Danner Acadia 200G

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Editor’s Conclusion
Danner is a well-established maker of outdoor and military footwear and the Men's Acadia 200G Boot is a nice example of well-crafted good-quality boots.

Full of features which reflect performance, comfort and protection, the uppers are robustly stitched onto a Vibram Kletterlift outsole system. Waterproofing is impressive via a Gore-Tex lining. The upper is a full-grain leather combined with 1000 Denier nylon. This is a boot designed for taking on very challenging conditions and built to be durable.

Stitch down boots are  popular among the police, military, park rangers, fire fighters and others because they are known to have long-term durability.

One draw back for some users, the boots run narrow, this is easily resolved by ordering a size up. For those who do have wide feet, you will need to buy the "EE" (wide) option. In all, this is a proven boot, and we definitely recommend it if you're looking for a heavy-duty boot that isn't quite as heavy as it looks
Editor's Pros & Cons

Stitch down boots


Gore-Tex liner for waterproofing

Leather/Nylon uppers durable and protective

Fiber-glass shank

Vibram Kletterlift outsole, great traction


Width can run narrow, order one size up, ensure your choosing the best FIT

For wide feet order "EE" (wide)

High price tag (for quality)

Key Features

Quick Snapshot

Vibram slip-resistant sole
Orthotic footbed
Fiberglass shank
Gore-Tex waterproofing lining (with breathability)
Uppers, 1000 Denier nylon combined with full-grain leather (support, protection, and waterproofing)
200G Thinsulate (insulation)

Waterproofing and durability

The lower section of the uppers is built with quality leather which also extends to include the lace-up system and boot collar. Above the leather, we see the boot upper is completed with 1000 Denier nylon. This has a very tight weave pattern to prevent water from passing through. The 8-inch high boot is secured with a lace-up system and water protection is further backed up by a Gore-Tex liner.

The entire upper is stitched onto a rubber Vibram sole which completes a highly waterproof combination of very durable materials. This practical design and combined use of tough materials ensure dry feet and a hiking boot with heaps of longevity.


Danner has a beneficial obsession with near perfection and durability and this is seen through the inclusion of a Vibram-Kletterlift outsole. The lug patterning has enough depth to bite into all types of surfaces while also being slip-resistant for wet surfaces and grippy for dry surfaces. The outsole has just the right level of rigidity combined with enough flexibility to ensure supportive balance on flat surfaces and inclines.


With all the positives, most things do still have a downside. This does not detract from the performance and quality of the Acadia 200G Boot. Users have reported regularly that the boot may well run narrow for some. Catering to all foot sizes and dimensions for an outdoor activity boot is a challenge.

If you have concerns about width, consider trying out a size up. For users who know they have wider than standard feet, try out the boot version with an "EE" (wide) option.

Breathability and comfort

This Acadia will need a period of time to break in for comfort.

The boot has an overall design and combination of materials which make it as near watertight as possible. To keep water out this raises questions for breathability and the makers have factored in breathability. Hot sweaty feet during a long hike can lead to many problems and comfort must be a factor in hiking shoes/boots.

The design for waterproofing Gore-Tex liner has included a level of breathability. The leather allows a percentage of natural breathability and so does woven nylon. The challenge has been to ensure protection from water while allowing enough breathability. Danner has factored this need into the boot through a choice of natural and synthetic materials.

Protection and support

For a combination of protection and support, the lower section of the upper is built from leather which extends from the heel area around the foot and includes the toe-cap. The use of leather for supportive protection has been around since we started using footwear because it is very effective.

The 8-inch boot design has a section between the leather collar and lower boot section made from highly durable woven nylon which is scuff and tear resistive while lending towards giving support.

The Vibram outsole is a tough durable rubber which does protect from sharp rocks and other objects which might knock or pierce a boot sole. These boots do not have much in the way of real cushioning, but the sole has a good amount of capability for absorbing shock.

For more stability and support, there is a fiber-glass shank, the 8-inch shaft ensures supportive protection for the feet and ankles.


Danner makes very good boots and when factoring in the price, comfort, protection, support, quality and durability: the nearest comparable option is another boot from the same company.

The Danner Recon is another option that is built for hiking and professional use. The Recon is also very popular among firefighters, police, and the military. Both options are equally comparable but with subtle differences.

Both are available as 200G and 400G options, the 400G versions offer thicker materials to provide more warmth in colder wet weather. The 200G versions will offer a degree of warmth but for more moderate weather conditions.

The Recon has a full leather upper which gives nice support but not as supportive as a combination of synthetic nylon and leather uppers. Both models have Gore-Tex liners which keep water out while letting sweaty moisture evaporate. Both boots incorporate the use of Vibram-Kletterlift outsoles for effective shock-absorbing, impressive traction, and good stability.

The Recon has the edge for comfort and a shiny finish and the Acadia is slightly ahead for tough durability. Both are stitch-down boots.


The Arcadia comes from a company in the business of making high-quality durable boots. This model is about comfort, performance, protection, and longevity, you can even have the boot sole fitted with a new sole.

As with any outdoor boot made with leather, you need to maintain and keep the leather healthy.

For hikers and professionals looking for style combined with durability, protection, and comfort this boot is clearly a good investment and worth paying a little more money.