Best Battery Heated Gloves Reviewed & Rated for Quality

The most difficult parts of your body to keep warm are your hands and your feet. Try as you might, anatomy, physiology and mother nature can have huge contributions in how well you keep your appendages warm. No one is safe from the problems of keeping fingers and toes warm. If the temperature is low enough, just checking tire pressures on your car can be a painful experience if you are not wearing gloves.

Even outdoor athletes are susceptible to tissue-damaging cold injuries. Just because the rest of your body is warm to the point of breaking a sweat, your fingers are in danger of cold exposure. There are products to help protect you phalanges from freezing such as heat packs. However, these disposable solutions are just another accessory you need to remember. Imagine having gloves that remain a toasty temperature no matter what the thermometer reads. Imagine owning battery heated gloves.

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Featured Recommendations

Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid
  • Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • External power source or batteries
  • Price: See Here
Savior Heated Gloves
  • Savior Heated Gloves
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather Palm
  • Price: See Here
Outdoor Research Lucent
  • Outdoor Research Lucent
  • 4.1 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Customization
  • Price: See Here

Heated mittens are not only beneficial for outdoor athletes or individuals who work outside. The winter can be especially harsh for elderly hands. Things like arthritis, diabetes, stiffening of blood vessels and other medical conditions can wreak havoc on the bodies ability to properly circulate warm blood to the fingers. Other types of disorders that involve the bodies nervous system can also mean that a person’s hands can be sensitive to the cold. Battery heated hand covers are a godsend to anyone with cold sensitivities.

While battery heated mitts cost a little (ok, a lot) more than regular, unheated, versions it is an investment you’re going to be happy you made. Many of these listed can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees and warm up in a matter of seconds. Having warmed hand covers will keep you doing what it is you want to do without running the risk of painful cold exposure or, worse, a cold injury.

If you or someone you know spends time outside during the colder months or have medical conditions that affect sensations in your hands think about getting some battery heated products. Searching for the perfect pair can be difficult. There are only a few high-quality products on the market. This list was designed to help you pick the best pair possible.

 10 Best Battery Heated Gloves


1. Gerbing T5 Hybrid

1. Gerbing T5 Hybrid
Coming in the number one spot is the Gerbing T5 Hybrid Heated gloves. These are designed for the motorcycle rider that does not want to put his iron horse up for the winter. They can be connected to your bikes battery or run mobile with 12v batteries. These motorcycle style products are heavy duty and feature reinforced finger joints.

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Microwire System

Gerbing has a wide variety of heated clothing available. From heated pants to jackets they offer many different ways to stay warm. This wearable technology is made possible by using their microwire system. Basically, the liner of these is packed full of tiny heating elements that conduct heat into your hands.

Built to Ride

An excellent choice for any kind of arctic motorsports, the T5 Hybrids can run off of different sources of electricity. They are able to connect directly to the battery of your motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile. They can also be attached to a rechargeable battery that is sold separately.

Cost and Value

The Gerbing T5's are a very affordable choice when it comes to battery heated gloves. Sitting at the lower end of an average price range they are a good option if you don't want to break the bank but are looking to get a dependable glove.
  •  Reinforced fingers
  • Compatible with 2 sources of electricity
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple heat settings with controller
  •  Rechargable batteries sold separately

2. Savior

2. Savior
Powered by a long-lasting 7.2V rechargeable battery. The Savior heated gloves live up to there name. You'll truly feel your hands are protected from the cold. The carbon fiber heating element will keeps hands warm in temperatures as low as -25 degrees. And with three different heat settings, you can adjust to your environment as easily as pushing a button.
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Designed for the Extremes

The Saviors are made with a waterproof material on the outside and a moisture-wicking fabric on the inside. These features help keep your hands dry and comfortable inside the glove. The palm has a slip-resistant material and the fingers are designed with microfibers that gives the wearer a greater sense of touch.

Long Lasting

The powerful 7.2 Volt rechargeable batteries come included with the gloves. These batteries are capable of keeping the gloves running hot for 6 hours. Three temperature controls are accessible with the button on the back of the hand. The heating element is specially routed in the glove to target areas that are sensitive to the cold such as the fingertips, finger joints, and the wrist.

