly, it hits humane and clean shots each time.

The Micro 355 has all a hunting crossbow needs. It is accurate, slender, short, and light. With all the accessories included, it is baffling why there is no sling. It is still among the top performing crossbows.