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Nike Free RN 2024 Review Facts

When it comes to new releases of Nike shoes, many customers often wonder why they should be inclined to purchase a new model when their old shoes seem to work just fine. The Nike Free RN 2017 is worth the purchase because of how inexpensive they are in comparison to shoes from this brand and other brands as well. Don’t be fooled- the cheap price tag does not mean that this model lacks in comfort, breathability, style, or durability. Nike’s use of its patented Flywire cabling and lightweight foam unit work in harmony to produce a pleasurable, sock-like fit against one’s foot. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re attractive as well and come in a huge variety of shades. There are many more positive aspects to these shoes, so let’s get into why they are a great purchase for anyone and everyone.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Reasonably priced; is on sale at a lot of retailers right now
  • More lightweight than ever before
  • Attractive set of colors to choose from
  • Soft, lightweight material that helps ensure breathability
  • Comfortable and are true to size
  • Can become worn out and not as effective fairly easily
  • Stones can become trapped in the tread which causes general discomfort
  • Appears somewhat thick and bulky


The upper of these shoes is made up of an engineered mesh. This essentially means that your feet will be more tightly wrapped up in the material, creating a more sock-like and fit. Customers have lauded the upper on the Nike RN 2017 because it fits both narrow and wide feet and does not make your toes feel squished into the shoe or cramped at all. Additionally, it is soft to the touch and is of the utmost quality in terms of materials used to construct it.


The midsole of a running shoe is important for getting the optimal responsiveness when your feet hit the ground. One cool part about the Free RN 2017 is the technology used in it in order to deliver great responsiveness and enhance durability. This tech comes in the form of a fused lunar core, which basically allows for the perfect amount of cushioning. It is supposedly very resilient and doesn’t break down from things like water damage, scuffing, or other typical forms of wear and tear. Moreover, it is enrobed in a flexible and comfortable foam carrier which provides solid support to the wearer.


An unfortunate setback to the outsole of this product is its inability to expel pebbles or other tiny debris which can be problematic for people who run outdoors frequently. Apart from this, though, the rubber outsole is well made and feels very comfortable to run on. Some have even described it as very minimalist and adaptive in that it copies the movement of your feet by contracting and expanding at the appropriate times. This defining characteristic is intended to provide natural movement as well as make the user confident in their stride at all times.


There are so many elements that contribute to how comfortable or painful a running shoe is to wear. Mainly, the natural movement and flexibility in the shoe is probably the foundation for how cozy they feel against the feet. Also, the heel is rounded in a way which rolls sleekly against the ground as you run or walk, creating a really great sensation against your feet. The material on the outer portion of the shoes are thin and hug the feet snugly which makes for increased stability and an almost barefoot feeling. Generally, this product is really amazing to wear because of these aspects in addition to the luxuriously soft lining within the shoes.


Without above average breathability, a pair of running shoes can quickly become stinky and painful to wear in a matter of hours. Thankfully, this model’s flexibility and overall build guarantee that the shoes will be properly aerated, thus keeping your feet cool and comfortable. The Free RN 2017 accomplishes this mainly by its use of the wideness of the open knit stitching at the top of the shoes. Furthermore, it generally has very breathable support which prevents blistering, rashes, or slippage and ensures your feet are dry and comfortable. Nike actually designed these shoes to create a sort of barefoot sensation once they discovered that the Stanford track team was practicing without shoes on, so it is not surprising that they are totally breathable.


Creating a running shoe that can hold up well in different kinds of terrain is a primary concern for athletic wear companies, as their customers hail from places with various types of climates all over the world. Luckily, there has been nothing but positive reviews for how well the Nike Free RN 2017 deals with these variations. Several consumers reported that it does well in snow, providing traction, preventing slippage, and keeping its structural integrity despite the potential for water damage. They’re great for hiking or walking on trails, and of course adapt well to indoor surfaces like gym floors. Unfortunately, they are a little troublesome in that they tend to collect pebbles which can be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to the outsole of the shoes.


One of the reasons that premium brands like Nike or Adidas have a bigger price tag is because of the superb textiles used to ensure that the shoes in question are truly durable and able to withstand a lot of wear. An example of this is the rubber segments that are attached beneath the toe and heel section of the outsole which protects against the wear and tear of the outside world. The lunar core of the midsole is also built with durable compounds that aren’t necessarily common amongst other shoes from outside brands. Customers have generally been very optimistic about how well their pair has held up against the test of time, though there have been a few complaints about the shoes wearing out. This seems contradictory, but perhaps those were just a few bad apples.