Cost and Value

The Savior heated gloves are priced at around the average range of what you could expect from high quality heated gloves. Some unique and practical design features place these gloves very high on the list of the best gloves available.
  • Velvet lining
  • Leather and polyester outer shell
  • 3 heat settings
  • Charger included
  • Reported to run large

3. Outdoor Research Lucent

3. Outdoor Research Lucent
Outdoor Research is a brand that is well known for high-quality outdoor apparel. Professionals and recreationists alike use OR products and testify to their outstanding product designs and functionality. The Lucent gloves are one of several products in their heated glove line which includes mittens, and a lighter, sleeker, glove.
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Warms the Whole Hand

Unlike other heated gloves which may only heat the fingers, the Lucent heating element runs all around the hand. The heat can be controlled by a button that is outside of the battery storage pouch. The gloves are also wind and water resistant. This keeps cold air from robbing your hands of warmth.

Lithioum Ion Batteries

The gloves are powered by long lasted (and slow to charge) lithium-ion batteries. OR states that the gloves will last up to around 8 hours on the lowest setting, 5 hours on the medium setting and about 2 hours on the highest.

Cost and Value

These gloves can be classified as more of an investment, or an expense, rather than a purchase. These gloves are designed for use by professionals and people with medical problems and are priced as such. Outdoor Research is known as "higher" end products and their prices usually reflect this.
  • Locking Zippered Compartment
  • Wind and Waterproof
  • Tactile Leather Palm 
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Takes a long time to charge the batteries


Zanier AVIATOR GTX are a pair of versatile gloves with a goatskin shell. Excellent movement and flexibility with a four-way stretch. Even at high altitudes, these gloves keep in the warmth with Primaloft insulation.
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Touchscreen Compatible Fingertips
As a rare feature to heated gloves, the thumb, and index finger are touchscreen compatible. To prevent tearing, the edges of the fingers in these gloves are reinforced.
Long Heating Time
Heat lasts up to 10 hours, even with one battery pack used. Batteries for this glove are lithium-ion, shock resistant, and very light. Each glove has a pocket to hold extra batteries.
Cost and Value
While more expensive than most on the list, the features and high-quality materials and construction make these gloves one of the best. Known for making exceptional products, Zanier does not disappoint with these gloves.

Long-life battery

Pocket to carry an extra battery

Helps fingertips circulation with “impulse control”

Touchscreen compatible


No wrist straps

Takes a long time to charge the battery

5. MOUNT TEC Explorer 3

5. MOUNT TEC Explorer 3
Mount Tec heated gloves use what is called Howard Heating technology. This technology designed by Howard Rubin, the owner of Glove Doctor, is the product of 15 years of cold weather research. The heating elements warm the hands and fingers and provide 3 settings so thermal control is at your fingertips.
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Lasting Charge

The Mount Tec Explorers have three heat settings that are controlled by the button on the gauntlet of the gloves. The button lets you know what setting your on with a lighted colour indicator. When the glove is at the lowest setting, blue, the glove will stay heated for 8 hours. At the medium setting, white, you'll have toasty hands for around 6 hours. The highest setting, red, lasts an incredible four hours. With proper recharging techniques, the batteries can be charged 500 times. After that, the batteries function at around 70%.


The Explorer 3's feature waterproof material made by 3m incorporated into the design of the glove. These gloves are ideal for winter sports, outdoor work in frigid temperatures, people with medical conditions, or just wearing casually while outside. The battery pack fits snugly in the pouch in the cuff which cinches to provide you with a great fitting glove.

