KEEN Pyrenees Trekking Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
KEEN's Pyrenees Mid Height Waterproof Leather Hiking Boot performs very well for long multi-day hikes on tough trails. Performance is due to the use of a combination of impressive footwear technology.

Traditional tried and trusted leather for the uppers designed on top of an inner membrane which gives high waterproofing and breathability.

The uppers are mounted onto a heavy-duty non-marking rubber outsole finished off with a traction design that offers a high-performance grip on challenging surfaces. This innovative boot design is further complemented with an array of boot tech designs to ensure high performance in all weathers, especially wet, cold winter conditions.

A version is available for both ladies and men. The boot is built onto the popular KEENS wide foot sole platform. Look closely at FIT when selecting your boot size.

The Pyrenees is a cold-weather hiking boot. For hot/warm weather hiking, consider the KEEN Men's Venture Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot.
Editor's Pros & Cons

100% leather uppers

Good waterproofing

Comfortable, supportive and protective

Good traction


Breathability is challenged in hot/warm weather hiking environments

Key Features

Comfort and stability

The foremost importance to look at is comfort because this ties into stability, performance, protection, and durability.

KEEN has focused strongly on ensuring comfort is present. For as long as footwear has existed, leather has always been a top choice. This has changed in recent years to include synthetics that perform equally well, if not at times better, than leather. However, the tried and tested uses for leather footwear have remained very popular for comfort.

The Pyrenees boot has a full leather upper, a period of time for breaking in the boot can be expected, but the time to do this will vary from user to user. There are many ways to quickly or, if preferred, gradually break in a leather hiking boot. The result will always be a protective shell of supportive leather to encase the foot comfortably.

To complement the supportive, comfortable leather uppers, KEEN has designed more features. An inner waterproof membrane works for comfort by keeping your feet dry; water is kept out while breathability allows foot-sweat to evaporate. For a leather boot, breathability tends to be functionally balanced in cold weather but less effective in hot weather. Hikers, soldiers, outdoor enthusiasts are aware of less breathability from leather footwear in hot weather. The Pyrenees boot is footwear designed especially for high performance in cool or colder hiking conditions. It is primarily a cold-weather boot for comfort, through user feedback does mention using the boot in other less cold weather environments.

This boot does include a mesh liner for improving breathability in hot weather. Realistically how effective this can be is down to just how far you hike in hot weather. All leather boots are challenged for breathability in hot weather.

A metal-dual density footbed designed by EVA provides comfortable arch support and pushes comfort higher through shaping to the contours of your foot. This EVA footbed is easy to remove for cleaning or replacing. More light support for comfort is given via the addition of an external stability shank. The shank aids mobility and torsion control on challenging surfaces, giving a comfortable ride in tough environments.

The lace-up system is highly effective. The more secure you lace-up, the more the lacing system pulls the heel cradle into play for more comfortable support and stability. When cinching the boot tightly, a cushioned collar adds to good protection and support.


No doubts about traction, and user feedback is very positive. The lugs are 4mm, and this means a deep grip/bite on surfaces of all types, including snow and ice. This means you can take up a sure-footed pace with the confidence of feeling impressive stable traction.

Do the boots pick up clumps of mud? User feedback is obvious; there aren't any notable issues with picking up mud. The lug layout is effective for dispelling any mud which might try to cling to the lug layout. The sole is a tough, durable rubber and has successively demonstrated a high level of durability among hikers.


The boot is seriously waterproof when used within a design context. Of course, you won't be striding through shallow rivers too much. Enough repeated immersion in deep enough water will mean that any waterproof boot will have any weaknesses tested.

The inner waterproof membrane works as a second level of protection against water entering while providing breathability to aid foot-sweat evaporation.

The leather uppers are waterproof but do remember, leather can eventually soak up water if you take the boot into depths of wetness beyond its design purpose. Wet leather uppers will adversely affect the performance of any inner dry liners, no matter what the boot brand is.

You get a highly waterproof performance from the Pyrenees boot, and to enhance this protection think about regularly treating the leather. A popular treatment is any oil-based application; a particular favorite among users is natural bee's wax. This boot has leather seams, this gives great distributed support, but seams are a weakness for keeping out water. To counter this, treat the seams regularly with a suitable seam application.


Uneven surfaces are the main bane for hikers; KEEN has countered this by designing an external stability shank. The shank's performance is light but effective for torsion control and mobility when encountering tricky tough terrain surfaces. The cushioned collars lend towards more cushioned support for the ankles.

A leather upper on a hiking boot is in itself a supporting and protective casing.

The upper gives support, and The lacing system can be used to can fine-tune this support via the lace-up system, which has leather strips designed to pull the heal cradle forward and give extra support.


The width of the boot/sole is for hikers looking for a wide fit. The wide sole gives a wider supportive footprint which promotes stability.


The leather uppers are high-quality leather with a level of thickness that offers ample protection from sharp objects. After breaking in the boot, the leather will be more supple, but the leather remains very protective due to the quality and thickness. Regularly treating the leather with oil can maintain this level of protection through regularly treating the leather with quality oil.

The ankle collars give good stability and support. They are also designed to protect from debris or grit entering the boot.

The tough, thick rubber sole and traction layout are very durable while also ensuring protection from any sharp objects on the surfaces of trails. The thick, durable and spacious toe cap gives great protection from sharp objects and hard knocks.


This is not a very light boot; it is tough, durable, and built for multi-day hikes in cold environments. The weight is 20.2 oz for each boot. Factoring in the functionality and design, the weight is not overly heavy in return for the performance.


The Pyrennes boot from Keen has been designed to offer hikers an option for an ideal fit.

For comparative purposes, we suggest another boot designed with wide feet in mind and cold weather hiking.

The Keen Revel III also offers full leather uppers and is constructed with the same range of features to ensure a high-performance winter hiking boot. This boot is also focused on providing hikers with a wider foot platform.

The level of protection is very similar, and the waterproofing is equally impressive. However, breathability though functional and good in cold weather is challenged in hot weather hiking. The traction performance is on the same par as the KEEN Pyrenees; the grip/bite from the lug layout is perfect. Regular leather and seam treatment are recommended for protection and durability.

Moving away from KEEN, staying with a wide fit but with a budget-friendly price tag. The NORTIV 8 Men's Ankle High Waterproof Hiking Boot is very affordable. Comparatively, the uppers are a synthetic leather built onto a waterproof membrane.

The outsole is rubber and features a multi-directional lug layout to provide good traction. This boot has a flexible midsole for shock absorption and reducing fatigue.

Waterproofing is specific for light wet environments, but this comparatively affordable option is not a winter hiking boot.


Our verdict for the Pyrenees Mid Height Waterproof Leather Hiking Boot is comfortable and clear.

Offered for extra-wide fit for hikers, the boot hits the positives.

For waterproofing against wet weather conditions, it is very reliable. All the tick box options are positive for comfort combined with stability, support, protection, and great traction. This is a high-performing, high-quality water hiking boot that easily meets the requirements of cold-weather hikers.

The drawbacks are moderate and not problematic. For durability, carry out regular leather and seam maintenance, and durability will be good. The price tag is not budget; you have to pay more for quality, protection, and performance.

This boot is a good option for those looking for a wide fit combined with the features for an excellent cold-weather hiker.