The Nike Free RN 2017 is also an amazing choice for customers because of how flexible they are. The natural motion that it is known for would not be possible without using materials that are flexible and able to stretch and pull in different directions. There are fewer cables on this shoe than previous Nike models which means that your feet are able to bend and flex more naturally without feeling interrupted in your step by the construction of the shoes. It’s super simple to stow away in a backpack or bag because they can fold and bend without tearing or stretching out which is a total plus for those who go to the gym straight after work and need to change their shoes.


Perhaps one of the most deceiving things about this pair of shoes is its weight. While the Free RN appears to be heavy and bulky, it feels as light as a feather. The men’s model weighs in at roughly 8.3 ounces and the women’s at 7.3 ounces. This is obviously very important for runners because a heavier shoe can tire you out and hold you back from reaching your peak speed. The designers of the shoe wanted to ensure that customers wouldn’t feel weighed down by this model, so they built it with ultra-light Flywire cables and other airy materials. The bulky appearance is nice not only because you feel like you’re really paying for a thick and luxurious looking shoe, but also because this aids in making the shoes more durable overall. This is certainly one of the best aspects about the Free RN 2017.


Traction is not only an absolute must have for tackling different kinds of terrain, but it is actually needed to protect your safety at all times. The rubber segments in the toe and heel are a major part of what gives the Free RN pretty decent traction. This prevents runners from slipping and falling while running or walking while maintaining comfort all at once. Asphalt and roads can obviously be really painful and dangerous to slip on, so the implementation of good traction helps alleviate this problem well.


Depending on one’s needs, arch support can really be the deciding factor in what model of shoe someone wants to purchase. The Nike Free RN 2017 is not made for those who require a lot of arch support because it is essentially neutral in this regard. Because of this, they are definitely best for runners with medium or high arch support and aren’t in need of any added support. While consumers who need more arch support might be deterred from purchasing this model, there are certainly a ton of other Nike shoes out there with better support. It is simply impossible to build a shoe that can accommodate everyone’s needs perfectly.


As mentioned previously, the Nike Free RN 2017 is beautifully designed and has the potential to appeal to the masses because of the different color combinations that it is offered in. On Amazon, it is available in upwards of 30 standard colors, and Nike sells them in various neutral shades like gray and black on their website. In addition to this lineup, Nike also gives you the option to completely customize the look of your shoe from the laces to the upper and everything in between. You can even add text to the tongue and heel of the shoe, which really takes the customization to the next level. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting a custom pair of these shoes.


Responsiveness is a really vital thing to have in a running shoe because it can be a main determinant in how your foot feels when it hits the ground in the shoes. This model has very responsive cushioning because of the fused lunar core which again creates this natural movement that is so sought after by running shoe designers. There is an adequate amount of cushioning that ensures the shoe doesn’t feel strange or ‘dead’ underneath your feet.


Let’s face it- at the end of the day, the price of a shoe can ultimately be the difference between purchasing a product or looking elsewhere for other options. One amazing quality of this model is its price tag, which is very fair and even a bargain depending on the retailer selling it. On Amazon, the men’s model is currently on sale for $74 (depending on the color you choose) and on Nike it is roughly $84 (on sale from the normal price of $100). Sure, this is by no means as cheap as Skechers or similar brands, but customers acknowledge that they are paying for quality when they purchase a Nike shoe. When considering that some shoes are upwards of $150, this option seems very reasonable and affordable for most consumers.

Key Features

• Engineered mesh upper and Flywire cables
• Huge selection of vibrant colors for men and women
• Ideal impact distribution throughout the shoe
• Rubber sole that is highly durable
• Rounded heel makes for a more natural movement
• Open knit stitching

Bottom Line

Nike is truly the pinnacle of what a running shoe should be, so it is no surprise that the Free RN 2017 did nothing short of pleasing the vast majority of customers who have purchased it thus far. They are truly a joy to wear because of the buttery soft comfort of the lining and breathable engineered mesh that covers the outside of the shoe. Athletes in areas that experience snow or other types of harsh climate will be happy with this shoe since it has great traction in different types of terrain and does not wear down very easily. The customization options are fantastic, and they can pair well with a ton of outfits because they’re so chic and fashionable. Ultimately, there is really no one awful thing about the Free RN 2017 and it is overall a very solid, high quality running shoe that is sure to make any runner happy.