Cost and Value

The Mount Tec Explorer 3's are a great choice for a pair of heated gloves. They sit at a price that is slightly below the average price range for battery heated gloves. These gloves are reported to be incredibly well made and very durable. Sizing is based on a European system so pay attention to the size chart before selecting your pair.
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Neoprene knuckle
  • Waterproof
  • 3M Waterproof Goatskin
  • Battery life gets shorter over time

6. Rabbitroom Winter Electric

6. Rabbitroom Winter Electric
The Rabbitroom winter electric gloves have a lot of features that are seen on high end heated gloves. Such as enhanced non-slip grip, waterproof coated outer shell, carbon fiber infrared heating elements, and powerful rechargeable batteries. The main difference in these heated gloves and "high-end" gloves is the price. The Rabbitroom gloves are a great option that is also very affordable.
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Most of the gloves on this list are water resistant. Which is almost a necessity if you are looking to get a glove that has electrical components. However, the Rabbitroom electric gloves are completely waterproof and even allow your hands to be immersed in water without totally ruining the gloves. They are also breathable so your hands will not become saturated with sweat or condensation.

Perfect Balance

These gloves have a cool look that treads the line between bulkier ski gloves and sleeker utility gloves. Ski gloves are usually a tad bulky which sacrifices dexterity. Smaller utility gloves give you the dexterity but lose some insulating factors. These gloves are versatile and can be used for a number of different applications. These gloves also have three settings. On the highest setting, the glove will stay heated for around two hours. At the lowest, your hands will be warm for about 8 hours.

Cost and Value

As stated, these gloves are much more affordable than some others that are listed. They sit close to the cost of our best value gloves. Batteries are included in the purchase.
  • Waterproof coating fabric
  • 3 Heat Setting
  • Warms up to 150 degrees
  • Enhanced non-slip grip
  • They could offer more heat towards the fingers

7. VentureHeat Epic 2.0

7. VentureHeat Epic 2.0
VentureHeat makes a couple appearances on the list of Top Ten heated products. They are a company that makes a wide variety of heated products for outdoor use. Heated jackets, headbands, and stadium seats are some of the wonderful products they currently have available. Coming from their 2.0, the second generation, the heated product line is the heated mittens.
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Touch Screen Friendly

Mittens have the advantage when it comes to keeping hands warm. When your fingers are together rather than separated in regular gloves, there is less surface area to lose heat. This, however, sacrifices dexterity. its hard enough to try to open a door let alone operate a phone. The VentureHeat mittens have material at the fingertips that allow you to operate a touchscreen device without having to take the mittens off and sacrificing stored heat.

Whole Hand Heating

One of the awesome features these mittens have is that the heating elements run all over the hand. A lot of heated gloves only have the heating elements in the palm or the dorsal side of the hand. The Venture 2.0 mittens are encased with the heating element that keeps your hands warm.

Cost and Value

Except for the X- Large size, the Venture 2.0 heated mittens run on the more expensive side of the price spectrum. They are priced at what typical higher end gloves might run.
  • Full hand heating
  • Water proof
  • Touch screen friendly
  • On board control panel
  • Sizes reported to run small

8. Global Vision Rechargeables

8. Global Vision Rechargeables
If you are looking for another great heated mitten option that won't leave you broke, consider Global Visions Rechargables. These heated gloves have three layers of material to protect your hands from the elements as well as three heat settings. The rechargeable batteries are included and fit discreetly inside the storage pockets of the hand cover.
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Three Layers of Protection

These gloves keep your hands comfortable and protected by offering three layers of material between your hands and the cold environment. First is the cotton lining, not only is cotton comfortable but it also absorbs moisture to help keep hands dry. Next is the waterproof material. This material helps to repel rain, ice, and melted snow. Then we have the breathable sponge layer. This layer helps your hands breath and not feel trapped.


This glove was the first to mention the advantages of wearing heated gloves if you work in freezers or similar environments. Conduction is the fastest way we lose heat from our bodies. Anytime your body comes in contact with an object that is cold heat is lost through conduction. Constantly grabbing and stocking cold items means you can lose heat quickly. They are also good for any kind of outdoor work or cold weather sports.

Cost and Value

These gloves are incredibly useful and some of the most affordable gloves listed. If you are on a budget but need to keep your hands warm, the Global Vision battery heated gloves are a great choice.
  • 3 heat settings system
  • Helps increase blood flow
  • 80% cotton lining
  • Reaches temperature up to 150 degrees
  • Not windproof

9. Hestra Power Heated Mitten

9. Hestra Power Heated Mitten
The second heated mitten option on the list comes from Hestra. Hestra has been long known for making very high-quality products. Mittens have some advantages over regular mitten. Typically, mittens keep hands, specifically fingers, warmer than a regular mitten. When your hands are inside mittens your fingers are not separated and therefore retain heat better. This does sacrifice a bit of dexterity but depending on what you need them for this may not be an issue.
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Premium Materials

These mighty mittens are made from 70% synthetic material and 30% premium leather. Leather has long been a go-to material for producers of gloves due to some of its natural properties. The leather is water and wind resistant. It is also durable and when textured offers a great grip. The Hestra mittens also have multiple layers of insulating materials that will keep hands incredibly warm even without the added electrical benefits.

Heat Settings

Keep the temperature just right with three heat settings. Of course, the duration of the battery is dependant upon what setting your on but it is reported that they will last up to three hours when fully charged on the highest setting. They also have heated thumbs which other heated gloves may not feature.

Cost and Value

The Hestra mittens have a price that may make you spit out your coffee. As some of the most expensive heated gloves listed they are definitely not budget friendly. However, if you are looking for gloves made from premium material and plan on getting a lot of use out of them they might not be a bad option.
  • LED indicator light
  • Travel case
  • Cowhide leather
  • Goatskin grip
  • Mittens sacrifice dexterity

10. VentureHeat Carbon Fiber

10. VentureHeat Carbon Fiber
These offer protection from frigid temperatures as well as potential impact while participating in arctic motorsports, cross-country motorcycle trips, and skiing. Touch screen capabilities let you operate a mobile device without having to take them off and subject your hands to the cold environment.
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Carbon Fiber Knuckles

Incorporated into the design are tough carbon fiber knuckles and reinforced finger joints. Like most others, these features help to protect you in the event of the unthinkable. Reinforced gloves are like armor for your hands and will help prevent abrasions or serious injury should you have an accident. Anytime you ride you should have some kind of protection from the asphalt, even if it is not cold out.

Modern Touch

Along with the reinforced features are touch screen compatible finger pads on the thumbs and forefingers. The palms are specially designed for grabbing handlebars. While some gloves will leave your hands slipping off, the VentureBeat Carbon Knuckle gloves will give you a firm safe grip.

Cost and Value

The VentureHeat Carbon Fiber Knuckle mitts tread the line between averagely priced and more expensive gloves. They definitely are not bargained, but you won't have to sell you're first born in order to buy them. If you are planning a cross-country ride, consider the VentureHeat Carbon Fiber Knuckle gloves.
  • Touch screen capable
  • 3m insulation
  • Temperature controls
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Heating element does not cover fingers

Why risk exposing your digits to possible cold injury when there are easy alternatives. While chemical hand warmers are cheaper than these, they are also less durable, disposable, and can be cumbersome. Battery heated products help improve circulation and your overall experience of being in the cold. Check out these great options above and beat the heat!

Criteria Used in Evaluation

Heat Generated

ThHeat-Best-Battery-Heated-Glovese options for quality heated hand covers are somewhat limited. The 10 listed above are absolutely the best available based on several factors. The ability for them to generate heat is one of them.

Some battery heated items are indeed heated but when truly put to the test cannot stand up to temperatures lower than that of a chilly spring morning. Due to the cost of these products, you want to be sure the ones you buy are worth the money. Many of these can reach temperatures of 150 degrees. That might sound too hot, but given things like wind and the fact that not all of that heat is retained this is a great temperature to aim for.

You also do not want to buy a product that takes forever to heat up. The point of these is to protect your hands from the stinging, biting cold. This can’t be done very well if it takes 30 minutes or more for you to actually feel any of the warmth. By that time you’ll probably be ready to get out of the cold and go inside.

Quality mitts heat up in only a matter of minutes and, like most of those listed, have different temperature settings so you have the perfect amount of heat for whatever you need it for. One setting products may get warm fast but can also become too hot. This could lead to sweaty uncomfortable hands. No one wants to wear a glove for very long if they are uncomfortable.

Duration of Use

Duration-Best-Battery-Heated-GlovesHeated products on our list should last as long as you need to stay in the cold. This is one of the benefits that these items have over chemical hand warmers.

Depending on the type of battery you have in the glove and the temperature setting you have it on, the glove should stay heated consistently for hours. While glove designs may vary, the average time of these for that they remained warm are 2-3 hours in a high-temperature setting. Medium temperature settings are around 4-6 hours. Low settings averaged around 5-6.5 hours.

Activity level, duration of the cold, and the amount of windchill and humidity all play a part in how warm you will need the glove and therefore how long it will stay heated. Make sure you take these into account when purchasing heated gloves.

Construction and Design

Design-Best-Battery-Heated-Gloves.jpgIn this aspect, no product is created equally. The design of the glove you need is based largely on what you want them for. Are you planning a long cross-country type of motorcycle tour? Look for ones that are wind resistant. Inspired by the winter Olympics and are planning a ski trip? Get ones that are well insulated. Are you planning on wearing them casually to do some work around your house or have Raynaud’s or similar medical conditions? Then a glove that is slimmer profiled will give you the dexterity you need.

A good winter glove of any kind, heated or not, will have multiple layers incorporated into the design. When you venture out in the cold you wear layers. There is the base layer, the mid layer, and your outer shell. A lot of times people forget about the parts of the body that are the most vulnerable to the cold. Your hands and feet should also be covered in layers to help you retain your bodies heat and prevent you from cold injuries.

Benefits of Heated Gloves

  1. Unlike insulted gloves, the majority of heated gloves are not so bulky.
  2. Most of the heated gloves on the market extend heat to the location where they need heat most.
  3. While traditional gloves are good for some occasions, heated gloves are much better. This is especially true when the temperatures drop down to single digits.
  4. Your hands are never too cold or too hot when wearing heated gloves. This is because the heat settings can be easily adjusted.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the batteries take to charge?

A: Batteries typically do not come fully charged. Because of this, it is a good idea to let the batteries charge for 8 – 24 hours when you first get them. Some battery heated gloves have LED indicators that let you know when the battery is charging and when it is ready to go.

Lithium-Ion batteries are some of the most advanced batteries that are available today in terms of size, power and storage capacity. However, these batteries can be a little touchy if you do not treat them right. Batteries do not last long if they are constantly being drained and not charged fully. This brings down their ability to store electricity. It is a good idea to charge the batteries every time after you use them. You may even want to buy a second pair.

Q: Are they machine washable?

A: Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing any type of article of clothing. That being said, no, most of these (if not all of them) cannot be washed in the washing machine. For these products in general, washing and drying in machines may damage or irritate the materials. It is best to spot clean with light detergents or use gentle, non-soaking hand washing techniques.

Q: Why should I buy battery heated gloves when regular ones are a lot cheaper?

A: While you could buy a very decent pair of non-heated hand covers, cheaper than some of those listed, battery heated products offer a whole different dimension of warmth. They are beneficial to anybody who is exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time. If you are planning on doing any kind of winter recreational activities, or are a winter athlete, you can testify to the fact that sometimes regular mitts just don’t cut it. Even very high quality insulated mitts can get cold after awhile.

Regular products work by retaining the heat that your body produces. Some do this very well but in the end, you are still losing heat. Battery heated items produce their own heat and improve circulation in your hands.

Outdoor recreationalists are not the only ones who can benefit from heated gloves. If you have any kind of medical disorder that affects blood circulation, autoimmunity, or nerves you know very well how sharp and painful cold days can make your hands. Heated gloves are recommended for people who experience these kinds of symptoms during colder months.

Q: Is the whole hand heated or just the fingers?

A: Usually it depends on the glove. Most glove designs have the heating elements surrounding the hand itself and not the fingers. The thought behind this is that if the hand itself is warm the heat will travel down to the fingers. And this is true, for the most part. Wind and water may negate this thought. That’s why it is good to ask yourself what you will be needing these hand covers for and where you’ll be going with them. Most of the those on this list are made from wind and water resistant materials which really helps to keep the heat in.

Q: Will a person with diabetes benefit from heated gloves?

A:  Individuals with medical conditions can benefit greatly from heated gloves. Many conditions affect joints and circulation and can cause a person distal extremities to feel numb, appear a different color, and create a lot of pain and discomfort.

When researching these products, a condition that is predominately discussed is the Raynauds syndrome. Raynaud’s can be a symptom that signifies an underlying medical problem or it can be the only problem that exists. A person with Raynaud’s syndrome often experiences tingling and numbness with temperature changes. This can cause the fingers to become a white waxy color and may even progress to a bluish appearance from lack of oxygen in the affected body part.

Raynaud’s can be caused by a multitude of different things such as autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus and even injuries to connective tissues and carpal tunnel. While blood usually returns to the affected area after a while, the disease can progress and contribute to thickening of arteries which will cause the Raynaud’s symptoms to flare up from mundane things like getting things out of a freezer or running hands under cold water.

Heated products can prevent such symptoms and overall lead to a better quality of life for anyone affected by such conditions.

Q: Can I ride a motorcycle with heated mittens?

A: People who ride motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s or ski are some of the most susceptible to the cold. This is mostly due to factors like wind chill.

The body loses heat through several different means. Conduction, heat passing from one substance to another, is one of the fastest ways a person loses body heat. Convection is a close second. Convection occurs when heat is transferred to the air surrounding the body. Typically, when we wear coats and other layers of clothing, heat is naturally trapped and we retain a lot of heat that would be lost. However, the wind can take this retained heat away from us at alarming rates.  Wind will push its way into our layers of clothes and will displace the retained heat.

Anyone who is traveling at high speeds creates their own wind resistance. Even if it is not particularly windy outside, you create a wind chill factor by riding motor vehicles, running, or skiing. It is important that if you dress in layers, the outer layer always is some kind of wind resistant material. Most manufacturers of heated products know this and incorporate it into their designs.

Q: What kind of batteries do I need and where can I find spares?

A:  There are several types of rechargeable batteries available and the type of battery you need depends on the heated mittens you buy.

Rechargeable batteries work by shifting atoms inside the battery. When an atom is charged it typically stays dormant and shifts to a pole until it is recharged by electricity. It then becomes active again and joins other charged atoms until the stored power is released. Your heated mitts may have one of the following kinds of batteries

Lithium-IonThese batteries have become the most popular when it comes to powering mobile devices and objects you might find in your home. Most higher end products are powered by lithium batteries. They are found in phones and have become common in objects like drones. This is because they are the most lightweight and energy dense batteries that are currently available. They can produce 150 watts of electricity per hour.

Nickel-Metal Hydride: A NiMH battery is also a common type of rechargeable battery. NiMH batteries are heavier than Lithium-ion batteries. They actually can store pretty close to the same amount of power as Lithium batteries, however, Lithium batteries charge faster and have less memory effect. Memory effect occurs when batteries begin to be charged before they are completely depleted. The battery “remembers” when it usually begins charging and sets that level to its new zero. Nickel batteries do have one advantage over lithium batteries and that’s durability. This is due to a lot of factors and chemistry is one of them. Nickel batteries usually do better in extreme temperatures. NiMH batteries produce around 100 Watts per hour.

Lead Acid: The more traditional type of batteries pale in comparison to the two previously listed batteries. To store the same amount of energy as Lithium batteries, you need 6 times the amount of lead acid. They also are slow to recharge. However, lead-acid batteries are exponentially cheaper than lithium batteries.

Check out the manufacturer’s instructions on the type of batteries that power your gloves. Most of the time spare batteries can be purchased from the manufacturer, a local merchant, or an online store.

Q: Are heated gloves safe?

A: While it may sound a little risky to wear heated gloves, when used properly they are generally safe to wear. There is almost no risk of electric shock since there are no bare wires exposed. Also, batteries do not heat up enough to cause the material to ignite.


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